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& son.


above 65, and the mother 37, and he has May 22. At St Helena, Mrs Vernon, had by this marriage six children, and by wife of the Rev. B. J. Vernon, a daughter. a fonner wife twenty-one.

July 8. At Marshall Place, Perth, the lady of William Gloag, Esq. of Greenhill,

MARRIAGES. a daughter.

15. At Wootton-hill, near Northamp- June 3. At Perth, the Rev. John John. ton, the lady of the Hon. and Rev. T. L. stone, St Andrews, to Alison, only daugh. Dundas, a daughter.

ter of the late Mr Alexander Latta, of jess. 17. At Mount Pleasant, Thurso, the field. lady of Capt. D. P. Calder, royal engineers, July 13. At St Petersburgh, the Grand

Duke Nicholas of Russia to the Princess 20. At Rosiere, near Lyndhurst, the Charlotte of Prussia. Countess of Errol, a son.

21. At Prestonpans, H. F. Cadell, Esq. 21. At Dysart, Mrs John Barclay, a son. Cockenzie, to Niss Buchan Sysderff of 22. At the Priory, near Dublin, Lady Ruchlaw. Manners, a son, still-born.

22. At Balsaygart, Mr Jolin Stewart 23. At Powtbulis, Stirlingshire, the lady Ramsay, surgeon, royal navy, to Isabella, of James Bruce, Esq. a daughter. youngest daughter of Mr James M‘Limont,

Jirs Macknight, London Street, Edin. Balsaygart. burgh, a son.

At St Mary's Chapel, Bath, Major20. At Ferth, the lady of James Nairne, General Sir John Buchan, K. C. T. S. to Esq. of Dunsinvan, a son.

Laura, only daughter of Colonel Mark Mrs Lyon, Forth Street, Edinburgh, Wilks of Kirby, in the Isle of Man, late a daughter.

Governor of St Helena. 27. The lady of the Hon. Lord Cringle- 24. William M.Leod Bannatyne, Esq. tie, a son.

of Bath, third son of the late General Ban31. At Camis-Eskan, Mrs Dennistoun natyne, to Miss Young, only child of Capof Coigrain, a daughter.

tain Young. August 1. At Mary Bank, the lady of 25. At Middleton-house, the Rev. John Captain Gallie, late of the 78th regiment, Hunter, minister of Swinton, to Caroline, i daughter.

second daughter of the late Archibald Mit2. At Forgo Lodge, Dumfriesshire, the chelson, Esq. of Middleton. lady of Pulteney Mein, Esq. a son.

26. At St George's, Hanover Square, 4. The lady of D. Campbell, surgeon, London, Captain William Johnston CampUnion Street, Edinburgh, a son.

bell, third son of the late Lieut.-General 6. At the West Kirk Manse, Edin: Colin Campbell, to Anna Maria, only. burgh, Mrs Dickson, a son.

daughter of the late Sir Francis Vincent, At the Earl of Hardwicke's, St James's Bart. of Stoke d'Abernon, Surrey, and for. Square, London, Lady Caroline Cocks, a merly his Majesty's Minister to the Re. daughter.

public of Venice. In Grosvenor Street, London, the At Madron, in Cornwall, Captain lady of J. R. Undy, Esq. a son.

Giddy, R. N. to Miss Scobell, daughter of 7. At his house in Seymour Place, May- the late Rev. George Pender Scobell, vicar fair, London, the lady of James Alexander, of Sancreed and St Just. Esq. M. P. a daughter.

28. At Airly Lodge, near Dundee, Wil. 9. At Fisherrow, Mrs Alexander Ver- liam Gourlay, Esq. surgeon in the East nor, a daughter.

India Company's service, to Margaret, 11. At 29, Northumberland Street, Edin- daughter of Alexander Balfour, merchant, burgh, Mrs Janies Grahame, a daughter.

Dundee. 12. In St James's Square, London, the 29. At Edinburgh, John Campbell, Esq. lady of John Thornton, Esq. a daughter. quartus, W. $. to Miss Mary Kirkpatrick

13. Mrs Robertson, Hope Street, Leith Campbell, daughter of Alexander CampWalk, a son.

bell, Esq. late of the Island of Tobago. Lately-At Whitelees, parish of Sy- August 2. At Limerick, J. F. Hamilton, mington, Mrs Hugh Lindsay, a son, being Esq. of Westport, to the Hon. Georgina her twelfth child, and first son.

Vereker, second daughter of the Right Ann, the wife of Joseph Webb, a poor

Hon. Lord Viscount Gort. staymaker, in a cellar at Manchester, was 4. At Kettlehouse, Fifeshire, Robert brought to bed of three girls, which were Ballinghal, Esq. of Burnturk, to Margaret, soon after baptized, Elizabeth, Ann, and eldest daughter of the Rev. Peter Barclay. Maria, and are all well. The father is 5. At Dundee, Alexander Ramsay, M.!).

Esq. W. S.

to Miss Jean Blair, daughter of David tive infantry, aged 36, eldest son of Mr Blair, Esq. of Cookstone.

Robert Tod, Tipperty, Banffshire. 5. Frederick Johnston, Esq. to Eliza- Feb. 28. At Madras, in the 45th year of beth, eldest daughter of Captain and Lady his age, Lieut.-Colonel William Lewis, of Elizabeth Halliday.

the Hon. East India Company's service, 6. At Haddington, James Ferguson, eldest son of the late celebrated W. T. Esq. of Kimnundy, to Emily, daughter of Lewis, Esq. of Covent-Garden Theatre. the Rev. Robert Chalmers, Haddington. March 18. At Madras, George Hay, Esq.

At Edinburgh, Mr Hugh Handyside, May 24. At Glen)yon House, Miss JaSt Patrick Square, to Isabella, daughter of net Campbell, daughter of the late John the late Peter Martin, Esq. Belleville. Campbell, Esq. of Glenlyon.

7. At Edinburgh, the Rev. William June 5. At Jamaica, William SutherRobertson, minister of Laggan, to Marga- land, Esq. of Greenwall. ret, eldest daughter of James Robertson, 16. At Woolwich, General Lloyd, after

a few days illness: and three days after, At Sanda-house, Lieut.-Colonel James Mrs Lloyd had the aggravated affliction of Fullarton, C. B. rifle brigade, son of the losing her only surviving son, Lieut.-Col. Late Lewis Fullarton, Esq. of Kilmichael, Fluker, aged 34. Their remains were into Jane Johnston, daughter of Colin Mac- terred at the same time, and in the same larty, Esq. M. D. of Chestervale, Jamaica. gravc.

9. At Edinburgh, Alexander Caden. 18. At Cambria, in the 43d year of her head, Esq. advocate in Aberdeen, to Jane, age, Susarinah, daughter of the late Wm. ghter of Dr Shirrefs.

Irvine, Esq. of Roscoinmon, and wife of 11. At North Berwick, Francis James Capt. Gitt.ick, of the staff corps of cavalry. Adam, Esq. youngest son of the Right This lady accompanied her husband in all Hon. the Lord Chiet Commissioner Adam, the various duties and different countries in to Mary, daughter of his Excellency Ge- which he had been employed on service with neral Poitaratzky.

his regiment, from the commencement of At Carriage-hill, near Paisley, Mr the French Revolution to the end of the Robert Spiers, Parkhouse, to Elizabeth, Peninsular war, in the year 1814. third daughter of Robert Braid, Esq. 19. On his passage from Jamaica, Du

At Stranraer, Colonel M‘Nair, 90th gald Campbell, Esq. of Saltspring. regiment of foot, to Anne, only daughter 21. At Greenock, in the 97th year of her of William Ross, Esq. Collector of his Ma- age, Mrs Barbara M-Pherson, relict of the jesty's Customs there.

Rev. Alexander M.Leod, of the Isle of Skye, 15. At Edinburgh, George Turnbull, and mother of the late Lieut-Col. Donald of St Bathan's, Esq. W. S. to Grace, M'Leod of Achagoyle and St Kildar. youngest daughter of the late James Brun- 22. Of the yellow fever, at Trinidad, Mr ton, of Lugton Bridgend, Esq.

Stephen Gibson Gardner, eldest son of Mr Lately-Lord Viscount Ebrington, to Gardner, apothecary, George Street, EdinLady Susan Ryder, eldest daughter of the burgh. Earl of Harrowby.

30. At Madeira, Captain the Hon. At Fantington Church, John Douglas, James Arbuthnot, royal navy, where he had Esq. of Lockerby, to Sarah, youngest gone on account of ill health, occasioned by daughter of James Sholto Douglas, Esq. the wounds which he received while in Denworth, Sussex.

command of his Majesty's ship Avon. At Edinburgh, lienry Gordon Dickson, July 1. The Rev. John Jurray, miniEsq. W. S. to Eliza, second daughter of ster of the Associate congregation of Carthe late William Gillespie, Esq. merchant noustie, in the 53d year of his age, and in Edinburgh.

27th of his ministry. At Malta, Captain Mainwaring, 10th 5. At Westfield, near Elgin, Thomas foot, Deputy Assistant Quarter-Master- Sellar, Esq. General, to Charlotte Murray, dauzliter of 6. At Jersey, Mrs Home, widow of MaPear-Admiral Sir Charles Penrose, K.C.B. jor James Home of the East India ComCommander in Chief in the Mediterranean. pany's service.

At St Dunstan 6, Stepney, W. W. John- 7. At Foyers, Mrs Jane Fraser, wife to ston, jun. of Rateliff, to Miss Charlotte Captain Fraser of Balmain, and only child Lindsay of Mile End.

to Simon Fraser, Esq. of Foyers. At Middleton, Linlithgowshire, Alexan- 9. At Rose Park, Grace, eldest daughder Norman Macleod, Esq. of Harris, to ter of Professor Dunbar, aged four years. Richmond Margaret, second daughter of 10. At Acharnich, in Strathspey, Major William Inglis, Esq.

Charles Grant, late of the Hon. East India
Company's service, aged 60.

12. Mr Thomas Norris of BishopwearDEATHS.

mouth, aged 106. January 31. At Kytah, Bundelcund, 13. At Eglinton Castle, in the 7th year East Indies, Captain Alexander Tod, of of his age, the Right Hon. Hugh Lond the 1st battalion 25th regiment Bengal na. Montgomeric.

14. Near Wolviston, county of Durham, 29. At Cunibrae Light House, Mr Norat the age of 104, Mrs Mary Stephenson, man M‘Donald, merchant, Glasgow. widow of the late Bartholomew Stephen- At his house, Abercrombie Place, son. The mother of the deceased died at the Edinburgh, John Tait, Esq. W. S. age of 108, a sister at 107, another sister at 30. In Villiers Street, London, Major 105, and a brother at the age of 97, mak. William Shairp, of the royal marines. ing in the whole, 521 years as the united At Edinburgh, at the age of 74, M ages of the above five persons. No other James Swan, hair-dresser. His funeral was family, perhaps, ever produced so many re- attended by two of his customers, on whom markable instances of longevity.

he had been in the habit of waiting regular. At Holland Lodge, Mrs Sarah Holland ly every day for upwards of 35 years ! Walker, daughter of the late Maj. Holland, 31. Stephen Wight, M.D. aged 21. He aide-de-camp to General Wolfe, and wife had gone to bathe between Leith and Porof Lieut-Col. Robert Walker, lieutenant- tobeilo, and was seen to fall almost imgovernor of Shterness.

mediately upon entering the water, it is At Bath, in the 54th year of his age, supposed from the effects of a paralytic afLord Arundel. His Lordship is succeeded fection. The body was carried to the Seain his titles and estate by his eldest son, field Baths, and medical assistance procured James Everard Arundel.

from Leith as soon as possible ; but the 15. At Paris, the celebrated Madame de usual methods employed to restore suspend. Stael Holstein, daughter of M. Neckar, so ed animation proved ineffectual. much distinguished before the French Re- At London, Benjamin Hall, of Hen. volution for his financial talents.

sol Castle, Esq. M.P. for the county of - At Port Eglinton Cottage, Bridge Glamorgan. Street, near Glasgow, Raymond Birming- Ai Hodsack Priory, Lieut-Col. Melham, Esq. aged 63 years.

lish, one of the Equerries to the Prince Re16. Ai Arbroath, Alexander Hay, Esq. gent. of Letham, in the 69th year of his age. August 1. At Bastings, Thomas Cock

- At Dunse, Mrs Trotter, late of Broom. burn Stothert, of Blaiket, Esq. advocate. dykes.

At Peebles, Mr Adam Govan, mer. - At Persey, Perthshire, Miss Frances chant. Farquharson of Persey.

- At Atherstone, Colonel Duncan Mac18. At Upper Gower Street, London, Mrs pherson of Cluny. Mackenzie, relict of Colin Mackenzie, Esq. At London, in the 69th year of his

At London, Grace Jane, youngest age, Alexander Murray Shields, Esq. of daughter of Alex. Boswell, Esq. of Auchin. Lloyd's Coffee-house. leck, M.P.

At his seat, at St Catharine's, Ireland, 19. At his honse in Charles Street, Bath, in the 88th year of his age, the Right Hon. aged 79, John Palmer, Esq. many years David Latouche, many years one of his city architect and surveyor. Perhaps no Majesty's Privy Council, and for 40 years architect of his day has built so many a Member of the Parliament of Ireland. churches and chapels, all designed and exe- 2. In his 80th year, Archibald Paxton, ecuted with appropriate solidity, classical Esq. of Buckingham Street, York Buildelegance, and utility.

ings, London, and Watford Place, in the 20. At Leith, Mrs Anderson, widow of county of Herts. Dr Thomas Anderson.

At Drimmie Cottage, near Blairgow. 23. At Aberdeen, Lieutenant Ogle Moore, rie, William Chalmers, Esq. town-clerk of R.N. in the 34th year of his age.

Dundee, aged 75. - The Rev. Thomas Bain, rector of the -- At Borrowstounness, Miss Mary Pad. academy at Fortrose.

don, aged 80 years. 24. At Muir, Ireland, the Rev. Henry At Port-Glasgow, a fortnight after he Elder, thirty-two years Presbyterian mini- landed from the island of Tobago, Alexan. ster of the parish of Faughanvale.

der Scott, Esq. 25. At Edinburgh, Mrs C. Fergrison, --At Ballyi alt r, Irelar d, aged 66 years, relict of Dr Nicolas Bindon of Mungrat, Mrs Cairns, react of the laui dogcuniais, county Limerick, Ireland.

of Donaghadee, and last surviving daughAt Peebles, Captain Alexander Dick. ter of the late Captain Arthur Lusk, who cir2on, formerly of the royal artillery. cumnavigated the globe with Lord Anson. - At Clifton, Dr W. Crawford.

3. At Knockbain, parish of Kirkhill, 26. At Dollerie, Miss Oliphant of Con. John Fraser, aged 102 years. He fought die.

under the banners of the Chief of the clan - At Camnish, near Dungiven, Ireland, at Culloden, and on many other occasions ; in the 74th year of his age, the Rev. Fran- has always been a careful sober man. He cis Gray, who was upwards of 40 years could, till within the last two years, dance pastor of the Presbyterian congregation of a Highland reel with as much spirit as a Boveagh.

man of 30 years of age ; had a very exten-At Edinburgh, John Mackenzie, Esq. sive memory; and would rehearse many anof Dolphington.

ecdotes regarding his Chief's exploits.

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5. At Edinburgh, John Gillespie, Esq. sons Mr Dutchman, senior, has lost, viz. of Sunnyside Lodge, Lanarkshire.

three killed in action with privateers, and At Wolsley Hall, Staffordshire, Sir one by an accident at a ship launch in William Wolsley, Bart. He was walking America. in the shrubberies by his house, when he At Brighton, in her 90th year, Lady fell down and expired before he could be Anne Murray, sister of the late Lord well taken i..to his room. He was upwards Chief Justice Mansfield. This benevolent of 80 years of age.

character rewarded the fidelity of her serAt Gilmour Place, Edinburgh, Mr vants in the most liberal manner, as the folJames M'Cliesh, late bookseller in Edin- lowing statement of bequests will shew : burgh.

To her housekeeper, who had been nearly 6. Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Mr 33 years in her service, she has given L.3500, Turnbull, Dundas Street, Edinburgh. and her wardrobe ; to her butler, who bad

At Edinburgh, Mr Thomas liender.. been 24 years, L.1200 ; to her cook, who son, eldest son of Thomas Henderson, Esq. had been 19 years, L. 700; to her laundress, City Chamberlain.

who had been 11 years, L.600 ; to her At Blaircesshock of Cardross, Mr two housemaids, one of whom had been James Sands, sen. aged 90 years.

18, and the other 9 years in her service, At Greenhead, Glasgow, aged 82 L.600 each ; and to her footman, who had years, William Caldwell, Esq. late of Yard- been 9 years, L.600. The residue of her foot, Loch winnoch.

ladyship's property will devolve on George 8. At Hayfield, by Kinross, at the ad. Finch Hatton, Esq. of Eastwell Park, in vanced age of 84, Mrs Syme, relict of Da- Kent, who married her niece, and who is vid Syme, Esq. of Cartmore.

appointed sole executor. At the age of 73, near London, the T'hecelebrated mineralogist, Werner. The Right llon. Tienri Benedict Jules de Betizy, day of his death is not stated, but the Paris Lord Bishop of Uzts in l'rance.

papers quote a letter from Dresden as to the 18. In Upper Berkeley Street, London, fact. “His name,” says the letter, " was Lieut.-Colonel the Hon. William Grey, known from the iron mines of Siberia to those fourth son of the late, and brother of the of gold in Peru." Among the effects left by present Earl Grey.

Werner, there are several manuscripts nearly Lily.--At Oxcomb, Lincolnshire, aged ready for press. This great man had printed 47, Nir W. Grant, grazier. He has left nothing since 1774. His labours always approperty to the amount of L.100,000. peared to him not sufficiently matured; but

In East Street, Red Lion Square, Lon- his instructions are spread over the world by don, Mr Alexander M‘Laurin, cominander thousands of his scholars. His cabinet of of the ship Tobago.

minerals, consisting of 100,000 specimens, At Halifax, the lady of his Excellency has become the property of the MineraloMaj.-Gen. Smith, governor of New Bruns- gical Academy at Frieberg. wick.

Mr Scott, of Exeter. He travelled on busi. At Serampore, Licut. H. F. Macfarlane, ness till about 80 years of age. He was one of the pension establishment.

of the most celebrated characters in the kingAt Madras, Lieut. Macdonald, of his dom for punctuality, and by his methodical Majesty's 34th regiment of foot.

conduct, joined to uniform diligence, hegraSuddenly, Lady Hackett, the lady of Sir dually amassed a large fortune. For a long C. Hackett, knight.

series of years the proprietor of every inn he Mr Wilson, of Sutton, Lincolnshire. He frequented in Devon and Cornwall knew the was a very penurious bachelor ; and on day and the very hour he would arrive. being undressed after his decease, L.1187 Some time since, a gentlenian on a journey was found in cash and bank bills on bis in Cornwall, stopped at a small inn at Port person.

Isaac to dine The waiter presented him At London, of an apoplectic fit, Sir Wm. with the bill of fare, which he did not apParsons, between 70 and 80 years of age. prove of, but observing a fine duck roasting, He was a very active and able magistrate, - ** I'll have that," said the traveller.--" You and a great part of his life was dedicated to cannot, sir," replied the landlord; ' it is for the correction of abuses in the Police. He Mr Scott of Exeter." " I know Mr Scott was a great favourite with all the Royal very well,” rejoined the gentleman ; “ he Family, to whom he taught music, of which is not in your house."_" True, sir,” said he was a very able professor.

the landlord; “ but six months ago, when At Demerara, Capt. Charles Dutchman, he was here last, he ordered a duck to be of the Cognae packet, of Hull, who, with his ready for him this day precisely at two brother Henry and a boat's crew, had been o'clock;" and, to the astonishment of the to the assistance of a vessel in distress; they traveller, he saw the old gentleman, on his were caught by a heavy squall, when all Rozinante, jogging into the inn-yard about unfortunately perished. These make six five minutes before the appointed time.

George Ramsay and Co. Printers, Edinburgh.





The Scots magazine,


mm 108

me 157

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CONTENTS. ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS. A Narrative of the Briton's Voy.ge to Some Account of Andrew Gemmels, the

Pitcairn's Island. By Lieut. J. supposed Original of Edie Ochiltree. 103 Shilliber, R. M... canon14 Remarkable Larch Tree in the Planta

Historical Account of Discoveries and tions of the Duke of Athol.com 106

Travels in Africa. By the late John Original Letter of Queen Elizabeth to

Leyden, M. D. ; Enlarged by Hugh Sir Ralph Sadler, with a fac-simile

Murray, Esq. F. R. S. E. (Conclud. of her hand-writing......

ed )www.cocos

caraman 150 Inventary of Napry and Plate appoint


FOREIGN JOURNALS...... ed to be brought down to Tutbury

...156 for the use of the Scotish Queene'.107

On Steam-Boats. By M. Biot.com.ib. Plan for abolishing an Abuse prevalent

On the Newly Discovered Works of

Fronto. at Country Funerals.........

By M. Daunonmus.ib. Original Letter from Helen Maria Wil

On the Bards of Britany. By M. liams to Robert Burns.com.mm.com.]09

Raynouard Strictures on Miss Williams' Poem on

Life and Letters of Wieland.aasib. the Slave Trade. By Burns.co.ib.

On Mr Stewart's Moral Philosophy.

.159 View of the Change of Manners in Scot

By M. Cousin... land during the Last Century

On Lighting with Gas. By M. Biotwib. (Concluded ) mmm...


On Lithography. By M. Quatremere Account of some Atmospheric Pheno

de Quincycoon

m.ib. mel14

Statistics of Austria.com Observations on the Natural History of



Verses suggested by a Tragical Event Statistical Observations on the Com

which lately occurred in a Highland Glen......

161 merce and Manufactures of Glasgow, Paisley, Greenock, and the adjacent

Lines written in early Youthwananaw. 162

wib. districts...ma


163 On the Origin of the Nation and Name of the Picts. From the Da.

On Friendship. From Lope de Vegaanib. nish of Professor Finn Magnusen.


LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC By Robert Jamieson, F. A. S...muan 124


164 On the Want of Accommodation at the Sunblane Mineral Springswang 129


TIONS mocow


WORKS PREPARING FOR PUBLICANotices, compiled from Original Pa


come 173 pers

130 Letter from Burley to James Ure of



Foreign Intelligence.comwamam
British Chronicles

,178 Account of the recent improvement made in Block-Printing...

136 Report of the Horticultural Societymon183 British Legislation

184 Singular Case of Involuntary Dancing 138

Appointments and Promotions 186 REVIEW OF NEW PUBLICATIONS.

Meteorological Reporter

.187 France. By Lady Morgana..... 141 Agricultural Report.com

188 Comic Dramas, in Three Acts. By Commercial Reporter

-190 Maria Edgeworthamar

-147 Births, Marriages, Deaths.com 192

120 Song

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