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July 26


State of the Barometer, from July 26th to August 25th, 1817, at Barnton, about Three

Miles N. W. from Edinburgh. 1817. Barom. Thermo. Rain. | Weathct. 1817. Baroin. Thermo. Rain. Weather. M. N. In.P.

M N. In.P.
50 64

0.05 Rain Aug. u 29.9 46 55 0.19 Clear
27 .65
49 60


12 .51 50 62 0.05
28 .7 48 62


50 60 0.2
29 .81 50 61

11 .65 49 60 0.41

30 .9 47 6 0.08 Rain

18 62


ditto 31 .78 48 53 0.05 ditto

16 .75 49 60 0.03 ditto Aug. 1

43 55

17 .84 50 64

0.01 ditto
30.05 47 60

181 .95 19 60

29,64 16 58 0.28 Rain

1 .75 50 70

15 60
0.31 ditto

20 .8 55 68 0.03 Rain
30.14 · 46 57

21 30.15
52 66

.1 17 56

22 .21 50 60

49 56

23 .20 47 65

29.75 16 55
0.06 Rain

24 .08 49 58 0.4 Showers 9 .

43 57
Showers 251 29.71

48 55 0.35 Rain
10 .85 47 58 0.02 ditto

Quantity of Rain, 2.57



It seldom happens that weather prevails, during two seasons successively, so much alike as we have experienced in the spring and summer of 1816 and of 1817. The cold, wet summer and unpropitious harvest of 1799, was followed, in 1800, by so warm and dry a season, as, though scarcely less favourable to the crops, produced a striking contrast in regard to their earliness and perfect maturation. No such remarkable difference between this year and the former has yet been felt. A late spring has consigned to a cold and wet summer, in both years, the infant produce of the earth, in a feeble and unhealthy state ; and a late harvest, though there is still reason to hope not in the present year a scanty one, has been and must be the consequence. With the exception of two weeks in June, the atmosphere has seldom, for two days together, been so clear, warm, and refreshing, as we often find it, even in this northern climate; yet the superabundance of moisture occasioned a most rapid vegetation, which requires only to be succeeded by heat and sunshine for a few weeks to insure an abundant produce in all those situations where the seed was sound, and the young plants escaped any serious injury from the grub. The instances, however, are too numerous, particularly in the higher districts, where the oat crop threatens to be as late as that of last year. In the south of England, reaping has commenced, and will soon be general ; but though we hear of several patches having been cut, and see many fields approaching towards ripeness, harvest will make little progress before the middle of next month in this country.

Among the grain crops no such difference can yet be perceived as so lamentably occurred last year, in which wheat was greatly deficient even in those favourable situations where barley and oats fell little short of an average produce. All these species of grain promise to be, in favourable circumstances, almost equally productive, or at least are nearly alike luxuriant in their growth ; nor have any of the diseases to which wheat is peculiarly liable been so marked as to excite any alarm or apprehension. The pulse crops do not in general promise to be abundant. Turnips and potatoes, particularly the latter, of which a greater quantity than usual were planted last spring, are expected to be full crops upon all dry and well-dressed lands. The earlier crops of clover and rye grass hay were in many instances light, from the clover having been checked in its growth by the drought and coldncss of the spring; and the later crops have been saved with difficulty, and at an increased expence, owing to the frequent rains of the last month. Orchards and hopgrounds will not yield half a crop, and in many situations have failed altogether.

About the middle of June, the prices of grain, which had fluctuated during the six preceding months, according to the variations in our imports and exports, began to decline, owing to the very remarkablo change which the fine weather then began to effect in the appearance of the growing crops ; and the supply having been more than equal to the demand ever since, especially since we ceased to export to France, prices have continued to fall; though of late much more slowly than in July. If fine weather does not speedily ensue, it is not probable that they will sink much lower. The very remarkable difference between the average prices of England and of Scotland, exhibited in the following Tables, has prevailed ever since last harvest, which, if any thing like accuracy could be depended on in these returns, would prove that the last wheat crop had failed more generally in regard to quality in the latter country than in the former.-Live stock, with the exception of Lambs, have been in demand, at improved prices, owing to the abundance of the pastures since the end of June.-Wool has been sold freely at higher prices than last year ; and very little of it now remains in the hands of the grower.

The following Tables have been constructed for the purpose of exhibiting, in a more distinct and comprehensive manner than has yet been attempted in any similar work, the weekly prices of agricultural produce in the principal markets of both the east and west of Britain, and must be valuable to agriculturists and mercantile men generally. The weekly averages of England, and of the Maritime Districts, and the monthly averages of Scotland, together with the Aggregate Averages by which importation is regulated, will form, we venture to hope, a useful record for reference to all who take an interest in the discus sion of those questions of Political Economy which relate to the subsistence of the people. 23th August


Oat meal. Ba.&P.meal.
Barley. Oats.
Boll Prices} \v.p



Boll Peck. Bolls. Peck.

Muar. || Potat.1



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Wheat, 210 lbs.

Oais, 204 los, 1817.

Parley, 320 lbs. Bus.& Pse. Oatmeal, Flour
Dantzic. For.real. Scotch. Irish. Seots. Eng. English. Seotch. Stir. Mea. 140 lbs. 280 lbs.
S. S. S.
8. s. S. S. $. 8. S.

S. S.

S. S. S. S. S. $. July 30 48 5.3 16 52 32 60 0 35 18 56 31 37 32 40 30 38 30 35 30 32 85 90 Aug. 6 18 55

16 52 32 60 50 35 28 36 51 37 52 40 30 58 30 35 30 32 85 90 131 18 55 46 52 52 60 30 35 28 36 31 57 32 10 30 38 30

30 32 85 90 2048 55 46 52 32 60 30 35 28 36 31 37 32 46 30 38 30 35 30 33

85 90 Haddington.


Oatmeal. 1817.

Barley. Oats. Pease. Beans. 1817.
Bolls. Prices,

Per Boll. Per Pck.


Av. pr.

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Wht. Rye. Brley
. Oats. Beans (Pease.Qatni:vts. Wht. Ryc. Barley. Oats

. Beans. Pease.

5. d. & d.

A. d. s. d. S. d. S. d. d. July 19 100 061 5 49 5 37 5 50 10 151 10 15

26 94 4 59 4117 1 35 3 18 819 11 | 12 il Aug. < 90 4 55

846 734 419 4 118 741 1! 91 87 6 53 lvl 45 954 649 4 46 341

$. d. 8. d. s. d.

S. d. s. d. s. d. 12 105 063 454 7 57 6153 052 6 19 99 2 61 il 50 2 137 319 049 6 26 94 7 158 2 19 2 34 9117 8 16 11

90 9 56 1 48 753 515 15 0

Aggregate Averages, (Aug. 9.) of the Twelve Maritime Districts of England and Wales, COMMERCIAL REPORT.

by which Importation and Duly is to be regulated in Great Britain. Wheat, 96s. lld.-Rye, 59s. 10d.-Barley, 198. 3d.-Oets, 36s. 1d.-Beans, 19s. 10x1. Pease 50s. 8d.

Oatmeal, 42s. Average Prices of Scotland for the Four Weeks immediately preceding 15th July. Wheat. 763. 9d.-Rye, 695. 96---Barley, 50.. 34.-Oats, 153. 5d.-Beans, 6is. 100.--Pease, this sd...

Oatmeal, 368. 5d.-Bear or Big, 46s. 2d. VOL. 1.

COLONIAL PRODUCE.-Sugars in the beginning of the month were in brisk demand, and consequently obtained higher prices. On the 5th, large purchases of Mascovadoes were made at an advance of 3s. to 5s., and since then, a great disposition has been evinced to purchase at even a higher currency. Refined sugars had a corresponding rise, and on the 12th advanced generally 2s. to 3s. per cwt at which advance extensive contracts were made for goods to be delivered some weeks hence. Foreign sugars were also higher, and two bags Bengal sold 4s. to 5s. higher than the preceding week. On the 19th, the market was heavy, with a general reduction of ls. to 2s Coffee has fluctuated since the 5th, at which period most descriptions were selling briskly, at an advance of 3s. to 5s. ; and on the 19th, a further advance took place of 2s. per cwt. Cotton. On the 1st instant, an India sale of 8536 bags, chiefly Bengals, attracted great attention, and went off briskly, chiefly to shippers; ordinary went off at an advance of d. to 14d., and middling d. to

d. on the prices of the preceding week; the finer descriptions were little varied—Demerara and Berbice at 20%d. to 2s. 14d. ; Grenada and Cariacou, 204d. to 22 d. ; Surinams, 2s. to 25. 14d. Boweds, 19d. to 20d. ; Pernams, 2s. 2d. ; Bengals in the house, realized 104d. to 11d. On the 8th, accounts from Manchester of a great improvement in Cotton goods and twist, caused considerable briskness in the market ; and on that and the following day above 5500 bags changed hands at an advance of d. to 4d. The market still continues brisk. The imports into London, Liverpool, and Glasgow, in July, were 42,487 bags, being 8448 more than those of July last year. Indigo.— Purchases of this article continue to be made at a premium of 4d. to 6d. per pound, on the last East India sale prices. Spices have experienced no variation in price. Tobacco.—The purchases are confined to a few hogsheads for the immediate wants of the trade. Rum.- Considerable business has been done, and prices may be generally stated 2d. per gallon higher than at the beginning of the month.

EUROPEAN PRODUCE.Hemp, Flac, and Tallow.— The continued westerly breezes having prevented the usual arrivals from the Baltic, the supplies have been short. Hemp and Flax, however, have varied little in price ; but Tallow has advanced from 6s. to s. per cwt. Yellow Candle has realised 62s. Brandy.-An advance of 4d. to 6d. per galIon has taken place, owing to unfavourable accounts of the state of the vintage in France. Geneva remains without alteration.

British Manufactures. The accounts from the manufacturing districts of England are, most cheering." Every branch (says a Manchester paper) of our national manufacture has received an impetus to which it has long been a stranger. At our two last market days, goods have been amazingly in request, and bore a lively advance, evidently the effect of an eager demand.”—The demand for Norwich bombazeens is so great, that all the old looms, so long lying useless, have been put in requisition, and many new ones are making. At Tewkesbury, all the stocking frames are in full work ; considerable advances have been made in wages ; and another rise of 4s. per dozen is expected.

August 20.

Course of Exchange, Aug. 19.--- Amsterdam, 38 : 0 B. 2 V. Ditto at sight, 37 : 6. Agio of the Bank on Holland, 2. Hamburgh, 35 : U. Paris, 3 days sight, 24 : 30 U. Altona, 35 : 1 : 2 U. Dublin, 11.

Prices of Gold and Silver per oz.-Portugal gold, in coin, L. 4:0:6. New doub. loons, L. 3:19:0. New dollars, L.0: 5: 2.

Premiums of Insurance at Lloyd's.-Guernsey or Jersey, 15s. 98.—Cork, Dublin, or Belfast, 15s. 9d. to 208.—Hamburgh, 12s. Od.-Madeira, 20s.- Jamaica, 30s. to 35s.

Weckly Prices of the Public Funds, from July 14 to August 11, 1817.
July 14th 21st. 28th.

Aug. 4th.

11th. Bank stock,

281 281

284 3 per cent. reduced,

827 83

83) 793 793 815 3 per cent. consols,

82 783

787 811 4 per cent. consols,



98 5 per cent navy annuities

107 1063

1033 105 Imperial 3 per cent annuities...... 3


80 India stock,

242] 235 231 227 234 bonds,

103pr. 108p. 114 pr. Exchequer bills, 31d.....

20pr. 26p2 Consols for acct. 83 84

811 American 3 per cents.....

65 new loan, 6 per cents..... 1034 French 5 per cents.

66 66 1-10th! 673 673 681


119 pr. 29 pr.


per cwt

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hhd. pipe. butt. pipe.


LEITH. GLASGOW. B. P. Dry Brown,

74 @ 78 74 @ 78 Mid. good, & fine mid.

86 79 90 Fine and very fine, •

94 91 93 Refaed, Double Loaves, 150 155 Powder ditto,

124 130 Single ditto,

122 124 120 Small Lumps,

115 118 114 116 Large ditto,


112 114 Crushed Lamps,

68 70 MOLASSES, British,

33 COFFEE, Jamaica, Ord. good, and fine ord.

83 82 Mid. good, and fine mid.


88 Dutch, Triage & very ord. Ord. good, & fine ord.


89 Mid. good, & fine mid.


90 93 St Domingo, PIMENTO (in Bond),


8! SPIRITS Jam. Rum 160.P. 3s 5d 3s 6d 3s 5 3s 6 Brandy,

7 6 7 9 Geneva,

3 10 4 0 Grain Whisky,

7 0 7 3 Wines, Clar. Ist Growths,

5 Portugal Red,

45 Spanish White,

46 Teneriffe,

35 Madeira,

70 LOGwOOD, Jamaica,

£8 £7 10 £8 0 Honduras,

9 Campeachy,

9 10

90 Fustic, Jamaica,

20 0 8 10 90 Cuba, INDIGO, Caraccas fine,

9s 6d lls 6 8s 6 9s 6 PINBER, Amer. Pine,

19 20 Ditto Oak,

4 0 4 6 Christiansand (duties paid) 2 2 2 3

Honduras Mahogany, 0 1 1 1 0 10 8
St Domingo ditto

2 3 Tar, American,

15 Archangel,

20 Pitch, Foreign, Tallow, Rus. Yel. Candle,

Home melted, HEMP, Riga Rhine,


L45 Petersburgh Clean,


44 FLAX, Riga Th. & Dr. Ra. Dutch,

120 Irish, Mats, Archangel,

£6 0 £6 6 BRISTLES, Peters. Firsts, 16 10 17 0 ASHES, Petersburgh Pearl, G3s Montreal ditto,


58s 00$ Pot,


46s OIL, Whale,

Uncertain. Cod,

55 (p.brl.) Tobacco, Virg. fine,

10% middling,

9. inferior, COTToys, Bowed Georgia,

1 6 1 9 Sea Island, fine,

2 6 2 good,

25 2 middling, .

2 3 2 Demerara and Berbice,

I 10 2 West India

1 7 1 Pernambuco,

2 1 2 2 • Maranham,

2 0 2 1

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£8 0 £8 5

ton. 8 10 8 15 90 910 10 0 12 0 16 0 16 10 95 0 Ils 6 lb. 17 1 8} foot.

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16 19
2 6 2
2 3 2 55
1 11 2
1 10 2
1 711
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ALPHABETICAL List of English BANKRUPTCIES, announced between July 15 and

August 16, 1817, extracted from the London Gazette. Abrahams, M. London, merchant

Knight, J. Castle Cary, surgeon Adlington, J. Chesterfield, draper

Lakeinan, D. H. Liverpool, merchant Bate, W. Birmingham, victualler

Lazarus, J. London, watchmaker Barker, S. Sheffield, cordwainer

Lynch, P. Liverpool, woollen-draper Black ley, H. Sheldwick, grocer

Lee, W. Rotherhithe, ship-chandler Bleads, J. Chester, umbrella-maker

Lewarn, W. Taunton, carpenter Bus i, J. Aston, gun-barrel-maker

Livdler, R. London, ship and insurance broker Beoran, L. C. Clifton, baker

Minnel, T. Panbroke, apothecary Biddie, J. Birmingham, factor

Murtul, W. Lonlon, auctioneer Bourne, J. London, checse-monger

Morgan, J. Taunton, linen-Iraper Byers, A. South Shields, and W. Byers, Mile-End, Mann, J. s nior, Templesowerby, tanner ship-owners

Mosily, J. O. and H. J. Keach, London, toy-maChalk, W. New Sarum, baker

nu acturers Cuy, T. North Shields, ship-owner

Mitchell, J. Finsbury Market, Middlesex, brewer Cox, G. M. Loudon, toyman

Mann, J. II. Aveton Giiford, cider-int rchant Cole, J. Plymouth, rope-maker

Meacock, R. Liverpool, ship-chandler Cotell, J. Huncombe Mill, North Wraxall, paper- Mucock, 11. Manchester, shopkeeper maker

Nicholis, R. Bath, butcher Daman, T. Teddington, farmer

Nice, T. London, linen-ciraper Day, W. New Keni Road, plumber

Northall, W. K. Wolverhainpton, schoolmasier Davis, C. London, cabinet-inaker

Pardow, G. Coughton, Warwick, needle-maker Deacon, B. Red Lion Square, Middlesex, carthen- Parker, C.W. Halifax, merchant

Phillip, D. London, stationer Druitt, G. R. Winchester, linen-draper

Papps, G, Bristol, hosier Dowsett, S. Borehamwood, silkman

Phillips, Hl. London, coffechouse-keeper Diggles, G. London, money-scrivener

Parker, W. Ilalifax, merchant Donalit, J. Abbott Lodge, Westmoreland, cattle- Placketi, T. Breaston, butcher dealer

Powell, R. ('arlise, innkeeper Elst n, G, South Shields, ship owner

Philips, A., and B. Loser, London, merchants Elliot, G. Woodchurch, butcher

Ravenscroft, H. London, peruke-maker Eltonhead, J. Liverpool, spirii-inerchant

keeve and Leigh, Alanchester and London, ware. Eustain, W. Liverpool, wholesale grocer

housinen Farrel, C. Gosport, linen-draper

Recs, W. Bristol, ship-owner Fosser, M., H. Cooper, and E. Howard, South- Richardk, S. Liverpool, merchant

borough Mills, Kent, and London, gun-powder. Roberts, o. Alnwick, Anglesey, shopkecper manufacturers

Sanduark, London, merchant Fawell, T. St Luikes, Middlesex, surgeon

Stone, 11. Milverton, scriverer Fennel, T., and W. Benstead jun. London and Spall, (. London, coachmaker Brussels, merchants

Smith, E. Terby, Bleacher Frisby, R. Leicester, horse-dealer

Slipper, J. Crostwick, carpenter Frewing, J. Blackwater, grocer

Skerring, T. London, builder Griffiths, w. Beaumaris, currier

Scholefield, N., and T. W. Kershaw, Greenwich, Green, W. London, underwriter

haberdashers Goudie, J. Liverpool, ash-manufacturer

Shaw, J. late of Madeira, now of London, merGompertz, H. Hampstead, merchant

chaut Hazell, G. Saltford, victualler

Salter, J. Halberton, dealer Hollands, J. Westminster, builder

Salmon, J. Westbury, dealer Hix, J. Godmanchester, draper

Sco, W. Longtown, ealer in bacon Hay, N. London

Taylor, G. tiorton, cotton-manufacturer Hoseason, W. Jamaica, mcrchant

Waldack, H. London, chcese-monger Humphreys, S. London, merchant

Waruer, J.Great Wigston, lime and coal merchant Holt, J. L. Manchester, dealer

Wise, W. Bath, beokseller
Hanrums, E. London, ship and insurance broker Welion, B. Vianchester, tailor
Hanbury, C. and W., Shoreditch, Wisuillers Wilson, J. Hanley, Statfordshire, potter
Hissock, E. Abingdon, woo!11-draper

Wilkinson, T. southwark, linen draper
Johnston, T. Tylemouth, miller

Woolstencroft, J. Salford, brewer
Kearney, P. Manchester, tailor
ALPHABETICAL LIST of Scotch BAXKRUPTCIes, announced between July 15 and

August 15, 1817, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Carrie, J. Arbroath, merchant; by J. Walker,

merchant there, 15th September Brown, W. jun. Edinburgli, merchant

Christie, A. Aberdeen, merchant by D. Hutcheon, Ferguson, P. jun. Glasgow, slain.

acivocate there, 18th August Guthrie, P. Edinburgh, spirit and porter dealer Cobb, J. Pitcarley, near Bervie, cattle dealer; by Hay, J. Delchirach, Bantishire, merchaut

J. Milne, in Warby's Inn, Bervie, 13th Sept. Henderson, D. Linlithgow, merchant

Crombie, H. and Co. Glasgow, merchants; by A. Johnstone, G. Anuan, apothecary

Lawson, merchant there, 19th September Leitch, W. Glasgow, merchant

Crombie, J. Colinsburgh, merchant; by J. StevenM‘Allaster and Duncan, Glasgow, merchants son, merchant, Edinburgh, 16th August M'Clure, W. Kirkcudbright, merchant

Gladstone, 11. Leith, merchant; by T. Thomson, M‘Intosh, L. Tain, draper

Edinburgh Glasshouses there, 2d September M'Lellan, S. Castle Douglas, merchant

Gray, D. Kincardine, ship-builder; by J. Turcan, M Master, E. Traigh of Moror, drover

ship-owner there, 15th August Monteith, Duncan, and Co. Glasgow, grocers Gray, G. Peterhea, merchant; by Geo. Yeats, ad. Murray, M. Bailiehill, sheep-dealer

vocate in Aberdeen, 17th August Russell, D. Durie Foundery, Fifeshire, founder Hutcheon, A., and C. Nicol, Glasgow, merchants ; Rutherford, J. jun. Kose, merchant-tailor

by J. M'Gavin, there, 20 August Stewart, T. Leith and Glasgow, carrier

Mackenzie, D. Peterhı ad, merchant; by George Thomson, A. Edinburgh, builder

Yeats, advocate in lideer, 17th August Turnbull, II. Paisley, merchant

Reid, J. Glasgow, cabinet-maker; by A. Lawson, White, J. and Co Glasgow, merchants

merchant Mere, 24th September DIVIDENDS.

Shannon, Stewart, and Co. Greenock, and Shan.

non, Livingston, and Co. Newfoundland; by J. Armstrong, R. Greeneck, merchant; by W. Fer- Dunlop, writer in Greenock, 10th August

guson, 78, Trongate, Glasgow, 17th Sépteinber Swanstcri, J. and Co. Glasgow, grocers; by J. Calton Hill Foundery Company, Edinburgh ; by Ewing, merchant there, buth October

Wm. Ford, Caledonian Classwork there, 13th White, D. of Blair, com and cattle dealer; by September

W. Ferguson, Maybole, 30 September

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