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herself, she fell backwards into the area, Urr, an industrious and worthy man. never to rise again.

During the greater part of his life he was a 21. At Paisley, after a very short illness, zealous disciple of Mrs Buchan, the enthe Rev. Charles Stuart, pastor of the Ro. thusiastic pretender to a divine mission, anan Catholic Congregation. His prema- who, towards the close of the last century, ture death, at the early age of 25, was the flourished in the vicinity of Closeburn. cffect of typhus fever, caught, to appear- At Paris, the Countess Dillon, relict of ance, by contagious infection and subse- the Hon. General Arthur Dillon, brother quent laborious attendance on some of his to the late Viscount Dillon. This lady Hock suffering under that disease.

was first married to the Comte de la Touche, 22. At Paisley, Miss Ann Paterson of by whom she had one son, and a daughter Craigton, aged 97.

married to the Duke of Fitz-James. By 24. At his house in George Square, the late Hon. Arthur Dillon she has lelt Edinburgh, Sir Patrick Inglis, Bart. one daughter, married to General Ber

At Hutchesontown, aged 84, Mr trand. James Bryce, late merchant in Glasgow. At St Maude, near Paris, aged 11 years,

26. At Eyemouth, William Dewar, Esq. Lord Boringdon, eldest son of the Earl of formerly captain in the artillery service of Morley. A stalk of rye, which he had inthe Nabob of Arcot, in the 77th year of advertently swallowed the latter end of his age, much respected.

July, was the cause of his sufferings. It 30. At Jedburgh, James Potts, Esq. was found, after his death, three inches in late Sheriff-clerk of Roxburghshire, in the length, in its original state, lodged in the 79th year of his age.

intestines. Lately, at his house in Fife, Admiral At Cawnpore, in the 65th year of his Duddingston.

age, Major-General Sir John Horsford, At Benares, in the East Indies, Claude K. C. B. commanding first division field Russell, Esq. of the Honourable East In- army, and Colonel of the 3d battalion of dia Company's service.

artillery. The State has in him lost a At Ballynure, Ireland, near Clones, Mi- most able and upright servant, the army chael Pendar, at the advanced age of 107. one of its most distinguished officers, and He bad been a pensioner for 72 years. the Honourable Order of the Bath a mem

At Manchester, at the age of 70 years, ber worthy of its distinction. He served Mirs Macleilan, formerly Miss Mary Mac- nearly thirty-nine years with his regiment ghie, daughter of the late Mr Macghie of as an officer, and was much employed on Airds, and the celebrated heroine of the field service during the eight years he popular ballad of " Mary's Dream." commanded the Bengal artillery ; his at.

At his house, Harsendam, Herts, Major- tention to its interests was chiefly exempliGeneral Hadden of the Royal Artillery. fied in improving the situation of the sol.

In Wimpole Street, London, Mrs Far dier, European and Native, in all the sequharson, aged 83.

veral branches of that extensive and widely At Whittlebury, Northamptonshire, in dispersed corps. After a service of forty. his 730 year, the Rev. Henry Beauclerk, five years, in various parts of India, spent only son of the late Lord Henry Beau- in constant and unwearied devotion to his clerk,

duty-never even in sickness having en. At Dublin, Mrs Blackford, grand- joyed the indulgence of one day's fardaughter of the Earl of Darnley.

lough, or leave of absence from his profes. In the Scotch College, Paris, deservedly sional labours this eminent officer, whose lamented, the Rev. John Farquharson, Su- sound constitution, hardened by tempeperior. He was long Principal or Head of rance, had long contended with an extrathe Scotch College at Douay, in Flanders, ordinary complication of disease, ended å which he was forced to abandon at the per long life of useful services shortly after his riod of the Revolution, and went to Glas. return from field service at Hattras. A gow, where he remained many years, offi- man of stern principle, sound judgment, ciating as Catholic clergyman, and was extensive knowledge, and independent spimuch esteemed for his moviesty and humi- rit, his memory will be respected by all lity, and as an honest man.

who knew him, and his loss long regretted At an advanced period of life, Mr George by those who were his selected friends. Kidd, farmer in Crocketford, perishi of

General Inder.

na, 176

ABERDEEN, bankrupt state

Amherst, Lord, interview of, Bedpai, Tables of, notice of
of the burgh of, and decla. with Bonaparte at St Hele- an Indian work so called,
ration of the magistrates as

to its causes, 279

ANALYTICAL NOTICES Berlin, theatre there destroy-
Accoinpt, curious one among Supplement to Encyclopæ- ed by fire, 76_School for
the papers of Balfour of dia Britannica, 55--Foreign swimming at, 275
Burley, 131

journals, 156, 260, 461 Binning, Lord, review of his
Acts passed in the last Ses- Ancient circles of stones dis. plan for establishing lunatic
sion of Parliament, abstract covered in Fifeshire, 423 asylums in Scotland, 250

of, 87, 148, 284, 388, 497 Anecdotes, historical, liter. Biot, M. notice of his publi-
Africa, review of discoveries ary, miscellaneous, 310,412 cation on steam-boats, 156
in, 52, 150-Method of Animal poison, extreme viru. on gas lights, 159_and
converting the negroes of, lence of, 67

on Sir H. Davy's safety.
153–Success of a mission attachment, singular

lamp, 260
to the king of Ashantee, 376 instance of, 386

Birds, observations on the
Agamemnon of Eschylus, ob- Appeal for murder, singular natural history of, 119
servations on the, 299, 442 case of, 482

Births, 97, 192, 293, 396,
Agates, on the igneous ori. Appointments, promotions,

gin of, 445

&c. 88, 186, 236, 390, 490 Black, Dr. his valuable im.
Agricultural Reports, 92, Army, British, regulations provements in chemistry,
188, 288, 392, 429

respecting half.pay officers 233
Alceste, loss of his majesty's of, 382

Block.printing, recent im.
ship the, 78
Arsenious acid, method of

provements made in, 136
Algiers, the plague rages in, detecting it when in solu. Bonaparte receives a bust of
79, 379_Depredations of tion, 69

his son at St Helena, 79
the privateers of, 276-Re- Austria, organization of the His conduct in an interview
volution in, and murder of army, 76—Population, &c. with Lord Amherst, 176
the Dey, 379_On the po. ib. Statistics, 160_Pro. Border Sketches-Worme.
litical state of, 406

posed conscription, 478 den-Traquair, 13-Dry.
America, United States of, Auvergne, on the music of, burgh, 236
abolition of the slave trade

Antiquities of Eng-
in, 80-Emigrations from Balfour, John, of Burley, land and Scotland, 450
Britain to, 177-Inunda. biographical notices of, 130 Borderers, or Moss Troopers,
tion at Baltimore, 276- --Curious account against, account of, 453
Fever at Charleston, ib. from a merchant in Perth, Botanical Cabinet, review of
New navigation act of, 380 131-Letter from, lo James the, 459
480 Misunderstanding Ure of Shirgartoun, 134 Bowed Davie, account of
with Spain, 480)

Balloons, Irish Channel cross- this singular character, 207
-, British, emigrations ed in one, by Mr Sadler, 82 Bread, on making it from
lo, 80, 177-Erection of a Baltinore, inundation there, wood, 313
Presbyterian church in New 276

Britain, general view of its
Brunswick, 177Confla. Bank of England resolve to credit and commerce, 39
grations in Newfoundland, pay their small notes with -Numerous einigrations
ib. 480_Erection of a new cash, 278

from it to assist the South
church in Nova Scotia, 380

- Scotland, Royal, in. American patriots, 81, 282
Portuguese, restora- crease their capital half a -Revenue of, 283_Sink-"
tion of the royal authority
million, 485

ing fund, 383_Letting of
at Pernambuco, 80

Bankrupts, list of English, the post- horse duty in, 486
Spanish, indepen. 96, 192, 292, 396, 492- British navy, regulations re-
dent government of Vene- List of Scotch, 96, 192, 292, specting, 83
zuela re-established, 80- 396, 492

Legislation, 81, 184,
Success of the patriots in Baptisms, ceremonies of, in 284, 388, 487
Chili, ib. 176--and in Ve. the last century, 13

-Linen Company's Bank
nezuela, 276—The royal. Barbarity, shocking instances vote handsome rewards to
ists driven from Margaritta, of in Ireland, 86

some of its officers, 486
331-Farther account from Barberry the cause of mil. Burckhardt, Mr, a traveller
Mexico and Peru, 480 dew in corn, 371

in Africa, notice of, 66

so, 48

sea, 467

Burgh reform in Scotland, prisoners in the house of the cathedral church of St
summary of proceedings on correction there, 76

Giles there, 320_On the
the subject of, 384, 486 Copper found near Lake Su.

present state of fever in,
Burials, solemnities observed perior, North America, 371 347-Notice respecting the

at, in the last century, 13 Country funerals, plan for university museum, 267-
Burns, Robert, letter of H. abolishing certain abuses Present state of science in,
M. Williams to, 109_Stric- at, 108

417--Expenditure and funds
tures on Miss W's poem on

Credit and commerce of the connected with the build
the slave trade by, ib. country, general view of, 39 ing of the South Bridge,
Byron, Lord, review of his Czerny Georges, beheaded 438_On the employment
poem, the Lament of Tas. by the Pacha of Belgrade, of funds destined to chari.

table purposes in, 413
Caledonian Horticultural So. Dancing, involuntary, singu- Funds of the destitute sick
ciety, proceedings of the, lar case of, 138

society, 481_Town Guard

Deaf and dumb, remarks on disbanded, ib.
Calton Hill, Edinburgh, on the, 342

Egypt, interesting accounts
the geological structure of, Death on the pale horse, re- from, 380

marks on Mr West's pic. Encyclopædia Britannica,
Carlisle Yetts, a poetical ture of, 403

analytical notice of the
fragment, 455

Deaths, 98,194,295,398,498 supplement to the, 55
Carr-rock beacon, account of Decisions of the Scotch con. Erskine, Hon. Henry, lines
the destruction of, by the sistorial court, review of, 50 on the death of, 264-Bio-

Derby, trials and executions graphical sketch of, 292
Carstairs, Principal, put to for high treason there, 387

Mrs, of Grange, mis-
the torture of the thumbi- Destitute sick society of Ed. fortunes of, 333
kins, 5-Curious anecdote inburgh, reports of, 481 Eschylus, observations on
of him and King William, 9 Diving-bell, accident in go- the Agamemnon of, 299,
Cassillis, Countess of, account ing down in one, 82

of her elopement with John- Druidical temple, ancient one Explosion of fire-damp, 81
nie Faa, the gypsey chief, discovered in Fifeshire, 423 —of the gas pipes at Lon-
306--Original ballad on the Dunblane, want of accommo- don, ib-of a coal mine in
subject, 308

dation at the mineral springs Ayrshire, 387
Castlereagh, Lord, bit by his there, 129

Faa, Johonie, the gypsey
lady's lap-dog, 83

Duns Scotus, Joannes, anec- chief, and the Countess of
Cataract, description of a re- dotes of, 310

Cassillis, account of their
markable one at Lochleien- Dutch colonies, insurrections elopement, 306_Original
head, 339
in, 479

ballad of, 308
Celestiall Vestallis,an ancient Lar, diseases of the, case of, Fairies, popular belief in the
metrical romaunt, a frag- 266

existence of, remaining in
ment, 63

Earthquakes in Inverness, Scotland, 237
Chain bridge, account of one 181_Great one at Vastissa Fashionable lions, observa-
at Dryburgh, 85
in Turkey, 479

tions on, 439
China, decree of the empe. Edgeworth, Maria, review Fish, curious one found in
ror of, accounting for the of her Comic Dramas, 145 an oyster shell, 67
failure of the British em. Edinburgh-On the geologi- Fogs, on the production and
bassy, 78

cal structure of the Calton. diffusion of, 26
Coal, an attempt making to hill, 20_Improvements in, Foreign journals, analytical
raise it in Russia, 77

82, 182_Canal between it notices of, 156, 260
Coinage, new one in Britain, and Glasgow, 86_Exami. Fortune, extraordinary in-
amount of, 271

nation of the high school stance of sudden rise to, 382
Coleridge, review of his Si. of, ib. - Introduction of France, confidence of the

bylline Leaves, 245_Of his weekly assemblies for danc- government in its own sta-
Zapolya, a Christmas Tale, ing there, 111-Establish. bility, 74_Partial change

ment and amusements of in the ministry, 173_Or.
Commerce and credit of the tea-tables in, 113–Sketch dinance

regulating the
country, general view of, of the literary history of, peerage, ib-Execution of


_Predilection for liter. two soldiers for treason, ib.
and manufactures, ary pursuits in, 234_Plan -Trials for murder and
observations on those of for supplying it with wa. treasons, 274-State of the
Glasgow, Paisley, Greenock, ter, 244-Expenditure of finances, ib.-Opening of
&c. 120, 215

its police establishment, 283 the Legislative Assembly,
Commercial reports, 94, 190, of the charity work- 378_Proceedings of the
290, 394, 490

house, 284- Magistrates of, Chambers, 478 - Prizes
Copenhagen, revolt of the 286-Historical notices of proposed by the Society for

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the encouragement of Arts serving from, in travelling Launch of a new frigate, 84
in, 470

hot and desert regions, 369 Layng, Beatrix, account of
French and Greek Tragic Hunter, Mr. his new invent. the barbarous murder of
Drama, comparison of the, ed instrument for taking at Pitten weem, on suspi.
latitudes, &c. 469

cion of witchcraft, 202
Friendship, rerses on, 163 Jameson, Professor, his me- Act of the Privy Council
Fronto, analytical notices of thod of preserving objects in her favour, 203- Report
the newly.discovered works of natural history, 367 of a committee on her mur-
of, 156

Java, eruption of a burning der, 206
Fruit trees often blighted by mountain in, 276 — Ex. Legend of St. Rosalie, a
the larvæ of the phalena tor- traordinary phenomenon
trices, 67-on preserving

poem, 464

there, 371

Leith, opening of the second
them from mildew, and the Jews, number of them scat. wet dock at, 383
attacks of rabbits and hares, tered over the world, 378 Leslie, General, state of the

Igneous origin of agates or Scottish army under him
Funerals in the country, pebbles, observations on in 1641, 213
plan for abolishing certain

the, 445

Leyden and Murray's ac-
abuses in, 108

Indies, East, capture of fort count of discoveries in Af.
Gas lights, new plan of ap- Hattrass, 78 - Barbarities rica, review of, 52, 150
paratus for, 369

of pirates in the Persian Life preserver, experiinents
Gemmels, Andrew, a Scot. gulf, ib. Progress of the with Mallison's, 180

lish beggar, account of, 103 versions of the Scriptures - boats, improvementsin,
Geology at present an inter- in, 274-Insurrection of the 162

esting study in Europe, 421 Mahrattas crushed on the Lines written in early youth,
Germany, mountain of Han- first movement, 378, 479 482
sruck in, sinks into a lake, -Insurrection in the Dutch Lions, fashionable, observa-
76- Organization of the Colonies, 479

tions on, 439
Austrian Army, ib.-Po-

West, numerous de Literary and Scientific intel.
pulation, &c. of Austria, ib. predations of privateers or ligence, 66, 164, 265, 367,
Giles, St. historical account pirates in the seas of, 81- 467_From France, 68,
of the Cathedral Church of, Memorial of the merchants 267, 370, 470–Germany,
in Edinburgh, 320

of Kingston on the subject, 69, 166, 268, 369, 472-
Glasgow, Paisley, &c. on the 176

Italy, 69, 166, 370, 471-
commerce and manufac- Jones, Paul, account of, America, 70, 371-Russia,
tures of, 120, 215

with some original letters 167, 269, 472-Prussia,
Glass blow.pipes, precautions from him to the Earl and 269 — Denmark, 269

necessary in using thein, 165 Countess of Selkirk, &c. 14, East Indies, 270, 371
Glen-Hyvoch, a Scottish le- Ireland, emigration from, to Lithography, or printing
gend, 262

America, 278-Epidemic from stone, notice of a
Goorkas and Nepaulese, ob. fever in, 281-Daring rob- work on, 159

servations on the, 229 beries there, 381-Arrival Livonia, account of the uni-
Grange, Lady, account of of the new viceroy in Dub- versity there, 167
her misfortunes, 333 lin, ib.

Londre, Six Mois a en 1816,
Grecian Antiquities, notice Italy, treaty respecting the review of, 258
of Mr Cockerell's research- duchies of Parma, Placen- Love, poetical answer to the
es among, 66

tia, and Guastalla, 74 question “ What is Love?"
Greek Tragedy, remarks on, Discontents in Sicily, 275 65
240_(Iphigenia in Aulide -French exiles refused an Luddites, trial and acquittal
Euripidis). ib. Compari. asylum in, ib.

of the, 83
son of French and, 428 Juvenile depravity, instance Luminous arches in the sky,
Hattrass, fort, East Indies, of, in Edinburgh, 181 account of some, 114

stormed by the British, 78 Keats, John, review of his Lunatic Asylums, review of
Hazlitt's Round Table, and

a plan for erecting them in
his Shakespeare's plays, re- King, notice respecting the Scotland, 250.
view of, 352
condition of the, 84

Lunatics, number of in Seot.
Highland scenery, descrip. Kirkton's history of the land, 280
tion of, 339

Church of Scotland, review M'Avoy, Miss, a blind lady
Hume, David, original let.

who reads by the touch,
ter of, to John Home, 9 Lady Margaret, an old Scot. account of, review of, 362
His sceptical speculations tish Ballad, 465

M.Gregor, General, evacu.
successfully combated in Larch tree, uncommon one ates Amelia Island, 381
Edinburgh, 232

at Athol House, 104 Macassar, curious treaty be-
Hunger and thirst, vegeta. Latitudes, &c. new instru. tween the English and twe
ble composition for pre- ment for discovering, 469 kings or chiefs of, 212

poems, 254

of, 44

Magnetism, notice of a new Murthly Castle, the supposed ed to serve in, 88, 186, 286,
theory of, 266

original of Tully Veolan, ac- 491
Maguusen, Professor, of Co. count of, 230

Patents lately enrolled, 86,
penhagen, his dissertation Mutiny on board a convict 286, 390, 491
on the origin of the Picts,
ship, 178

Perth, account of its surren-
124, 225

Natural History, observations der to Montrose io 1644,316
Man, Isle of, riot in the, 86 on some facts in, 26-On Phenomenon, account of an
Manners, view of the change that of birds, 119-Best me- extraordinary one in the
of, during last century, 10, thod of preserving objects island of Java, 371
111 - Facilitated by the
of, 367

Picts, on the origin of the
Union with England, 10 Negroes of Africa, curious Dation and name of the, 124,
Manufacturers, Dr Gosse's method of converting them 225
method of preserving them to Christianity, 153

Pilniewinks, an instrument
from the bad effects of singular race of, in the of torture, notice respect.
dust, &c., 218

remote mountains of the ing, 214-Recent instances
Manuscripts of a Christian Indian Archipelago, 239 of the use of, 437
poet of the fifth century, Nelson, Lord, foundation of Pitcairn's Island, review of a
discovered at Naples, 370 a naval pillar at Yarınouth

voyage to, 148
Margaret of York, anec. in memory of, 178

Pittenweem, horrid barbari.
doles of, 412

Netherlands, anti• commer. lies exercised there on per-
Dlarriages, ceremonies of in cial associations in, 275– sons suspected of witch.
high life in the last century,

Difference between the King craft, 199--Act of the Scot.

and the Prince of Orange, tish Privy Council, and re.
Marriages, 97, 193, 294, 478

port of a committee on the
397, 497

Nepaulese and Goorkas, ob- subject, 203, 206
Mary Queen of Scotland, servations on the, 229 Pleasure grounds in Scotland,
account of her detention by Newfoundland, St John's, al- on the laying out of, 428
Elizabeth, at Wingfield, must destroyed by fire, 480 Poetry, Original-The Min-
106-Inventory of linen Niger, failure of the expedi- strei's vision, 63—the Ce.
and plate sent there for her tion to the, 176

lestiall Vestallis, ib.-An
use, 107
Non-descript aniinal found answer to the

Mathematical learning on the in Ayrshire, reinains of a, " What is Love?" 65
decline in this country,

Verses on a tragical event

Norway, bread made from in a Highland Glen, 161–
Medical advice, 264

the bark of trees iv, 315 Lines written in early youth,
Medusa Capillata, account Oaks, experiments in raising 162—Song, ib.Sonnets to
of a marine animal so call. them, by the Duchess of

ib. 163—On Friend.
ed, 26
Rutland, 326

ship, ib.-Song, ib.-Glen
Metaphysics, the present Ochiltree, Edie, account of Hyvoch, a Scottish legend,
study of, different from the supposed original of, 262_Song from the Gaelic,
what formerly passed un-

263_Highland Song, ih.
der that name, 420

O'Connor, Roger, Esq. trial Sonnet, 264_Stanzas, ib.
Meteorological Reports, 90, and acquittal of, on a charge Medical advice, ib. On
187, 287, 391, 491

of mail coach robbery, 85 the death of the Hon. Henry
Metronome, Muelzels, of Organ, on its introduction Erskine, ib.-Mohaled, a

the notation employed in into the Scottish Church, tale, 361_Sonnet on recei.
the scale of, 222

ving the Scenes of Infancy
Mineral springs at Dun. Painting on glass, notice re. from a lady, 366-Old age
blane, on the want of ac- specting the art of, 164 and death of the poor, ib.
commodation there, 129

remarks on the his. The Legend of Si Rosalie,
Mineralogy of the neigh- tory of, in Scotland, 326 46_Lady Margaret, an
bourhood of Edinburgh, Paisley, Glasgow, &c. on the old Scottish Ballad, 463
on the, 221

commerce and manufac. Polar ice, Captain Scoresby's
Minstrel's vision, a poem, 63 tures of, 120, 215

observations on the, 414
Moral Philosophy, notice of Paris, visited by the King Political Cards, a French

Stewart's outlines of, 159 of Prussia, 173-Notice of jeu d'esprit, notice of, 261
Morgan, Lady, review of her M. Raynouard's work on

state of Algiers, ac-
publication on France, 141 the charitable institutions count of the, 406
Moscow rising rapidly from of, 261--Six weeks in, re. Pompeii, researches among
its ruins, 479

view of, 361-Prizes pro- the ruins of, 370
Moss Troopers, or Border- posed by the Society in, for Poor Laws, observations op
ers, account of, 453

the encouragement of the the, 32-originated in the
Mu:der, singular case of ap-
Arts, 470

reign of Elizabeth, 34-
peal for, 482

Parliament, members return. sums collected under, at va.

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