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Callum, J. Auchenblae, merchant; by D. Wyllie, Miller, Jas. Glasgow, merchant; by R. Aitken, merchant, Montrose, 18th December

merchant there, 5th December Hutchison, J. jun. Haddington, cattle-dealer ; in Primerose, G. partner of Stewart, Primerose, and

the Sheriff-clerk's office there, 19th December Co. Leith, merchants; by P. Borthwick, merVaclellan, W. and Co. Crossmichael and Kirk- chant there, 18th December

cudbright, timber-merchants ; by S. Maccaul, Webster and Finlay, Montrose, merchants; bę Inerchant, Kirkcudbright, 26th November C. Barclay, inerchant there, 22 Decunbet.





16. At Dalkeith, the wife of John Ro. August 18. At Coassola, a woman nam- bertson, a poor industrious day-labourer, a Madaleine Casarsa, of a daughter, who two sons and a daughter. died four days afterwards ; and 47 days af- 17. At Auchlunies, Mrs Gordon, a ter her first accouchement, she was delivered of twin daughters, who only lived 18. The lady of Lieutenant-Colond five days. The mother has not experien- Balfour, a son. ced the slightest indisposition.

20. Lady Frances Buchanan Riddell, a September 27. At Lausanne, the lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Wauchope, a daugh. At Littleton, in Middlesex, the Right ter.

Hon. Lady Caroline Wood, a son. October 6. At Corfu, the lady of the 22. At his residence in Albemarle Street, Hon. Colonel Patrick Stuart, a son. London, the lady of Sir W. Adams, a

9. In Upper Harley Street, London, daughter. Mrs Stuart, a daughter.

23. The Countess of Abingdon, a son. 16. At Hatton Castie, the lady of Gar. - At Edinburgh, Mrs Greig of Hall. den Duff, Esq. a son.

greig, a daughter. 26. At Tunbridge, the lady of the Rev. 26. In Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, Charles Hardinge, a daughter.

Mrs Tytler of Woodhouselee, a daughter. 31. At Ruchill, Mrs Maclean, younger

26. In Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, of Coll, a daughter.

Lady Elizabeth Hope Vere, a daughter. November 4. Mrs Robert Yuille, Ma- Lately-At Lisbon, the lady of Brigadeira Court, Glasgow, a son.

dier-General Sir John Campbell, a daugh5. At Maxpottie, Mrs Scott, younger of ter. Raeburn, a Son.

The lady of J. D. Alexander, Esq. of At Edmondstone, the lady of John Hanover Square, London, a son and heir. Wauchope, Esq. a daughter.

6. At Edinburgh, Mrs Lee, St Andrews, a son.

September 13. At the British AmbassaIn Heriot Row, Edinburgh, the lady dor's in Paris, Captain Acton of the cavalry of Sir James Douglas, K. C. B. a son. lancers, son to General Acton, and nephew

8. At Stevenson, the lady of Sir John of the late Sir John Acton, Bart. of AldenGordon Sinclair, Bart. a daughter.

ham, Shropshire, to Charlotte, the only 10. At his Grace's seat, Chevely, near daughter of Dr Clugston, late of Bombay, Newmarket, her Grace the Duchess of Rut. October 7. At Mount Pleasant, in the land, a son.

King's County, the Earl of Desari, to Ca11. At Broughty Ferry, the lady of Sir therine, eldest daughter of Maurice N. William Wiseman, Bart. a daughter. O'Connor, Esq.

12. At Bath, the lady of Captain Buckle, 20. At Glasgow, Mr James Corbett, R. N. a son.

merchant, eldest son of James Corbett, 13. At Dulwich, in Surrey, the lady of Porterfield, Esq. to Mary, only daughter Sir Robert Graham, Bart. a son.

of the late William Moncrieff, Esq. of the 14. At Kensington, the lady of Captain Honourable East India Company's serSpence, R. N. a daughter.

vicc. At Houghton, Yorkshire, the lady of 28. At Fortrose, Donald Charles Camethe Hon. Charles Langdale, a daughter. ron, Esq. of Berbice, to Elizabeth Fraser 15. The lady of Major-General Necd, a Mathison, daughter of Colin Mathison,

Esq. of Bennet's Field, Ross-shire. 16. At Content House, near Ayr, the November 1. At Tarbet House, John lady of Captain Archibald Fullarton, a Buckle, Esq. of Sussex, to Miss Hay Macdaughter.

kenzie, eldest daughter of the late Edward - At Edinburgh, the lady of Captain Hay Mackenzic, Esq. of Newhall anul CroStedman, a daughter.





3. At St James's Church,

London, Cap. mal being, for the time, scared away, Cap. tain Pakenham, R. N. to Caroline, third tain Arthur soon after went in pursuit of daughter of Sir Home Popham.

the monster, whom he found and killed At Aberdeen, Lieutenant-Colonel in the most cool and daring manner, withMartin Lindsay, of the 78th Highlanders, out any assistance— sepoy and native C. B. to Miss Elsy Hadden, second daugh- who accompanied him, having fled, on seeter of James Hadden, Esq. of that place. ing the animal advance open-mouthed, and

At Stroquhan, Roger Kirkpatrick, with hideous roaring. In the course of his Esq. son of the late Sir James Kirkpatrick, survey, he discovered a copper mine, from Bart. of Closeburn, to Lilias, third daugh- which great expectations have been enter. ter of Robert Anderson, Esq. of Stroquhan. tained. Captain Arthur remained in India

11. At Mellness, Matthew Townsend after the year 1799 till his death ; bore his Bethune, Esq. Inverness, to Jane, eldest share in the different wars which have since daughter of Donald Forbes, Esq. of Mell. taken place there; and his name appeared

more than once in the general orders issued 12. At Kilmarnock, John Crausurd, by the Governor-General, thanking the arEsq. of Gilknock-hall, Jamaica, to Miss my for their gallant exertions. Frances Gordon, daughter of the late John June 13. At Kakundy, on the Rio NuGordon, Esq. of Carleton.

nez, in Upper Guinea, on his return from 13. At Gretna Green, Lieutenant Row. the interior of Africa, Captain Thomas land Pennington, late of the 5th foot, to Campbell, of the royal staff corps, then Georgiana, only daughter of Dymoke Wells, ommanding the expedition intended to exEsq. of Grebby riall, Lincolnshire.

plore the course of the Niger. This va14. At Culzean Castle, Lord Viscount luable officer, from whose talents, zeal, and Kinnaird, son of the Earl of Newburgh, to eminent acquirements, much was to have Lady Margaret Kennedy, third daughter been expected, fell a sacrifice to the severiof the Earl of Cassillis.

ty of a tropical climate, and to the fatigue, 16. At Downpatrick, Ireland, · David anxiety, and privation to which the whole Thomas, Esq. 92d, or Gordon Highland- of his party had for some time been exers, to Miss Caldos, daughter of Captain posed. The expedition was intended, in Caldos, Donegal militia.

some degree, to trace the route of the la- John Hunter, Esq. of Upper Hallo- mented Park, proceeding by the shortest way, Middlesex, to Jessic, daughter of course from the coast, across the mountains John Young, Esq. of Bellwood.

of Kong, and keeping southward of the 25. At Edinburgh, Captain F. Thomas Moorish population to the upper part of Hutchinson, of the East India Company's the Joliba or Niger, and thence descending military service Bengal, to Miss Isabella that river to form a junction with the maMitchelson, third danghter of the late Ar- ritime expedition which had previously enchibald Hepburn Mitchelson, Esq. of Mid- tered the Congo. The command had oridleton.

ginally been entrusted to Major Peddie, an At Luffness, Thomas Darling, Esq. officer of enterprise, but who, unfortunateWest Fortune, to Miss Alison Yule, ly, fell ill, and died on the 1st of January youngest daughter of James Yule, Esq. of 1817, ere the party left the river NunezGibslees.

and about the same time the expedition lost a valuable officer in Lieutenant Mac

rae, who had joined only a few days. Cap. -April 13. At Masulipatam, aged about tain Campbell afterwards proceeded by land 68 years, Licutenant-General Croker, of about 150 miles farther into the interior, to the Madras establishment, whose military the river Panyetta, and near the mounservices, for upwards of 45 years, are well tains. The King of Teembo, in whose known, and justly appreciated by the army territories they were, was then at war with of the coast.

the Tendoo country, and declined granting May 1. At Travancore, India, in the permission for them to proceed farther, at 38th year of his age, Captain Thomas Ar- least until the end of the campaign. In thur, of the engineer corps, Madras esta- the mean time, the rainy season set in, and blishment, son of the Rev. Mr Arthur, Captain Campbell having lost many of his Risolis, Ross-shire. Captain Arthur be companions, and the greater part of his gan his military career under General Har- beasts of burden, found it equally imposris, in the memorable campaign of 1799, sible to remain or to proceed. He resolved, and was one of the party which that year therefore, to retrace his steps to the coast, stormed Ser gapatam.

After the conse- and, after undergoing great privations, ar; quent conquest of Mysore, he was one of rived at Kakundy on the 8th of June, and those selected to make a survey of the con. collected vessels for transporting his men to quered country, which occupied him seve. Sierra Leone, until the expedition should ral years. While engaged in this under. be refitted, and a more favourable opportaking, he was one day on a high hill near- tunity should permit its prosecution. He ly surprised by a royal tiger ; but the ani. was not, however, destined to fulfil this in


tention. The severity of his sufferings had month of June last, and his demeanour reduced his frame to a state of extreme de- there fully justified the recommendation bility, and the disappointment of his hopes which he brought, that of “ an able, an had deeply preyed upon his mind. On the evangelical, and conscientious minister.” 10th of June he was taken ill, and confined October 2.–At Crieff, John Murray, to bed, and on the 13th he expired.-Cap- Esq. Laird of Ardbenie, in Perthshire, & tain Campbell was a native of Caithness. Justice of Peace for the county, Lieutenant He resided for many years in Dublin, of of his Majesty's Fleet, and Marine Surwhich city an excellent map, from actual veyor to the Right Hon. Board of Admi. survey, was made by him. To his frie.ds ralty. During a long and valuable service, he was endeared by the mildness of his this excellent officer made some important manners, and unassuming merits,--and discoveries on the coast of New Holland, from the pains he had taken to qualify and surveyed and drew plans of the prinhimself in every way for the task he had cipal harbours of the kingdom. undertaken, they confidently looked for- 4. At Bath, the Lady of Sir Robert ward to his distinguishing himself in the Kingsinill of Sidmonton House, in the elucidation of African geography.

county of Southampton, Bart. July 24. At sea, on his passage from 9. At Annan, Mr John Lawson, merDemerara to Quebec, at the age of 24 chant, one of the magistrates of that town. years, Lieutenant Robert Mackenzie, of 15. At Soleure, on the 15th ult. the the 60th regiment, third son of Gilbert brave, disinterested, and virtuous KosMackenzie, late at Invershin, now at Rear. ciusko. A singular felicity of reputation char, Sutherlandshire.

has ever attended this admirable citizen August 7. At Jamaica, in the 19th year and warrior. In the cause of genuine li. of his age, Mr George Campbell, eldest berty he fought against injustice, and shason of the Rev. Dr Campbell, minister of med both the tyrants and Jacobins of the Ancrum.

age. In his days of power, at the herd of 17. At Constantinople, Isaac Morier, armies that adored his neme, no false glory Esq. his Majesty's Consul-General in the dazzled him, nor corrupt ambition could Turkish dominions.

betray him. He nobly resisted the foreign September 12. At the Cape of Good potentates who had laid waste his country, Hope, Mr Thomas Sheridan. He has left

not because they were kings and emperors, a widow and several children, two of whom but because they were invaders and opare now at the Cape, and, we believe, were pressors. He combated with no rebellious born there. He was one of the pupils of sword--for no ambiguous object. When the venerable Dr Parr, from whose tuition Poland lost her independence, Kosciusko he proceeded to Cambridge. For a short lost his home: as she sunk he rose ; but time he served in the army, and was with not upon her ruins. The Court of Russia the Earl of Moira, as his Aid-de-Camp in would have allured this illustrious defender Scotland, when he formed an attachment of the people whom she had subjugated, to the lady he has now left, the daughter by temptations irresistible to vulgar minds; of a Scotch gentleman of the name of Cal. Bonaparte would have made him the flata lender. Either immediately before, or soon tered instrument of a spurious and hollow after his death, Mrs Sheridan broke a blood liberty to his countrymen ; but Kosvessel, but was recovering when our ac- ciusko saw that their lot was irretrievable, count came away. The situation held by and his own he refused to change. As a Mr Sheridan is that of Colonial Paymaster, soldier and a patriot, in public life and in the duties of which are very slight, and the retirement, his principles were untainted, emoluments one thousand pounds a year. and his name unsullied ; the monarchs Although the state of his health prevented whom he opposed respected him ; the fachim sharing, in the usual way, the luxuries tions who failed to seduce, forbore to slanof the table, his convivial faculties were as der him; and he would have been the popular at the Cape as those of his father Washington, had he not been the Wallace, were in England, and his house was free of Poland. quented by parties from the garrison and 21. In the 27th year of his age, of a tythe civil department. He was the son of phus fever, which he caught whilst admiRichard Brinsley Sheridan by his first wife, nistering the pastoral offices of religion to the daughter of Mr Linley, and was the one of his flock, the Rev. James Dorian, only child of that marriage. Thus, in little R. C. curate of Dundalk. more than a year, have fallen three mem- 24. Dr Donald M“Askill, of the island bers of the same family, all well known to of Eigg, who was unfortunately drowned, the world--the orator, the widow, and his off' that island. He was proceeding froin

Airsaig to Eigg, in a boat, along with the September 19. At Nassau, New Provi. Rev. Mr Fraser, minister of the Small dence, the Rev. Hugh Macfarlane, M. D. Isles, when, by the starting of a plank, the minister of the Presbyterian church of St boat instantly sunk, and he and Mr Fraser, Andrew in that town. He arrived in the with two men, perished. Dr M*Askill was


of Ayr.

a gentleman of the most amiable disposi- vers, painters, weavers, &c. became, on tion, universally beloved, and endeared to the accession of Mr Graham, a school of the poor by every benevolent act. He has design. To this end the liberality of the left a wife and ten children to lament his Board of Trustees greatly contributed, by loss.

their procuring, at this time, for the use of 25. At Vienna, aged 92, the Baron de the institution, a very magnificent set of Jacquin. He was one of the first natura- casts from the antique, which is only sur. lists in Europe, the friend and correspon- passed in Britain by the collection of the dent of the celebrated Linnæus.

Royal Academy of London. By this inn. 27. At Borrowstounness, Andrew Milne, provement in the condition of the academy, Esq. late merchant there.

and the exertions of Mr Graham, the arts 28. At his seat at Wallingwells, near of the country have been carried to a greatWorksop, Sir Thomas Wollaston White, er pitch of excellence than they had ever Bart.

attained before, and many young men At Armagh, of the typhus fever, the who have received the rudiments of the art Rev. Thos. Carpendale, Principal of the there, have since conferred, by their taEndowed School of that city.

lents, the greatest honour on their country; 29. At Armagh, Major-General Burnett, of these, the names of Messrs Wilkie, the commanding the troops in the north-eastern Burnets, and Allan, are already well known district of Ireland.

to the public. Mr Graham's principal 30. At her brother's house at Hilton, works are, David instructing Solomon (in Miss Isabella Newton.

the possession of the Earl of Wemyss)—the At Ayr, in her 73d year, Mrs Jaco- Burial of General Fraser--two pictures for bina Aiken, relict of the late John Mur- the Shakespeare Gallery, &c. He also exedoch, Esq. Sheriff-Substitute of the county cuted many smaller works, and some por

traits. His composition, though not remarkAt Ardrossan, Ayrshire, where she able for any striking originality of concepvas for the benefit of her health, Janet Ag- tion, is pure and chaste. In the distribution nes Elizabeth, daughter of James Grierson of his groupes in his large works, he was sinof Dalgoner, Esq.

gularly fortunate. His drawing, though 31. A few hours after the birth of a son without the vigour and energy of the Floand heir, the lady of Henry F. C. Caven- rentine School, is correct: his draperies are dish, Esq. M. P.

large and finely cast ; his colouring excelAt Edinburgh, Emilia M'George, lent, and his handling broad and masterly. relict of the Rev. Adam Gib, late minister The few portraits which he has left exhibit of the Associate congregation, Edinburgh. little of the beauty so conspicuous in his

November 1. At his house in James's historical works. He also executed several Square, Edinburgh, after a severe and lin. pictures of lions, tygers, &c. from studies gering illness, aged 63, John Graham, Esq. made from nature in the menagerie of the historical painter, and for many years Mas. Tower, wherein he has exhibited these ter of the Trustees' Academy in this city. animals with great truth and force of exe Mr Graham was originally apprentice to pression. From the circumstances of Mr Mr Farquhar, an eminent coach painter Graham's situation in early life, his educa. in Edinburgh at that time, from whence tion was very limited, and his manners had he went to London, and was employed in little of the polish and courtly refinement his occupation of coach painter for many which are necessary to give genuine worth years. In the meantime, being admitted á its just estimation in the eyes of the world, student of the Royal Academy, the fine and often give a currency even to mediooollection of casts from the antique, and the crity of talent, or laxity of principle. He society of many young men who have since was, however, friendly, honest, sincere, and risen to eminence in the highest depart. independent, and highly regarded by those ments of the art, extended his views, and who knew his worth. To his pupils he was inspired his mind with the desire of prose- candid and communicative, and ever ready cuting the more elevated walk of historical to give his advice. Since he settled in this painting, which he subsequently followed city as Master of the Academy, the few with great success. About the year 1798, works he has done can contribute little to he was appointed Master of the Trustees' his fame, as the apathy of the public toAcademy, vacant by the death of Mr David wards the fine arts, particularly to the more Allan, which situation he has filled ever dignified department of historical painting, since, with great credit to himself and ad- afforded no stimulus for the exertion of his vantage to his pupils, and the arts of this talents, and any thing he has executed country in general. This academy, which since must rat be considered as filling was originally founded to promote the me- up an idle hour, than done with the deterchanical arts and manufactures of the coun- mination of exerting all his powers in its fry, for the instruction in drawing of car- completion.

Nov. I. At Blair House, Mrs Blair of John Tyrrell, Bart. of Heron, in the counBlair. Her death was the consequence of ty of Essex, and only sister of the Countess an attack of apoplexy.

of Arran. 2. At Megginch Castle, Miss Jane Atholl 12. At Edinburgh, aged 77, Mrs Lyall, Drummond of Megginch.

relict of the late James Lyall, Esq. ProGilbert Bertram, Esq. merchant, vost of Montrose. Leith.

At Kilmalcolm manse, the Rev. John At the manse of Stonykirk, Mr J. Brown, minister of that parish, in the 69th M. Blain, third son of the late Rev. Hen- year of his age, and 30th of his ministry. ry Blain, and who was one of the pas- 13. At Edinburgh, the Rev.John Young, sengers on board the unfortunate Albion. late minister of the Associate congregation,

At Kirkton house, Campsie, Mrs Kincardine. Maclachlan, wife of James J. Maclachlan, 14. At the house of her father, Mr Coke Esq. of Kilchoan, Argyllshire.

of Norfolk, the Right Hon. the Countess 3. At Deptford, Lawrence Dundas Bruce, of Albemarle. This most amiable lady has fourth son of the deceased Alexander Bruce left her disconsolate husband with eleven of Kennet, Esq.

children to lament her irreparable loss. Her In St Giles's, Norwich, John, the in. Ladysiip was the early friend of the lafant son of Dr Rigby, aged eleven weeks mented Princess Charlotte, and the shock and three days, being the first in the series to her feelings on receiving the intelligence of the late quadruple birth. And on Wed. of her Royal Highness's death, brought on Besday last, Caroline Susan, aged eleven premature labour, to which she fell a victim. weeks and five days, being the fourth in At Oakfield, Argyllshire, John Magthe series of the same extraordinary birth, neil, Esq. of Gigha, in the 88th year of his and the last surviving child.

age. 4. At Glasgow, Mr Neil Marquis, mere At Bushelhill, David Rochead, Esq. chant.

of Barnside, late writer in Haddington. At Clifton, aged 49, the Dowager At London, Arthur Balfour, Esq. Lady Smith, widow of Sir John Smith of late Major in the service of the East India Sydling, Bart. sister of W. A. Morland, Company. Esq. of Lamberhurst, Kent.

13. At London, Major-General Wil. 5. At Invergowrie, James Menzies Clay- liam Macculloch, of the Honourable East hills, eldest son of James Clayhills, Esq. India Coinpany's Bengal army, in the 67th of Invergowrie, and late a Captain in the year of his age. Royal Scots, in the 31st year of his age. 16. At Drumsheugh, William Walker,

At Edinburgh, Mrs Mary Honyman, Esq. of Coats. relict of the Rev. Alexander Nicholson, At Buntingford, Dr Robert Wood, minister of Thurso, in the 89th year of her youngest son of the late Dr Wood of Perth. age.

17. At Canterbury, in the 62d year of 6. At Sandbed poor-house, Dumfries- his age, Sir Robert Salusbury, Bart. shire, Ann Sim, aged 70. She was re- 18. At Mauchline, Mr John Mair, in markable for her pedestrian powers, as she the 105th year of his age. To a mascuwas often known to walk to Dumfries and line understanding, he united poignant wit, back again, a distance of 50 miles, by mid- genuine humour, and a rare vivacity. As day of the day she set out ; as also to a teller of stories, he was almost without an Edinburgh, and return thence in the space equal. His mental energies and bodily of forty hours, though the distance travelled strength continued unimpaired till shortly is 174 miles.

before his death. He was born in the pa8. At Carrickfergus, of a typhus fever, rish of Galston, in March 1713, and had a the Rev. George Hamilton, late of Armagh. commission, it is said, in the Train-bands,

At Broughton Hall, near Maidstone, or Government Levy, in the year 1745. Clement Archer, Esq. late Lieutenant-Co- 19. At Windmill House, John Airth, lonel in the 16th, or Queen's Light Dra. Esq. merchant in Arbroath. goons.

Suddenly, at Cumbernauld, Anne 9. At Tunbridge Wells, Lady Sander Hamilton, wife of the Rev. Professor

George Hill. 10. At Govan House, Stewart Douglas, At Glasgow, Mr John Macnee, merEsq. merchant in Glasgow.

chant there. 11. At Edinburgh, Donald Maclachlan, At his house, in Newton, Ayr, CapEsq. of Maclachlan.

tain John Smith. At Saughtonhall, Lieutenant-Colo- 21. Suddenly, in Duke Street, Bristol, nel Coll Macdonald, late of the Royals. Elizabeth, the wife of Mr Thomas Hill.

12. At her house in Piccadilly, London, Her death was occasioned by her endeaLady Evelyn, widow of Sir Frederick Eve- vouring to fasten a cup with crumbs in it, lyn, Bart.

outside her bed-room window, for a robinAt Arran Lodge, Bognor, Elizabeth, red-breast, who paid constant attendance daughter and co-heiress of the late Sir there for several weeks, and, over-reaching


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