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conference with the magistrates, determined Robert Bell, Esqrs. advocates.

William to avail themselves of certain supposed in- Bell, Esq. W. S. agent. formalities in the late election of magi- Several of the corporate bodies have strates. Accordingly, a petition and pro- voted sums from their funds in support of test against the election was presented to

the process.

While the request on the the Court of Session, in name of Deacon part of the committees for a conference Lawrie, and Alexander Henderson, late waited an answer from the magistrates, the deacon of the goldsmiths, founded on the action was instituted in the Supreme Court; following grounds : lst, That several mem- in consequence of which, the council rebers of the council hold places of profit in the solved against holding any conference with gift of the magistrates, which is contrary to the citizens on the subject. the set of the burglı; 2d, That others have The magistrates of Dumfries and Annan no place of residence within the royalty; have agreed to go along with their fellowand, 3d, That one individual was not a citizens in applying to Parliament for a freeman of the burgh at the time of his change in the set of these burghs. Those election. The case camo before the Second of Ayr have refused, on the ground that no Division of the Court ; and their Lordships imputation has been cast on their manageissued an order to give Deacon Lawrie ac- ment. The burgesses of Inverness are al. cess to the city records, and to furnish him so endeavouring to disfranchise the burgh, with extracts. Deacon Lawrie twice pro- some of the inagistrates being considered tested and complained to the Court, that illegally appointed ; and have employed the their Lordships' order had been evaded ; Lord Advocate, Mr Cranstoun, and Mr and, in consequence, John Connell, Esq. Jeffrey, as their counsel. Judge-Admiral, was, on Friday the 28th, The question of reform has also been nominated Commissioner by the Court, to agitated in Haddington, Irvine, Wick, examine the records, and to order extracts Ding wall, and Elgin, where frequent from them, agreeably to the interlocutor meetings of the burgesses have been held of the Court. There appeared in support on the subject. of the petition and protests which have been Information has been received, that the taken, John Clerk, George Cranstoun, proceedings under the report of Montrose Franeis Jeffrey, James Moncreiff, Henry poll warrant have been approved of in & Cockburn, John Archibald Murray, and council held lately by the Prince Regent at


BRITISH LEGISLATION. 4.ts passed in the 37th Year of the Reign of George III. or in the Fifth Session of the

Fifth Parliament of the United Kingdom.

Cap. LV.

CAP. LIII. For the more effectual


To allow British Goods Punishment of Murders and Man- to be exported direct from this Country to slaughters committed in Places not within the United States of America upon the bis Majesty's Dominions.—June 27. same terms as when exported to any fo. Cap. LIV.

To enable the Commis- reign Country.June 30. sioners of his Majesty's Woods, Forests, Cap. LIX. For letting to Farm the and Land Revenues, to make and main- Post-Horsc Dutics, and for better securing tain a Road from Milbank Row, West- and fucilitating the Recovery of the said minster, to the Penitentiary.-June 27. Duties. June 30.

To continue an Act to em. Cap. LX. To regulate certain Offices power his Majesty to secure and detain in the Court of Exchequer in England. such Persons as his Majesty shall suspect July 7. are conspiring against his Person and Go. Cap. LXI.

To abolish the Offices of vernment.-June 30.

the Wardens, Chief Justiccs, and Justiccs After March 1, 1818, persons committed in Eyre, North and South of Trent.-to have the benefit of the laws.--The se- July 7. cretary of state may order persons com- Cap. LXII. To abolish certain Offices, mitted for high treason, &c. to be removed and to regulate certain other Offices, in to any other jail.

Ireland.-July 7. Cap. LVI. to amend the Laws in Cap. LXIII. To regulate the Offices of respect to forfeited Recognizances in Ire- Clerks of the Signet and Privy Scal. land.- June 30.

July 7.
Cap. LVII. To empower his Majesty Cap. LXIV.

To abolish certain Of. to suspend training, and to regulate the fices, and regulate others, in Scotland. Quotas of the Militia.- June 30.

July 7.

Cap. LXV. To enable his Majesty to tions.-His Majesty may grant a pension recompense the Services of Persons holding, to any person having been chancellor of or who have held, certain high and efficient the exchequer of Ireland, and afterwards Civil Offices.—July 7.

holding any efficient office. After the ex. Whereas the abolition and regulation of piration of certain periods, his Majesty emvarious ofices will deprive the crown of part powered to grant pensions of L. 1000 to of the means by which his Majesty has been certain other persons holding civil offices, heretofore enabled to recompense the services under limitations.—When persons have of persons holding, or who have held, high served eight years in several classes of and efficient civil offices ; and whereas it is offices, the pension attached to the highest expedient and necessary, and consistent with class of office may be granted on three sound policy and proper economy, that, upon years' service in the highest office.-Inthe abolition and regulation of various offices terest of persons in office to cease with reof emolument, other means should be affordspect to such office on obtaining pensions ed to his Majesty, his heirs, and successors, - Persons bolding pensions, on obtaining of recompensing the meritorious services of pensions under this act, to relinquish such persons filling or who have filled high effec- previous pensions.- Pensions payable quartive civil offices, and making competent pro- terly out of the Consolidated Fund, free vision for persons holding such offices upon from taxes. their quitting or being removed from the

Cap. LXVI.

To amend an Act of same : may it therefore please your Majes- the Twentyj-second Year of his present ty, fc. gic.

Majesty, for suppressing or regulating That, after the expiration of two years certain Offices therein mentioned, so far from the passing of this act, it shall be law- as relates to the Board of Trade ; and for ful for his Majesty, his heirs, and succes enabling the Vice-President of the Board sors, by any warrant under his royal sign of Trade to send and receive Letters and manual, countersigned by any three or Packets free from the Duty of Postage more of the commissioners of his Majesty's July 7. treasury of the United Kingdom of Great Cap. LXVII. To regulate certain OfiBritain and Ireland for the time being, to ces and abolish others in his Majesty's grant unto any person who shall have Mints in England and Scotland respectite. served his Majesty, his heirs, or successors, ly.-July 7. for any period not less than two years in The office of Warden of the Mint shall the whole, either uninterruptedly or at be abolished after the termination of the different times, in any one or more of the existing interest, and the duties performoffices of first lord of the treasury or of one ed by the master without any additional of his Majesty's principal secretaries of salary. The office of Comptroller shall be state, or chancellor of the exchequer, or hereafter executed in person. The stampfirst lord of the Admiralty, a pension er's salary to be abolished. The office of during life not exceeding three thousand Governor of the Mint in Scotland, after the pounds per annum ; and at the expiration termination of the existing interest, to be of every further progressive period of two held by the Master of the Mint in Eng. years more from the passing of this act, to land, and other offices of the Mint in Scotgrant in like manner other like pensions land, after the existing interest, abolished. to any other such persons as aforesaid, The Treasury, on the termination of the until, at the expiration of twelve years from whole of the existing interests, may direct the passing of this act, six of such pensions the buildings of the Mint of Scotland to be shall have been granted in the whole; and sold. from and after such six pensions of three Cap. LXVIII. To amend the Lars thousand pounds each shall have been relating to Sheriffs in Ireland.July 7. granted to six such persons as aforesaid, it Cap. LXIX. To continue until the 29th shall not be lawful for his Majesty, his heirs, duy of September 1818, and to amend an or successors, to grant any further or other Act passed in Ireland in the 36th Year of pension in respect of any such offices as his present Majesty for the Improvement aforesaid.

and Extension of the Fisheries on the His Majesty empowered to grant one Coast of Ireland.July 7. other like pension, although six filled up,

Cap. LXX.

To relieve persons im. to be deemed a supernumerary pension; pugning the Doctrine of the Holy Triniand become one of the regular number on ty from certain Penalties in Ireland.the first falling in.-After the expiration of July 7. certain periods, his Majesty allowed to Cap. LXXI. To amend an Act of the grant pensions of L. 2900 to certain other 50th Year of his present Majesty's Reign, persons holding civil offices, under certain for repealing the several Larcs relating to limitations. After the expiration of cer- Prisons in Ireland, and for re-enacting tain periods, his Majesty empowered to such of the provisions thereof as hare been grant pensions of L. 1500 to certain other found useful with Amendments:-July 7; persons holding civil offices, under limitą. Cap. LXXII. To continue until the

end of the next Session of Parliament two the four Tellers of the Exchequer, and Acts made in the 54th and 56th yeur of kis Clerk of the Pells in England, and of Aupresent Majesty for reguluting the Trade ditor and Teller of the Exchequer, and in Spirits between Great Britain and Ire- Clerk of the Pells in Ireland, after the exland reciprocully, July 7.

piration of existing interests, to be reguCap. LXXIII. To allow the exporta. lated and performed in person. The savtion of Woollen or Bay Yarn from Ireland ings arising from such regulations to go to by Licence obtuined there. — July 7. the consolidated fund. Persons belonging

Cap. LXXIV. To extend several Acts to the said offices when regulated to be infor allowing the Importatim and Expor- capable of sitting as members of the House tation of certain Goods and Merchandize of Commons. to Porta Maria in the Island of Jamaica,

Cap. LXXXV. To permit, until the und to the Port of Bridge Toun in the 14th day of November 1817, the ImportaIsland of Barbadoes.-July 7.

tion of Corn and other Articles in any Ship Cap. LXXV. To abolish the Punish- from any Country; to permit such Artiment of Public Whipping on Female Of. cles which may have been warehoused for fenders.--July 7.

Exportation only to be cntered for Home Cap. LXXVI. To amend an Act of Consumption; and for indemnifying all the 54th Year of his present Majesty to re- Persons who have given directions for the gulate the Payment and Drawback on Paper Importation of Corn and other Articles, or allowed to the Universities of Scotland.- the taking the same out of Warehouse free July 7.

of Duty, and who have acted in obedicnce Cap. LXXVII. For extending the thereto.-July 10. Provisions of an Act of the 54th Year of Cap. LXXXVI. To permit the Imporhis present Majesty for regulating the tation of Foreign Cambrics and Larons Payment of Army Prize Money, and for into Ireland, on payment of the like Duauthorizing the Commissioners of Chelsea ties as are chargcable in Great Britain.Ilospital to suspend the Pensions of such July 10. Persons as shall be guilty of Frauds in re- Cap. LXXXVII. To amend two Aas spect of Prize Money or Pensions.—July 7. passed in the 45th Year of his present Ma.

Cap. LXXVIII. Fo: fixing the Rates jesty, and in the last Session of Parliaof subsistence to be paid to Innkeepers and ment, for the making more cffectual Proviothers on Quartering Soldiers.—July 7. sion for the Prevention of Smuggling.

Cap. LXXIX. To permit the Transfer July 10. of Capital from certain Public Stocks or Cap. LXXXVIII. To permit Fullers' funds in Great Britain, to certain Public Earth, Fulling Clay, and Tobacco Pipe Stocks or Funds in Ireland.—July 7.

Clay, to be carried Coastwise under certain Cap. LXXX. For raising the Sum of Restrictions.—July 10. Ninc Millions by Exchequer Bills for the Cap. LXXXIX. To allow the ImporService of the Year 1817.-July 10. tation of Oranges and Lemons from the

The Exchequer Bills made by virtue of Azores and Madeira into the British Colothis act to be current at the Exchequer af- nies of North America. - July 10. ter April 5, 1818. The Bank of England (ap. XC. For the Prevention of Permay advance six millions on the credit of sons going armed by Night for the Destruc

tion of Game ; and for repcaling an Act Cap. LXXXI. For Raising the Sum made in the lust Session of Parliament rclat. of Three Millions Six Hundred Thousand ing to Rogues and Vagavonds.July 10. Pounds, British Currency, by Treasury By this act the act passed last session, Bills in Ireland, for the service of the Year (56th Geo. III. cap. 130,) also the acts of 1817.-July 10.

the 39th and 40th Geo. III. cap. 50, relatThe Bank of Ireland or England may ing to rogues and vagabonds, are repealed. advance the above sum on the credit of this Persons having entered into any forest,

chase, or other open and inclosed ground, Cap. LXXXII. To continue an Act with the intent illegally to destroy, take, passed in Ireland in the 13th and 14th or kill game or rabbits, or to aid, abet, &c., Years of his present Majesty, respecting found between the hours of six in the evencertain Annuities, so long as the said An- ing and seven in the morning, from the 1st unities shall be payable.—July 10.

of October to the 1st of February, between Cap. LXXXIII. To amend an Act seven in the evening and five in the mornmade in the last Session of Parliament for ing from the 1st of February to the 1st of providing for the Charge of certain Addis April, and between nine in the evening and tions to ile Public Debt of Ireland.- four in the morning for the remainder of July 10.

the year, armed with any gun, cross-bow, Cap. LXXXIV. To regulate the Offi. fire arms, bludgeon, or any other offensive ces of his Majesty's Exchequer in England weapon, shall be sentenced to transportation end Ireland respectively.— July 10, for seven years, or punished as guilty of a The duties of the office of Auditor and misdemeanour.


this act.


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bust 12.

LOUIS FELIX VALLET, late of Paris, but SAMUEL MERSEY, the younger, of Long non of Walbrook, London, gentleman, for a new Acre, St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, laceman, ornamental surface to metals, or metallic compo- for a mode or method of weaving, making, and sitions. August 5, 1817.

manufacturing of livery lace, and coach lace. GEORGE STRATTON, of Piccadilly, Middle- August 7. sex, ironmonger, for a method of saving fuel, by EDMUND RICHARD BALL, of Albany Mills, improvements in fire-places, and more effectually Albany, Surrey, paper manufacturer, for a method heating and ventilating buildings. August 5. of manufacturing, paper, of superior strength and

CHARLESATTWOOD, of Bridge-street, Black- durability, for bills or notes, or other uses requirfriars, London, window-glass manufacturer, for ing strength. August 9. a certain improvement, or improvements, in the EDWÅRD BIGGS, of Birmingham, Warwickmanufacture of window-glass, of the kind or de- shire, brassfounder, for improvements in the me scription commonly wrought or fabricated into thod of making or manufacturing pans and stails crown glass, or German sheet glass; and also in of various kinds. August 12. certain process, or processes, in the manufacture JAMES BOUNSALL, of Crown-street, Old. of crown glass. August 5.

street Road, Shoreditch, Middlesex, tailor, for imJOHN HAWKS, of Gateshead, Durham, iron- provements in the machinery used for tarring, founder, for a method of making iron rails, to be reeling, and twisting of yarn, and forming the used in the construction of railways. August 5. lissims or shands of cables, or other cordage, and

LUDVIG GRANHOLM, of Fosterlane, Lon- manufacturing rope of every size. don, Captain in the Royal Navy of Sweden, for a WILLIAMGILDARTand JOHN SERVANT,

August 12. method or methods, process or processes, mean or

both of Leeds, Yorkshire, house-carpenters, and means, of preserving such animal an, vegetable copartners, for improvements in mangles. products or substances, separately, or mixed together, as are fit for the food of man, and for such a JEPTHA AVERY WILKINSON, late of New length of time as to render them fit for ships and York, in the United States of America, but now garrison stores. August 5

residing in Covent Garden, Middlesex, Esq. for ANTHONY HILL, of Plymouth Iron-works, improvements in the application of machinery for Glamorganshire, ironmaster, for improvements the purpose of manufacturing of weavers' reeds by in the working of iron. August 5.

water, or other power. JOHN DICKINSON, of Nash Mill, Abbotts GEORGE ALEDHURST, of Denmark-street,

August 23. Langley, Hertfordshire, Esq. for a method of ma

St Giles in the Fields, Middlesex, engineer, for an nufacturing, by means of machinery, paper for arrangement of implements to form certain apracopperplate printing, also paper for writing, draw- ratus, which he denominates the Hydraulic Baing, letter-press printing, and of a thicker sort for

lance, applicable to mechanical and hydraulic pur. boards, and similar in texture and substance to poses. Augast 26. card-boards, or paste-boards, and certain improve

JOHN JAMES ALEXANDER MACCARments in his patent machinery for manufacturing THY, of Millbank-street, Westminster, for a roail and cutting paper. August 5.

or way for passage across rivers, creeks, and ra. DENNIS MACCARTHY, of Little Compton- ters, and from shore to shore thereof, without street, St Ann's, Soho, Middlesex, gentleman, for stoppage or impediment to the constant naviga. certain improvements on ploughs of various de- tion thereof, and across ravines, fissures, clefts, scriptions. August 5.

and chasins; and for a method or methods of conJOHN PERÅS, of Carey-street, St John's, structing arches or apertures for the running and Westininster, engineer, for improvements in the flowing of water through the saine, or under apparatus for manufacturing, purifying, and stor- bridges, to be used and applied in the construction ing gas. August 5.

of the before-mentioned roads or way, or other. THOMAS TAFT, of Birmingham, Warwick- wise. August 26. shire,saddler, whipmaker, and bridle-cutter, for an improvement in bridle-bits and leather slidingloop, to act with reins and bits. August 5.



II. ECCLESIASTICAL. Nov. 10.--Mr Alexander Louis Prevost, to be Oct. 15.-The Rev. Mathew Hodge, to the Rec agent and consul in London, for the Swiss Confe- tory of Fillingham, Lincolnshire. deration.

Nov. 29.- Rev. Charles Wood, to the Rectory 15.–The Right Hon. the Earl of Glasgow, to of Tendering, Essex. be Lord Rector of the University of Glasgow. -Rev. Dr P. Hunt, to the Vicarage of Gold

28.Jonathan Garner, Esq. of Barbadocs, to be ington, Bedfordshire, and adjoining Rectory of $t first President of the Edinburgh Royal Medical Peter Martin. Society.

-Rev. John Taylor, to the Rectory of Dept. - The Right Hon. Lord Dundas, to be Presi- ford, Devon. dent of the Society of Scottish Antiquaries. 27.-Rev, John Giles Dimock, to the Rectory

29.-- James Colquhoun, Esq. to be Consul-Ge- of Uppingham. neral in Great Britain, for the Republics of Ham- The Earl of Airly has been pleased to present burgh, Brennen, and Lubeck.

the Rev. William Ramsay, minister of the united Dec. 1.-Sir James Hall, Bart. to be President parishes of Cotarchy and Clova, to the church of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

and parish of Auchterhouse, vacant by the transla4.-Dr Hope re-elected President of the Royal tion of the Rev. George Addison to the united College of Physicians of Edinburgh.

parishes of Liff and Benvie. 5.--Mr Walter Tod, first President of the Edin- 29.-Mr Oswald of Auchincruive has presented burgh Theological Society.

the Rev. Anthony Dow, minister of Kilspinuie, in Member returned to serve in Parliament. the Presbytery of Perth, to the church and parish

of Kirkpatrick Irongray, in the Presbytery of Cholmoley Dering, Esq. for the Borough of

Dumfries. Romney, in room of Admiral Sir J. T. Duck

1 worth, deccased.

METEOROLOGICAL REPORT. The month of November has been as remarkable for an unusually high temperature, as October was for the contrary. Instead of that gradual diminution of heat which might be expected, and which is generally found to take place as the season advances, it has actually been on the increase, the average of November being more than 3 degrees above that of October. Up to the 24th, the thermometer never sunk below 35, and only eight times below 40. On that day it stood at 31, and, during the night, sunk to 30. A fall of snow, to the depth of two inches, succeeded; but though, on the morning of the 20th, there was every appearance of a settled frost, in less than 12 hours the snow disappeared, and, at 10 the same evening, the thermometer stood at 50. Similar fuctuations took place in the state of the Barometer, and the Hygrometer was generally low. The wind, during the month, though never violent, was frequently high ; and the weather altogether, notwithstanding the quantity of rain that fel, was not what is generally experienced in the month of November. The mean state of the atmosphere, with regard to dryness, was 0.00186 grains of moisture to the cubic inch.

METEOROLOGICAL TABLE, Extructed from the Register kept on the Banks of the Tay, four miles east from

Perth, Latitude 56° 25', Elevation 185 feet.



THERMOMETER. Degrees. Mean of greatest daily heat, 50.083 Grcatest heat, 4th,

56.500 cold, 40.066 Greatest cold, 25th

30.500 : temperature, 10 A.M. 45.200 Highest 10 A. M. 4th,

51.000 10 P. M. Lowest ditto, 26th,

33.000 . of daily extremes, 45.075 Highest 10 P. M. 17th,

51.000 10 A. M. and 10'P. M. 15.025 Luwest ditto, 25th,

33.000 4 daily observations,



Highest 10 A. M, 19th,

30.250 Mean of 10 A. M. (temp. of mer. 48) 29.649 Lowest ditto, 9th,

29.050 10 P. M. (temp. of mer. 19) 29.604 Highest 10 P. M. Ist,

30.015 : both (temp. of mer. 182) 29.626 Lowest ditto, 8th,

28.890 HYGROMETER (LESLIE'S). Degrees.

HYGROMETER. Degrees Nean of 10 A. M. 8.266 Highest 10 A. M. 27th,

15.000 10 P. M. 5.9.33 Lowest ditto, 5th,

0.000 7.100 Highest 10 P. M. 23d,

15.000 Rain in Inches, 2.705 Lowest ditto, 4th,

0.000 Evaporation in ditto,

Greatest rain in 21 hours, 15th,

0.505 Fair'day: 12; rainy days 18,

Least ditto, 10th,

0.002 Wind from W. of ineridian, including N. Greatest inean daily evap. 16th to 20th, 0.036 from E. side of meridian, including s.

Least ditto, 6th to 10th,

0.013 General character of the period: mild, wettish, and variable.



• both,


30 21 9


Kept at Edinburgh, in the Observatory, Caltonhill. X. B.—The Observations are made twice every day, at eight o'clock in the morning, and eight o'clock

in the evening.

Ther. Baro. (Wind.' Remarks.

Ther. Baro.


Wind. Remarks.



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Nov. 1
M. 3729.574 M. 39 Verystormy,

E. 41

M. 45 29.351M. 15

Mild, show-
.901 E. 12)
rain & snow.
E. 47 .4:18 E. 19

S. E.
SM. 45

.406 M. 151

M. 47 .750 M. 47
E. 48

wind high.
.636 E. 47)

Mild, with
E. 55 .737 E. 52)

S. W.

rain. M. 43 .815 M. 44

Fr.m. r. for.

M. 50
S. W.

..567 M. 521
E. 48
.657 E. 19 )
cold night.

E. 11


.831 E. 185 high wind. M. 551 .666 M. 52

Mild, clear,

E. 52

IM. 46 30.101M 471
.680 E. 52

19 wind mod.

N. W. Mild, sunE. 45 .160E. 48

M. 50 .461 M. 50

Mild, heavy

IM. 15 .101/M. 45
UE. 47

Dull and

-411E. 52
rain even.
LE. 4729.730 E. 18 W.

SM. 41
.642 M. 47

Mild day, fr.
S. W

M. 45

.491M. 47 E. 41

Mild, sun.642E. 45

at night.
E. 45 .815 E. 45)

M. 45
.563 M. 47
Dull, but

M. 13

.790 M 45
E. 52

Fair, sunsh. .119 E. 52) mild.

E. 13 .704E. 45 )

rather cold.
M. 48 28.916 M. 49 Mild, rather

M. 13
E. 46


.679 M. 45
.750 E. 18)

E. 40 .556 E. 45

IM. 45 .915 M. 17

Rainy night,
M. 33

Cold and .362 M. 43)

24 .915 E. 46

N. W. sleet.

E. 51 .246E. 59 )
M. 50 -9.489 M. 49

Mild, sunsh.

Fair, but

M. 31 .655 M. 40
E. 50

.577 E. 50)
wind mod.

E. 33

.555 E. 36 )
M. 49 .259 M. 49

Mild, rain af.
S. W.

M. 19 .450 M. 36
E. 41 .273 E. 47)

wind inou.

Snowy night E. 49 .441 E. 45

fresh after
M. 41
.371M. 541

S. E.
Dull, wind

M. 49 .627 M. 49
E. 48 .158 E. 49) moderate.

N. W. Md. high nt.

E. 42 .627 E. 19
M. 42

rain evening. .37M. 45

s, E.
Mild, wind

M. 42 .151M. 15
E. 40


Sild, sunsh.
.157|E. 45

E. 18 .131 E. 49

rain evening, .256 M. 47


Dull, rain at E. 47

M. 45

29 .201 E. 17)

.460 M. 47 Is. w. Mild, sunsh. night.

E. 51 .262 E. 50) wind mod. M. 441 .104 M, 15) Dull and 15 S. E.

M. 15.548 M. 47 s. w.Dull, high F. 44 ,104 E. 15) showery.

UL. 16! .385/E. 47)



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98. 44

N. W fair day.

N. W. frosty.

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