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23. At Sporle, the lady of the Hon. and James Wood, royal navy, to Jane, eldest Rev. A. Turnour, a daughter.

daughter of Captain James Nesbittof Spittal. In Gayfield Place, Edinburgh, Mrs 10. At Edinburgh, Mr William TenNicholson, a daughter.

nant, of the Custom House there, to Ma27. At Castlecraig, the Hon. Lady Gib- rion, only daughter of the deceased Capson Carmichael of Skirling, a son.

tain Robert Gairdner of the Hon. East In28. In Marischal Street, Aberdeen, Mrs dia Company's artillery. Alex. Forbes, a daughter.

13. At Hawkhill House, Thomas Kay, 29. At Ormiston Hall, the Countess of Esq. merchant, Rotterdam, to Miss HenHopetoun, a son.

rietta Sophia Cassels, youngest daughter of 30. Mrs Trotter, Northumberland Street, the late Andrew Cassels, Esq. of Leith. Edinburgh, a daughter.

14. At Edinburgh, Robert Cadell, Esq. Mrs Laing Meason of Lindertis, a bookseller, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of daughter.

Archibald Constable, Esq. At Parknook, Cumberland, Mrs - At Linlathen, Charles Stirling, Esq. Charles Parker, a daughter.

merchant in Glasgow, to Christian, daughAt Edinburgh, the lady of Captain ter of the late David Erskine, Esq. clerk Bunworth, 88th regiment, a daughter. to the signet.

Mrs Dickson, No. 9, North St David At Ealibus, in Islay, Duncan MacStreet, Edinburgh, a son.

kenzie, Esq. surgeon of the Hon. East Lately at Seaforth Lodge, Lewis, Mrs India Company's service, to Ann, young. Forbes Mackenzie, a son.

est daughter of Samuel Crawford, Esq. At Hampton Court, London, the lady 16. By special licence, at the lady's of Captain Walker, royal navy, a son. house, in Montagu Square, London, Rear

Admiral Sir Philip Durham, K. C. B. to MARRIAGES.

Miss Henderson, daughter of Sir John Feb. 4. At Tirhoot, in Bengal, John Henderson, Bart. Morison, Esq. M. D. of the Hon. the · By special licence, at the house of the East India Company's service, to Miss Countess Dowager Delawar, at Bath, Anne Sloane, second daughter of the late Lieutenant-Colonel D'Arcy, of the royal Major Sloane, also of the service of the artillery, to Lady Catherine Georgina West, Eas India Company.

daughter of the late and sister of the pre22. At the house of Duncan Campbell, sent Earl Delawar. Esq. Patna, Bengal, Henry Middleton, At Linlithgow, Mr Andrew Simson, Esq. of the Hon. Company's service, to writer, Glasgow, to Clara, daughter of Miss Mary Anne Ochterlony, daughter of Thomas Spens, Esq. Collector of Excise, Major-General Sir David Ochterlony, Bart. Linlithgow. K.C. B.

At London, Edmond Antrobus, Esq. July 19. At Edinburgh, by the Rev. nephew of Sir Edmond Antrobus, Bart. Henry Garnock, Mr Thomas Pringle, to to Anne, only daughter of the Hon. Hugh Margaret, daughter of the late Mr Wil. Lindsay, of Plaistow Lodge, and niece to liam Brown, farmer at Papple, East Lothian. the Earl of Balcarras and Countess of

Sept. 3. In the Protestant church of St Hardwicke.
Pierre's, in the island of Guernsey, Tho. 16. At Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Alexander
mas Williams, Esq. eldest son of Captain Renny, Esq. of Riga, to Harriet Tempest,
Edward Williams, royal navy, to Eliza youngest daughter of Robert Blakiston,
Helen, eldest daughter of the late Major. Esq. of Sunderland.
General Andrew Hay of Montblairy.

At Carlisle, Charles Tawse, Esq. 15. At St Mary-la-Bonne Church, Lon. writer to the signet, to Sarah Harriet, only don, Mr C. F. Smart, to Miss Caroline daughter of the late John Connell, Esq. of Collis, daughter of F. W. Collis, Esq. Carlisle

At Annfield, near Stirling, Mr Wil. 17. At Albany Street, North Leith liam Galbraith, writer, Stirling, to Miss John Robertson, Esq. merchant, Leith, Christian Littlejohn, daughter of Provost Margaretta Elizabeth, daughter of J.J. Littlejohn, Stirling.

Lin. Moller, Esq. Hamburgh. At Wigtown, Jolin Black, Esq. wri. At Clyde Bank, near Dumbarton, Mr ter, Wigtown, to Susan, youngest daugh, John Pollock, insurance broker, Edinter of Dr Robert Couper there.

burgh, to Margaret, only daughter of the 21. At the manse of Westray, Robert late Mr James Symington, bookseller, Pringle, Esq. of the Excise, Orkney, to Edinburgh. Miss Eliza Oliphant, daughter of the Rev. 18. At St Anne's Church, Dublin, CapSpence Oliphant, Largo.

tain the Hon. James Ashley Maude, R. N. 29. William Brown, Esq. merchant, to Miss Albina Brodrick, second daughter Glasgow, to Miss Jean Wilsone, daughter of his Grace the Archbishop of Cashel. of Charles Wilsone, Esq. surgeon.

20. At Thurso, W. H. Torrence, Esq. Oct. 8. At Tweedmouth Church, Lieat. to Eliza, eldest daughter of William Nairn,

Esq. captain in his Majesty's 46th regi. 14. Of a fever, at Burleigh Castle estate, ment of foot.

island of Tobago, Mr James Hutcheson, 21. At London, the Right Hon. Lord son of John Hutcheson, Esq. of Fulbar, Selsey, to the Hon. Miss Irby, youngest Renfrew. daughter of Lord Boston.

18. At Charlestown, South Carolina, At Netherplace, Glasgow, Patrick after three days illness, Mr Alexander Reid, Esq. of Hazleden, to Agnes, eldest Caw, late merchant in Leith. daughter of Robert Hay, Esq. Netherplace. 21. On his passage home from Trinidad,

27. At Stoney Hill House, Thomas Mar Mr George Gardner, fourth son of Mr tin, Esq. writer, Edinburgh, to Jane, only Harrie Gardner, merchant, Edinburgh. daughter of Francis Anderson, Esq. writer 31. In Halifax, Nova Scotia, James, eldto the signet

est son of Mr James Ferguson, merchant At the Manse of Lanark, Alexander in Aberdeen, in the 28th year of his age, Gillespie, Esq. of Sunnyside, to Miss Jane much and justly regretted. Menzies, eldest daughter of the Rev. W. September 14. At Inveroasly, in Suther. Menzies, minister of Lanark.

landshire, Mr John Reed, formerly of - At Paisley, William Lowndes, Esq. Prendwick, Northumberland, aged 40. of Arthurlie, to Janet, second daughter of 21. At St Petersburgh, Duke Jules de Adam Keir, Esq. banker.

Polignac, well known for the distinguished 28 At Edinburgh, James Ivory, Esq. favours with which he was honoured by advocate, to Ann, second daughter of Alex. Louis XVI. ander Lawrie, Esq.

25. At Muirbank, Miss Buchanan. 30. At London, the Rev. Percival Spear- At Brechin, in the 21st year of her man Wilkinson, son of Thomas Wilkin- age, Helen Young, third daughter of the son, Esq. of Witton Castle, Durham, to late John Sivewright, Esq. Sophia Mary, only daughter of Captain 26. At Craigthornhill, parish of GlassAnstruther, nephew of Sir Robert An- ford, the Rev. James Russell of Townhead, struther, Bart. of Balcaskie, formerly of the Mearns. For several years he was mini. 77th and 62d regiments.

ster of the Associate congregation at TorLatelyAt Chelsea, John Sim, M. D. phichen, in the county of Linlithgow. of London, to Anne Eliza, eldest daugh. - At Stonehaven, James Campbell, mail ter of James Clark, M. D. F. R. and F.A.S. contractor. of Dominica.

October 2. At Broughty Perry, Mrs Margaret Bisset, spouse of the Rev. William

Maul of Monikie. February 10. At Bombay, in Colonel - At Hermitage Place, Leith Links, in Smith's camp, Major Alexander Campbell, the 85th year of her age, Mrs Christian of the 9th regiment, Bombay native infan. Kellie, relict of Bailie William Robertson, try, (son to Mr John Campbell, Surveyor merchant, Leith. of the ('ustoms at the port of Perth.) He In Marischal Street, Aberdeen, Mrs was unhappily killed by his horse falling Bannerman, aged 64. with him, when on a party enjoying the 4. At Dundee, James Steele, Esq. late sports of the field, of which he was pas- from India, Surgeon of his Majesty's 520 sionately fond.

regiment of foot. March 21. In camp at Teegaum Toke- 6. At Nantes, in France, after a long ly Berar, Madras, in the prime of life, and distressing illness, Charles Byron, aged Captain Angus M‘Lachlan, of his Majesty's two years, the only son of James Wedder. 2d battalion 1st (or Royal Scots) regiment burn and the Hon. Lady Frances Wedderof foot, sincerely regretted by his brother burn Webster. officers.

7. At Kirkaldy, Mr William Whyte, in April 16. At Amdangah Factory, Jes. the 74th year of his age. sore, India, Mr William Gibson, indigo 9. In the 11th year of his age, George, planter, son of the late Mr Peter Gibson, the sixth son of Mr Samuel Philbrick of writer in Ayr.

Great Dunmow, Essex. The cause of his July 7. At Montserrat, in his 80th year, premature death originated at school, from Dr Alexander Hood, Speaker of the As- a dangerous practice, to prevent which, the sembly, and 44 years a Member of that strictest orders should be given, and most House, a gentleman of great reputation in rigorously enforced : we allude to little boys his profession, and of much respectability endeavouring to carry on their backs those

larger than themselves. In doing so, this 19. At Roseau, in Dominica, Mrs Mar. youth received an injury in the hip, which garet Thomson, daughter of the late Se- brought on a wound, with which he suffer cretary Thomson, of the Excise for Scot- ed for many months, and, notwithstanding land, and widow of James Bruce, Esq. late every medical assistance was resorted to, in Governor of Dominica.

the end it proved mortal. This may be August 10. At St John's, Antigua, after received as an useful caution by school. four days illness, of the yellow fever, Ebe- masters and parents, and it is hoped will vezer Pattison, in the 22d year of his age. be properly attended to.


in society.

10. At Glasgow, Andrew Macnair, Esq. 17. The Rev. Robert Stirling, minister in the 74th year of his age.

of the parish of Dunblane. At Cookstown, Ireland, of a typhus At his house, Amelia Place, Brompfever, Mrs Glasgow, relict of the Rev. John ton, the Right Hon. John Philpot Curran. Glasgow, late of Colerain.

Mr Curran was one of that galaxy of ta11. At Dundee, Miss Thomson, Miln's lent which arose almost froin obscurity, Buildings ; who, for many years, conduct- and illumined the Sister Island within these ed a seminary for the education of young last fifty years. With a mind richly cul. ladies in Dundee, with great honour to tivated, and a flow of wit rarely equalled, herself, and usefulness to the public. Miss Mr Curran remained for some time after Thomson laboured for a considerable time he was called to the bar in comparative under her indisposition, but endured her retirement ; but his was not a spirit des. distress with truly Christian fortitude, and tined to be inactive, and his genius tower. bowed to the will of Heaven with the most ing above that of most of his contempopious resignation. She has bequeathed the raries, burst its way through these great following donations for charitable pur- obstacles to merit-indigence and want of poses :-To the Orphan Institution, Dun- interest. The celebrity which his first dee, L. 19, 198.; the Kirk Session of Dun- forensic displays procured him, soon redee, L. 19, 198.; the Female Society, Dun- moved the one, and supplied the other. dec, L. 10 ; the Society for the indigent This reward of his early efforts stimulated Sick, Dundee, L. 10; the Dundee Infir. him to further ; and, in the prime of his mary, L. 10; the Lunatic Asylum, Dun- life, his unrivalled eloquence placed him dee, L. 10.—Total, L. 79, 18s.

in that situation at the bar which is often 12. William Harkness, Esq. of Dublin, considered the ample reward of nearly a an eminent merchant, and a Director of whole life of exertion. As a senator, Mr the Bank of Ireland.

Curran was more distinguished for sallies 14. At the Manse of Anstruther West, of wit and humour than for genuine eloafter being delivered of a son on the 6th, quence. He possessed more the art of anMary Dickson, aged 31, wife of the Rev. noying his Parliamentary opponents by Andrew Carstairs, much and justly regret. sarcastic and pointed retorts, than of meetted.

ing them by argument or declamation. At - At Edinburgh, Mrs Isabella Purdie, the bar, however, his talents had their full spouse of Mr John Thiorais of Moscow. scope. This was the sphere where he shone

At Colinton, Mrs Jamieson, wife of unrivalled, where he seemed to be endued Mr Thomas Jamieson, farmer there. with more than human powers. It was

At Tayfield House, John Berry, Esq. truly said of him, that no advocate ever of Tayfield, in the 93d year of his age.

made the cause of his client so much his 15. At his seat at Melchburne, Bedford- own. He entered into it with as much shire, the Right Hon. St Andrew Lord St zeal as if he was pleading for his own life; John, Baron St John of Bletsoe. His and to his credit it must be owned, that Lordship was the 13th Peer in succession his rare combination of talent and of zeal of that name, Baron of Bletsoe and Baro. was in most instances successful. In 1806, net. The family were summoned to Par. Mr C. was appointed Master of the Rolls liament in the first year of the reign of in Ireland, a situation in which he particu. Queen Elizabeth. Lord St John repre- larly distinguished himself for clear and Bented the county of Bedford in Parlia- correct decisions. He held that office until ment for 25 years, previously to the death 1815, when he was succeeded by Sir Wil. of his brother, whom he succeeded in the liam M.Mahon. Peerage. He has left a widow, daughter 18. At Belfast, Serjeant Alexander Caof Sir C. Rous Broughton, Bart. pregnant, meron, Piper-Major of the 92d, or Came

who succeeds him in his title ronian Highlanders. His merits as a perand estates, of five years of age.

former on the Highland bagpipe were geAt Kelso, Mrs Elizabeth Ruther. nerally acknowledged, but they could not ford, late of Birsielees, Roxburghshire. be duly appreciated but by those who felt

At Helensburgh, Captain James the inspiring effects of his animating strains Booth, R. N. after an illness of about on the toilsome march, or amid the thun.

der of the battle. He served in the Penin16. At Montrose, Mr George Smith, in sula during the whole of the late war, and the 81st year of his age.

by his zeal attracted the notice of several Suddenly at his house in Conduit officers of high rank. Lieutenant-General Street, Hanover Square, London, John Sir William Erskine, in a letter to a friend Barclay, Esq. surgeon, in the 50th year of after the affair of Rio del Molinas, says,

“ The first intimation the enemy had of At Edinburgh, Miss Mary Harvey, our approach, was the piper of the 920 daughter of M: W. G. Harvey, Battle, playing Hey Johnny Coup are ye waukin'


and a son,

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three weeks.


yet. To this favourite air from Cameron's

his age.


pipe, the streets of Brussels re-echoed on out pain. Mr R. was a native of Aberthe night of the 15th of June, when the deenshire ; and it is to his credit that he regiment assembled to march out to the wrought his way up to the professional field of Waterloo. Once, and once only, eminence which he enjoyed by his own unwas this brave soldier missed in his accus. assisted efforts. tomed place in the front of the battle, and 21. At Cowhill, Alexander Key, Esq. the occasion strongly marks the powerful wine merchant, London. influence which the love of fame had upon 22. At Bonington House, Lanarkshire, his mind. In a London newspaper, a very Lady Ross Baillie of Lamington. flattering eulogium had appeared on the 23. At Kelso, in her 90th year, Mrs conduct of a piper of another regiment. Agnes Ballantyne, relict of the late Mr Our gallant musician, conscious that no David Ballantyne. one could surpass him in zeal or intrepi. 24. At Woolwich, Colonel Philip Riou, dity, felt hurt that he should not also have only surviving brother of the late Captain gained this flattering distinction, and de- Edward Riou, of the navy. clared, that“ if his name did not appear in At Glasgow, Mr Humphry Barbour, the newspapers, he would no more play in merchant, aged 74. the battlefield !” Accordingly, in the 25. At Mrs John Weir's, North Hanonext affair with the enemy, Cameron's pipe ver Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Euphemia was mute! Some insinuations against the Elphinston, relict of the Rev. Duncan piper reached his ear. The bare idea of M Lea, minister of Inverhulin. his motives being misunderstood was tor- In the 25th year of her age, Frances ture to poor Cameron, and overcame at Philadelphia, daughter of the late Lieuonce the sullen resolution he had formed of tenant-Colonel Hotham, of the Coldstream remaining silent in the rear. He rushed guards, and sister of the present Lord Hoforward ; and, not content with gaining his than. place at the head of the regiment, advanced 26. At Edinburgh, Alexander Stenhouse, with a party of skirmishers, and, placing Esq. M. D. much and justly regretted. himself on a height in full view of the ene- 27. At Frogmore, near Windsor, after my, continued to animate the party by an illness of five years, Esther Jane, relict playing favourite national airs. For the of the late Right Hon. Richard Brinsley last two years his health sensibly declined. Sheridan. Mrs S. was the youngest daughHe was afflicted with an asthma, which ter of the late Newton Ogle, D. D. of the blowing of the bagpipe tended to ag- Kirkley, in the county of Northumberland, gravate. Notwithstanding, he could not Dean of Winchester, &c. be induced to resign his favourite employ- Latchi--At Tunis, in the prime of life, ment, but continued till very lately to play the celebrated archæologist, Count Camillo « The Gathering" for the daily assembling Borgia. of the regiment. His remains were attend At her house, Graham Street, Edina od to the grave by several officers, all the burgh, Mrs Cleghorn, widow of Mr Thonon-commissioned officers, and the grena- mas Cleghorn, farmer, Turnhouse. dier company, to which the deceased be- At Dalgetty Manse, Miss Margaret Scotty longed.

second daughter of the Rev. John Scott, 18. At her house, Frederick Street, Edin minister of Dalgetty. bwgh, Mrs Anne Johnson, late of Canon- In Hart Street, Covent Garden, Mrs mills.

Emett, aged 80, a native of Plymouth 19. At Old Aberdeen, Mrs Rose, widow Her first husband, George Sutherland, of the Rev. John Rose, late minister of served King George II. at the battle of Udny.

Minden. Her two husbands and children At Glasgow, Miss Agnes Crosse, have served their country upwards of a daughter of the late Robert Crosse, Esq. hundred years, chiefly in the British navy. merchant in Glasgow.

At Bow-wood, the seat of the Marquis 20. At Portobello, James Stormonth, of Lansdown, Mr Broad, for nearly forty Esq. of Lednathy, writer in Edinburgh, years steward in the Marquis's family. in the 86th year of his age.

Being out in the park on the day preced- In Frederick Street, Miss Crockat, ing, with a party of ladies and gentlemen, daughter of Archibald Crockat, Esq. late of he found a dead adder, which he took up New York.

in his hands, and opened its n.outh, to At his house in Chester Place, Pim- shew where the poison of the creature lay ; lico, Mr Raymond, the intelligent and ac- in doing this, however, the subtile matter tive Manager of Drury-Lane. He was communicated to a cut in one ot his tingers. seized with an apoplectic fit early in the On the next morning, Mr Broad was found morning, and lay in a state of insensibility dead in his bed, with every indication of (motionless and speechless) till the moment his having died from the effects of the of his death, which was gradual and with- poison, the arm being much intiamed.

George Ramsay and Co. Printers, Edinburgh.





The Scots gagazine,


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