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ALPHABETICAL List of English BANKRUPTCIES, announced between September

15 and October 10, 1817, extracted from the London Gazette. Arnold, G. Abergavenny, grocer

Jacob, A. London, slopseller Barnes, W. Blackheath, bavin merchant

Jordan, W. London, eating-house keeper
Barker, J. Stafford, potter

Jervis, J. Woolwich, baker
W. Frieston Fan, Lincoln, farmer

Knapp, J. London, victualler
Body, w. Meeching, groeer,

Kneller, W. G. Stratford, chemist Bonsail, R. Southwark, builder

Lamb, J. and J. Stockport, cotton spinners Bernoulli, J. and E. London, merchants

Lockwood, G. Whitby, woollen-draper Batt, S. Bath. victualler

Littlewood, J. East Greenwich, rope-maker Brychall, S. B. Canterbury, horse-dealer

Lytlepool, H. Chilthorne Domer, butcher Casson, J., and J. and R. Ashworth, Spotland, Manderston, W. jun. Woolwich, glass-dealer flannel-manufacturers

Mayne, E. G. London, grocer
Chester, C. jun. Liverpool, auctioneer

Mitchell, R. Marazion, tailor
Cooper, G. sen. Old Ford, Middlesex, dealer Mercer, W. Walton le dale, lime-burner
Coffin, J. W. Plymouth Dock, merchant

Niven, R. Manchester, silk-printer
Cowell, W. jun. Wigan, butcher

Nash, J. Wotton-under-edge, currier Cartwright, G. Birmingham, dealer

Northall, W. K. Wolverhampton, schoolmaster Cramp, J. Orford, miller

Powell, R. Leeds, surgeon Commins, M. Falmouth, innkeeper

Rateliffe, T. London, cheesemonger Dalrymple, H. London, cabinet-maker

Rankin, A. London, china-painter Dickenson, J. Dewsbury, linen-draper

Rawlins, J. Liverpool, merchant Delcambre, A. London, merchant

Ranyard, J. Lincoln, farmer Kales, w. London, cheesemonger

Rowntree, W. Newcastle, miller Etchells, J. Stockport, joiner

Rastield, G. South Shields, ship-builder Evans, É. Maesyrhiw, timber-merchant

Ridley, J. London, triinming-manufacturer Field, J. Walcoi, professor of music

Sandilands, Rev. R. Pimlico, clerk Fumival, S. Liverpool, grocer

Smith, J. London-road, grocer Fletcher, E. jun. Liverpool, iron-founder

Sissell, T. London, tailor Ferncley, A. Manchester, grocer

Smith, C. Plymouth, linen-draper Freeland, C. H. W. London, linen-draper

Spence, J. Bishopwearmouth, dealer Geraldes, s. C. London, merchant

Taylor, J. Rochdale, publican Gray, B., and J. R. Wilson, and J, Richardson, Thomas, R. Plymouth Dock, wine and spirit London and Liverpool, merchants

merchant Gomersall, J. J. Crowther, E. Riley, R. Campbell, Walker, C. Brighthelmstone, stationer

and J. Ball, Huddersfield, and A. Ball, Halifax, Waterworth, J. Manchester, dealer merchants

Waller, J. Manchester, hatter Hazard, T. R. Liverpool, merchant

Welchman, J. Bradford, linen-draper Hensham, T. and W. Liverpool, merchants Worthington, H. and W. Rowlandson, Lancaster, Holroyd, S. Saddleworth, innkeeper

braziers Hughes, R. London, stable-keeper

Williams, S. sen. Gloucester, horse-dealer Hanham, W. Bath, cooper

Wilks, J. Bath, linen-draper Hix, W. Lincoln, wool-buyer

Wyllie, J. London, merchant Henry, R. late of Jamaica, merchant

Zeegelar, F. Alverstoke, victualler.

ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCIES, announced between September 15

and October 10, 1817, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette. SEQUESTRATIONS.

Falkirk Union Bank Company; by J. Russel,

writer, Falkirk, 17th October Campbell, A. Edinburgh, haberdasher

Garden, R. and H. W. Garden, Glasgow, merHaldane, A. Crunzie, late in Torsonce, cattle

chants; by J. Robb, merchant there, 6th Nodealer

vember Middleton, W. Glasgow, merchant

Hay, T. Edinburgh, ironmonger; at No. 129, Tait, J. Newton Stewart, merchant

High Street, there, 220 November Thomson, J. Newburgh, gencral merchant

Hyslop, T. Penpont, merchant; by J. Kerr,

Auchinsell, 4th November

Provand, W. Glasgow, merchant; by W. Car DIVIDENDS.

rick, accountant there, 25th October

Threshie, J. Dumfries, surgeon, apothecary, and Elder, W. Dalkeith, leather-merchant; by A. druggist; by J. Sanders, writer there, 3d NoGray, curricr there, 22d January next


BIOGRAPHICAL NOTICE OF THE HON. HENRY ERSKINE. Died, at his seat of Ammondell, Lin- In his long and splendid career at the lithgowshire, on the 8th instant, in the 71st Bar, Mr Erskine was distinguished not year of his age, the Hon. Henry Erskine, only by the peculiar brilliancy of his wit, second son of the late Henry David, Earl and the gracefulness, ease, and vivacity of of Buchan.

his eloquence, but by the still rarer power Mr Erskine was called to the Scottish of keeping those seducing qualities in perBar, of which he was long the brightest fect subordination to his judgment. By ornament, in the year 1768, and was for their assistance, he could not only make several years Dean of the Faculty of Ad- the most repulsive subjects agreeable, but vocates ; he was twice appointed Lord Ad- the most abstruse easy and intelligible. In vocate, in 1782 and in 1806, under the his profession, indeed, all his wit was arRockingham and the Grenville admini- gument, and each of his delighful illusstrations. During the years 1806 and 1807 trations a material step in his reasoning. he sat in Parliament for the Dunbar and To himself it seemed always as if they Dumfries districts of boroughs.

were recommended rather for their use

than their beauty. And unquestionably He possessed, in an eminent degree, that they often enabled him to state a fine argu- deep sense of Revealed Religion, and that ment, or a nice distinction, not only in a zealous attachment to the Presbyterian more striking and pleasing way, but ac- Establishment, which had long been heretually with greater precision, than could ditary in his family. His habits were al. have been attained by the severer forms of ways strictly moral and temperate, and in Teasoning,

the latter part of his life even abstemious. In this extraordinary talent, as well as Though the life and the ornament of every in the charming facility of his eloquence, society into which he entered, he was aland the constant radiance of good humour ways most happy and most delightful at and gaiety which encircled his manner in home, where the buoyancy of his spirits, debate, he had no rival in his own times, and the kindness of his heart, found all and has yet had no successor. That part that they required of exercise or enjoyment; of eloquence is now mute,that honour in and though without taste for expensive abeyance.

pleasures in his own person, he was ever As a Politician, he was eminently dis- most indulgent and munificent to his tinguished for the two great virtues of in. children, and a liberal benefactor to all who flexible steadiness to his

principles, and in depended on his bounty. variable gentleness and urbanity in his He finally retired from the exercise of manner of asserting them. Such, indeed, that profession, the highest honours of which was the habitual sweetness of his temper, he had at least deserved, about the year and the fascination of his manners, that 1812, and spent the remainder of his days though placed, by his rank and talent, in in domestic retirement at that beautiful the obnoxious station of a Leader of Oppo- villa which had been formed by his own sition, at a period when political animosities taste, and in the improvement and adornwere carried to a lamentable height, no in- ment of which he found his latest occupadividual, it is believed, was ever known tion. Passing, then, at once from all the to speak or to think of him with any thing bustle and excitement of a public life to a approaching to personal hostility. In re- scene of comparative inactivity, he never turn, it may be said, with equal correct. felt one moment of ennui or dejection; but ness, that though baffled in some of his retained unimpaired, till within a day or pursuits, and not quite handsomely disap- two of his death, not only all his intellectupointed of some of the honours to which al activity and social affections, but, when his claim was universally admitted, he ne- not under the immediate affliction of a painver allowed the slightest shade of discon- ful and incurable disease, all that gaiety of tent to rest upon his mind, nor the least drop spirit, and all that playful and kindly symof bitterness to mingle with his blood. He pathy with innocent enjoyment, which was so utterly incapable of rancour, that made him the idol of the young, and the even the rancorous felt that he ought not object of cordial attachment and unenvying to be made its victim.

admiration to his friends of all ages.




15. At Rafford Manse, Mrs Mackay, a Sept. 2. At Cuckney, in Nottinghamson. shire, the lady of Sir George Eyre, K. C. B. 18. At Glasgow, Mrs Laurence Craigie, a daughter.

a daughter. 7. At Lausanne, Lady Sinclair, a still. At Woodlands, Yorkshire, the lady born child.

of Sir Bellingham Graham, Bart. a daugh9. At Westwood, near Southampton, ter. the lady of Rear-Admiral Otway, a daugh- 20. In London, the lady of the Hon.

Alexander Murray, brother to the Earl of 11. At Armagh, the Countess of Castle Dunmore, a son. stuart, a daughter.

- In London, the lady of Sir William Mrs Mackintosh, Nairngrove, Nairn, Duff Gordon, Bart. M. P. a daughter. a son.

21. At Norwich, the lady of Captain 12. At Grangehill, Mrs Patrick of Kennedy Clark, royal dragoons, a son. Trearne, a son.

23. The lady of Robert Ogle, Esq. of 13. At Cardington, the Hon. Mrs Walde. Eglingham, a son. grave, a son.

24. In London, Mrs Stevens, twins. 14. At Kingsbarns Manse, Mrs Wright, Mrs S. has now been the mother of 26 1 daughter.

children, and, in the doctor's opinion, like



ly to be the mother of more. The mo- vern, of Rotterdam, to Isabella, second ther, and children are doing well. The daughter of the late Mr Robert Spalding. lady in question attained her 40th year on 22. At Edinburgh, James Roscoe, Esq. the 20th curt.

of Liverpool, to Miss Jane Macgibbon 26. At Abbey Hill, near Edinburgh, Douglas. Lady Menzies of Menzies, a son.

At Stanwix, Major Macalister, of - At the Hill-House, Coldingham, the the 13th light dragoons, to Georgina Malady of Lieutenant G. B. Landel, of the ria, daughter of James Graham, Esq. of royal marines, a daughter.

Richardby, in the county of Cumberland. At the manse of Pencaitland, Mrs 23. At Putney, Claud Neilson, Esq. Mackellar, a son.

only son of Claud Neilson, Esq. of Ardar29. The wife of James Berry, weaver, den, Dumbartonshire, to Renee, only Thimble Row, Perth, was safely delivered daughter of the late Charles Clifton, Esq. of three fine healthy girls, who, with the of Demerara. mother, are all doing well.

At Edinburgh, George White, Esq. 30. At Cambray, the lady of Major- surgeon, to Eliza, only daughter of the General Sir John 1.ambert, K. C. B. a late John Copland, Esq. of Minnygap.

24. At Kildeeren church, county Tipper October 1. At Sanson-house, the lady of ary, David Cowan, Esq. of the 93d HighMatthew Bell, Esq. a son.

landers, to Sarah Anne, daughter of the 2. At Hermand, the lady of Thomas late Colonel Campbell. Maitland, younger of Dundrennan, Esq. 25. At London, S. Usher, Esq. of Brisadvocate, a son.

tol, to Mrs Nairne, widow of the late Ma. 4. At Arnage, Mrs Ross of Arnage, a jor Robert Nairne, of the Hon. East India

Company's 6th regiment of cavalry. 5. At Barjarg, the lady of William F. 27. At Kincraig, Lieutenant John Smith, Hunter, Esq. a daughter.

78th regiment, to Maria, daughter of the - The Right Hon. Lady Caroline Ann late George Fullerton, Esq. Collector of Macdonald of Clanronald, a daughter. the Customs, Leith. 7. At Fraserfield, Mrs Forbes, a son.

At Limerick, J. Fitzwilliam Miller,

Esq. late of the Royal Scots, to Prudence, MARRIAGES.

daughter of the late Edward Ferreter, Esq. April 21. At Bombay, Lieutenant Wil. R. N. liam Black, Adjutant of the Bombay Ma- 29. At Ballogie, W. D. Lynch, Esq. of rine, &c. to Miss Jane Farquharson, eldest Great Russel Street, London, to Margaret, daughter of the Rev. Robert Farquhar- second daughter of Lewis Innes, Esq. of son, Coldstone, Aberdeenshire.

Balnacraig, Aberdeenshire. Sept. 7. George Lazenby, Esq. of Par- At Langholm, Lieutenant David liament Street, Dublin, to Miss Griglietti, Maxwell, of the Dumfries-shire militia, to of the Theatre Royal.

Miss Lawrie, daughter of the late Rev. Mr 9. At Glasgow, John May, Esq. mer- John Lawrie, Ewes. chant there, to Mary Lyon, eldest daugh- 30. At Glasgow, Robert Semple, Esqter of John Alston of Westertoun, Esq. of Demerara, to Adriana, daughter of Wil.

15. At Liverpool, the Rev. Peter Bro- liam Moore, Esq. of St Eustatius. therston, minister of the first charge of Dy- At Hermand, John Fullerton, Esqsart, to Miss Elizabeth Hurry, youngest advocate, to Miss Georgina Kay Macdowall, daughter of the late John Hurry, Esq. of youngest daughter of the late James MacLiverpool

dowall, Esq. merchant in Glasgow. At Campbeltown, Alexander Dow. - At Birmingham, the Rev. James nie, Esq. merchant, Glasgow, to Mary, Carlile, of the Scotch Church, Dublin, to only daughter of Alexander Buchanan, Mary, daughter of Mr Thomas Beilby, BirEsq. formerly of New York.

mingham. At Alston Moor, Cumberland, Mr Oct. 1. At the Chapelry of Bolton-uponAndrew King, manufacturer, Glasgow, to Swale, in the county of York, John DelaSarah Ann, daughter of the late William val, Earl of Tyrconnel, to Sarah, only Hutchinson, Esq. Alston.

child of Robert Crowe, Esq. of Kiplin, - At Ayr, Mr James Dunlop, of Hays- near Catterick, in the said county. muir, to Anne, eldest daughter of Mr Ro- 2. At Edinburgh, the Rev. James Yorsbert Dalgliesh, in Dernshaw.

toun, minister of Hoddam, to Margaret, 16. At Dunblane, Mr James M“Crone, daughter of the late James Currie Carlyle, of Glasgow, to Margaret, daughter of the Esq. of Bridekirk. late Mr William Fletcher, minister of the Lately, At Leith, Duncan Macnab, gospel at Bridge of Teith.

Esq. Deputy Assistant-Commissary-GeneAt Glasgow, Mr William Findlay, ral to the Forces, to Miss Elizabeth M. of St John's, Newfoundland, to Miss Ja- Campbell, eldest daughter of Duncan net Orr of that city,

Campbell, Esq. Sheriff-Substitute, CampAt Edinburgh, Mr John Van Sta. beltown.


In the year

that parish.

Lately, At Croydon, J. Macdowall, Esq. of John Ford, Esq. Provost of that burgh, of Meadow Place, Edinburgh, to Catherine in the 21st year of her age. Henrietta, third daughter of Lieutenant- 12. At Bath, Sir John M.Mahon. Colonel Tudor.

Thomas Napier, Esq. of Randolph

Hill. In passing along one of the locks August 2. At Montreal, Mrs Orkney, of the canal, near Falkirk, he unfortunatespouse of James Orkney, Esq. jeweller, ly fell over, and was drowned. Quebec.

At London, Mr John Erck, in his 18. At Aberdeen, James Jameson, Esq. 23d year, from loss of blood, occasioned by late of the Royal Navy.

the lancing of his gums. 24. At New York, Mr Holman, the ce- 14. At Banwell, in the 82d year of his lebrated tragedian, who so long performed age, Mr Francis Keen, the old and faithwith great applause at the London and ful clerk of the Friendly Society of that other theatres. He was a descendant of place for nearly thirty years. He will Sir John Holman, Bart. of Warkworth long be remembered as a self-taught artist Castle, and was distinguished as a gentle in musical instrument making, book-bindman and a scholar. He went to America ing, and other ingenious arts.

Some years in 1812, since which time he has uninter- ago, he actually began and finished an orruptedly pursued his histrionic career in gan of sufficient dimensions for a moderate that country. Mrs Holman, Miss Moore, sized church. It appears, by records still and Mrs Saunders of the same theatre, extant, that his ancestors were inhabitants were struck dead by lightning. This dread- of Banwell prior to A. D. 1331, 22d Henry ful calamity happened two days before the VIII. as one of them, Edmund Keen, was death of Holman.

a parish officer that year. September 1. At Kirkton Manse, near 1555, 3d Philip and Mary, William and Hawick, the Rev. John Elliott, minister of Robert Keen, two brothers of this family,

died, and were buried in the same grave; At Hawick, Mr John Renwick, mer- and a similar melancholy occurrence took chant.

place in the family in 1811, as two young 5. At Hemus Terrace, Chelsea, aged 79, men, neither of them twenty years old, Major Brereton Poynter. He entered his named George and Jacob Keen, brothers, Majesty's service in 1755, and served with and grandsons of the subject of the present General Wolfe in America, and was in the memoir, died within a week of each other, memorable battle at Quebec.

and were interred in the same grave. 6. At Youghall, in Ireland, Mrs Loch, 15. At his house in Hill Street, Ar. wife of Captain John Loch, late of the 25th broath, William Cruikshank, Esq. late of regiment of foot.

the island of Jamaica. 8. At Foulden House, James Wilkie, At New Spynie, the Rev. George Esq. of Foulden, in the 720 year of his Macherdy, minister of that parish, much age.

and justly regretted. 9. At Inverness, Jean Robertson. This 16. Ai Kilmarnock, Mrs Mary Parker, extraordinary character usually employed relict of Dr Jasper Tough of Hillhead. herself in gathering dulse and shell-tish, At Barns, Mrs Burnett of Barns. with which she occupied her station in the At Edinburgh, in the 75th year of market, until within a few days of her his age, Thomas Sommers, liis Majesty's death. She would occasionally take a trip glazier for Scotland, and the oldest deacon to the country to retail tea, and was not of the fourteen incorporated trades of that ashamed to beg at times. After her death, city. upwards of L. 60 in bank bills, and L. 3 in 17. At Ponton House, near Grantham, silver, were found in her apartment, which after a very short illness, in her 67th year, she had completely filled with clothes, pro- Lady Kent, relict of Sir Charles Kent, Barta visions, and fuel, piled up to the roof, At George's Place, Leith Walk, Edin. leaving only about four feet round the fire- burgh, Mr George Gibson, senior, merchant place of vacant space ; yet the poor wretch in Leith. appeared uniformly in the same tattered 18. At Banff, aged 50 years, John Macgard upwards of 20 years, and is supposed leod, Esq. Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, to have shortened the period of her exist. much and justly regretted by all his friends ence by abstaining from the common ne- and acquaintances. cessaries of life.

19. At London, Mrs Frances Cunyng. 1). At Maxwelltown House, Mrs Arm. hame, relict of Lieutenant-Colonel Francis strong, widow of William Armstrong, M.D. Cunynghame of Cioncaird, and youngest St Kitt's, and daughter of Sir Charles Er- daughter of the late Sir John Whitefoord, skine of Alva, Bart.

Bart. of Whitefoord. At Queensferry, James Carfrae, Esq. At Culross, Miss Johnston, daughter merchant, Edinburgh.

of the late James Johnston of Sands. At Kirkaldy, Isabella, only daughter At Dunfermline, in the 85th year of

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his age, Adam Low, Esq. of Fordel, some dow, of Portsea. She awoke from sleep, time Provost of that borough; a gentleman and imagined her bed-room Fas on fire; well known for his benevolent exertions in her alarm was groundless, but she expired the cause of humanity.

under the effects of her terror. 20. At his house, Castle Street, Carlisle, October 2. At Edinburgh, in the 85th year on the 20th ult. Hugh James, Esq. M. D. of his age, Dr Monro, Professor of Medi. aged 45, youngest son of the late Rev. Dr cine, Anatomy, and Surgery, in the Uni. James of Arthuret. In the attendance up- versity of Edinburgh. on a poor patient he contracted the malig. In the Isle of Wight, Henry David nant distemper which terminated his valua- son Milligan, Esq. third son of the late ble life in a few days.

Robert Milligan, Esq. of Rosslyn, HampAt Kirkeim, near Stutgard, of apo- stead. plexy, Duke Louis of Wirtemberg, uncle - John Gray, Esq. of Middle Ord. to the King of Wirtemberg.

At Hawick, of typhus fever, Jane, At Aberdeen, aged 24, Mrs Helen youngest daughter of Mr Robert Amma Raitt, widow of Captain William Raitt, strong, printer there. Her sister Margalate of the Royal Navy, and daughter of ret, aged 17, died a few days before of the the Rev. Dr Thomson, minister of Foot- same disorder. dee, Aberdeen.

4. At Brighton, Thomas Walker, Esq. At Glasgow, Miss Isabella Douglas late of London, banker. Garden, youngest daughter of Francis Gar- 5. At Edinburgh, Mr Patrick Steven. den, Esq.

son, City Chamberlain's Office. At Learney, Aberdeenshire, Mar. 6. At Annan, Walter Bell, Esq. of Nethgaret Brebner, eldest unmarried daughter eralbie, some time writer in Edinburgh, of Alexander Brebner, Esq. of Learney. sincerely regretted.

21. At Stonehaven, in her 80th year, Mrs James Clunie, Esq. Collector of the Mary Rose, widow of James Young, Esq. Customs at Berwick, aged 48. Sheriff Substitute of Kincardineshire

7. At London, Mr Henry Burne, aged At Inveresk House, Miss Margaret 18, youngest son of Thomas Burne, Esq. Mary Baird, daughter of Sir James Gardi. of the house of Hazard, Burne, and Co. ner Baird of Saughtonhall, Bart.

of the typhus fever. 22. At Whitehill, near Musselburgh, Mr Lately, Her imperial Highness the ArchJoseph Brown, aged 89 years.

duchess Hermine, wife of the Archduke At Dundee, Captain Andrew M'Cul- Palatine of Hungary. This Princess died och, of the Royal navy.

in child-bed, after giving birth, prematureAt London, Major-General Horace ly, to a Prince and Princess. The former Churchill.

is also dead. 23. Hugh Mackay, Esq. of St Martin's At Letterkenny, in the county of DonLane, London, aged 80.

negal, of an infectious fever, caught in the 24. At Falkirk, Mr John Russell, watch discharge of his duty as Inspector-Genemaker to his Royal Highness the Prince ral of Stamp Duties, John H. Barclay, Regent.

Esq. 25. At Interlaken in Switzerland, Lord At London, aged 72, Sir James Earle, Melgund, eldest son of the Earl of Min. Knight, F. R. S. Master of the Royal to.

College of Surgeons, &c. At Kilmarnock, after a few days ill- Of a typhus fever, the Rev. Sam. Close, Dess, Susannah, and on the 29th, Jane, only of Elm Park, country of Armagh. daughters of R. D. Jackson, M.D.

At Londonderry, Richd. Townsend, Esq. 28. At Cheltenham, in the 72d year of his M. D. formerly a physician of eminence in age, Thomas Bidwell, Esq. who, during Cork. the last 25 years of his life, had filled the At Londonderry, of typhus fever, John office of Chief Clerk in the department of Cunningham, Esq. Foreign Affairs, into which he entered 50 At Orlingbury, in Northamptonshire, years ago.

Elizabeth Susanna Frederica, Countess 29. At Edinburgh, on the 29th ult. Mrs Wartensleben, wife of the Rev. John WiteAlves, relict of Dr Alves of Shipland, In- house, Rector of Orlingbury, and widow of verness-shire.

the late Joseph Ewart, Esq. formerly his 30. After about five hours indisposition, Majesty's Minister Plenipotentiary at the occasioned by fright, Mrs Thurman, wie Court of Berlin.

George Ramsay and Co. Printers, Edinburgh.

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