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9.-Suicide. A poor woman, who had America ; thus the circuitous route by St lately come to reside in a village near Spal- Thomas's, formerly taken, is now dispensed ding, and whose husband had absconded, with, and a great saving, both of time and was totally destitute of food for herself and expence, will be effected. three children. In this distress she went A circular letter has been issued from to a neighbour's house, and returned with the War Office, stating that all officers a bueket full of grains, used in feeding holding any place of profit under other swinc. These she placed upon the floor of governments, unless with the express sancher cottage as food for her famishing babes, tion of the Prince Regent, are in conseand rushing out of doors went and hanged quence precluded from receiving their halfherself.--Glusgow paper.

pay, and this regulation is to take effect Paisley.--On Monday the 29th ult. at a from the 25th December next. This cir. meeting of the burgesses of Paisley, it was cular letter seems to be issued for the purresolved, by a considerable majority, that pose of deterring half-pay officers from entheir rights had been infringed by the re- listing under the banners of the South cent charter, and that, as the inhabitants American insurgents, were lawfully entitled to choose their Magi- Whales.--It is a remarkable circum. strates, and to audit their accounts, mea- stance, that three large whales have lately sures should forth with be adopted for re- come ashore on the British coast. On the gaining their authority. A regular protest 20th September, a whale 36 feet in length has since been taken by the committee in was cast ashore in the Solway Frith. On behalf of the burgesses and feuars ot' Pais- the 21st August, one of 66 feet 5 inches ley, against the election of their Magistrates came ashore between Staxigo and Wick, and Council by the old Council, on the 6th which the fishermen killed after a labour instant, in the view of bringing the matter of 25 hours. And on the 23d September, before the Supreme Court.

a whale, measuring C2 feet, was observed Perth.--On Saturday the 4th instant, at off Eyemouth, and towed into that har. a general meeting of the Guildry Incorpo. bour. It is probably the great increase of ration of Perth, a protest was taken against ice in the northern sea, which drives these the legality of the late election of Magi- monstrous animals to our shores. An imstrates and Town Council, to which a wense shoal of the species of whales called great majority of the meeting adhered, and finners was, on Monday the 6th instant, appointed a committee to take the opinion observed in the river Tay, and coming in of Counsel upon the subject.

contact with the east protection wall of the Dundee.--After the long and severe con. new harbour, Dundee, from twenty to Picts which have torn and agitated this thirty of them were pursued by people in town, there is now a prospect of a speedy boats, and killed. These animals were of return of peace, order, and harmony. Pro- different sizes, the largest not being less vost Riddoch has expressed his readiness to than 22 feet long. The blubber upon au concur with the burgesses of Dundee in of them is very valuable, and was from one applying to the King in Council for an al- to two inches in thickness. . teration of the present set of the burgh, Gratitude...A female, who was some and his wish that the constitution, which years ago a patient in the Royal Infirmary, has just been obtained for Montrose, should Edinburgh, but is now in better circunform the ground-work for that of Dundee. stances, has paid the sun of L. 20 to the

ll.idventurers to South America.- Treasurer of that institution, as a mark of Ships continue to be equipped in the gratitude for the kind treatinent she receivThames for the purpose of conveying of- ed while in that useful charity. ficers, non-commissioned officers, and pri- Adders. On Tuesday, the 30th ultimo, vates, to aid the patriots in South America while a servant belonging to the Reverend At present one vessel is quite ready to sail, Mr Briscoe, of Great Orton, in Cumber. having on board othicers fully equipped, land, was shooting, he was alarmed by the and 200 privates, to form a rifle corps.- cries of one of his dogs, and on going to Another is in a forward state of preparation, its assistance, he found two large adders and has appointments for a cavalry regiment coiled round its head, which he immediate600 strong; a third is freighted with the ly killed, but so deadly was their venom, equipments of a lancer's corps. The of- that the poor animal died before the serficers are all men who have seen active ser- vant reached home. vice, and are of every rank, from Lieute- 13.-The Queen.-Her Majesty has been nant-Colonels to Ensigns. The organiza- advised, by her physicians, to drink the tion and arrangement are so complete, that waters at Bath, and will, accompanied by they will be ready for immediate service on the Princess Elizabeth, visit that place thcir arrival in America. This day notices early in the ensuing month. The Queen were posted up in several coffeehouses in has no acute disorder , the waters being London, inviting passengers to go on board merely recommended for their general u vesels waiting to sail direct for South lity as tonics,

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16. Bevenue. The public revenue may Stamps 1,487,147 1,688,603 be regarded as a political barometer, marking Post office

305,000 354,000 with tolerable accuracy the true condition Assessed taxes 714,270 782,602 of the country. When it falls off, that of Property tax 2,960,576 407,072 individuals, we may be assured, falls off in Land taxes 180,067 190,502 a greater proportion, and the opposite and Miscellaneous 41,848 70,799 more pleasing inference may be drawn from Unappropriated war its increase. In this view, therefore, the duties

12,124 following statement, just published, though the excess is trifling as an addition to

14,502,296 11,523,548 the resources of the country, may be considered as an evidence of growing private

Oct. 10, 1816. Oct. 10, 1817. prosperity, and a pledge also of a still Amount of regreater increase of the public revenue.

L.14,502,296 L.11,523,548

Deduct amount Comparative statement of the Produce of

of war duty on the Revenue of Great Britain for the cor- malt L.517,000 responding quarters, ending on the 10th Do. Prop. October in 1816 and 1817.

tax 2,960,576 1816. 1817.

3,477,576 CUSTOMS. Consolidated L.1,499,288 L.1,880,180

11,024,710 Annual duties 858,540 1,241,770 War duties


Deduct arrears of property tax
and malt duty

419,072 Total Customs ' 2,457,859 3,121,950

11,104,476 EXCISE. Consolidated 4,937,055 4,025,209 Net revenue received in the Annual duties 98,641 124,684 qr. ending Oct 10, 1817 11,104,476 War taxes 1,259,533 739,493 Ditto

1816 11,024,710

Total Ercise 6,295,229

4,889,386 Increase as compared with 1816



For the year ending at Whitsunday 1817.


1. ASSESSMENT on L-313,928, rental at ls. 32. per pound, L. 19,620 100 From this sum may be deducted abatements on account

of overcharges, poverty, and irrecoverable assessments, which may altogether be taken at 7 per cent on the gross sum,

1,373 8 9 Sum which it is supposed the assessment will produce,

18,247 1 3 II. DUNG CONTRACT.-This contract was vacated by mutual agreement between the

commissioners and the contractors at Candlemas last, and since that period the commissioners have kept the dung under their own charge, principally on account of the nuisances complained of, from the depots being so immediately in the vicinity of populous districts, and with the view also, by this means, of having the whole quarters of police cleared by an early hour in the morning. The submission relative to the claims of deduction on the part of the contractors is still in dependence, but there is every reason to expect that the learned arbiter will give his final decree in the course of a few weeks.

ABSTRACT. Salaries,

L. 1036 120 Tradesmen's accounts, 138 18 3 Watching department, 7164 5 6 Sheriff's orders,

145 18 G Cleaning ditto,

2776 2 2 Miscellaneous payments, 1561 2 Lighting ditto,

3359 37 Balance of fine actount, 790 08 oil, &c. for lanterns, 309 11 City Guard,

500 0 0 Coal and candles,

137 2 6 Compensation to Mr Tait, 300 00 Printing, stationary, &c.

- 201 6 3
62 12 0

L.18,482 4 10
By order of the General Commissioners,
Police Office, Edinburgh, 5th July 1817.



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Receipt and Expenditure of Edinburgh *Household Fees and Salaries, 587 5 0

CHIARITY WORK-House, from 1st July Buildings, Repairs, and Fu1816 to 1st July 1817. By George nerals,

415 14 4! Spankie, Treasurer.

Mr Neilson, Kirk Treasurer, 75 0 0

Pensions to Families, &c. 1770 60 RECEIPT.

House Children at Nurse, 264 13 0 Church Collections,

118 3 L. 1892 7 51

Temporary Supplies, Boarders in House, 71 4 0

L. 7735 17 7 Do. in Bedlam,

461 70

British Linen Paul's Work Mortification, 178 6 7

Company, L. 30000 Grayfriars Church-yard dues, 216 6 3

Commercial Casual Revenue,

49 15 9

Bank, 500 0 0 City of Edinburgh,

200 0 0

Bank of Scot 5 per cent. (1814-15 balance, 1165 4 45

land, 700 0 0 Poor's 1815-16, in part, 2800 0 0

1500 money 1816-17, ditto, 1000 0 0

Balance last year,

701 13 Mr Shaw's Mortification, 10 0 0 Mr Hallowell's ditto, 15 0

L. 9937 10 9 House in Henderson's Stairs, 4 12 6 Do. in Forrester's Wynd,

7 2 3

* Besides some minor Salaries, there are L. 7876 6 2

included in this sum, that paid to the TreaRoyal Bank, L. 600 0 0

surer, L. 200 ; Surgeon, L. 50; House Bank of Scot

Governor, L. 70; Chaplain, L. 63 ; Teach. land, 800 0 0

er, L. 20; Mistress of the House, L. 28;

14000 0 Do. of Children's Hospital, L. 28; and Balance due by the House

Keeper of Bedlam, L. 40.
661 4 7


884 have resided in the House;

83 children have been paid for at Nurse ; L. 1937 10 91 and 914 Families and Individuals have

been regularly supplied ; being in all 1881, whereof 99 have died in the House.

The numbers stood, in July 1805, at EXPENDITURE.

500, and have since been yearly increasing ; Maintenance,

L. 2578 19 11 last year (1810) they were 1775. Cloathing, Bedding, and

Average expence of those maintained, Furniture,

this year,

969 12 03 Seven Pounds Fifteen Shillings each InWashing, Lighting, and

dividual per annum, covering every Charge Coals,

555 17 2ļ upon the Establishment. Petty Household charges, 260 14 74 The Debt of the House at this date is Do. Interest of money,

139 12 5 L. 3400.


Cap. XX. For making further Regu- stables in Counties i cotain Cases. April tations in respect to the Pay of the Officers 29. of the Royal Navy, in certain cases therein Cap. XXIII. To further continue, une mentioned.-March 31.

til the 25th day of March 1820, an Act of Cap. XXI. To revive and continue for the 7th year of King George the Second, two Years, and from thence until the end of for the free Importation of Cochincal and the then nert Session of Parliament, two Indigo.- April 29. Acts made in the 47th and 50th Years of Cap. XXIV. To alter and enlarge the his present Majesty, for the preventing im- Powers of an Act passed in the 54th year proper persons from having Arms in Ire- of his present Majesty, intituled, An Act landApril 29.

for the further Improvement of the Land Cap. XXII. To amend two Acts of the Revenue of the Crown."-May 23. 54th and 55th Years of his Majesty's Reign, Cap. XXV. To explain and amend an to provide for the better Execution of the Act made in the 48th year of his present Laws in Ireland, by appointing Superin- Majesty, for repealing the Duties of Asa tending Magistrates and additional Con- sessed Taxes, and granting new Dutics ut

bicu thereof; and to exempt such Dwelling. Use of the Seamen on board certain Ships or houses as may be employed for the sole pur. Vessels making short Voyages. June 16. pose of Trade, or of lodging Goods, Wares, Cap. XXXIV. To authorize the Issue or Merchandize, from the Duties charged of Erchequer Bills, and the Advance of by the said Act.-May 23.

Money out of the Consolidated Fund, to a Tenements which have been occupied as limited Arnount, for the carrying on of dwelling-houses, shall not be charged to Public Works and Fisheries in the United duties under recited Act, when employed Kingdom, and employment of the Poor in' solely for the purposes of trade, or as ware- Great Britain, in manner tlierein mentionhouses,

ed June 16. Mills, or places of manufacture, &c. not Commissioners of Treasury to issue Exattached to a dwelling-house, not liable to chequer Bills not exceeding 1.1,500,000. duty, though a servant licensed to guard Bills to bear an interest of twopence halfthe same abide therein.

penny per cent per dien. Exemption for one glazed window in a All such bills as shall be advanced for dairy in a farm-house.

the carrying on of any public works, shall Cap. XXVI. To amend and render more be made payable within three years from effectual four several Acts passed in the the issuing thereof; and all such bills as 48th, 49th, 52d, and 56th years of his pre- shall be advanced for the assistance of any sent Majesty, for enabling the Commission. parishes in Great Britain, shall be made ers for the Reduction of the National Debt payable within two years after Easter 1818. to grant Life Annuitics.--May 23.

Such bills not to be received in payment Cap. XXVII. For repealing the Duties of any tax before the day appointed for of Customs on Buck Wheat imported into their payments, &c. this Kingdom, and for granting other Dute Lord-Licutenant of Ireland may order ties, until the 25th day of March 1821, in the advance of L. 250,090 out of the prolieu thereof.-May 23.

duce of the consolidated fund there, for Duties on buck wheat repcaled, and, in the purposes of this Act, &c. stead thereof, a duty of 10s. per quarter Commissioners to meet to receive or apshall be paid.

point a person to receive applications in Cap. XXVIII.. To extend the Powers writing for the loan of Exchequer Bills, and of treo Acts for allowing British Planta. to ascertain the amount immediately wanted. tion Sugar and Coffee, and other Articles Commissioners to cause applications to imported into Bermuda in British Ships, be classed, and to establish regulations for to be exported to America in Foreign Ves- apportioning the sums to be advanced. sels; and to permit Articles, the Produce Treasury to direct the Exchequer to of America, to be imported into the suid issue bills in Great Britain, agreeably to Island in Foreign Ships, to certain other certificates of the commissioners, &c. Articles.-May 23.

Money may be advanced for public Cap. XXIX. To extend to Newfound works in Great Britain, in certain cases, on land the Provisions of an Act passed in the mortgage of rates without personal security. 52d year of his present Majesty's Reign, Money may be advanced for building or for permitting the exportation of Wares, repairing churches. Goods, and Merchandize, from any of his Trustees of roads, to whom advances are Majesty's Islands in the West Indies to made under this Act, may increase tolls any other of the said Islands, and to and for repayment. from any of the British Colonies on the Commissioners for drainage, for which Continent of America, und the said Islands advances shall be made, may increase rates and Colonies.- 1ay 23.

for repayment European goods, &c. may be exported Advance not to be made to parishes, unfrom Newfoundland to the West Indies, less application made with consent of ma&c. and from the West Indies, &c. to jority in number, and three-fourths in vaNewfoundland.

lue, of persons paying poor-rates, or where Cap. XXX. To regulate the Interests there is a select vestry, &c. then with conand Periods of Payment of Navy, Victual- sent of four-fifths of that body; and such ling, and Transport Bills.-May 23. applications from parishes to have the

Treasury may regulate the interest and sanction of two justices. period of payment of navy bills, &c. ; but Advance to any parish not to exceed the not to exceed 3fd. per cent a-day.

amount of last half year's poor-rate ; overCap. XXXI. For granting to his Ma- seers to pay instalment out of poor-rates, jesty a Sum of Money to be raised by Lot- and make rates, if necessary, for the purpose. teries.- May 23.

Advance to parishes to be repaid within Cap. XXXII. To repeal the Duties of two years from Easter 1818. Excise on Stone Bottles, and charge other Principal sums of Exchequer Bills, with Duties in licu thereof.June 16.

interest, to be repaid by instalments. &c. Cap. XXXIII. To reduce the Allow- The Bank may advance money on the thor of Spirits, Tea, and Tobacco, for the credit of this Act..

VOL, t.



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WILLIAM HENRY OSBORN, of Bordesley, provements in the composition and prepara tion of near Birmingham, in the county of Warwick, for a metal for the manufacturing thereof into sheets a method or principle of producing cylinders of or plates, and the application, when so prepared various descriptions. March 1, 1817.

and manufactured, to the preservation of ships, DANIEL WILSON, of Dublin, gentleman, for by sheathing or covering the bottoms therewith gas-light apparatuses, processes, and philosophical and an improvement or improvements of the instruments. March 1.

chain-pumps used on board ships., May 6. URBANUS SARTORIS, of Winchester Street, HENRY WILMS, of Union Street, Lambeth, London, merchant, for improvements in the con- Surrey, cabinet-maker; for an artificial leg, arm, struction and use of fire-arms. March 11.

and hand, on an improved construction. May 8. WILLIAM RAYBOULD, of Goswell Street, JAMES GERARD COLBERT, of Winsley Middlesex, brass-founder, for an improvement Street, in the parish of St Mary-le-Bone, Middle applicable to fire-stoves, grates, and ranges, of dif- sex, mechanical watch-maker; for certain improveferent descriptions. March 11.

ments in the method or methods of making screws LUDVIG GRANHOLM, of Foster-Lane, of iron, brass, steel, or other metals, for the use of London, captain in the royal navy of Sweden, for all kinds of wood-work. Communicated to him a process, mean or means, for pressing vegetable by a foreigner residing abroad. May 13. and animal products. March 11.

RICHARD WILLIAMS the elder, of Fursley, WILLIAM PANTER, of Hampton-hill, Bath, Gloucestershire, card-inaker; for certain improve Somersetshire, gentleman, for an improvement ments in the manufacturing of cards for dressing calculated to facilitate rotatory motion, and lessen or woollen cloths. May 13. iemove friction in wheel-carriages, and machinery JOHN WALKER, 12, Great Charles Street, of different descriptions. March 16.

Blackfriars Road, Christ Church, Surrey, millJOHN WINTER the younger, of Bristol, comb- wright; for an improved method of separating or maker, for a method of joining and combining extracting the molasses or treacle from and out of horn and tortoise-shell together, by means of heat Muscovado, brown, or new sugar. May 13. and pressure, thereby causing the same to adhere ARCHIBALD THOMSON, of Church Street, the one to the other, in such manner as to have Christ Church, Surrey, machinist and engineer; the appearance of solid tortoise-shell, and with all for a machine for cutting corks. May 17. the strength and elasticity of hom, by which he ROBERT SALMON, of Woburn, Bedfordshire, will be enabled to manufacture and vend the seve- gentleman; for an apparatus for the more useful, ral articles of hair-combs, and ornamental and sare, pleasant, and economic, use of candles; and other combs, and smuff-boxes, made of those ma- also improvements in the apparatus now in use for terials, at a chcap rate, and resembling and having part of the same ends. May 17. the appearance and beauty of real tortoise-shell. WILLIAM BOUND, of Ray Street, Clerken. March 18.

well, Middlesex, iron-founder, and WILLIAM DANIEL WHEELER, of Hyde Street, St STONE, of Berkley Street, in the same parishi George, Bloomsbury, Middlesex, colour maker, and county, brass-founder; for a method of apfor a method of drying and preparing malt. plying certain apparatus for converting the fuel, March 28.

and for heating retorts, of gas-lights apparatus, EDWARD NICHOLAS, of Llangattock Vibon into coke or charcoal. May 17. Avell, Monmouthshire, farmer, for a plough, for BENJAMIN COOK, of Birmingham, War. the purpose of covering with mould wheat and wickshire, gilt toy-maker; for an improved ine other grain when soun. April 19.

thod of making and constructing rollers and cylinANTONIO JOAQUIN ÉRIERE MARROCE, ders, both solid and hollow, which will be found of Broad-street-buildings, London, merchant; for useful in various manufactories in this kingdom. a" method of making or manufacturing an im. May 17. proved machine or instrument for calculating and WILLIAM OWEN, of Wrexham, Denbighascertaining the longitude at sea. Communicated shire, cabinet-maker ; for a portable table or box to him by Luis Coctane Altina de Campos, resid- mangle, upon a new or improved principle, for ing abroad. April 29.

getting up and smoothing of linen, cotton, and WILLIAM COLLINS, of Maize Hill, Green. other articles and things. May 17. wich, Kent, Esq. for an improvement or im



Chief Magistrates of Scottish Burghs, fr. Scpt. 17.-The Right Hon. Charles Chetwynd, Earl Talbot, to be Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Anstruther Easter-David Rodger, jun. 23. Lord William Gordon to be Receiver-Ge

Anstruther Wester-Andrew Meldrum neral of the duchy of Cornwall.

Auchtermuchty-David Scott
Oet. 4.--James Chalmers to be Solicitor for the Ayr-Hugh Cowan
Board of Excise in the Admiralty and Sheriff-

Burntisland-Sir P. C. Durham, K. C. B.
Courts, Edinburghshire.

Culross-James Gibson of Ingliston
Cupar Fife

John Cheape of Rossie
Member Returned to serve in Parliament. Crail-Robert Murray

Dundee-Alexander Riddoch Sept. 16.-Sir Christopher Cole, Bart. for Gla- Dunbar-William Hume morganshire, in room of B. Hall. Ésq. deceased.


Major David Wilson
Magistrates of Edinburgh.

Dumfries John Barker

Dumbarton-John Dixon of Leven Grove The Right Hon. Kincaid Mackenzie, Lord Pro- Falkland-Francis Deas vost. George White, Neil Ryrie, John Anderson, FortroseJames Fowler of Grange and Robert Anderson, Esgrs. Bailies. Alexander Glasgow-The Hon. James Black Henderson, Esq. Lord Dean of Guild. John Gatehouse of Fleet George Brown Manderston, Esq. Treasurer.

Greenock-Quintin Leitch

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