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ALPHABETICAL List of EnglisH BANKRUPTCIES, announced between August 16

and September 15, 1817, extracted from the London Gazette. Ashmead, T. Bristol, haberdasher

Mereweather, W. Arborfield, timber-merchant Best, J. Biriningham, pocketbook-maker

Mallins, J. Emmington, Oxford, dealer Bell, G. London, merchant

Nichols, T. and J. Marlow, Birmingham, leatherBetts, J. T. London, rectifying distiller

sellers Booth, J. and E. Caunce, Corlay, spirit-dealers Parker, W. Leeds, merchant Booth, G. London, ship-owner

Perkins, J. Coventry, doctor of physic Bloomfield, J. Commercial Road, plumber

Pierce, W. Benthall, potter Coulter, J. Chatham, carpenter

Parkes, B. Birmingham, wire-worker Cozens, W. Kensington, linen-draper

Rankine, D. and J. Wilson, Cambden Town, Daman, T. Teddington, farmer

merchants Dauncey, J. Baltonsbury, cattle-dealer

Russell, D. Downham, victualler Fry, E. London, upholsterer

Reeks, W. Jun. Wimborne Minster, tanner Francis, J. Hundson, corn-factor

Ripley, J. Lancaster, merchant Frisby, R. Leicester, horse-dealer

Renton, M. London, saddler Glasson, R. Graisdeck, butter-dealer

Spink, H. Westminster, smith Haynes, M. S. London, wine-dealer

Shaw, R. H. Liverpool, merchant Hurdis, R. Oxford, cordwainer

Stead, G London, cheese-monger Houghton, H. Warton, dealer

Taylor, J. Gosport, pawnbroker Hoyles, T. Nottingham, hosier

Tompson, J. Atherston, linen-draper James, R. Bailth, iron-monger

Tory, E. Christ-Church, Southampton, grocer Jackson, W.and W. Kelly. Shepton-Mallet, grocers Trehame, E. Llandarog, dealer Irwin, T. Chatham, merchant

Tuckett, P. D. and w. Bristol, wholesale grocers Lansdell, J. Jun. Bexhill, farmer

Weale, W. Binningham, brazier Lewis, E. Llanbister, farmer

Withers, J. Bristol, hat-manufacturer Mayor, J. London, merchant

Yeo, R. Bristol, hat-inanufacturer ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCIES, announced between August 15 and

September 15, 1817, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Easson, J. Ferry-Port-on-Craig, ship-owner: by Easton, J. Edinburgh, merchant

R. Millar, Jun. merchant, Dundee, 3d OctoGillan, J. Peterhead, merchant

ber. Harvey, T. Glasgow, merchant

Eddie, T. and Co. Forres, merchants; by J. Cum. Hyslop, W. Maxwellton, com-merchant

ming, agent for the British Linen Company Johnston, J. Glasgow, tanuer

there, 17th October Largie, J. Johnshaven, ship-owner

kennedy, W. Annan, merchant; by James Reis Oliver, P. New Castletown, ship-owner

therford, accountant there, 2014 SeptemPringle, A. Coldstream, merchant

ber Reid, J. Thurso, writer, &e.

Muirhead, J. Glasgow, merchant; by II. WarRoss, J. Inverness, coal and wood-merchant

drop, 44, Argyle Street there, 13th October DIVIDENDS.

Petrie, J. Arbroath, merchant; by Alexander Burnett, W. Leith, merchant; by the Trustee,

Mann, merchant there, 14th October Parliainent Stairs, Edinburgh, 10th October



a son.

22. At Rochsoles House, the lady of August 2. At Berlin, the Princess Wil. Lieutenant-Colonel Gerard of Rochsoles, a fiam of Prussia, sister-in-law to the King, daughter.

23. At Combermere Abbey, Cheshire, 3. Her Imperial Highness the Arch- Lady Elizabeth Keith Heathcote, a daughduchess Charles of Austria, a son.

ter, who died two days after. 7. At Bowscar, Cumberland, the lady of The wife of James Bond, jun. a Lieut.-Col. Youngston, a son and heir." chairman, in Lampard's Buildings, Bath,

12. At his house in London, the lady of three children, two boys and a girl. Count Jules de Polignac, a son.

24. At Edinburgh, Mrs Maitland of 15. At Framlington, Norfolk, Mrs Rig- Eccles, a son. by, four living children, three boys and a gir). At Castle Guthrie, the lady of Tho. Dr Rigby (the father) is a great-grandfather. mas Mylne, Esq. of Myinefield, a son.

17. At Caverhills, the lady of James The Lady Francis Cole, a son, at the Burnett, younger of Barns, a son.

house of her father, the Earl of Malmes. 18. Ať Linslade House, Buckingham- bury, in Hill Street, London. shire, Lady Jane Pym, a daughter.

In George's Square, Edinburgh, Mrs - The lady of the Rev. Sir Charles An- Folliott Baugh, a daughter. derson, Bart. a daughter.

The lady of Captain Brodie, Royal At Kilkenny, the lady of Major Mor. Scots, a son. rison, 7th dragoon guards, a son.

25. The lady of Lieutenant-Colonel 20. Lady Dunbar of Boath, a daughter. Black, a son. 21. The Queen of Spain, a daughter.

At Durie, the lady of C. M. Christie, At Quebec, the lady of Major George Esq. a son. Henderson, royal engineers, a son.

26. At Granton House, Mrs Jardine of

Granton, a son and heir to her lands of land Square, and of Manganna, county of Granton and others.

Dublin. 27. At Burwood House, the Right Hon. 14. At Kinchyle, by the Rev. J. M-Kil. Lady Lovaine, a son.

hean, Donald Kennedy, Esq. R. N. to 28. At Edinburgh Mrs Fergusson of Helen, only daughter of Jolin Clark, Esq. Baledmund, a daughter.

late of Demerara. 31. At Malines, the lady of Archibald 18. At Edinburgh, James Bridges, Esq. Macnab, Esq. of Macnab, a son.

writer to the signet, to Jane, youngest September 3. At Hillsborough, the Mar. daughter of the late Lieutenant-Colonel chioness of Downshire, a daughter. Macdonald, of the Royal Marines.

5. In London, the lady of Admiral Sir At Strathendry, Andrew Clephane, J. Beresford, Bart. a danghter.

Esq. advocate, to Anna Maria, second 7. At Exeter, the lady of Lieutenant- daughter of Robert Douglas, Esq. late Colonel Ellis, of the Inniskilling Dragoons, Lieutenant-Colonel 58th regiment of foot. a daughter.

19. At Glasgow, John Greenshields, 8. At Fogorigg, Mrs Bird, a daughter. Esq. late of Quebec, to Miss Margaret

In George Street, Edinburgh, the lady Inglis Dale, eldest daughter of James Dale, of John Mansfield, Esq. a son.

Esq. merchant. 9. At Wertwood, near Southampton, the

At Inverary, Captain Donald Camplady of Rear-Admiral Otway, a daughter. bell, Royal Navy, to Isabella, daughter of

At Brooinhall, the Countess of Elgin, John Campbell, Esq. of Craignure. a daughter.

At Culblair, near Inverness, the Rev. 10. In Edinburgh Castle, the lady of Charles Ross Matheson, minister of KilMajor Graham, 88th regiment, a son. muir Easter, to Caroline, youngest daugh

- In George Street, Edinburgh, Mrs ter of Colin Shaw, Esq. Hagart of Bantaskine, a daughter.

20. At Edinburgh, Gavin Alston, Esq. - In Queen Street, Edinburgh, the lady W S. to Jane Thomson, only daughter of of Robert Abercrombie, Esq. M. P. a Captain Thomson, Royal Navy, daughter.

21. At Eglinton Castle, Richard A. Os. Lately—Her Highness the Archduchess wald, Esq. of Auchencruive, to the Right Frances, Duchess of Modena, a daughter.

Hon. Lady Lilias M Queen. At Cork, the lady of Colonel Douglas, 24. At Montrose, William Mowbray, 37th regiment, a son.

Esq. merchant in Leith, to Miss M. M. At Aspley Hall, Notts, the lady of H. Chalmers, eldest daughter of the Rev. Willoughby, Esq. M. P. a son.

William Chalmers of Auchtergavon.

26. At Port-Glasgow, Mr James Dun. lop, merchant, Glasgow, to Marianne, only

daughter of the late Andrew Macmillan, July 18. At Leith, James Shirreff, jun. Esq. merchant, Port-Glasgow. Esq. merchant, Leith, to Miss Jess Millar, At Grange House, George Thorburn, second daughter of Archibald Millar, Esq. Esq. merchant, Leith, to Anne, daughter merchant there.

of Robert Forrester, Esq. Treasurer, Bank 3). The Duke of Saxe Cobourg, brother of Scotland. of Prince Leopold, to the Princess Louisa At Edinburgh, the Rev. Walter Dunof Saxe Gotha.

lop, Dumfries, to Miss Janet M‘Lean, August 6. At Edinburgh, Mr Henry daughter of the late Daniel M'Lean, Esq. Spears, Auchtertool, to Elizabeth, daugh- Supervisor of Excise. ter of the late William Dawson, Esq. of 27. At East Connage, near Fort George, Graden.

Kenneth Mackenzie, Esq. of Dundonnell, 8. Martin John West, Esq. to the Right to Isabella Colina, daughter of James Roy, Hon. Lady Maria Walpole, second daugh- Esq. Surgeon to the Forces ier of the Earl of Orford.

30. At Aberdeen, Mr Johnston, of the 12. His Royal Highness the Grand Duke Aberdeen Bank, to Euphemia, daughof Mecklenburg Strelitz, to her Highness ter of the late Forres Dougal, Esq. of the Princess Maria, daughter of the Land Portsmouth, Virginia, North America. grave Frederick of Hesse.

Sept. 1. At Bath, Richard Napier, Esq. At Lambeth Church, near London, son of the late Colonel Napier, to Mrs W. William Sibbald, M. D. Surgeon to the Staples, eldest daughter of Sir James Stew. Forces in the Isle of France, to Euphemia art of Fortstewart, county of Donegal, Anna Amelia Wright, only daughter of the Ireland, Bart. late Dr John Wright of Oporto.

4. At Eskmills, near Edinburgh, Mr 13. At Dublin, G. Wm. Hamilton Ainslie, brewer, Hawick, to Jessy Pringle, Rowan, Esq. Captain in the R. N. and daughter of Mr Pringle, late tenant in C. B. eldest son of A. Hamilton Rowan, Easterstead, Roxburghshire. Esq. of Killileagh, in the county of Down, At London, Thomas Jones Howell, to Miss Catharine Cockburn, eldest daugh- Esq. of Prinknash Park, in the county of fer of Lieutenant-General Cockburn of Rut- Gloucester, to Susanna Maria Macleod, eld



est daughter of the late Alexander Hume, Esq. of Leeds. His remains rest in the Esq. of Harris.

Temple of Theseus, close by those of the 5. At London, James Maxwell, Esq. of lamented Tweddell. Kirkconnel, stewartry of Kirkcudbright, July 11. At Kingston, Jamaica, of the to Dorothy, only daughter of William endemial fever, Major John Lee, of the Witham, Esq. of Gray's Inn.

Royal Scots, senior Aid-de-Camp to Major8. At Edinburgh, Lieutenant-Colonel General Conran, commanding his Majesty's Burton, to Miss Eliza Holland, niece of forces on that island. Colonel E. Walker, Holland House, New- 13. Mr William Henry Paulson, Midington.

shipman of his Majesty's ship Queen Char. At Kirkcaldy, Mr Henry Charles lotte. He, with eight seamen, all volunFrederick Johnston, of Shoreditch, Lon- tcers, were upset in a galley, in a gale, don, to Miss Mary Ann Hammond of off Sidmouth, whilst employed in the Kirkcaldy.

service for the prevention of smuggling. - At Dunino Manse, Fifeshire, Charles when, melancholy to relate, being a mile Roger, Esq. Dundee, to Anne, daughter from the shore, and the sea running very of the late John Cruikshank, Esq. of the high, all perished ! Island of St. Vincent.

17. At Glen Street, Kilmarnock, Wil. At Annanhill, Robert Buchanan, liam Stevenson, aged 87 years. He was Esq. merchant in Glasgow, to Miss Mar- originally from Dunlop, and bred a mason; garet Dunlop, daughter of the late Wil. but, during many of the latter years of his liam Dunlop, Esq. of Annanhill.

life, he wandered about as a common beg. 9. At Glasgow, John May, Esq. mer- gar. Stevenson was much afflicted, durcliant there, to Mary Lion, eldest daughtering the last two years of his life, with the of Jolin Alston of Westertown, Esq.

As his disease increased, he was 11. At London, John Jones, Esq. of fully aware of his approaching dissolution, Llanarth Court, in Monmouthshire, to and for this event he made the following Lady Harriet Plunkett, only daughter of extraordinary preparation :-He sent for a the Earl of Fingal.

baker, and ordered twelve dozen of burial Lately At Edinburgh, James Ochter- cakes, and a great profusion of sugar bislony Lockhart Mure, Esq. of Livingston, cuits, together with a corresponding quantito Miss Margaret Learmonth of Parkhall. ty of wine and spirituous liquors. He told

Sir Francis Ford, Bart. to Eliza, only the baker, that if this quantity was not surviving daughter of Henry Brady, Esq. sufficient, he should provide more, as noof Limerick, deceased.

thing but whole cakes were to be served At Ayr, Lieutenant Murray, 31st regi. about at his funeral. He next sent for ment of foot, to Frances, only daughter of the joiner, and ordered a coftin decently the late William Wallace of Sauchrie, Esq. mounted, with particular instructions that

At Aylesbury, Bucks, William Lake, the wood should be quite dry, and the joints Esq. aged 78, to Elizabeth, only daughter of firm, and impervious to water. The graveRichard Norris, Esq. a beautiful and ac- digger was next sent for, whom he enjoin. complished young lady of 13, both of that ed to make his grave roomy, and in a dry place.

comforable corner; and he might rest as. At Gainford, Hay Clephane, Esq. of the sured that he would be well rewarded for Hon. East India Company's civil service, to his care and trouble. Having made these Jane, widow of the late Colonel Burnaby arrangements, in a few hours afterwards, Poles.

in the full exercise of his mental powers, but in the most excruciating agonies, he

expired. A neighbour, and a man of bu. January 23. At Meerat, East Indies, siness, were immediately sent for to exMrs Bruton, wife of Major Bruton, of his amine and seal up his effects. The first Majesty's 8th Light Dragoons.

thing they found was a bag, containing February. At Ceylon, William Orr, large silver pieces, such as crowns, halfEsq. of the civil service there, eldest son of crowns, and dollars, to a large amount. the late Patrick Orr, Esq. of Bridgeton. In a corner was secreted, amongst a vast

June 17. At Nassau, New Providence, quantity of musty rags, a great number of the Rev. John Stephen, LL.D. Rector of guineas, and seven shilling pieces. In his Christ Church, and Chaplain to his Majesty's trunk was found a bond for L. 300, and Forces in the Bahama Islands.

other bonds and securities to a very con25. At Montreal, Canada, Mr Thomas siderable amount. In all, the property Webster, second son of the late Thomas amounted to L. 900. Webster, Esq. of Balkeithly.

August 5. At Arbroath, Mr David 30. At Athens, aged 24, of a fever oc- Balfour, late Provost of that burgh. casioned by fatigue in the too ardent pur- At his house in Stirling, Robert suit of knowledge, and rendered fatal by Loudon, Esq. late Captain in the Forfarthe extreme heat of the climate, Benjamin shire militia, much regretted by his friends Gott, jun. second son of Benjamin Gott, and acquaintance.


9. At Dessau, in his 77th year, the 26. At Amsterdam, the Dowager Marreigning Duke, Leopold Frederick Francis, chioness of Sligo. Her Ladyship was born after a few days illness.

on the 9th of December 1767, and was the At Wellerstein, the Duchess Dowager youngest daughter and co-heiress of the late D'Oettingen Wellerstein, of a fit of apo- gallant Earl Howe. In 1787 she was marplexy.

ried to the late Marquis of Sligo, by whom 10. At Portsoy, James Grant, Esq. she had a son, the present Marquis. To sometime of Montreal, North America. her second husband, Sir William Scott, she

At Doonfoot, Mr Charles Abercrom- was married about five years since. Her by, civil engincer.

Ladyship was a woman of much literary 11. At London, Major-General Sir Mon- accomplishment. tagu R. Burgoyne, Bart.

At Lurgan Green, Ireland, Mr PaAt Cheltenham, William Mackin- trick Coffey, jun. He and two of his sis. tosh, Esq. of Balnespick.

ters (Mrs Ward and Miss Mary Coffey) 13. At Stonehaven, llelen Macdonald, fell victims to the typhus fever in the niece and representative of Angus of Kep- course of a few days. poch of 1715, and relict of William Paull, 27. In London, the Right Hon. Frances Aberdeen.

Lady Redesdale, in her 51st year. Her 14. At Darlington, Isabella Burnsides, Ladyship was the daughter of the late Earl aged 104 years.

of Egmont, sister to the present Lord Ar16. At Hartree House, Colonel Alex• den, and the late lamented Right Hon. ander Dickson of Hartree.

Spencer Perceval. - At Nairn, Archibald Baillie, Esq. 28. At Airdrie, parish of Kirkbean, Mr second son of the late Colonel Baillie of Robert Newall, aged 67. Dunean.

At Aberdeen, John Low, Esq. advo17. At Burntsfield Links, Miss Catha- cate, in the 19th year of his age. rine Forbes Montgomerie.

29. At Clontarf, near Dublin, the Hon. - At Edinburgh, Mr Richard Crich- Robert Henry Southwell, late of Castle ton, architect.

Hamilton, county Cavan, and formerly 19. At London, Miss Margaret Mure, Lieutenant-Colonel of the 8th dragoons. daughter of the deceased Baron Mure. He was only brother of the late, and uncle

20. At Stubbington, Hants, at the ad- of the present Viscount Southwell. vanced age of 84, Mrs St John, aunt of Sir 30. At Auchnefauld, in Perthshire, EliHenry Si John Mildmay, Bart.

zabeth Murray, in the 110th year of her At Kersehill, Mrs Christian Rattray, age. She was in good health, and enjoyed wife of Alexander Ramsay, Esg. banker, the use of all her faculties till within a few Falkirk.

days of her death. - At Setonhill, East Lothian, Mr Pe. At Brackley, Kinross-shire, Alexanter Bairnsfather, jun. farmer.

der Burt, Esq. late of Jamaica, sincerely At Delbandy, in Glenlivat, parish of regretted. Inveraven, Banffshire, John Stewart, mes. - At Dublin, William Ridgeway, Esq. senger at arms, at the advanced age of 101. barrister-at-law, to the inconsolable grief

23. At Millhill, Musselburgh, Charles of a widow and seven children. This genStewart, Esq. formerly Commander of the tleman fell a victim to a typhus fever, Hon. East India Company's ship Airly caught by the excessive and suffocating Castle.

heat of the court-house of Trim, during At Edinburgh, in the 74th year of the trial of Roger O'Connor, Esq. his age, Mr John Ballantyne, late merchant 31. At Marywell Park, by Arbroath, in Kelso.

Miss Alison Carnegy, daughter of the late At Dornoch, at the advanced age of Patrick Carnegy, Esq. of Lower. 96 years, John Barclay, Esq. Dean of At Twickenham, the Viscountess Guild. He was on the magistracy of that Howe, aged 75, widow of William Lord ancient burgh for the last 17 years. Viscount Howe, daughter of the Right

24. At Herne Hill, near Dulwich, the Hon. William Conolly of Castletown, in celebrated singer and actress, Signora Sto- Ireland, by Lady Anne Wentworth, eldest

daughter of Thomas Earl of Strafford. Three days after giving birth to a - At Plymouth Dock, Sir John Thomas daughter, Emma, the wife of Frederick Duckworth, G. C. B. Admiral of the White W. Campbell, Esq. of Barbreck, North Squadron, Commander in Chief at that Britain, and of Englefield-green, Surrey. port, and M. P. for New Romney. He

25. At Edinburgh, Mr Adam Brooks, was promoted to the rank of Rear-Admiral merchant there.

of the Blue on the 14th February 1799 ; - At York, aged 50, Major James Mur. was made a Vice-Admiral on the 23d ray Grant, late Assistant Inspector-General April 1804; and Admiral on the 31st of the Barrack Department.

July 1810. On the 7th February 1806, 26. At Glasgow, the Rev. Mr William he commanded the detachment of seven Thomson, minister of Ocbiltree.

sail of the line, two frigates and two sloops,

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which engaged, in the bay of St Domingo, Right Hon. Richard Brinsley Sheridan. a squadron of French ships, consisting of Mrs Lefanu was a lady of genius and litefive sail of the line, one, L'Imperiale, a

rary attainments. She was the author of three-decker, two frigates, and a corvette, the comedy of the “ Sons of Erin.which he entirely defeated, after a gallant 5. At Leith, Mr Robert Thomson, meraction of two hours; capturing L'Alexandre chant there. of 84 guns, Le Jupiter and Le Brave of 74 At Edinburgh, Mrs Rachel Milne, guns each, and driving on shore L'Impe- wife of Robert Rattray, Esq. writer to the riale of 120 guns, bearing the flag of Rear- signet. Admiral Le Seigle, and Le Diomede, of At Edinburgh, Mrs Isabella Monro, 84 guns, which he afterwards burned. relict of Dr Robert Lawson, physician, Some years since a pension of L. 100) per Edinburgh. annum was settled on him for his services. 6. At Dumfries, Mrs Janet Paul, aged His only son, Colonel Duckworth, was kil- 80, wife of Mr William Taylor, watchled in one of the engagements under the maker. She was the only surviving sister Duke of Wellington, in Spain.

of the celebrated Paul Jones. Sept. 1. At Dublin, Mr Justice Os. - At Bellisle, Mrs Hamilton of Pinmore. borne. His Lordship fell a victim to the 9. At Edinburgh, Forrest Dewar, Esq. fever which is now raging with such de surgeon there. structive fury throughout the country. 12. At Collylin, New Kilpatrick, Mr The first symptoms of illness appeared just Mitchell, farmer. as the circuit, which the learned Judge Lately- At Dunevely, Ireland, nearly went, had terminated. He was a very few 70 years of age, the Rev. George Brydon, days unwell, and until Saturday last was the first, and during 40 years, Presbyterian not considered to be affected with any thing minister of the congregation of Kircubbin. more dangerous than a slight cold. Judge At Madrid, after a short illness, at the Osborne fell a victim to his kindness and house of her sister, Lady Whittingham, humanity. His crier had taken ill on cir- Barbara, the wife of Bartholomew Frere, cuit, and the worthy Judge took him into Esq. his Majesty's Secretary of Embassy at his coach, on his return to town.

the Ottoman Porte. The marriage had 3. At Dumfries, Miss Laurie of Max. been solemnized by proxy, according to the welltown.

usual form, but Mr Frere having been deAt Leeds, Mr John Urquhart, mer. tained at Constantinople by the business of chant, late of Glasgow.

the Embassy, during Sir Robert Liston's At his seat of Tonley, in Aberdeen- absence, never had the happiness of seeing shire, in the 84th year of his age, James her since their union. Byres, Esq. This venerable gentleman Of the typhus fever, prevalent in Ireresided long at Rome, which he finally left land, the Rev. Arthur Ford, Protestant in 1790. To most of our countrymen who clergyman, Downpatrick. visited that city, and to many foreigners of At Apernon, the Marquis of Croisinere, distinction, he was well known ; and was in the tooth year of his age. no less respected for his probity, than his At Ballachroan, county of Inverness, society was courted for his learning and Mrs Captain Forbes Macdonell, second taste, and agreeable manner of communi. daughter of the late John M.Pherson, Esq. eating his knowledge to others.

of Inverhall. 4. At Sandwich, after a long illness, the At Llandegai, Carnarvonshire, in the consequence of a severe paralytic stroke, 80th year of his age, Mr William Wil. which she had 11 years ago, and from which liams, author of “ Observations on the she never recovered, Mrs Judith Harvey, Snowden Mountains," and of many useful aged 74 years, relict of Captain John Har- and amusing productions in the Welsh vey, who fell so distinguished in the mc- language. morable 1st of June 1794, whilst command. In Westmoreland, Sarah Hearn, aged ing his Majesty's ship Brunswick, in the 100 years and seven months. Her hus. honourable post of Second to Admiral Earl band, who had been married to her upHowe.

wards of half a century, followed her to the Near Musselburgh, John Wilson, grave at the advanced age of 95. Esq. late solicitor in London.

At Leghorn, near Louth, in Ireland, at - At her son's house, Royal Hibernian the advanced age of 96, William Porteous, School, Phænix-park, near Dublin, after who enjoyed his faculties to the last. At a lingering and agonizingly painful illness his request, a favourite ass, which he had of more than eight months, Alicia, wife of rode to Louth market upwards of 30 years Joseph Lefanu, Esq. and sister of the late was shot, and buried at the same time.

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George Rainsay and Co. Printers, Edinburgh.

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