The Law Times, Том 65

Лицевая обложка
Office of The Law times, 1878

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Стр. 24 - This, no doubt, is in general a sufficiently accurate test; for a right to participate in profits affords cogent, often conclusive, evidence that the trade in which the profits have been made was carried on in part for or on behalf of the person setting up such a claim. But the real ground of the liability is that the trade has been carried on by persons acting on his behalf.
Стр. 134 - ... may inquire into the existence of ante-nuptial or post-nuptial settlements made on the parties whose marriage is the subject of the decree, and may make such orders with reference to the application of the whole or a portion of the property settled either for the benefit of the children of the marriage or of their respective parents as to the Court shall seem fit.
Стр. 62 - An Appeal from the Country to the City, for the Preservation of His Majesties Person, Liberty, Property, and the Protestant Religion.
Стр. 62 - A witness in any cause may be questioned as to whether he has been convicted of any felony or misdemeanour, and, upon being so questioned, if he either denies' the fact, or refuses to answer, it shall be lawful for the opposite party to prove such conviction...
Стр. 162 - Justices, in his or their discretion, to order that no person shall have access to or be or remain in such room or building without the consent or permission of such Justice or Justices, if it appear to him or them that the ends of Justice will be best answered by so doing.
Стр. 123 - No person shall be deemed to have derived a settlement from any other 'person, whether by parentage, estate, or otherwise, except in the case of a wife from her husband and in the case of a child under the age of sixteen, which child shall take the settlement of its father or of its widowed mother, as the case may be, up to that age, and shall retain the settlement so taken until it shall acquire another.
Стр. 184 - Subject to the provisions hereinafter mentioned, and to the prescribed rules, any court may commit to prison for a term not exceeding six weeks, or until payment of the sum due, any person who makes default in payment of any debt or instalment of any debt due from him in pursuance of any order or judgment of that or any other competent court.
Стр. 96 - When a contract is alleged in any pleading, a bare denial of the contract by the opposite party shall be construed only as a denial of the making of the contract in fact, and not of its legality or its sufficiency in law, whether with reference to the Statute of Frauds or otherwise.
Стр. 1 - ... a Court or a judge shall have power to enlarge or abridge the time appointed by these rules, or fixed by any order enlarging time, for doing any act or taking any proceeding, upon such terms (if any) as the justice of the case may require, and any such enlargement may be ordered although the application for the same is not made until after the expiration of the time appointed or allowed.
Стр. 118 - Islands" mean any part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, the islands of Man, Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney, and Sark, and the islands adjacent to any of them being part of the dominions of Her Majesty.

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