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cording mortgages, making failure to pay

taxes a bar to enforcement of indebtedness

in certain cases, fixing penalties and repeal-

ing existing statutes, and approved at a

special session of the State Legislature,

1917, and providing that the revenues ac-

cruing to the University of Kentucky and

the State Normal Schools shall be in lieu

of the revenue provided and the appropria-

tions made in section one of section four

thousand five hundred and thirty-five b, four

thousand six hundred and thirty-six b, and

subsection five of section four thousand six

hundred and thirty-six c of the Kentucky

Statutes, Edition of One Thousand Nine

hundred and Fifteen, and of Chapter one

hundred and twenty, Acts of one thousand

nine hundred and four, and subsections

twenty-nine, thirty-five, thirty-six of section
four thousand five hundred and thi y-five e
of the Kentucky Statutes, Edition One Thou-
sand nine hundred and fifteen, H. B. 168–
Hamilton, A. L.


5. An Act to amend and re-enact section 19 of

chap 1 of the acts of the extraordinary ses-

sion of the General Assembly of 1917, relat-

ing to appointment and number of county

supervisors. H. B. 35-Spurrier.


6. An Act to prohibit the shipment and deliv-

ery of intoxicating liquors in local option

territory and prohibiting any person in such

territory from receiving such liquors, pro-

hibiting the soliciting of orders for such

liquors in said territory and providing pun.

ishment therefor. S. B. 61--Taylor...... 16

7. An Act to accept the conditions of an Act of

Congress of the United States entitled,

"An Act to provide for the promotion of

vocational education; to provide for co-op-

eration with the states for the promotion

of such education in agriculture and the

trades and industries; to provide for the

mission, prescribing its powers and duties,

providing a budget system of appropria-

tions and a method for ascertaining the ex-

penditures of the various departments of

the state government; providing for certain

reports to be made to the Budget Appro-

priation Commission and the manner of

making the same; providing for the sub-


mission to the General Assembly of a bud-

get compiled by the Budget Appropriation

Commission and fixing penalties for viola-

tion. S. B. 24-Harlan.........


Chapter 13. An Act to amend sections 3486 and 3502 of

Kentucky Statutes (Carroll's Edition, 1915)

relating to cities of the fourth class. S. B.



Chapter 14. An Act relating to charitable institutions,

and providing and appropriating an annual

per capita for the pauper and part pay in-

mates of the Eastern, Western and Cen-

tral State Hospitals, and for the Kentucky

Institute for Feeble Minded Children, and

fixing the amount of per capita to be paid

by inmates of said institutions who may be

able to pay, and repealing laws in conflict.

S. B. 79—Combs


Chapter 15. An Act to repeal and re-enact article 15, chap-

ter 32, Kentucky Statutes, which article is

entitled, “Sale and purchase of corpora-

tions," and consists of section 883b of Car-

roll's Kentucky Statutes, edition of 1915,

by substituting the terms of this Act there.

for. S. B. 59-Helm.....


Chapter 16. An Act to amend an Act approved December

3, 1892, entitled, “An Act relating to inter-

est and usury." S. B. 4-Glenn....


Chapter 17. An Act creating the office of district detective

to the Commonwealth's Attorney in coun-

ties containing cities of the second class, in

which there is located circuit courts of con-

tinuous session, prescribing the method of

appointment and removal, the duties, powers

and salary and the method of payment of

such officer. H. B. 23-Klair.


Chapter 18. An Act for the benefit of West Kentucky In-

dustrial College, making appropriations

therefor; providing for State ownership of

lands bought or improved, and prescribing

regulations for the control of said institu-

tion. S. B. 111-Gardner..

...... 55

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Chapter 19. An Act to amend an Act entitled An Act to

incorporate the Confederate Home and pro-

vide for the maintenance thereof, approved

March 7, 1902; amended March 26, 1904,

March 21, 1906, March 19, 1110, March 18,

1912, March 16, 1916. H. B. 149–Radcliffe 58

Chapter 20. An Act to provide for the payment of the

clerical assistance of the Auditor of Pub-

lic Accounts and for additional assistance

for the proper conduct of said office. H. B.



Chapter 21. An Act entitled, "An Act to repeal and re-

enact sub-section 4 of section 2739 Ken-

tucky Statutes (Carroll's Edition of 1915)

relating to motor vehicles.” S. B. 239

Harriss ..


Chapter 22. An Act regulating the weight of load that

may be hauled over public streets, high-

ways, bridges and culverts, and regulating

speed of automobile trucks and automobiles

and providing penalties for violation. S.

B. 110—Perry


Chapter 23. An Act to amend and re-enact sections 4329

and 4325 and sub-sections 5, 10, 12, 14, 18

and 25, of section 4356x of Kentucky Stat-

utes, Carroll's Edition of 1915, relating to

public roads. S. B. 145—Lewis....


Chapter 24. AD Act to create a State Board of Control

for the management and supervision of the

penal and eleemosynary institutions of this

State; to vest in said board all the powers,

duties and privileges now vested by law in

the Board of Control and the Board of Pen-

itentiary Commissioners of the State of

Kentucky, fixing the salaries of the mem-

bers and terminating the terms of the

office of the members of said existing boards.

S. B. 316—Richardson


Chapter 25. An Act relating to mines and mining; to fur..

ther regulate the operation of coal mines;

to provide a more efficient supervision and

regulation of such mines; to provide for the



appointment and to fix the salaries of the

chief inspector and the assistant inspectors

of mines; and to otherwise provide for the

greater protection to the lives and health

of persons employed in and about the coal

mines of this State; to provide for parti-

tioning the coal fields of the State into

rescue station divisions and for the train-

ing of rescue crews by the chief inspector

and the assistant inspectors of mines. H. B.

403–Spurrier ..

Chapter 26. An Act relating to the maintenance of inter-

county seat State aid roads. S. B. 109-

Perry ..


Chapter 27. An Act to amend section 2 of chapter 69 of an

Act of the General Assembly of 1914 which

is “An Act to regulate, license and govern

use of motor vehicles.” S. B. 345—Glenn...... 83

Chapter 28. An Act concerning loan and investment com-

panies in cities of the first and second class,

defining same and providing for the incor-

poration, powers, supervision and control

of such companies. H. B. 211–Dill.......


Chapter 29. An Act providing for the appointment of a

member of the State Tax Commission to

succeed the Auditor of Public Accounts on

said Commission. H. B. 460-Demunbrun.... 92

Chapter 30. An Act repealing section 4527, chapter 113,

article 16, Kentucky Statutes, Carroll's edi-

tion, 1915, relative to the State Normal

School for Colored Persons and amending

and re-enacting same. H. B. 108--Oliver,

T. P.


Chapter 31. An Act relating to banks and banking, being

an Act to amend section 579, Kentucky Stat.

utes, Carroll's edition, 1915, entitled, “Busi-

ness—when may begin-powers of corpora-

tion." S. B. 279--Combs.....


Chapter 32. An Act to appropriate money to be expended

by the Board of Prison Commissioners for

improvements in the cell houses at the State

penitentiary, Eddyville, Kentucky. S. B. 152



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