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Chapter 170. An Act to amend section 965, Kentucky Stat-

utes, relating to circuit courts in the

Twelfth Judicial District. S. B. 11—Peak.. 680

Chapter 171. An Act relating to cities of the fifth class,

chapter 89, Kentucky Statutes, and provid-

ing for the publication of the ordinances

thereof and the advertising of such matters

as are required to be made by such cities,

and fixing a rate to be charged therefor by

newspapers. S. B. 38—Richardson..


Chapter 172. An Act changing the time for holding the

sessions of circuit courts of the Ninth Cir.

cuit Court District of Kentucky. S. B. 45-



Chapter 173. An Act repealing section 2276 of Carroll's

Kentucky Statutes relating to the pay of

jurors and re-enacting the same with cer-

tain modifications thereof. S. B. 53-Carter 685

Chapter 174. An Act in relation to advertisement concern-

ing venereal diseases. S. B. 80--Combs.... 686

Chapter 175–An Act to amend and re-enact' sections 18 and

20 of the Act approved March 17, 1914,

entitled, An Act relating to the establish-

ment, protecting and building of levees for

the public benefit, which appears on page

71 of the Acts of the General Assembly of

the Commonwealth of Kentucky, 1914, pro-

viding, for making assessments against

lands, protected by levees, for the purpose

of raising money to pay the principal and

interest, on bonds and other liabilities of

the district and levee commissioners, which

now exist or may hereafter be incurred, and

providing for the reconstruction, repair and

maintenance of levees heretofore con-

structed, for which the general laws of

Kentucky pertaining to drainage of lands

may not be applicable. S. B. 194–Frost....... 687

Chapter 176. An Act to amend sections one, seven, sixteen,

seventeen and forty-five of an act entitled,

“An Act to prcvide an elective system of

workmen's compensation for industrial acci-

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bindery ..

House No. 13. Resolution employing stenographer to the

chief clerk of the House of Representatives 714

House No. 23. Resolution for the benefit of the ministers

of the Gospel of Frankfort..........


House No. 25. A joint resolution to reimburse certain per-

sons in Campbell county for the unexpired

term values of their liquor licenses made

inoperative by reason of war orders and

ordinances passed pursuant thereto.............. 716

House No. 34. Resolution for the benetfi of the clerks of

House of Representatives and Senate............ 717

House No. 36. Joint resolution providing for the payment

of the expenses of a committee appointed

to investigate the matter of the removal of

the State Board of Health..


House No. 37. Resolution providing an appropriation for

the benefit of Edward L. Allen, S. F. Day, A.

F. Hanberry and G. Frank Walthall for

costs and attorneys' fees incurred by them

in contests in the House of Representatives 719




AN ACT to amend and re-enact Section 6 of Chapter 1, of the

Acts of the Extraordinary Session of 1917, relating to expenses and employees of the State Tax Commission.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky:

§ 1. That section 6 of chapter 1 of the acts of the extraordinary session of 1917 be amended and re-enacted so that same will read as follows:

The State Tax Commission is authorized to employ a secretary and other assistants. The commission, secretary and other assistants who may be employed shall be entitled to receive from the State their actual and necessary expenses when traveling on business of the commission. Such expenses shall be submitted in an itemized claim, as now provided by law, and the claim must be approved by the commission. The aggregate expenses of the commission and assistants, office expenses and traveling expenses shall not exceed $50,000.00 per annum. The appropriation herein made for the

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support of the tax commission shall continue until

the:expiration of the next regular session of the Loneral Assembly and until any law passed by said General Assembly in lieu hereof becomes effective.

§ 2. The State Tax Commission now having on hand an enormous amount of work and not sufficient funds to employ the necessary assistants, an emergency is declared to exist and this act shall become effective upon its approval by the Governor.

Approved February 8, 1918.

AN ACT to amend Section four thousand six hundred and forty-

two Kentucky Statutes, Carroll's Edition, one thousand nine
hundred and fifteen, relating to fees of official stenographic
reporters in counties having a population of one hundred and
fifty thousand or more.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the
Commonwealth of Kentucky:

§ 1. That Section 4642 of the Kentucky Statutes,
Carroll's Edition, 1915, be amended by adding to
said section the following words:

Provided, further, that in counties having a population of one hundred and fifty thousand or more, the reporters of the common pleas and chancery branches of said court shall be paid for their services at the rate of eighteen hundred dollars per amnum in each calendar year, or a proportionate amount where they serve for less than a year, such salaries to be paid in monthly installments by the fiscal court of the county in which said reporters are appointed, out of the county treasury from money raised for county purposes, and all fees collected by said reporters for services rendered in their respective offices, not exceeding eighteen hun

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