New Monthly Magazine, Том 152

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Henry Colburn, 1878

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Стр. 278 - Ay, but to die, and go we know not where ; To lie in cold obstruction, and to rot ; This sensible warm motion to become A kneaded clod ; and the delighted spirit To bathe in fiery floods, or to reside In thrilling regions of thick-ribbed ice ; To be imprisoned in the viewless winds, And blown with restless violence round about The pendent world...
Стр. 428 - Is not a Patron, my Lord, one who looks with unconcern on a man struggling for life in the water, and when he has reached ground, encumbers him with help...
Стр. 430 - PENSION [an allowance made to any one without an equivalent. In England it is generally understood to mean pay given to a state hireling for treason to his country'].
Стр. 434 - Irish imagination were exhaustless I have heard that man speak more poetry than I have ever seen written — though I saw him seldom, and but occasionally.
Стр. 374 - ... and even then he kept all his wits about him, to express the most humble and pathetic petitions to the Almighty : and when the first paralytic stroke took his speech from him, he instantly set about composing a prayer in Latin, at once to deprecate God's mercy, to satisfy himself that his mental powers remained unimpaired, and to keep them in exercise, that they might not perish by permitted stagnation.
Стр. 376 - Nay, hold Mr. Johnson, and do not make a farce of thanking God for a dinner which in a few minutes you will protest not eatable.
Стр. 375 - Mother, I have not deceived Mrs. Porter : I have told her the worst of me ; that I am of mean extraction ; that I have no money ; and that I have had an uncle hanged.
Стр. 376 - a man seldom thinks with more earnestness of anything than he does of his dinner, and if he cannot get that well dressed, he should be suspected of inaccuracy in other things." One day, when he was speaking upon the subject, I asked him if he ever huffed his wife about his dinner? "So often," replied he, "that at last she called to me, and said, 'Nay, hold, Mr.
Стр. 375 - Sir, she had read the old romances, and had got into her head the* fantastical notion that a woman of spirit should use her lover like a dog. So, Mr, at first she told me that I rode too fast, and she could not keep up with me ; and, when I rode a little slower, she passed me, and complained that I lagged behind. I was not to be made the slave of caprice ; and I resolved lo begin as I meant to end.
Стр. 430 - The company having laughed heartily, Johnson stood forth in defence of his friend. " Nay, Gentlemen, (said he,) Dr. Goldsmith is in the right. A nobleman ought to have made up to such a man as Goldsmith ; and I think it is much against Lord Camden that he neglected him.

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