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Wordsworth makes à tour in North Wales--Is urged

to enter the Church-His misgivings-He revisits

France (Nov., 1791) during the Revolution His

sympathy with the movement-Becomes a patriot-

Associates with the military officers in Paris-Forms

a friendship with Beaupuis at Orleans-Proceeds

thence to Blois-Returns to Paris, and finds France

a Republic-Hears Robespierre denounced-Is com-

pelled to return to England—Is again urged to em.

brace the clerical profession — Obstacles in the way

-Deplores the results of the Revolution—Is opposed

to the Bar-Annoyance of his relatives— An Even-

ing Walk' (1793) — Descriptive etches' (1793)—

Visits the Isle of Wight, where Raisley Calvert lies


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in two volumes (1800)-Wordsworth is visited by his

brother Jobn-His great poetic period (1795-1800)

referred to-Is visited by Coleridge (August, 1800) -

Life at Dove Cottage- Visits France with his sister · 67



Wordsworth's domestic happiness Leigh Hunt's

account of his appearance — His literary friendships

-His brother Richard dies (1816)—'Peter Bell’(1819)

— The Waggoner' (1819)—The River Duddon,' etc.

(1820)— Visits Switzerland and Italy, and, returning,

narrowly escapes shipwreck (1820)—Is thrown from

his horse and seriously injured (1822)— Memorials

of a tour on the Continent, 1820' (1822)— Ecclesias-

tical Sketches' (1822)— Visits Belgium and Holland

(1823)—Makes à tour in North Wales (1824)-His

library–His habit of reading and correcting his own

poems—Sir George Beaumont dies, and leaves him

an annuity of £100 (1827)-Makes an excursion with

his daughter and Coleridge into Flanders (1828)—

Visits Ireland (1829)–His eldest son marries (1830)—

Visits Sir Walter Scott at Abbotsford (1831)—Death

of Scott (1832) -



Wordsworth visits the Isle of Man en route for Scotland

(1833)—Poems and incidents relating to the Island

Coleridge dies (July 25, 1834)--Charles Lamb dies

(Dec. 27, 1834)—Loses several friends by death

(1835)— Yarrow Revisited, and other Poems’ (1835)

- Evening Voluntaries '—His alleged Pantheism,

Sarah Hutchinson dies (1836)—Visits Italy (1837)-

• The Sonnets of William Wordsworth' (1838)—Uni.

versity of Oxford confers D.C.L. upon him (1839)-Is

acknowledged to be the greatest living poet—Is visited

by Mrs. Sigourney (1840) His darling daughter,

Dora, marries Edward Quillinan (1841)—Classified

collection of his poems in six volumes (1842)—Poems :

chiefly of Early and Late Years, including “The Bor.

derers, a Tragedy”. (1842)-Resigns the Distributor-

ship of Stamps-Is awarded by the Crown a pension

of £300 per annum



Southey dies (March 21, 1843)—Wordsworth is ap-

pointed Poet Laureate-Jeffrey’s ‘Essays' republished

-Is presented to the Queen (1845) - Reference to

Dorothy, his invalid sister-His brother Christopher

dies (1846)—His younger son marries (1847)—Dora

Quillinan dies (July 9, 1847)—Hartley Coleridge

dies (1849)—Daily life at Rydal Mount-Anecdotes

of Wordsworth


Wordsworth attends Divine Service at Rydal Chapel

for the last time (March 10, 1850)-Is taken ill two

days later, and dies in his eighty-first year (April 23,

1850)—Is interred in Grasmere Churchyard - Inscrip-

tion on his tombstone_Text of tablet in the church 191


On Wordsworth's Poetry

- 201




"At first, the infant,
Mewling and puking in the nurse's arms.
And then the whining school-boy, with his satchel,
And shining morning

face, creeping like snail
Unwillingly to school.'

Shakespeare. Some tributes to Wordsworth’s eminence as a poet His

birth (April 7, 1770) and parentage-His mother dies (1778)—Is sent to the Grammar School, Hawkshead, where he makes his first attempts at poetry–His impressions of his mother-Early days at Penrith and Cockermouth-His youthful pastimes described-His father dies (1783) — Is sent to Cambridge (Oct., 1787)— Does not like the restraint of university life-Studies Italian and the earlier English poets-Enjoys life at the university-Spends his first summer vacation in the Vale of Esthwaite-His self-dedication to Nature-Writes •An Evening Walk,' etc.—In 1790, his last vacation, makes a tour through France, Switzerland, and the North of Italy-Takes his

B.A. degree (Jan., 1791), and quits the university. It has been well said, 'What a glorious gift God bestows on a nation when He gives them a poet;'

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