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tin, T. J. Simmons, A. D. Hammond, L. A. Ponder, W. H. H. Bush, J. A. Hunt, T. J. Barrett.

Twenty third District-Eli Warren, B. F. Tharpe, J. M. Davis, W. S. Wallace, B. W. Sanford, M. D. Stroud.

Twenty-fourth District-Francis Fontaine, Porter Ingram, Wm. A. Little, John W. Hewell, James D. Wilson.

Twenty-fifth District-E. A. Flewellen, John Dickey, J. T. Willis, J. M. Mobley, Wm. I. Hudson, W. R. Gorman,

Twenty-sixth District-John H. McCallum, F. D. Dismuke. C. S. Westmoreland, R. R. Rodgers.

Twenty-seventh District-E. B. Rosser, J. M. Pace, O. S. Porter, T. A. Gibbs, A. B. Jackson, Pope Barrow.

Twenty-eighth District-T. G. Lawson, R. B. Nisbet, Augustus Reese, Joshua Hill, John C. Key.

Twenty-ninth District-R. Toombs, W. M. Reese, H. R. Casey, J. N. Mercier, Paul C. Hudson.

Thirtieth District-J. D. Matthews, W. G. Johnson, W. W. Scott, Wm. H. Mattox.

Thirty-first District-D. O. Osborn, S. H. Moseley, T. G. Underwood. Thirty-second District-A. F. Underwood, Wier Boyd. Thirty-third District-D. A. Camp, J. J. J. Shepherd, M. Graham, M, Bryant.

Thirty-fourth District-R. D. Winn, S. G. Howell, Jas. Polk, L. J. Winn, Lewis M. Tye.

Thirty-fifth District--L. J. Gartrell, P. L. Mynatt, John Collier, N. J. Hammond, B. E. Crane, J. T. Spence, A. C. McIntosh, G. W. Roberts, J. W. Robertson.

Thirty sixth District, John T. Glover, J. T. Longino, Hugh Buchanan, L. H. Featherston, W. A. J. Phillips,

R. D. Render.

Thirty-seventh District-W. O. Tuggle, N. G. Swanson, L. L. Hardy, S. W. Harris, R. L. Rowe, T. M. Awbry.

Thirty-eighth District-N. J. Tumlin, J. G. Denton, W.

J. Head.

Thirty-ninth District-J. R. Brown, A. W. Holcombe, Elias E. Fields, Oliver Clarke.

Fortieth District--C. J. Wellborn, J. G. Stephens.

Forty-first District-David Garren, E. J. Henry, W. T. Day.

Forty Second District-W.T. Wofford, Abda Johnson, John H. Fitten, A. R. Wright, S. Hawkins, D. B. Hamilton, N. Bass.

Forty-Third District--S. M. Carter, W. K. Moore, L. N. Trammell, J. C. Fain.

Forty-Fourth District-N. Lowe, R. M. Paris, T. G. McFarland.

The President announced that a quorum was present, and that the Convention was ready to proceed with busi


The Hon. D. B. Harrell, of the Twelfth District, moved that the Convention proceed to a permanent organization, which motion prevailed.

Hon. A. R. Lawton, of the First District, nominated Hon. Charles J. Jenkins, of the Eighteenth District, for permanent President, and moved his election by acclamation, which motion prevailed.

Upon motion of the Hon. George F. Pierce, of the Twentieth District, a committee of three was appointed to wait upon Hon. Charles J. Jenkins, notify him of his election, request his acceptance, and conduct him to the Chair.

The President appointed Messrs. Pierce, Hill and Furlow, as said committee, who escorted the President elect to the Chair.

Hon. J. C. Fain, of the Forty-second District, introduced the following resolution :

Resolved, That the President of this Convention appoint a committee of nine, consisting of one delegate from each

Congressional District, which committee shall secure all necessary clerical labor for the Convention, and supervise and control the same during its session; and to this end the said committee shall have power and authority to appoint a Secretary for the Convention, who will undertake to have performed all the clerical labor for the Convention, for not exceeding thirty dollars per day. When so appointed, the Secretary shall give bond in such sum, and on such condition, for the faithful performance of his duties, as may be prescribed by the said committee.

Resolved further, That until said committee shall have concluded the contract herein contemplated, the temporary Secretary be requested to continue in the discharge of the duties of Secretary, and have all necessary clerical labor performed, whose compensation therefor shall be fixed by the said committee.

Hon. J. A. Davis, of the Tenth District, offered the following as a substitute to the resolution:

Resolved, That the roll of delegates be called immediately, and that members present vote viva voce for Secretary, Door-keeper, and Messenger of the Convention, and the persons having a majority of the votes be elected.

The question was put upon the acceptance of the sub


Hon. J. C. Fain, of the Forty-third District, called for a division. A division was taken, but before announcement, Hon. Mr. Moore, of the Forty-third District, called for the yeas and nays. The call was sustained, which resulted as follows:

Those voting in the affirmative were Messrs. —
First District.

Russell, W.,
Warren, J. L.,


Smith, A. G.,

Thompson, W. T.

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