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closely associated with a particular tune that it seemed reasonable to admit the tune even though it appeared to us below the standard. When we have done this we have left the composers to speak for themselves, and not attempted to improve their harmony.

The music type is a new fount, specially cast for the book. It is based upon the fount for which punches were cut in Oxford about 1683 by Peter de Walpergen, who, after having printed at least one work (not music) at Batavia in the East Indies, in 1672, died at Oxford in 1714. The original Walpergen music fount is of very large size, and was used in that size in 1899 for the Yattendon Hymnal.

When the original Walpergen fount is used, the four vocal

parts are set out each on a separate line; but for the

purpose of the Oxford Hymn Book, it was absolutely necessary not only to reduce the notes in size, but to adapt the fount for printing in compressed or short score, two voices to one stave. This has been done, it is believed, without sacrificing to any great extent the quaintness of the original fount.

The heads of the Walpergen notes, it will be observed, are of two different shapes--spade-head or pointed, here used for the alto and bass; and club-shape without point, here used for the soprano and tenor.

The tails ix

of the notes also vary in position: those for the spadeheads being in the centre, and those for the club-heads being at the side. No doubt Walpergen copied the written music characters in existence in his time, and did not invent a new style of his own, when he cut the punches of his fount.

We thank the following authors, composers, and owners of copyright for leave to use the words and tunes of copyright hymns: Rev. F. G. Wesley for sixty-nine tunes or harmonizations by the late Dr. S. S. Wesley in the European Psalmist (Nos. 1, 2, 3, 10', 13, 14, 16, 18, 19', 22', 25, 263, 29', 31, 32', 41, 42, 58?, 78', 81', 105, 127, 129', 136, 138, 139, 140, 141", 144', 144, 146, 150', 162, 165', 172, 178, 188, 199, 201, 202, 208, 211, 216, 223, 227', 234', 236, 241, 244', 245, 249', 251, 293, 261, 264, 268, 279, 280, 281', 283, 292, 298, 299', 302?, 308, 317, 324', 326, 331°): the Editor of the Tattendon Hymnal for the words of fourteen and the tunes of thirty hymns from that Hymnal (Nos. 4, 17, 39, 51°, 63, 72, 82', 86, 88-, 93, 94, 128, 130, 134, 141', 149, 191, 200', 212, 215, 224 part i, 226', 235, 236, 247, 248, 252, 264', 294", 295', 322): the Proprietors of Hymns Ancient and Modern for the words of one (No. 145) and the tunes of thirteen hymns (Nos. 13', 23°, 25', 32', 49, 129, 135,

137, 156, 170, 198, 279?, and 319°): Messrs. Weekes & Co. for twenty tunes, the harmonies of which are by the late Dr. E. J. Hopkins and are inserted by the permission of Messrs. Weekes, representing the Executors (Nos. 8, , 21, 52, 92, 103, 143, 145, 174, 187, 245', 246', 246, 261, 266, 287, 316, 318', 321, 325'): Messrs. Novello & Co. for the tunes of ten hymns (Nos. 20,66,70,73,98', 127,137',159,167, and 236°): the Rev. the Warden of Keble College for the words of five hymns by the late Canon Bright (Nos. 2, 13, 20, 137, 154): Messrs. Macmillan & Co. for the words of two hymns by the late Miss Christina Rossetti (Nos. 65 and 67): the Rev. F. G. Ellerton for the words of five hymns by the late Rev. J. Ellerton (Nos. 23, 24, 25, 29 and 160): the Rev. S. Baring-Gould for the words of two hymns (Nos. 22 and 312) and one tune (No. 22'): Mrs. Dix for the words of one hymn by the late W. C. Dix (No. 136): Mrs. Twells for the words of one hymn by the late Canon Twells (No. 15): the Rev. H. E. T. Cruso for the words of one hymn by the late Dean Alford (No. 167): Mr. E. Bellasis for the words of two hymns by the late Cardinal Newman (Nos. 202 and 279): Mr. G. H. Fellowes-Prynne for the words of one hymn by the late Rev. G. R. Prynne (No. 173): Mr. Kyrl Chatfield for the words of one hyinn by the late Rev. A. W. Chatfield (No. 243): Mrs. Hensley


for the words of one hymn by the late Lewis Hensley (No. 166): Mr. Thomas Boyd for the words of one hymn by the late Rev. S. J. Stone (No. 292): Mrs. Thring for the words of one hymn by the late Rev. Godfrey Thring (No. 32): the Rev. Canon I. G. Smith for one hymn (No. 90): and the Rev. Francis Pott for one hymn (No. 108): also Sir Walter Parratt for one tune (No. 244°): the Committee of the English Hymnal for one tune by the late C. C. Scholefield (No. 29°): Victoria Lady Carbery for one tune by the late Sir John Goss (No. 276"): Messrs. W. Spurrell & Son for one tune (No. 301, part ii'): Mrs. Irons for one tune by the late H. S. Irons (No. 33): Mr. E. M. Oakeley for one tune by the late H. S. Oakeley (No. 26') : Mr. J. W. Elliott for one tune (No. 126): Mrs. Darling for one tune by the late Charles Steggall from ‘Hymns for the Church of England' (No. 226?): Messrs. Hughes & Son (Wrexham) for one tune by the late Joseph Parry (No. 195): Mr. A. H. Brown for one tune (No. 28): the Rev. William Boyd for one tune (No. 2012): the Rev. R. F. Dale for one tune (No. 290?): Mr. W. A. PickardCambridge for one tune (No. 89): and Messrs. Nisbet & Co. for two tunes by the late Henry Smart (Nos. 209

and 240%)







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