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You're half undone already; do not wind And both these you will biud her for a joine My anger to that height, it may consume you, Now, Signor Firk!


Cutpurse. Madam, take me, and be wise: Enter Eounthe, Lawyer, Physician, Captain, I'ın rich and nimble, and those are rare in and Cutpurse.

one nian; And utterly destroy thee, fair Evanthe!

Every man's pocket is my treasury, Yet I have mercy.

And no man wears a snit but fits ine neatlv, Eran. Use it to your bawds ;

Cloaths you shall have, and wear the purest To me use cruelty, it best becomes you,

linen: And sher's more kingly! I contenın your I have a tribute out of every shop, lady. [too, mercy!

Meat you shall cat, (I have my cat'rers out It is a coz’ning and a bawdy mercy.

The best and lustiest) and drink good wine, Can any thiruste hop'd for to relieve me? good lady,

(you caper. Or is it fit I thank you for a pity,

Good quick’ning wine, wine that will make Wlien you have kill'd

lord ?

And at the worst Fred. Who will have her?

Tony. It is but cap'ring short, sir. Evan. My tears are gone,

You seldom stay for agues or for surfeits; My tears of love pnto my dear Valerio, A shaking fit of a whip soinetimes o’ertakes But I have fillid mine eyes again with anger;


(ings; Dh, were it but so powerful to consume you! Marry, you die most commonly of choakMy tongue with curses I have arm’d against Obstructions of the halter are your ends ever; you,

'Pray leave your horn and your knife for her (With maiden curses, that Heaven crowns to live on, with horrors)

[tyranny. Ivan. l'oor moetched people, why d' you My heart set round with hate against tliy

wrong yourselves? Oh! 'would my hands could hold the fire of Tho' I feard death, I should fear you ten Heav'n,


times more; Wrapt in the thunder that the gods revenge You're every one a new death, and an odious! Thatlike stern justice I miglit tling it on thee! The carth will purify corrupted bodies ; Thou art a king of monsters, not of men, You'll make us worse, ani stink eternally, And shortly thou wilt turn this land to devils !

Go home, go home, and get good nurses for Fred. I'll make you one first, and a wretch Dream oot of wives.

[you; ed devil.

Fred. You shall have one of 'em, Come, who will have her?

If they dare venture for you. Law. I, an't like your majesty, I am a Evan. They are dead already, lawyer,

Crawling diseases that must creep into I can make her a jointure of any man's land The next grave they find open: Are these fit in Naples. fit. husbands

[now, And she shall keep it too; I have a trick for For her you've lov’d, sir? Tho’ you hate ne Tony. Canst thou make her a jointure of And bate me mortally, as I hate you, thine honesty,

Your nobleness (in that you have done oiberOr thy ability, tho'ı lewd abridgment?


[tress) Those are non-suited and fung o'er the bar. And nain'd Evanthe once as your poor misPhy. An't please your majesty to give me Might oficr worthier choice. leave,

Fred. Speak, who dare take her I dare accept her; and tho' old I sceni, lady, For one Month, and tl:en die? Like Eson, by my art I can renew

Phy. Die, sir? Youth and ability.

Fred. Ay, klie, sir! Tony. In a powdering-tub


That's the condition. Stew thyself tender again, like a cock-chick

Phy. One Month is too little The lyroth may be good, but the flesh is not For me to repent in for my former pleasure, fit for dogs, sure.

To go still on, unless I were sure she'd bill Capt. Lady, take me, and I'll maintain And kill me delicately hefore my day. [me, thine honour:

Make it up a year; for by that time I must die, l'in a poor captain, as poor people call me, My body will hold out no longer. Very poor people; for my soldiers, they

Fred. No, sir; Are quarter'd in the outside of the city, It inust be but a Month. Men of ability to make good a highway; | Luw. Then farewell, madam 46; We have but two grand enemies that oppose This is like to be a great year of dissention The don Gout, and the gallows.


Among good people, and I dare not lose it; Tony. I believe you ;

There will be money got. 46 Law. Then furevell, madam.] This furewell line is most probably the Physician's. The three that follow I would give to the Lawyer, as they are mighty well adapted to a sly quirking practitioner, who would rather empty the pockets of his clients of their money, for



To see your

Capt. Bless your good ladyship!

Yet, as I live, I'd be obedient to you: There's nothing in the grave but bones and But when your time came, how I should reashes; [wenches,

Tyou! In taverns there's good wine, and excellent How then I should bestir myself to thank And surgeons while we live.


how my

heart would Cutpårse. Adieu, sweet lady! (man,

leap, sir!

[you, Lay me, when I am dead, near a rich alder I'd die with you; but first I would so torture I cannot pick his purse: No, I'll no dying; And cow you in your end, so despise you, Tho'I steallinnen, I'll not steal my shroud yet. For a weak and wretched coward, you must

All. Send you a happy match! [Exeunt. end sure!
Tony. Aud vou all halters !

Still make you fear, and shake, despis’d, still You've deserv'd 'eni richly. These do all

laugh at you, villainies,

(nut: Fred. Away with her! let her die instantly! And mischiefs of all sorts, yet those they fear To finch where a fair wench is at the stake!

Enter Valerio, disguised. Eran, Come, your sentence ! let me die! Cam. Stay; there's another, and a gentle You see, sir,


[ness None of your valiant men dare venture on me; His habit shews no less. May-be, his busis A Montli's a dangerous thing *7.-Will you Is for this lady's love. then be willing

.[tuo, Fred. Say why you come, sir, To die at the time prefix'd ? That I must know

And what you are. And know it beyond doubt.

Val. I ain descended nobly, Fred. What if I did, wench?

A prince by birth, and by my trade a soldiers Evan. On that condition, it I had it cer A prince's fellow; Abydos brought me forth; tain,

[me. My parents, duke Agenor and fair Egla; I'd be your any thing, and you should enjoy My business hither, to renew my love However in my nature I abhor you,

With a young noble spirit, call's Valerio : one whole year longer, than till a grave for his pleasure, in a twelfth part of the time

Sympson. There is no doubt the three last lines belong to the Lawyer; but no authority, nor isso deed foundation, to assign the first hemistich to the Physician. It might le spoken by either; but, on attending to the whole context, the Port (we think) intended the words for the Lawyer. The Physician tirst declares off'; then all the three other suitors severally take leave of her:

Law. : Farewell, madam!
Capt. Bless your good ladyship!

Culpurse. · Adieu, sweet lady! # A Blonth's a dangerous thing.

Euter Valerio disguised. Fred. Away with her,

Let hier die instantly. Evan. Will you then be willing, &c.] There certainly are some speeches wanting betweeks Frederick's order in the fourth line, and Evanthe's question in the fifth; the reader cannot but perceive a want of connexion here, and as such I have marked an hiatus, which I fear we shali never be able to fill up. Sympson.

We much doubt whether there are some speeches wanting here, but believe that Free derick's order,' which occurs again very soon, should not be inserted iw this place. It is plain from the whole tenor of the scene, that he has given Evanthe the alternative of the sentence of death and marriage, or subinission to his will and pardon. The suitors having all refused to accept her, like Valerio, as a Wife for a Month, she calls on Frederick to pronounce sentence of death on her. He then, as may be gathered from her answer, proposes himself to her; and if (as is not improbable) the Poet meant this proposal should be supposed to be inade in a whisper, no speech is wanting. She then asks him, if he will accept her on the terms allotted to other suitors; and continuing her scorn, provokes him to cune demn her, and cry out,

Away with her! let her die instantly! The entrance of Valerio immediately on those words, confirms the above conjecture. The certainly enters just as Evanthe is condemned, but certainly not till three speeches later than he has bitherto been introduced, which makes it still more probable that the line should not have place till that moment. In the first instance, it destroys the connexion of the dialogue, which is restored by the omission; and in the second, it adds peculiar grace and force to the scene, by making the entrance of Valerio arrest the execution of sentence of death upon Evanthe.

Vol. II,

Our first acquaintance was at sea, in fight Evan. C'an he weep that's a stranger to Against a Turkish man of war, a stout one, my story,

(you! Where lion-like I saw himn shew his valour, And I stand still and look on? Sir, I thank And, as he had been made of complete virtue, If noble spirits after their departure Spirit, and fire, no dregs of dull earth in Can know, and wish, certain his soul gives hiin

thanks too.

(tail, sir, Evan. Thou'rt a brave gentleman, and There are your tears again; and when yours bravely speak'st him!

'Pray you call to me, I've some store to lend Val. The vessel dancing under him for joy, Your name?

(you. And the rough wbistling winds becalm’d to l'al. Urbino. view him,

Evun. That I may remember, I saw the child of honour, for he was young, That little time I have to live, your friendships, Deal such an alms amongst the spitetul Pa My ton ne shail study both 19. gans,

[con 18) Fred. Do you come hither (His tow'ring sword flew like an eager fal Only to tell this story, prince Urbino? (lady. And round about his reach invade the Turks, Val. My business now is, sir, to wooe this He had intrench'd hiinself in his dead quarries; Evun. Blessing defend you! do you know The silver crescents on the tops they carried the danger?

[playfellow; Shrunk in their heads to see his rage so bloudy, Val. Yes, and I fear it not; danger's my And from his fury suffer'd sad eclipses; Since I was man,'t has been my best comThe game of death was never play'd more panion.

[her, nobly;

[chiefs, I know your doom ; 'uis for a Month you give The meagre thief grew wanton in his mis And then his life you tak: that marries her. And his shrunk hollow eyes smild on his rnius. Fred. 'Tis true; nor can your being born Etan. Heav'n keep this gentleman from a prince, being a suitor,

If you accept the offer, free you from it. For I shall ne'er deny him, he's so noble! l'al. I not desire it; I have cast the worst, Val. But what can last long? Strength and And ev’n that worst to me is many blessings. spirit wasted,

man, Slov'd my friend, not measur'd out by time, And fresh supplies flew on upon this gentle- Nor bird by circumstance of place and hoBreathless and weary with oppression,


[hims And almost kill'd with killing. 'Twas my But for his wealthy self and worth I lovid chance

His mind and noble mold he ever mov'd in ; (In a tall ship I had) to view the fight; And wooe his friend, 'cause she was worthy I set into him, entertain'd the Turki,

of him, And for an bour gave him so lut alreakfast, The only relick that he left behind, sir, He clapp'd all linnen up he had to save him, To give bis asles honour. Lady, take me, And like a lover's thought he fled our fury: And in ne keep Valerio's love alive still. There first I saw the man I lov'd, Valcrio; When I an gonc, take those that shall sicThere was acquainted, there my soul grew

cecd me:

Thusband, to him,

(ship. Heav'n must want hyht, before you want a And bis to me; we were the twins of friend. To raise up heirs of love and noble memory, Evan. Fortune proiect this man, or I shall To your unfortunate ruin him!

Evun. Am I still hated ? Val. I made this voyage to behold my friend, Hast thou no end, oh, Fate, of my affliction? To warm my love anew at bis affection; Was I ordaip'd to be a cominon murdress? But since I landed, I have heard his fate: Aud of the best men too? Good sirMy father's had not been to me more cruel. Val. Peace, sweet! look on my hand. Iliare lamented too, and yet I keep

(A part, The trcasure of a few tears, for you, lady; Erun. I do accept the gentleman.-For, by description, you were bis Evanthe. I faint with joy!

(Aside. 48 Deal such an ulms amongst the spiteful Paguns,

His tou’ring sword flew like an eager falcon,
And round about his reach invade the Turks

He hud intrench'd himself.] The construction of the verb in the second line is manifestly wrong, and an addition to the fourth is as manifestly wanting. I read the whole so:

• Deal such an alms amongst the spiteful Pagans,
• Ilis tow’ring sword fly like an eager falcon,
• Avd round about his reach invade the Turks,

Till he had inirench'd himself in bis dead quarries.' Sympson.: It is more in the style of our Authors, to preserve the connexion by putting the second line in a parenthesis. Mr. Sympson's reading is prosaick.

* Asy tongue shall study both.ji. e. shall talk of both. Synpson.


Fred. I stop it! none shall have her! Let me a while lament my misery, Convey Weis stranger hence.

And cast the load off of my wantonness, Val. I am no stranger ! -Hark to the bell Before I find your fury, (then strike home; that rings!

I do deserve the deepest blow of Justice) Hark, hark, proud Fred'rick, that was king And then how willingly, oh, Death, I'll meet of mischief!

[sentence? thee! Hark, thou abhorr'd man! dost thou hear thy Alph. Rise, madam 3o; those sweet tears Does not this bell ring in thine ears thy ruin? are potent speakers: Fred. What bell is this?

And, brother, live; but in the monastery. Cam. The castle-bell. Stand sure, sir, Where I liv'd, with the self-same silence too ; And move not; if you do, you perish. l'il teach you to be good against your will, Men. It rings your knell !--- Alphonso ! brother! king Alphonso!

Your tongue has done much harm; that must All. Alphonso ! king Alphonso !

be dumb now: Fred. I'm betray'd!

The daily pilgrimage to my father's tomb Lock fast the palace.

(Tears, sighs, and groans, you shall wear out Cum. We have all the keys, sir, (cence. your days with,

[brother; And no door here shall shut without our li And true ones too) you shall perform, dear Cle. D' you shake now, lord Sorano? no Your diet shall be slender to enforce these; Dew trick?

Too light a penance, sir ! Nor speedy poison to prevent this business? Fred. I do confess it. No bawdy meditation now to fly to?

Aiph. Sorano, you shall Fred, Treason, treason, treason!

Sor. Flow he studies for it! Cam. Yes, we hear you,

[sir; Hanging's the least part of my penance cerAnd we have found the traitor in your shape,

[Evanthe kneels. We'll keep him fast too.

Alph. What lady's that that kneels?

Cust. The chaste Evanthe. Enter Alphonso, Rugio, Marco, Castruccio,

Alph. Sweet, your petition? und Queen, with guard.

Evan. 'Tis for this bad man, sir, Fred. Recover'd! Then I'm gone;

Abominable bad, but yet my brother. The sun of all my pomp is set and vanish'd. Alph. The bad man shall attend as bad a Alph. Have you not forgot this face of


[nastery: mine, king Frederick ? [brought And both shall be confin'd within the moBrother, I'm come to see you, and have His rank filesh shall be pullid with daily A banquet, to be merry with


[surfeit else) I pray sit down, I do beseech your majesty, But once a-week he shall smell meat, (he'll And eat, eat freely, sir. Why do you start? And his immodest mind compellid to prayer; Have you no stomach to the meat I bring you? On the bare boards he shall lie, (to remember Dare you not taste? have ye no antidotes? The wantonness he did commit in beds) You need not fear; Sorano's a good apo And drink fair water; that will ne'er enthecary.

[for him,
Aame lim :

[me, Methinks you look not well; some fresh wine He sav'd my life, tho' he purpos'd to destroy Some of the saine he sent me by Sorano; For which i'll save bis, tho' I make it miseI thank you for't, it sav'd my life, I'm bound rable,

[lordship BIadam, at court I shall desire your company; But how 'twill work on you

I hope your

You're wise and virtuous; when you please Will pledye him too; méthinks you look but to risit

[licence. scurvily,

My brother Frederick, you shall have our And would be put into a better colour; My dear best friend Valerio ! But I've a candied toad for your good lordship: Vul. Save Alphonso! Sor. 'Would I had any thing that would Omnes. Long live Alphonso, king of us, dispatch me,

and Naples !

[on? So it were down, and I out of this fear once! Alph. Is this the lady that the wondergocs Fred. Sir, thus low, as my duty now com

Honour'd sweet maid! Here, take her, my pels me,

Valerio; I do confess my unbounded sins, my errors, The king now gives her, she's thine own withAnd feel within my soul the smarts already.

out fear.

[good, Hide not the noble nature of a brother, Brother, have you so much provision ihat is The pity of a friend,


my afflictions; Not season'd by Sorano and bus cooks, 50 Rise, madum.] A speech of the Queen might have past here; but here, as in many other instances, or Author most probably supplied the place of words by dumb-show, the nature of which the next speaker commonly explains: A circumstance to which the reader of these dramas should always attend.

to you;

That we may venture on with honest safety,
We and our friends?
Fred. All that I have is

yours, sir.
Alph. Come then; Jet's in, and end this

nuptial; Then to our coronation with all speed! My virtuous maid, this day I'll be your bride


And see you bedded to your own desires too.
Beshrew me, lords, who is not merry hates me!
Only Sorano shail not bear my cup:
Come, now forget old pains and injuries,
As I must do, and drown all in fair healths:
That kingdom's blessed, where the king begins
His true love first, for there all loves are

[Ereunt omnes.


We have your favours, gentlemen, and you Can put off many a maid unto a friend, Have our endeavours (dear friends, grudge That was not so since th’action at Mile-end: not now).

[sell | Ours is a virgin yet, and they that love There's no

of you, but when you please can Untainted flesli, we hope our friends will Many a lamę horse, and many å fạir tale tell ; prove.

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