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themselves, the children of the kingdom, thrust out! -and to think that they shall be for ever kept out, among dogs, and sorcerers, and the worst of sinners! Horror and anguish may well take hold upon them; and, yet, so will all thine enemies perish,

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O Lord.

But I would fain conclude with something more encouraging:

3. What a mercy is it, that the door of the sanctuary is still open!

This is no other than the house of God, and to many souls hath proved the gate of heaven. God might have been provoked by your misimprovement of means and mercies, to have broken up house; to have shut up your teachers into corners; and the things which belong to your peace might have been hid from your eyes for ever. He might have broken down the fence that had been so long about our Zion, and permitted the wild beasts of the forest to lay waste this garden of the Lord. He might have taken away a slighted Gospel from this place, and sent it to those that would, perhaps, be as swift to hear, as we are slow. And if he had, what could you have objected to it? Your own consciences must have witnessed to the justice of it. And then, what melancholy days would Sabbaths have been! Then, if you had come to this house, the door would have been shut, or the abomination of desolation would have been standing in the holy place. Then, if you had asked for bread, they would have given you a stone: then, if you inquired after Christ, they would have pointed you to some graven image, or pretended saint.

Such times there have been ; and it is not impossible

; - I had almost said, it is not improbable--but that such times there may be again. However, be thankful that this is not yet the case. Hitherto, nothing hath prevented your constant attendance, but want of in

, clination.---Look around, and see how many are continually cut down and carried off ; and the places that once knew them, and so lately knew them, shall know them no more! Think what a mercy it is, that

you have been let alone this Sabbath also !--You may not apprehend death to be near; you may not just now feel any symptom of disorder ; and yet, before the return of another sabbath, some of your places also may be empty !---Therefore, while the Bridegroom tarrieth, do not give sleep to your eyes, nor slumber to your eyelids, till you have made your calling and election sure. Let the great work, which hath been hitherto neglected, be immediately set about: and whatever your hand findeth to do, do it with your might. Work out your salvation with fear and trembling; and beg of God to work in you,

both to will and to do..--You may find it difficult at first; but there are no difficulties but what

prayer and perseverance will overcome. However, resolve, that, till your souls are safe, nothing else shall be attended to. If you let this opportunity slip, you may never have another! If you leave it till the Bridegroom is just coming, you may go to buy, but may find the shops all shut: outward 'means and inward motions may be all withdrawn; and all your importunity may not be able to procure you the smallest drop of this precious, precious oil...-“ Seek the Lord, therefore,

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while he may be found; call upon him while he is near." Then let the cry, "Behold, the Bridegroom cometh," be made never so soon, or never so suddenly; at mid-day, or midnight; you will be always ready to go out to meet him, and shall enter with him to the marriage, before the door is shut.



Gale, Curtis, and Fenner, Paternoster-row, London.

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W. Flint, Printer, Old Bailey, London.

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