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Hindley, Mr. his method of gra. Johnson, Dr. Samuel, his life,

duacing altronomical instru- with occasional remarks on his ments, 29.

- biographer, by the Reviewer, Hindoos, their care to guard their 273. 367. His critical talents

facred books from the eyes of arraigned, 506. firangers, 199. Tranfarions Jones, Sir Wm. his excellent chaof them much to be withed for, racter, and uncommon literary 200. Their Bhagvat Geeta, a endowments, 414. His compoperformance oí allonishing Tube fitions the brightest ornaments limiy. Account or that work, of the Asiatic Miscellany, ib.

with specimens, 202. 295. His hymn to Nayarena, 417. Historian, eulogium on the labours Hyınn to Sereswaty, 481. of, 145

Jofephus. See Haggai. See Tem le. Hope, ode to, by Miss Bowdler, Ireland, causes of the commotions 409.

in that country assigned, 67. Ho kinjon, Mr. his account of a Review of the most import. oc.

worm in a horse's eye, 140. curiences there, during the lait Optical problem proposed by, 3 years, 69. Union with Engl. 144•

recommended, 247. Commer-, his description of a cial connection of the two king, machine for measuring a Mip's doms, ib. Dintressed state of the way, 467. Improved method church in Irel. 341. Compared

of quilling an harpsichord, 470. with the happier state of the Honel, M. his Voyage Pittoresque church in England, 342. Irish

commended, 601. The num Presbyterians vindicated, in anbers of this work, from 15 to swer to the Bp. of Cloyne, 4+2. 21, both inclusive, reviewed, Papists defended against charges . His ascent to the summit brought by the same Prel. 541. of Ærna, 605. His theory of Isaiah, new trann. of a famous volcanos, 6c6.

disputed text in, 269. Hunter, John, his notion of the

composition of bone corrected. K Anne, a Swedish measure criti. 406. His account of the se.

cally adjusted, 367.

Kirwan's experiments on hepatic cretion in the crop of young pigeons, 407. On the colour

air, 185. of the pigment in the eye of Andaf, Bp. his observ. on the different animals, 408.

sulphur wells at Harrowgate, Hutchins, Mr.his descripcion of a 187. His excellent preface to

semarkable rock and cascade in his collect. of theological tracts, Pennsylvania, 144.

475. See also Wat/0. , Mr. author of the hist, of Language, grammatical and criti. Dorfetshire, anecdotes of, 429. cal observ. on, 2–13.

Lapis calaminaris defined, 34. y Amelon, Mr, his account of Lavoisier, M. his reflections on the J koman camps in Forfar, 432. augmentation of weight which Fews always Unitarians, 13. In Sulphur and phosphorus acquire

vited by Dr. Priestley, to a re. in combustion, 554. On polo. ligious conference, 233.

gifton, 555. On the action of Indian and Perfan literature, 422, fire (animated by dephlogisti480

cated air) on the most refractory indians of N. Amer. particulars mineral substances, 557.

relative to their nature and Law, Mr. his poetical reflections Cultums, 197

on viewing the Mausoleum at


Safferam, 419. His extracts northern nations, account of,
from the Yusef and Zelekha of 563, 565...
Jami, 423..

Marraita State, short acc. of, 482.
Leighton, Dr. his cruel treatment, Marriage of old mén, 114.
· by the Star Chamber, 20. Maskelyne, Dr. his notice of the
Le Roy, M. his acc. of an electric expected return of the comet of
- cal fire-pump, 552.

1572 and 1661, 118.
Lettjom, Dr. his case of extraor- Mayer, Mr. his astronomical ob.

dinary introsusceprion, 120. : fervations, 217.
Light, effect of, on certain plants, MESSIAH, his Characters, 229.

552. And colours. See Dar. Melina, views of its ruins since
win. See Elliot.

ihe dreadful catastrophe of
Lightfoot, Mr. his account of min 1783 ; with descriptions, 602.
• nute shells, unnoticed by au- Metals, oblerv. on compounding
thors, 195.

. them, vinning, gilding, &c. 34.
Lightning, and thunder storms, Metastafo, Abbé, particulars of
new theory of, 389.

his life, 570. His death, 572.
Lip, diseases of, considered, 38. Mexicans, a civilized and polished
Liver in fætuses, progres. growth people when the Spaniards in-

and changes of, from the 22d vaded them, 636 Dreadful
day after conception, 572. Ex massacre of them at the con.
per. to illustrate the circulation quest of Mexico, 638.
through the liver, &c. &c. 573. Military powers, as vested in
Diseases of, 574.

commanders of armies and
Lobo's voyage to Abyssinia, trans. Aeets, ought not to be subject-
by Dr. S. Johnson, 277.

ed to the civil courts of law,
Logic, in what respects more hurt. 533.

ful than beneficial to the un. Miller, Mr. his description of the
derstanding, 116.

grotto at Swatara, 143
Lyon, Mr, his account of the sub Million Bill (annual) considered,

fidence of the ground near 256.
Folkstone, 195.

Monge, M. his memoir concera-

ing the infammation of de-
MAcnab, Mr. his curious ex phlogisticated air and inflam,

* per, on the congelation of mable gas in closed vessels, 553.
fluids, 191.

For more, by M. Monge, fee
Maddison, Mr. his obf. on the 562.

sweet springs in America, 143. Montezuma, the sovereign of Mex-
His meteorological observa ico, splendour of his ourt, 635.
tions, 392.

Montgolfier. See Rozier.
Magellan, Mr. his generous offer Moon, influence of, in fevers, 158.

of 200 guineas to the American Morgan, Dr. his account of the
Philosophical Society. 197.

Silk worm, 139.
Magnetical exper, rel. to brass and or, of a snake in a living
iron, 193.

horse's eye, 140.
Magnetism. See Ritten house. See - ., his paper on the art of

making anatomical prepara.
Maitland, Sir Richard, bis collec. tions by corrosion, 292. Of a

tion of ancient Scottish poems, pyed negro girl and a mulatto
121. The pieces enumerated, boy, ib. His hift. of the red

bark, 294.
Manufcripts ancient, rel. to the Morse, Mr. his hard case, 539.
hift. of Norway, and other Mouth, diseases of, considered, 38.


N Avigation, early state and pro- Peter the Long, his relation how

gress of, among the ancients, he fell in love with Blanche Ba. 612. In the middle ages, 615. zu, 512, Navy of England, strength of, at Petrifaction. See Camper.

different periods within the last Philosophy, natural, several exper, 20 years, 216.

:- in, by Dr. Priestley, &c. 134. Naxos, aniig, of, defcribed, 603. Phlegifon, obs. on, 134. ReflecNorway aod Iceland, &c. ancient tions on, in order to illustrate

authors rel. (0, $63, et leg. Hit the theory of combustion and torical account of the people of, calcination, 555. 618. Of other 1 orthern islands Pigott, Mr, his obf. on changeable and their inhabitants, ib. . ftars, 31.

, bis determinarion of the Atbs, as religious tests, disap.. latitude of York, from altron, pioved, 526.

obs. 117. Obelisks, fronting the temple at , on the tranfit of Mere

Luxor, their astonishing lize,568. cury, 119. Oeconomy, political, investigated, Place, M. de Ja, on the figure of 97-113

the earth, 550. On the births, Oliver, Mr. bis theory of lighining marriages, and deaths, at Paris,

and thunder forms, 386. Theo- 561.

ry of water-spouis, 390. Plumbum corneum, how prepared, Optical illusion, a curious one ex. 136.

plained, 143. Optical problem Poetry, ancient Scottish, obs. on

proposed, and answered, 144. the origin of, 124. Several anOrichalcum, what, 34.

cient Scottish poets noticed, 128. Oriental forms of correspondence Polypus, uterine, &c. how proand business, 592.

duced, 572. Orofius, well cranilated by King Poor's-rates, amount of, at (wo Alfred, 616.

different periods, 216. Osborne, the bookseller, how punish- Poor, plan for their benefic, 62.

ed by S. Johnson for his info.. Excellent bill for cheir relief and lence, 287,

employment, 352. Ono, Mr. his memoir on the dif- Population, principles of, aligned, covery of America, 471.


, state of, in England and P Age, Mr. his account of a re Wales, at various periods, from markable meteor, 393.

Edw.lll.to che present time,215. Parliament. See Representative. Power, balance of, confidered, 397. Parsnips, how to preierve, by dry- Pre-Adamites, account of, from an ing, 470.

Indian hit, of the world, 420." Parsonage improved, a poem, 50.4.' Precipitation, fatal effecs of, an Patterson, Mr. his mei hod of hnde Indian tale, 419.

ing a true meridian line, and Press, liberty of, descant on, 115. thence the variation of the com- Percy, Bishop, afills in the new pass, 467.

edition of the Tatler, 22. Pegge, Mr. his history of Bolsover Price, Dr. his approbation of Mr. and Peak Castles, 427.

Acland's plan for the benefic of Pellier, M. the oculitt, his opera i be poor, 65. tions commended, 37.

q w , his idea of the doctrine of Parkins, Dr. his conjectures rel. atonement, 402. His compa.

to wind, water-spouts, tornados, rison of the Athanafian and Soand hurricanes, 391.

cinian fyftemps, ib.


Prophets, Jewish, account of their Shakespeare defended against Vol-

Schools, literature, and science, taire, &c. 173.
225. Their predictions of the Sharpe, Archb:hop, his obf. on

birch and nature of Christ, 227. the coinage of England, 430.
Prusia, late king of, his laudable Shells. See Lightfoot.

archievements in the time of Sheridan, Mr. bis oratorical talents
peace, 43.

panegyrized, 66.
S v erses to, by Mr. Pye, 509. Silk worm, whole progress of, from

, his familiar letters con- the egg to the cocon, 139.
mended, 578. Specimens of, ib. Slate, Westmoreland, its nature

and uses, 34.
Uaker, dialogue betw. one and Smeaton, Mr. his obf, on the gran
a French perit maitre, 326. duarion of astronomical instru.

mects, 29.
RAgonauth Row, particulars of Snake in a living horse's eye, ac.
A his history, 482.

count of, 140.
Representative in parliament, na- Solomon's Song, critical observa.
· ture of that trust, 114.

tions relative 10, 26.
Riefbeck, M. his account of Vienna, Stars, obr. on. See Goodricke,

609. His travels commended, Pigott, Herschell, Mayer, Rittene
61. .

- bouse.
Rirtenhouse, Mr. bis magnetic ex. Steele, Sir Richard, story of his

periments, 142. His expl. of want of economy, 23. Of his
an optical deception, 143. His conduct in the management of
Solution of an optical problem, his periodical publications, ib.
144. His new method of placing Subm, M. de, his correspondence
a meridian mak, 217. His obe with the late K. of Prullia, 578.
servacions on a comer, ib. Sulphur and Phosphorus, reflections

-, his astronomical obs. on the increase of their weight
219. Account of a remarkable in combustion, 554
meteor, 393.

Sunday Schools recommended, 181,
Romans, progress of their arms in 183. Hines for their improve-

Scotland, 431. Of their camps meni, 436.
in that country, 432.

Swatara, descript. of the grotto
Romans, Mr. his improvement of at, 143.
the sea compass, 467.

Sweet Springs. See Maddison.
Rose, Dr. story of his dispute with Swift, Dean, his enmity toward

Dr. Jobolon about the Scorch Lord Wharton, 24. His ha-
writers, 375

tred of Walpole, ib. Story of
Rozier, M. de, his unhappy cac h is atrempt to ravish one of his

tastrophe, by ascending in a parishioners, ib.
· Montgolfer, 3:30. That mis-

fortune accounted for, 331. TAоrmino, ketch of the beauties
Ruh, Dr. his inquiry into the in- * of that fine country, 602. Re-

crease of bilious and intermittent markable antiquities there, 603.
fevers in Pennsylvania, 293. On Noble Greek cheatre there in
the cause and cure of the teta. uncoin mon preservation, ib.
nus, ib. Of Dr. Martin's can. Tatler, account of the contributors
cer powder, 294.

to that work during its first

publication, 23-25. New edir.
SAdi, a story from his Gulistan of, much obliged to Dr. l'ercy, ib.
translated, 422.

Tempie of Jerusalem, Haggai's
Sea.compafs, improvement of, 467 prophecy, and Jofephus's acc.
See allo Patterson.

of, critically investigated, 54.


Controversy on this subject now Unitarianism, histor cally defend. sub6fting, 410-414.

ed, 18. . Teffier, Abté his exper. to hew Voyages and Travels, by Cæsar

the effect of light on planes, 552. Fredericke, 480. I hat, obl. on that word, 6. Tbeatre, dramatic, affirmed to have W Ales, Prince of, bis reputed

a happy influence on morals,519. marriage with Mrs. Fitzher. Thermometer. See Wedgwood. See bert averred as a fact, 514. Its Barker.

legality allo allerted, ib. And Thevenot's account of his journey affirmed to be advantageous for

from Cairo io Suez, reprinted this country, 51;.

in che Asiatic Miscellany, 419. Wargentin, M. a character of emiTbompson, Sir Bej, his new exper. nence in the learned world, 238. on heat, 190.

Waring, Dr, on infinite series, 30. Torpedo of Surinam, acc. of, 140. W'arville, M. de, his strictures on Travellers, ancient, Northern, 618. the travels of the Marquis de Italian, 6:2.

Chaftellux, 337 Treaty, commercial, between Eng. Water. Spouts, theory of, 390. Con.

and France, invcitigated, 162 jectures on, 391. 170, 249, 340, 438.

Watson, Bp. his account of his Trelan, Couni, his literary cha- chemical pursui's, 32. Of his racter, 238.

renouncing them, and burning Turgot, M. his life, 629. His ex. his books, ib. His notion of

celleni character, 631. Dismisled national Itrength and happiness, from his post in the French mini. 33. See also Landaff: Atry on account of his intolerable Widgwood, Mr. additional obs, on integrity, ib. His death, 633. his excellent thermometer for

measuring the higher degrees of V Apours, watery, philosophy and heat, 188.

'mechanical effe&is of, 313. Wetstein, bis objections to the an. Considered as expanlible Auids, tiquity of the Alexandrian Greek

Teft. refuted, 546. Venus, tranfit of, in 1769, observ- W'bite mountains, In America, de.

ed at Newbury, in Massachu- fcribed, 138. rees, 219.

Wilkins, Mr. his extraordinary meVesuvius, Mount, Sir W. Hamil. ritin printing with Oriental types - ton's obs. on the present state of of his own making, 200, 592. that volcano, 19;

Williams, Mr. his obr. of the tran. Vicg D’Azyr, M. continuation of fit of Venus in 1769, 219. bis researches concerning the

, his exper. on evaporastructure of the brain. 559.

tion, &c. 392. Vienna, character of the inhabit. Wit, a species o evil.Speaking, 405. a..is of, 609.

Wright, Dr. on the antifepic virVieyra, Mr. nis plan to facilitare potues of vegetable, acid, and ma-,

the study of the Arabic lan rine salt, combined, 244. guages, 595. Strictures on his

abilities as an Orientalist, 597. Young, Mr. Arthur, his character Vince, Mr. his ne.v method of as an agricultural writer appretinding fuents, &c. 119.

ciated, 40. His annals characViper, remedies for the bite of, terized, ib.

575. Exper. rel. to, 576. Vifion. See Darwin, Elliot, Her- zinc, eficacy of the flowers of,

in the cure of the aftbma, 333. END OF VOL. LXXVI.


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