ASL® 2 - A Framework for Application Management Russian edition

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van Haren Publishing, 4 авг. 2014 г.
This book is the official manual of ASL® 2, an evolutional improved version of ASL that was introduced in 2001. ASL, Application Services Library, is a public domain process framework for application management. This book describes the application management processes as recognized by ASL. It also describes the finer details of these processes. This book is also used by the ASL BiSL Foundation in order to determine what ASL is. This book has been written with the assumption that the reader is familiar with application management, with how it is executed, and with the activities concerned. It contains tips and suggestions to assist in the implementation of processes, Therefore it can be used as a starting point from which to set up application management processes. The ASL 2 framework supports the implementation of application management, supported by additional best practices; these can be found on the website of the ASL BiSL Foundation. See: ASL 2 aligns with other frameworks e.g. ITIL® and BiSL® (for Business information management). The following topics are addressed in this book: - Introduction to the main structure of ASL 2; - Description of all ASL 2 clusters; - Introduction to the implementation of ASL 2; - Frequently Asked Questions on the ASL 2 framework; - Changes between ASL version 1 and ASL 2. This book is the official core study guide for the ASL 2 Foundation exam.

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