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Стр. 159 - Jones in his coach.' (Life of Lord Sidmouth, vol. ii. p. 135.) being then Home Secretary, he thus writes to the Marquis of Buckingham: — ' We have no sort of news. The French Assembly is going on with endless disputes about their Constitution ; but one ought to be much more interested than I feel myself in the event of these disputes, not to be heartily tired of hearing of them. The main point appears quite secure, — that they will not, for many years, be in a situation to molest the invaluable...
Стр. 218 - I have contributed to keep my own country at least a little longer from sharing in all the evils of every sort that surround us. I am more and more convinced that this can only be done by keeping wholly and entirely aloof, and by watching much at home, but doing very little indeed; endeavouring to nurse up in the country a real determination to stand by the Constitution when it is attacked, as it most infallibly will be if these things go on ; and, above all, trying to make the situation of the lower...
Стр. 94 - go on in their usual style, both keeping open houses, and employing every means in their power to gain proselytes ; attending the Beefsteak Club, Freemason's meetings, &c The Duke of York never misses a night at Brookes', where the hawks pluck his feathers unmercifully, and have reduced him to the vowels I 0 U.
Стр. 222 - It is not unnatural, nor is it an unfavourable symptom, that people who are thoroughly frightened, as the body of landed gentlemen in this country are, should exaggerate these stories as they pass from one mouth to the other...
Стр. 297 - I have no other view of the contest in which we are engaged, nor ever have had, than that the existence of the two systems of Government is fairly at stake, and in the words of St. Just (whose curious speech I hope you have seen), that it is perfect blindness not to see that in the establishment of the French Republic is included the overthrow of all the other governments of Europe.
Стр. 116 - Lord Winchelsea, who was at Kew the whole time, told me that, when they came out, they told Colonel Digby that they were delighted with the King's being so well, and remarked that two things in the half-hour's conference which they had with him had struck them very forcibly; that he had observed to them how much better he played at piquet than Mr. Charles Hawkins, and that, since he had been ill, he had rubbed up all his Latin ; and these facts, which are facts, I expect to hear magnified by the...
Стр. 35 - To assert an inherent right in the Prince of Wales to assume the government, was virtually to revive those exploded ideas of the divine and indefeasible authority of princes, which had so justly sunk into contempt, and almost into oblivion.
Стр. 394 - Yet I argue not Against Heaven's hand or will, nor bate a jot Of heart or hope, but still bear up and steer Right onward.
Стр. 120 - The two Princes were at Kew yesterday, and saw the King in the Queen's apartment. She was present the whole time, a precaution for which, God knows, there was but too much reason. They kept him waiting a considerable time before they arrived, and after they left him drove immediately to Mrs. Armstead's in Park Street, in hopes of finding Fox there, to give him an account of what had passed.