The London Magazine Enlarged and Improved, Том 3

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R. Baldwin, 1784

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Стр. 24 - I desire my dear friend, John Wilkes, Esq., to collect and publish my works, with the remarks and explanations he has prepared, and any others he thinks proper to make.
Стр. 3 - ... the reprefentation of the people. Mr. Sawbridge was of the fame opinion, and therefore, moved that a committee be appointed to enquire into the ftate of the reprefentation of the Commons of Great Britain in parliament.
Стр. 60 - In the mean time, Captain Cook having called off the launch, which was stationed at the north point of the bay, and taken it along with him, proceeded to Kowrowa, and landed with the lieutenant and nine marines. He immediately marched into the village, where he was received with the usual marks of respect ; the people prostrating themselves before him, and bringing their accustomed offerings of small hogs.
Стр. 137 - Why do you not kill him ? You tell me if a man kills another in England that he is hanged for it. This man has killed ten, and yet you will not kill him, though many of his countrymen desire it, and it would be very good.
Стр. 349 - ... note of this part of learning— THAT IT SUBMITS THE SHEWS OF THINGS TO THE DESIRES OF THE MIND: WHEREAS REASON DOTH BUCKLE AND BOW THE MIND UNTO THE NATURE OF THINGS. For to gratify the desires of the mind, is to PLEASE: Pleasure then^ in the idea of Lord Bacon, is the ultimate and appropriate end of poetry...
Стр. 262 - Th' infernal monarch rear'd his horrid head, Leap'd from his throne, lest Neptune's arm should lay His dark dominions open to the day, And pour in light on Pluto's drear abodes, Abhorr'd by men, and dreadful ev'n to gods. Such war th' immortals wage; such horrors rend The world's vast concave, when the gods contend.
Стр. 300 - ... are forced in the same moment to confess, that if you found that fact alone, without applying to it the epithet of guilty, no judgment or punishment could follow from your verdict : and they therefore call upon you to pronounce that guilt which they forbid you to examine into, acknowledging at the same time that it can be legally pronounced by NONE BUT YOU : a position shocking to conscience, and insulting to common sense.
Стр. 353 - ... delighted with this poet, if, besides his various pause, and measured quantity, he had enriched his numbers, with rhyme. So that his love of liberty, the ruling passion of his heart, perhaps transported him too far, when he chose to follow the example set him by one or two writers of prime note...
Стр. 261 - Tis not the queen of hell who thee deceives : All, all are such, when life the body leaves ; No more the substance of the man remains, Nor bounds the blood along the purple veins : These the funereal flames in atoms bear, To wander with the wind in empty air ; While the impassive soul reluctant flies, Like a vain dream, to these infernal skies.
Стр. 3 - ... neceffities, and, at the fame time, to fecure the means of performing that tafk, they will exchange independence for protection, and will court a fubfervient exiftence through the favour of thofe minifters of ftate, or thofe fecret advifers, who ought themfelves to ftand in awe of the commons of this realm.

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