Collections of the New York Historical Society: The John Watts De Peyster publication fund series, Том 17

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The Society, 1885

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Стр. 146 - Captain and 4 Subalterns, from the Garrison, to sit to-morrow at 10 o'Clock, for the trial of all such Prisoners as shall be brought before them. The Troops ordered for exercise to-morrow not to parade till Thursday morning. All Letters for Europe to be sent to the Orderly Room by...
Стр. xi - You have also heard the high character given him by a man on whom to pronounce an eulogy were to waste words ; but you arc to consider whether a change has not taken place since the period he speaks of.
Стр. 110 - Officers are requested to take as little baggage with them as they conveniently can dispense with. The Troops to receive this Evening and early to-Morrow Morning provisions for the 5th. and 6th. Instants. Head Quarters, St. John's Castle, Wednesday, 5th. July, 1780. Parole Buckingham, CS Dorset. The Troops and Officers of the different departments, &c., which were Ordered to embark this Morning will embark to-Morrow Morning at Six o'Clock. Mr. Hoskinson, QM Serjeant to the Jamaica Volunteers, is...
Стр. 170 - The signal being made a little after four o'Clock in the morning of the 20th., we advanced under the fire of our own batteries, and were encouraged by observing that the Spaniards did not perceive our march, by the direction of their shot over us, pointed at our batteries on the hill. The Pomona and fleet also attracted their notice by the fire from the sea-side ; by this fortunate co-operation, in profound silence, arms trailed, and in order to animate the troops, the parole was changed to bayonet,...
Стр. 166 - ... shore, they were obliged to leave it. Judging this a happy opportunity of adding lustre to his Majesty's arms, I waited upon Commodore Luttrell and offered to attack on the land side with the Indians and the detachment of the Loyal Irish, if he would reinforce me with the marines, musketry-men from the ships. The Commodore agreeing in opinion that the fort might be taken by attacking by sea and land at the same time, it was accordingly determined on, and Truxillo was appointed as the rendezvous...
Стр. 160 - Monday morning, at 10 o'clock, on board of this ship, for the trial of such prisoners as shall be brought before them. Major SANDS, President.
Стр. 160 - ... Head of the Artillery Park. John McKee, Private Soldier in His Majesty's 23d. Regiment of Foot, tried by the above Court Martial for Desertion, for having held Correspondence with and bearing Arms in the Rebel Army, is found guilty of the Crimes, and Sentenced to suffer Death. The Commander in Chief approves of the above Sentence, , and orders it to be put in execution in Tuesday the 7th. Instant, between the Hours of Ten and Twelve, at the head of the Artillery Park.
Стр. ix - Serjeant, and twelve marines. I want words to express the obligations I owe that gentleman. He was the first on every service, whether by day or by night. There was scarcely a gun fired, but was pointed by him, or Captain Despard, chief engineer, who has exerted himself on every occasion.
Стр. xvii - He was the second son of Thomas, eighth Baronet and first Viscount Gage. General Gage died in 1788; she died Feb. 9, 1824. Issue: 1. Henry, born March 4, 1761, and by the death of his uncle without male issue became Viscount Gage; he married, Jan. 11, 1789, his cousin, Susannah Maria, only daughter and heir of Lieut.
Стр. 211 - Governor promised me a great many ; but when I came to his country there was not one ready, and we got them at last with a great deal of difficulty.

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