Travels in Algeirs, Spain, &c, &c, with a Faithful and Interesting Account of the Algerines ...

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Goyder, 1820 - Всего страниц: 140

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Стр. i - The seeds of happiness and powers of thought ; Then jarring appetites forego their strife, A strife by ignorance to madness wrought. Pleasure by savage man is dearly bought With fell revenge, lust that defies control, With gluttony and death. The mind untaught Is a dark waste, where fiends and tempests howl ; As Phoebus to the world, is science to the soul.
Стр. i - And Reason now through number, time, and space, Darts the keen lustre of her serious eye, And learns, from facts compared, the laws to trace, Whose long progression leads to Deity.
Стр. v - He came to the cross when his young cheek was blooming, And raised to the LORD the bright glance of his eye ; And when o'er its beauty death's darkness was glooming, The cross did uphold him ; the SAVIOUR was nigh.
Стр. 11 - They that go down to the sea in ships see the works of the Lord.
Стр. v - ... of the morning — So dear to your bosom, so fair in your eyes, But weep for the souls unbelievingly scorning The counsel and truth of the

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