The Lupercalia

Передняя обложка
Columbus university, 1921 - Всего страниц: 105
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Стр. 72 - VI.— BIBLE HISTORY. (Entirely free IV.— PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY. from any Denominational bias.) SCHRADER (Dr. O.) and JEVONS (FB, MA): THE PREHISTORIC ANTIQUITIES OF THE ARYAN PEOPLES: Translated from the SECOND GERMAN EDITION by FB Jevons, MA, author of "A History of Gnek Literature
Стр. 57 - ... low and the other Gods immortal starflung thunderbolt. I have flown out of the sorrowful weary Wheel. I have passed with eager feet to the Circle desired. I have sunk beneath the bosom of Despoina, Queen of the Underworld. I have passed with eager feet from the Circle desired. Happy and Blessed One, thou shalt be God instead of mortal.
Стр. 68 - Jubainville, les premiers habitants de l'Europe d'apres les ecrivains de l'antiquite et les travaux des linguistes.
Стр. 57 - Sibylline books, four men — two Gauls and two Greeks — were buried alive in the Forum Boarium.
Стр. 4 - could be so vital, fetichism itself must have had a lengthened sway ; but the people could never have become the Aryan nation had their notions of unity been confined to the local fetich and the village commune."1 Let us once clearly understand that the local fetichism to be found in Aryan countries simply represents the undying faiths of the older race...
Стр. 2 - ... the religious experience of the Romans (19). I confess I am not quite clear what she means by this. Is she thinking of the successive influences exerted on the Roman religion from without, or of its inner growth in the direction of increased spirituality? Probably the latter, for she says (2) that the Lupercalia was spiritualized by new rites of cleansing and by the assurance of kinship with the deity. There is no spiritual advance from a rite of aversion to a fertilitycharm, nor from this to...
Стр. 57 - Demeter and the dog of Hecate, and the essential part of the lustration consisted in the application of the blood of the offering to the guilty person, which is only intelligible if the victim was a holy sacrament.
Стр. 77 - She received the degree of Master of Arts from Columbia University in 1921.
Стр. 77 - State, and was graduated from Wellesley College with the degree of bachelor of arts.
Стр. 17 - some great numen at work, quickening vegetation, and calling into life the powers of reproduction in man and the animals.

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