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This little book was written and compiled at the request of the General Priesthood Committee, under the sanction of the First Presidency of the Church, for the use and benefit of the Priesthood Classes, throughout the Stakes and Wards of Zion.

The treatise, “Gospel Themes," represents the best effort I could make under the circumstances in which that effort was put forth. Many interruptions occurred, consequent upon the performance of other duties, and I had no opportunity to submit the manuscript to a committee of revision, prior to publication ; the usual course with works of this character. I was barely able to get it ready for the printer within the time allotted for its preparation. But I tried to be accurate, and am not aware that I made any mistakes.

While lacking the help of a revisory committee, I received, and hereby gratefully acknowledge, valuable suggestions from Elders David O. McKay and Edward H. Anderson, members of the Priesthood Committee, and from others whom I consulted. Moreover, Brother Anderson was with me in proof-reading the work, and in engineering it through the press.

My aim has been, not to give exhaustive treatment to any subject, but to throw in sight certain themes, and dwell briefly upon points of doctrine, prophecy, history, and illustration, that

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