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4. If any Faculty omit to elect a President before the Annual Meeting of the Senate, or, in case the office should become vacant during the year, to elect a President for the rest of the year, within month after the vacancy occurs, the Vice-Chancellor may appoint any Member of such Faculty to be its President.

5. Three Members of any Faculty shall constitute a quorum of that Faculty.


1. The Executive Government of the University shall be vested in a Syndicate, consisting of the ViceChancellor and six of the Fellows, who shall be elected for one year by the several Faculties, in the following proportions :

Three by the Faculty of Arts.
One by the Faculty of Law.
One by the Faculty of Medicine.

One by the Faculty of Engineering. 2. The elections both of the Presidents of the Faculties and of the Members of the Syndicate shall take place before the Annual Meeting of the Senate, and the names of the persons elected shall be de ared at such Meeting

3. The Syndicate shall meet ordinarily once month, and at other times when convened by the ViceChancellor.

4. All Members of the Syndicate must be resident in or near Calcutta. If any Member be temporarily


absent from Calcutta, the President of his Faculty may appoint a Member to officiate during his absence. Should the period of absence exceed three months, the Vice-Chancellor may declare his place vacant.

5. On every vacancy in the Syndicate, caused by death, resignation, absence from Calcutta, or otherwise, the Faculty, by whom the Member causing the vacancy was elected, shall proceed to elect a new Member for the remainder of the current year.

6. If any Faculty omit to elect a Member of the Syndicate within one month after a vacancy occurs, the Vice-Chancellor may appoint one from among the Members of that Faculty.

7. Four Members of the Syndicate shall constitute a quorum, and all questions shall be decided by a majority of the votes of the Members present.

8. The Vice-Chancellor, or, in his absence, the Senior* Fellow present shall preside at all Meetings of the Syndicate, and if the votes, including that of the President, are equally divided, the President shall have a casting vote.

9. It shall be the duty of the Syndicate to appoint, and if necessary, to remove the Examiners and all other Officers of the University, except the Registrar; to order Examinations in conformity with the Regulations, and to fix the times at which they shall be held ; to grant Degrees, Honors, and Rewards; to keep the

The ex-officio Fellows of the University are always the Senior Fellows in order of official precedence. The seniority of the other Fellows mentioned in the Act of Incorporation is according to the order in which their names appear there. The seniority of all other Fellows is according to the date and order of their appointment.

Accounts of the University, and to correspond on the business of the University with the Government and all other authorities and persons.

10. During the year, between the Annual Meetings of the Senate, the Syndicate may appoint any Member of the Senate to any one or more of the Faculties, and may transfer any Member from one Faculty to another.

11. The Syndicate shall from time to time frame such Bye-laws and Regulations as may be necessary, subject to the approval of the Senate. Each Faculty shall report on any subject that may be referred to it by the Syndicate.

12. Any Faculty, or any Member, or number of Members of the Senate, may make any recommendation to the Syndicate, and may propose any Bye-law or Regulation for the consideration of the Syndicate.

13. The decision of the Syndicate on any such recommendation or proposition, or any matter whatever, may be brought before the Senate by any Member of the Senate at one of its Meetings, and the Senate may approve, revise, or modify any such decision, or may direct the Syndicate to review it.

14. No question shall be considered by the Senate that has not, in the first instance, been considered and decided on by the Syndicate.


1. The Registrar shall be appointed by the Senate at the Annual Meeting. He shall be appointed for two years only, but at the end of every such term he may be re-appointed. The term of office of the Registrar shall commence on the 1st day of May next following his election. If a vacancy occur in the office of Registrar between two Annual Meetings of the Senate, the Syndicate shall appoint a person to officiate until the next first day of May.

2. It shall be competent to the Syndicate at their discretion to grant leave of absence for short periods to the Registrar, when such leave can be granted without publio inconvenience or extra expense. It shall also be competent to the Syndicate once during the Registrar's two years' tenure of office to grant him leave of absence on Medical Certificate, without forfeiture of salary, for a period not exceeding three months ; provided that a satisfactory arrangement can be made without extra expense for the discharge of the Registrar's duties during his absence. Should it be necessary for the Registrar, after enjoying one such leave of absence, to be absent a second time (otherwise than for a short period as already provided) or should it be necessary for the Registrar at any time to be absent for more than three months, or to proceed to Europe, the office of Registrar shall thereupon become vacant.

3. The Registrar shall be the custodian of the Records, Library, Common Seal, and such other property of the University as the Syndicate shall commit to his charge.

All Meetings of the Senate, the Syndicate, and the Faculties, shall be convened through the Registrar, who shall keep a record of the proceedings of such Meetings.




ENTRANCE EXAMINATION. 1. The Entrance Examination shall commence annually on the first Monday in December, and shall be held in Calcutta and in such other places* as shall from time to time be appointed by the Syndicate.

2. Any person, wherever he shall have been educated, may be admitted to the Entrance Examination, provided he will be above the age of sixteen years, on the 1st March following, and not otherwise.

3. Every candidate for admission to the Entrance Examination shall send his application, with a certificate in the form entered in Appendix A., either to the Registrar or to a local officer recognised by the Syndicate. Every such application must reach the office of the Registrar at least thirty days before the date fixed for the commencement of the Examination.

4. A fee of ten rupees shall be payable by each candidate. No candidate shall be admitted, unless he shall have paid this fee to the Registrar or to a local

* The following places have already been appointed :

Hooghly, Berhampore, Kishnaghur, Dacca, Chittagong, Gowhatty, Sylhet, Cuttack, Bhagulpore, Patna, Bancoorah, Benares, Agra, Delhi, Bareilly, Ajmere, Lahore, Saugor, Lucknow, Colombo, Kandy, Burrisaul, Simla, Mooltan, Peshawur, Darjeeling, Nagpore, Ranchee, Sehore, Mussoorie, Jubbulpore, Rangoon, Allahabad.

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