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Bachelor of Arts,
Principal of the Calcutta Mudrasah,

Principal of the Sanskrit College of Calcutta,

Formerly Member of the Council of Education,

ALEXANDER Grant, Esquire,
Apothecary to the East India Company,

HENRY STEWART Rein, Esquire,
Director of Public Instruction in the North-Western

Provinces, being the first Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, and Fellows of the said University, and all the persons who may hereafter become or be appointed to be Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, or Fellows as hereafter mentioned, so long as they shall continue to be such Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, or Fellows, are hereby constituted and declared to be one Body Politic and Corporate by the name of the University of Calcutta ; and such Body Politic shall by such name have perpetual succession, and shall have a common seal, and by such name shall sue and be sued, implead and be impleaded, and answer and be answered unto, in every Court of Justice within the territories in the possession and under the Government of the East India Company.

II. The said Body Corporate shall be able and Power to hold and dis- capable in law to take, purpose of property.

chase, and hold any property,

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moveable or immoveable, which may become vested in it for the purpose of the said University by virtue of any purchase, grant, testamentary disposition, or otherwise; and shall be able and capable in law to grant, demise, alien, or otherwise dispose of, all or any of the property, moveable or immoveable, belonging to the said University; and also to do all other matters incidental or appertaining to a Body Corporate.

III. The said Body Corporate shall consist of one

Constitution of body Chancellor, one Vice-ChancelCorporate and of Senate.

lor, and such number of exofficio and other Fellows as the Governor-General of India in Council hath already appointed, or shall from time to time, by any order published in the Calcutta Gazette, hereafter appoint; and the Chancellor, ViceChancellor, and Fellows for the time being shall constitute the Senate of the said University. Provided that, if any person being Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, or Fellow of the said University, shall leave India without the intention of returning thereto, his office shall thereupon become vacant. IV. The Governor-General of India for the time

being shall be the Chancellor Chancellor.

of the said University, and the first Chancellor shall be the Right Honorable Charles John Viscount Canning.

V. The first Vice-Chancellor of the said Univer-

sity shall be Sir James William Colvile, Knight. The office of Vice-Chancellor shall be held for two years only; and the Vice-Chancellor hereinbefore nominated shall go out of office on the

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first day of January, 1859. Whenever a vacancy shall occur in the office of Vice-Chancellor of the said University by death, resignation, departure from India, effluxion of time, or otherwise, the Governor-General of India in Council shall, by notification in the Calcutta Gazette, nominate a fit and proper person, being one of the Fellows of the said University, to be Vice-Chancellor in the room of the person occasioning such vacancy. Provided that on any vacancy in the said office which shall occur by effluxion of time, the Governor-General of India in Council shall have power to re-appoint the Vice-Chancellor hereinbefore nominated or any future Vice-Chancellor to such office.

VI. The Lieutenant-Governors of Bengal and the Fellows.

North-Western Provinces, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Judicature at Fort William in Bengal, or of any Court of Judicature hereafter to be constituted to or in which the powers of the said Supreme Court may be transferred or vested, the Bishop of Calcutta and the Members of the Supreme Council of India, all for the time being, shall be ex-officio Fellows of the said University. The whole number of the Fellows of the said University, exclusive of the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor for the time being, shall never be less than thirty; and whenever the number of the said Fellows, exclusive as aforesaid, shall by death, resignation, departure from India, or otherwise, be reduced below thirty, the Governor-General of India in Council shall forthwith, by notification in the Calcutta Gazette, nominate so many fit and proper persons to be Fellows of the said


University as, with the then Fellows of the said University, shall make the number of such Fellows, exclusive as aforesaid, thirty. But nothing herein contained shall prevent the Governor-General of India in Council from nominating more than thirty persons to be Fellows of the said University, if he shall see fit.

VII. The Governor-General of India in Council

The appointment of may cancel the appointment of Fellows may be cancelled.

any person already appointed, or hereafter to be appointed a Fellow of the University, and as soon as such order is notified in the Gazette, the person so appointed shall cease to be a Fellow. VIII. The Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, and Fel

lows for the time being shall Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, and Fellows

have the entire management of superintend the affairs of and superintendence over the the University.

affairs, concerns and property of the said University; and in all cases unprovided for by this Act, it shall be lawful for the Chancellor, ViceChancellor, and Fellows to act in such manner as shall appear to them best calculated to promote the purposes intended by the said University.

The said Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, and Fellows, Bye-laws.

shall have full power from time to time to make and alter any bye-laws and regulations (so as the same be not repugnant to law or to the general objects and provisions of the Act), touching the examination for degrees and the granting of the same; and touching the examination for honors and the granting of marks of honor for a higher proficiency in the different branches of Literature, Science and Art; and touching the qualifications of the candidates for degrees and the previous course of instruction to be followed by them, and the preliminary examinations to be submitted to by them; and touching the mode and time of convening the meetings of the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, and Fellows; and, in general, touching all other matters whatever regarding the said University. And all such bye-laws and regulations, when reduced into writing, and after the common seal of the said University shall have been affixed thereto, shall be binding upon all persons, members of the said University, and all candidates for degrees to be conferred by the same, provided such bye-laws and regulations, shall have been first submitted to and shall have received the approval of the Governor-General of India in Council. IX. All questions which shall come before the Chan

cellor, Vice-Chanceller, and Meetings of the Senate.

Fellows shall be decided at a meeting of the Senate by the majority of the members present; and the Chairman at any such meeting shall have a vote, and in cases of an equality of votes, a second or casting vote. No question shall be decided at any meeting, unless the Chancellor, or Vice-Chancellor, and five Fellows, or, in the absence of the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor, unless six Fellows at the least, shall be present at the time of the decision. At every meeting of the Senate, the Chancellor, or in his absence the Vice-Chancellor, shall preside as Chairman; and, in the absence of both, a Chairman shall be chosen by the Fellows present, or the major part of them.

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