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Brayt.-Brayton's Reports; Vt.; 1 vol.; 1815-1819.
Breese. - Breese's Reports; Ill.; 1 vol.; 1819–1830.

Brev.— Brevard's Reports; S. C.; 3 vols.; 1793–1816.

Bro. C. C.-Brown's Chancery Cases; Eng.; 4 vols.; 1778–1794. Bro. P. C.- Brown's Parliamentary Cases, continued by Tomlins; Eng.; 8 vols.; 1701-1800.


Brockenbrough's Decisions of Marshall; U. S. 4th Circuit; 2 vols.; 1802-1833.

Brod. & B. Broderip & Bingham's Reports; Eng. C. P. &c.; 3 vols. ;



Broom Leg. Max.
Broun.- Broun's Justiciary Reports; Scotch; 2 vols.; 1842-1845.
Browne, Pa.― Browne's Reports; Pa.; 2 vols.; 1806-1814.
Bulst.- Bulstrode's Reports; Eng. K. B.; 1 vol.; 1609–1639.
Bur. Burrow's Reports; Eng. K. B.; 5 vols.; 1756-1772.
Burge Col. & For. Laws. - Burge on Colonial and Foreign Laws.
Burn Ec. Law, Phillim. Ed.-Burn's Ecclesiastical Law, Phillimore's


- Broom's Legal Maxims.

Burn Just.-Burn's Justice.

Burrill Law Dict. - Burrill's Law Dictionary.

Busbee.-Busbee's Law Reports; N. C.; 1 vol.; 1852, 1853.

Busbee Eq.-Busbee's Equity Reports; 1 vol.; N. C.; 1852, 1853.

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Caines.-Caines's Reports; N. Y.; 3 vols.; 1803-1805.

Caines Cas..

Caines's Cases; N. Y.; 2 vols.; 1804, 1805.

Caines Sel. Cas.- Caines's Select Cases; N. Y.; 1 vol.; 1809, 1810.
Cal. California Reports; 1850 to the present time.

Call.-Call's Reports; Va.; 6 vols.; 1797-1825.

Cald. - Caldecott's Reports of Justice of the Peace Cases; Eng.; 1 vol. 1776-1785.

Cam. & Norw.- Cameron & Norwood's Conference Reports; N. C.; 1 vol.; 1800-1804.

Camp.- Campbell's Nisi Prius Reports; Eng.; 4 vols.; 1807–1816.

Car. & K.- Carrington & Kirwan's Nisi Prius Reports; Eng.; 1843 to the present time.

Car. & M. Carrington & Marshman's Nisi Prius Reports; Eng.; 1 vol.; 1841, 1842.

Car. & P.- Carrington & Payne's Nisi Prius Reports; Eng.; 9 vols.;


Car. Crim. Law. - Carrington's Supplement to Treatises on Criminal Law.
Car. Law Repos.- Carolina Law Repository; N. C.; 2 vols.; 1813-1816.
Cart.- Carter's Reports; Eng. C. P.; 1 vol.; 1664-1676.

Cart. Ind. - Indiana Reports by Carter; 2 vols.; 1847-1851.
Carth.-Carthew's Reports; Eng. K. B.; 1 vol.; 1686-1701.
Casey.-Pennsylvania State Reports by Casey; Pa.; 1855 to present time.

Cas. temp. Hardw. Cases in the time of Lord Hardwicke, by Annaly; Eng.; 1 vol.; 1733–1737.

C. B.

Common Bench Reports, by Manning, Granger, and Scott; Eng.; 18 vols.; 1845-1856.

C. B. N. S.- Common Bench Reports, New Series; Eng.; 1856 to the present time.


Chandler's Reports; Wisc.; 4 vols.; 1849-1852.

Cheves. Cheves's Law Reports; S. C.; 1 vol.; 1839, 1840.

Chit. Chitty's Points of Practice Cases; Eng. K. B.; 2 vols.; 1782


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Chit. Crim. Law. - Chitty on Criminal Law.1

Chit. Gen. Pract. - Chitty's General Practice.

Chit. Med. Jurisp. -- Chitty on Medical Jurisprudence.

Chit. Plead. Chitty on Pleading.

Cl. & F.- Clark & Finnelly's Reports; Eng. H. of L.; 12 vols.; 1831–


*Cl. & F. N. s. See H. L. Cas.

Co.- Coke's Reports; Eng.; 13 parts; 1572-1615.
Coke upon Littleton, being his first Institute.

Co. Lit.

Collinson Lun.- Collinson on Lunacy.

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Com. Dig.Comyns's Digest.


Comyns. Comyns's Reports; Eng.; 2 vols.; 1695-1741.

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Conn.Connecticut Reports; 1814 to the present time.

Connor & Lawson. Connor & Lawson's Reports; Eng. Ch.; 2 vols.;


Comberbach's Reports; Eng. K. B.; 1 vol.; 1685-1698.
Comstock's Reports; N. Y.; 4 vols.; 1847-1851.

Const. Constitutional Court Reports, published by Treadway; S. C.; 2 vols.; 1812-1816.

Const. N. S.- Constitutional Court Reports, published by Mills; S. C.; 2 vols.; 1817, 1818.

Cooke, Tenn. - Cooke's Reports; Tenn.; 1 vol.; 1811-1814.

Coote Ec. Pract. Coote's Ecclesiastical Practice.

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Cowen's Reports; N. Y.; 9 vols.; 1823-1829.

Coup. Cowper's Reports; Eng. K. B.; 1 vol.; 1774-1778.


Cox C. C.-Cox's Criminal Cases in all the Courts of England and Ire

land; 1843 to the present time.


Coxe's Reports; N. J.; 1 vol.; 1790-1795.

Crabbe. Crabbe's Reports; U. S. Fast. Dist. Pa.; 1 vol.; 1836-1846. *Craigie, Stewart, & Paton.-See Paton, and note.

Cranch. - Cranch's Reports; U. S. Sup. Court; 9 vols.; 1800-1815.

1 The edition referred to, when not otherwise noted, is the second English edition; being the one reprinted, in three volumes, in this country.

Cro. Car.
Cro. Eliz.

Cro. Jac.

Cranch C. C. Cranch's Circuit Court Reports; U. S. Dist. of Columbia; 6 vols.; 1801-1841.

Crawf. & Dix C. C.- Crawford & Dix's Circuit Court Reports; Irish; 3 vols.; 1839-1846.

Cromp. & J.-Crompton & Jervis's Reports; Eng. Ex.; 2 vols.; 1830


Cromp. & M.-Crompton & Mecson's Reports; Eng. Ex.; 2 vols.; 1832


Cromp. M. & R.-Crompton, Meeson, & Roscoe's Reports; Eng. Ex.; 2 vols.; 1834, 1835.

Curt. C. C.-Curtis's Reports; U. S. 1st Circuit; 2 vols.; 1851-1856.
Curt. Ec.- Curteis's Ecclesiastical Reports; Eng.; 3 vols.; 1834–1844.
Cush. Cushing's Reports; Mass.; 12 vols.; 1848-1854.
*Cushman.-See Missis.

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Croke Charles, Croke Elizabeth, Croke James. George
Croke's Reports; Eng. K. B. & C. P.; 1582–1641.

D.-See Scotch Sess. Cas. and note.

D. & P.-Dowling & Ryland's Reports; Eng. K. B.; 9 vols. ; 1822-1827. Dalison. Dalison's Reports (bound up with Benloe); Eng. C. P.; 14861580.

Dall. - Dallas's Reports; U. S. & Pa.; 4 vols 1754-1806.
Dana's Reports; Ky.; 9 vols.; 1833-1840.


Daveis D. C. — Daveis's Reports; U. S. Dist. of Me.; 1 vol.; 1839-1849. Day.- Day's Reports; Conn.; 5 vols.; 1802-1813.

D. Chip.— D. Chipman's Reports; Vt.; 2 vols.; 1789-1824.
Deac. Crim. Law. - Deacon's Criminal Law.

Dean Med. Jurisp. — Dean on Medical Jurisprudence.

Dears. - Dearsly's Crown Cases Reserved; Eng.; 1 vol.; 1852-1856.1 Dears. & B. — Dearsly & Bell's Crown Cases Reserved; Eng.; 1856 to the present time.

Dep. C. C.-Denison's Crown Cases Reserved; Eng.; 2 vols.; 18441852. [A part of the second volume is by Pearce; but it is not cited under his name.]

Denio.- Denio's Reports; N. Y.; 5 vols.; 1845-1848.
Des.-Desaussures's Chancery Reports; S. C.; 4 vols.; 1784-1817.
Dev. - Devereux's Law Reports; N. C.; 4 vols.; 1826-1834.
Der. Eq.- Devereux's Eq. Reports; N. C.; 2 vols.; 1828-1834.

1 These reports, like most of the modern English reports, were published in parts; and one hundred and fifty-eight pages of this volume were in fact executed by the late Mr. Pearce, and a portion of them were published under his name. The earlier pages were therefore formerly cited Pearce C. C.; but now the proper way is to cite the

Dev. & Bat. Devereux's & Battle's Law Reports; N. C.; 4 vols. in 3;


Dev. & Bat. Eq.-Devereux's & Battle's Equity Reports; N. C.; 2 vols. ; 1834-1840.

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Dickens's Reports; Eng. Ch.; 2 vols.; 1559-1784.

Dods. - Dodson's Admiralty Reports; Eng. ; 2 vols.; 1811–1822.

Doug. Douglas's Reports; Eng. K. B.; 4 vols.; 1778–1785.

Doug. Mich.-Douglass's Reports; Mich.; 2 vols.; 1843-1847.
Dow. Dow's Reports; Eng. H. of L.; 6 vols.; 1813–1818.

Dow & Cl.-Dow & Clark's Reports; Eng. H. of L.; 2 vols.; 1827–1832.
Dowl. P. C. Dowling's Practice Cases; Eng.; 9 vols.; 1830-1841.

Dudley, Ga.- Dudley's Reports; Ga.; 1 vol.; 1831-1833.

Dudley, S. C.- Dudley's Reports; S. C.; 1 vol.; 1837, 1838.
Dutcher's Reports; N. J.; 1855 to the present time.


Du Ponceau Jurisd.-Du Ponceau on the Jurisdiction of the United States Courts.

Duer. Duer's Reports; N. Y.; 6 vols.; 1852-1856.

Dwar. Stat. Dwarris on Statutes.

Dy. Dyer's Reports; Eng.; 3 parts; 1513-1582.

East.-East's Reports; Eng. K. B.; 16 vols.; 1800-1812.

East P. C.- East's Pleas of the Crown.

Edw. Adm.- Edwards's "Admiralty Reports; Eng.; 1 vol.; 1808-1812. Edw. Ch.-Edwards's Chancery Reports; N. Y.; 4 vols.; 1831-1850. E. F. Moore.- Moore's Privy Council Reports; Eng.; 1846 to the present time.

Ellis & B.-Ellis & Blackburn's Reports; Eng. Q. B.; 1852 to the present time.

Eng. - English's Reports; Ark.; 8 vols.; 1845-1853.

Eng. Ec.-The Philadelphia reprint of the several English Ecclesiastical Reports.

Eng. L. & Eq.-English Law & Equity Reports; Eng. in Am. compilation; 1850 to the present time.

Eng. Law Mag. — English Law Magazine.

Esp.- Espinasse's Nisi Prius Reports; Eng.; 6 vols.; 1793–1810. Exch.-Exchequer Reports, by Welsby, Hurlstone, & Gordon, &c.; Eng. ; 11 vols.; 1847-1856.1

Fairf.- Fairfield's Reports; Maine; 3 vols.; 1833-1835.

Ferg. Fergusson's Reports of Divorce Cases in the Scotch Consistorial Court; 1 vol.

1 The next series of these Reports is cited H. & N.

Ferg. Consist. Law Rep.- Reports at the end of the volume of Fergusson's Consistorial Law; Scotch.

Fla. - Florida Reports; 1846 to the present time.

Fonb. Eq.-Fonblanque on Equity.



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Fortescue's Reports; Eng.; 1 vol.; 1695–1738.
Foster's Reports & Crown Law; Eng.

Fost. N. H.- Foster's Reports; N. H.; 1850 to the present time.
Fras. Dom. Rel. Fraser on the Personal and Domestic Relations;
Scotch; A. D. 1846.

Ga.- Georgia Reports; 1846 to the present time.

Gab. Crim. Law.

and 1843.

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Gale's Reports; Eng. Ex.; 2 vols.; 1834-1836.

Gale & D.-Gale & Davison's Reports; Eng. Q. B.; 3 vols.; 1841-1843.
Gallis. Gallison's Reports; U. S. 1st Circuit; 2 vols.; 1812-1815.
*George.- See Missis.

Gibs. Cod.-Gibson's Codex Juris Ecclesiastici Anglicani.
Gilb. Ch. Gilbert's Chancery Reports; Eng.; 1 vol.; 1705-1727.
Gill.-Gill's Reports; Md.; 9 vols.; 1843-1851.
Gill & J.- Gill & Johnson's Reports; Md.; 12 vols.; 1829-1842.
Gilman or Gilm. — Gilman's Reports; Ill.; 5 vols.; 1844–1849.
Gilpin.- Gilpin's Reports; U. S. Dist. Pa.; 1 vol.; 1828-1836.
Godb.- Godbolt's Reports; Eng.; 1 vol.; 1575-1638.

Godol. Ab.-Godolphin's Abridgment of the Ecclesiastical Laws.
Gould Pl.-Gould on Pleading.

Gouldsb. Gouldsborough's Reports; Eng.; 1 vol.; 1586-1602.
Gow. Gow's Nisi Prius Reports; Eng.; 1 vol.; 1818-1820.
Grant Corp. Grant on Corporations.

Grattan's Reports; Va.; 13 vols.; 1844-1857.

Gray. Gray's Reports; Mass.; 1854 to the present time.
'Green Ch. Green's Chancery Reports; N. J.; 3 vols.; 1838-1846.
Green, N. J.— Green's Law Reports; N. J.; 3 vols.; 1831–1836.
Greene, Iowa.- Greene's Reports; Iowa; 2 vols.; 1847-1850.
Greenl. — Greenleaf's Reports; Maine; 9 vols.; 1820–1832.
Greenl. Ev.-Greenleaf on Evidence.

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H. & N. Hurlstone & Norman's Reports; Eng. Ex.; 1856 to the present time.

Hag. Adm. - Haggard's Admiralty Reports; Eng.; 3 vols.; 1822-1838. Hag. Con. Haggard's Consistory Court Reports; Eng.; 2 vols.; 1752


Gabbett's Criminal Law; Irish; 2 vols., A. D. 1835

Hag. Ec.-Haggard's Ecclesiastical Reports; Eng.; 4 vols.; 1827-1833. Hale Hist. Com. Law. - Hale's History of the Common Law.

Hale P. C.- Hale's Pleas of the Crown.

Halst. Halsted's Law Reports; N. J.; 7 vols.; 1821-1831.

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