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THE following list comprises the principal abbreviations made use of in these volumes, and in my work on Marriage and Divorce; and includes most of the abbreviations found in other legal treatises. The student is recommended to examine them carefully, so that he will know their signification whenever he meets them in the course of his reading. The list will also be convenient as enabling readers to ascertain nearly the respective dates of the several cases cited. Some abbreviations not used by me are inserted, marked with the asterisk; thus *.

A. & E. Adolphus & Ellis's Reports; Eng. K. B.; 12 vols.; 1834-1841. *A. & E. N. s.- See Q. B.

Add. Ec.- Addams's Ecclesiastical Reports; Eng.; 3 vols.; 1822-1826.
Addison. — Addison's Reports; Pa.; 1 vol.; 1791–1799.
Aikens.-Aikens's Reports; Vt.; 2 vols.; 1825-1827.

A. K. Marshall.— A. K. Marshall's Reports; Ky.; 3 vols.; 1817-1821.
Ala.- Alabama Reports; Ala.; 1840 to the present time.
Aleyn.-Aleyn's Select Cases; Eng.; 1 vol.; 1646-1649.
Alison Crim. Law. - Alison on Criminal Law, a Scotch work.
Amb.- Ambler's Reports; Eng. Ch. &c.; 1 vol.; 1737–1784.
Am. Jur.-American Jurist.

Am. Law Reg.

American Law Register.

Anderson. Anderson's Reports; Eng.; 1 vol.; 1534-1604. Andr.-Andrews's Reports; Eng. K. B.; 1 vol.; 1737, 1738. *Angell. — See R. I.

Angell & Ames Corp. - Angell & Ames on Corporations.

Ann.-Annaly's Cases in the time of Lord Hardwicke; Eng.; 1 vol.;


Anst.-Anstruther's Reports; Eng. Ex.; 3 vols.; 1792-1797.

Anthon.- Anthon's Nisi Prius Reports; N. Y.; 1 vol.; 1808–1818. Archb. New Crim. Proced. - Archbold's New System of Criminal Procedure, &c.; Lond. 1852.1

This work constitutes the text of the book published at New York in 1853, known


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Ashmead's Reports; Penn.; 2 vols.; 1808–1841. Atkyns's Reports; Eng. Ch.; 3 vols.; 1737-1754. Ayl. Parer. Ayliffe's Parergon Juris Canonici Anglicani.

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B. & Ad.- Barnewall & Adolphus's Reports; Eng. K. B.; 5 vols.; 1830


Bailey. Bailey's Law Reports; S. C.; 2 vols.; 1828-1832.

Bailey Eq. Bailey's Equity Reports; S. C.; 1 vol.; 1830-1837.
Baldwin's Reports; U. S. 3d Circuit; 1 vol.; 1828-1833.

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B. & Ald.


Barnewall & Alderson's Reports; Eng. K. B.; 5 vols.; 1817–

B. & C.- Barnewall & Cresswell's Reports; Eng. K. B.; 10 vols.; 1822


B. & P.- Bosanquet & Puller's Reports; Eng. C. P. &c.; 3 vols.; 1796– 1804. [The 4th and 5th vols. are cited as New Rep. or N. R.]

Barb.- Barbour's Supreme Court Reports; N. Y.; 1847 to the present time.

Barb. Ch.

Barbour's Chancery Reports; N. Y.; 3 vols.; 1845-1848. Barr.- Pennsylvania State Reports, by Barr; 10 vols.; 1845-1849. Bay. Bay's Reports; S. C.; 2 vols.; 1783-1804.

Beav. Beavan's Reports; Eng. Ch.; 1838 to the present time.

Beck Med. Jurisp.- Beck's Medical Jurisprudence.


Bee's Reports; U. S. Dist. of S. C.; 1 vol.; 1792-1809.

Bell Ap. Cas.- Bell's Appeal Cases; House of Lords, on Appeal from Scotland; 7 vols.; 1842-1850.

Bibb.- Bibb's Reports; Ky.; 4 vols.; 1808-1817.

Bing.- Bingham's Reports; Eng. C. P. &c.; 10 vols.; 1822-1834.

Bing. N. C.-Bingham's New Cases; Eng. C. P. &c.; 6 vols.; 1834-1840

Binn. Binney's Reports; Pa.; 6 vols.; 1799-1814.

Bishop Mar. & Div. - Bishop on Marriage & Divorce.

Blackf.- Blackford's Reports; Ind.; 8 vols.; 1817-1847.

Bl. Com. Blackstone's Commentaries.

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Bland. Bland's Chancery Reports; Md.; 3 vols.; 1811-1832.

Blatchf. C. C.- Blatchford's Reports; U. S. 2d Circuit; 1845-1850. Blatchf. & H. Blatchford & Howland's Reports; U. S. Southern Dist.

of N. Y.; 1 vol.; 1827-1837.

Bligh. Bligh's Reports; Eng. H. of L.; 3 vols.; 1819-1821.

Bligh, N. S.-Bligh's Reports, New Series; Eng. H. of L.; 11 vols.;


B. Monr.-B. Monroe's Reports; Ky.; 1840 to the present time.
Bott P. L. Bott's Poor Laws.

Bouv. Inst. Bouvier's Institutes.

Bouv. Law Dict. - Bouvier's Law Dictionary.

Brad. Bradford's Surrogate Reports; N. Y.; 1849 to the present time.

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