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Narratives of Personal adventure and enterprise of the early settlers in Wisconsin.

A History of the Lead region, embracing an account of the Mines, and their production and trade, together with a review of the relative situation of Miners and Smelters with the general government.

A dissertation on the Earth works of Wisconsin.

A history of the Boundary Question, the cession to Michigan, the cession by the Ashburton treaty, and the curtailment by Congress on the approval of our Constitution and admission into the Union.

An enquiry into the character, habits and localities of the various Indian tribes of this region of country.

A history of the Milwaukee and Rock River Canal.
A history of the Fox and Wisconsin River improvement.

Detailed statements of the rise and progress of the several Railroads and Plank roads in the State.

An acconnt of our State University.
An account of our Common School system with statistics.
An account of State Agricultural Societies.

An exposition of the title under which has been claimed the socalled “ Carver grant."

All matters pertaining to Wisconsin, and reported on to Congress.

Since the passage of the act authorising the work, I have been using much diligence in collecting materials for its formation, and for this purpose have visited many Counties in the State. I am well aware that public expectation is alive to the completion of the history; but a little reflection will suggest that a reasonable time must be given to the completion of all proper documents, and the collection of all evidences and necessary details and statistics, in the out set, and then only may the labor be said actually to commence, by the arrangement and adaptation of all the material to the required work.

Should your Excellency think proper to make this letter, or any portion of it, the subject of a communication to the Legislature, permit me to say; that I shall feel greatly gratified in exhibiting te

any committee which may be raised by their honorable bodies, for that purpose, the state of forwardness of the contemplated work I had intended to read before the State Historical Society, some detached portions of the work, which may be considered completed; but in all matters, I shall cheerfully submit the decision of a committee, if such shall be appointed.

Permit me to acknowledge the receipt from your Excellency of the sum of three hundred and fifty dollars, up to the present date, the same being part of the appropriation for the work, made at the last Session of the Legislature. The sums received at different periods were required for travelling and incidental expenses, and were in the aggregate, limited by my own request, to the amount above named.

I have the honor to be,

Your Ob't Serv't,

WM. R. SMITH. On motion of Mr. Cary, the Senate adjourned.

WEDNESDAY, January 19, 1853. Prayer by Rev. Mr. Etchman. The reading of the Journal of yesterday was dispensed with. Mr. Alban presented the

Petition of sundry citizens in Waupaca County, asking that the Judicial connection of said County with the County of Winnebago, be severed, and that Waupaca County be established as a separate Judicial organization,

Which, on motion of Mr. Alban, was referred to committee on Town and County organizations, with instructions to report the present week.

Mr. Squires presented the account of D. Ward, Deputy Sheriff of Grant County, against the State;

Which was referred to the committee on Claims.

Mr. Hunter presented the petitions of J. B. Cross and others, Francis Heubschmann and others, and Moritz Schoeffler and others,

Which were laid on the table.

Mr. Whittlesey presented the account of Donaldson & Treadway against the State,

Which was referred to the committee on Legislative Expenditures.

Mr. Briggs presented memorial to the Post Office Department, in relation to the increase of service on Mail route No. 4575,

Which was referred to the committee on Internal Improvements.

Mr. Stewart offered the following resolution, which was adopted:

Resolved,-That no resolution shall be acted upon, the same day in which it is offered, without leave.

Mr. McLane moved the reconsideration of the following resolution, introduced yesterday, by Mr. Alban :

Resolved,-By the Senate, the Assembly concurring, that the State Printer be, and hereby is authorised, to print five thousand copies of the General Banking Law of this State, in pamphlet form, to be distributed under the direction of the Bank Comptroller.

Mr. Stewart moved to lay the motion for reconsideration upon the table,

Which was agreed to.

Mr. Smith moved to reconsider the following resolution, introduced yesterday by Mr. Weil, and adopted by the Senate:

Resolved,—That the Chief Clerk' be instructed to procure for the use of the Senate, 1000 copies of the Wisconsin Banner, and 500 copies of the Sheboygan Republicano, containing the Reports of the several State Officers, in the German language.

Also, 500 copies of the Nieuwsbode, containing the same documents, in the Holland language.

Also, 500 copies of the Emigranten, and 100 copies of the Norwegian paper, published at Racine, containing the same documents, in the Norwegian language.

Also, 300 copies of the same documents, printed in the Welch language.

Which was agreed to.

Mr. Smith moved that said resolution be referred to the committee on Printing

Which was agreed to.

Bills were introduced and read the first and second times, as follows:

By Mr. Blair,

No. 23 (S), A Bill to amend Sections 52 and 84, of Chap. 15, of the revised Statutes.

By Mr. Pinkney,

No. 24 (S), A Bill to incorporate the Fond du Lac and Waukau Plank Road Company.

By Mr. Briggs,

No. 25 (S), A Bill to amend an act entitled, “ An Act to provide for the more speedy collection of fines, forfeitures, and funds, remaining in the hands of Justices' of the Peace,” approved February 21st, 1851.

By Mr. Briggs,

No. 26 (S), A Bill to amend Section 226, Chap. 88, of the revised Statutes.

By Mr. Carey,

No. 27 (S), A Bill to amend Sec. 2, of Chap. 122, of the revised Statutes.

No. 28 (S), A Bill to authorise the Racine and Raymond Plank Road Company to re-locate the route of its road, or some part thereof.

By Mr. Wakeley,
No. 29 (S), A Bill to amend Chap. 19, of the revised Statutes.
Mr. Smith, from the committee on claims, reported,

No. 30 (S), A Bill to appropriate to Alfred Main a certain sum therein named.

Said Bills, Nos. 23, 25, 26, 27 and 28 (S), were referred to the committee on Judiciary.

Said bill, No. 24 (S), was referred to the committee on Incorporations.

Said bill, No. 29 (S), was referred to the committee on Education, School and University Lands.

The printing of said bill No. 28 (S), was dispensed with.

Mr. Stewart, from the committee on Engrossed Bills, submitted the following report:

The committee on engrossed bills, report as correctly engrossed:

No. 2 (S), A bill to extend the time to collect taxes in the town of Port Washington.

No. 3 (S), A bill to authorize the Racine, Janesville and Mississippi Railroad Company to build their said Roads in divisions, and to connect with certain other Railroads and

No. 4 (S), A bill to incorporate the Monomonee Locomotive Manufacturing Company.

STEWART, Chone, Mr. Blair from the committee on State aflairs to whom had been referred,

No. 18 (S), A bill to authorise the Secretary of State to audit certain accounts and to provide for the payment thereof,

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