The Beggar's Coin, Or, Love in Italy

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C. Dolman, 1845 - Всего страниц: 344
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Стр. 291 - Love framed with Mirth a gay fantastic round: Loose were her tresses seen, her zone unbound; And he, amidst his frolic play, As if he would the charming air repay, Shook thousand...
Стр. 291 - Last came Joy's ecstatic trial : He, with viny crown advancing, First to the lively pipe his hand addressed ; But soon he saw the brisk, awakening viol, Whose sweet entrancing voice he loved the best.
Стр. 278 - Bow down, prond city ! bow thee down : For thousand gods, believe in One. That when thine iron rule is o'er, He may far greater power restore And give thee back a crown. Receive the faith, and rule the world ! Though nations at thy feet are hurl'd, Oh what a future's thine ! Far mightier, far, thy power shall be : Man's conscience shall be sway'd by thee : Thy rule shall be divine.
Стр. 278 - Where sages feel that reason's vain, And all its efforts but attain To adore " a God unknown" — There, there shall rise the preacher's voice, And Athens hear it and rejoice, And the Redeemer own. And onward still the Apostles dare : Danger and death but ope the way: And Rome the mighty, Rome shall hear The faith, and learn to pray. Bow down, prond city ! bow thee down : For thousand gods, believe in One.
Стр. 275 - Him, and receive Power to know Him and believe. Ignorance yet clouds your mind ; To His mission ye are blind : Haste to meet Him and to know Wherefore He came down below ; Wherefore He would die in pain; Wherefore He arose again. All this will ye understand. Cheer ye, then, ye chosen band ! Cheer ye. Cast away your gloom. Christ is risen from the tomb ! Let us allelujah cry. Allelujah let us sing. Grave, where is thy victory ? THE ASCENSIoN. " Ye men of Galilee, why look ye up on high ? " This Jesus,...
Стр. 284 - ... is there, And hoary eld and virgin fair, Who, for the faith, have freely bled And, by example, others led. From every age, from every land, Stout champions of the faith, they stand. There are the earliest Christians slain, By rack, and fire, and sword, In many a hostile pagan's reign Ere mighty Rome ador'd. There are the missioners of grace, Slain in some distant, unknown place ; Beneath far India's blazing sun, Or in the forests of the north, Or in the kingdoms of Canton, Wherever Truth had...
Стр. 198 - Oft wandering o'er the Capitoline mount " Or seated 'neath these consecrated aisles, " I bid my soul look backward to the fount " Of all belief : and when some legend wiles " It on, in dreams that seem of no account, — " Old classic dreams at which the Christian smiles — • " I pause and ask me whence each creed began ? " Nature ne'er taught that elder creed to man.
Стр. 198 - Nature ne'er bid all nations worship heaven In sacrifice : — ne'er bid them shed the gore Of man or beast ? Such light could not be given The untaught heart of man ? And yet before That blessed time when hell's strong chains were riven, All nations worshipp'd thus. On every shore, In worlds unknown of old, that rite we find. One common hope once taught it all mankind. " And think not all the legends priests of yore Taught on this sacred hill, and bards enshrin'd In verse undying — think not all...
Стр. 259 - I A lambent beam from heaven descending, Meets it as it floats above ; And with it all serenely blending, Cheers it from the throne of love. And see those most Divine Creations Lead it upwards through the sky : Oh, whence those fairest emanations, Guides to immortality ? The road from life were surely fair Could guides like those our journey share ! Still they rise : still higher — higher. Heaven's bright portals now are nigher. The soul, releas'd from mortal dwelling, Through the realm of space...
Стр. 260 - ... of those blessed three Those Guides to immortality : — 'Twas she on whose high brow beam'd out Resolve, and truth, and suffering : A brow on which no shade of doubt E'er fell : in accents quivering, " Behold," she said, " dear soul ! behold " The truth reveal'd, the glory won ; " See thus assur'd whate'er I told. " Farewell ! the task of FAITH is done. " Alas, I may not go with thee ; " Those portals wide ope not for me : " My humbler walk is there below ; " I teach the road I may not go. "...

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