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of feasons inverted--feed time and harvest fail--the sea break down its boundaries--beauty changed into deformity, and the universe rush into confusion ; till then we must believe that the Lord reigneth-that his finger guides the planets in their everlasting round-that it is his hand which

“Works in the secret dcep; hoots teeming thence
The fair profufion, that o'er-spreads the spring;
Flings from the sun direct the flaming day;
Feeds every creature ; hiurls the tempest forth;
And, as on earth, this grateful change revolves,
With transport touches all the springs of life.”


If more be necessary to affure the mind of that universal love which shines around us, let us next attend to the evidence of this grand truth which nature has stamped on every bosom; and the first glance will strike upon the breast with more than demonstrative force. A beautiful French moralist has given us vearly the following analogy : “ When I survey the families of my, friends, wisely regulated, and sweetly enjoying in the bofom of peace the happiness of well ordered society, I instantly conclude that they are managed by wise and intelligent guides. When I survey kingdoms and states fourishing in peace, the laws revered, justice divided betwixt man and man, commerce and the arts daily improving and extending themselves to the comfort and prosperity of the subject, I instantly conclude that wifdom holds the reins of empire, and that the most consum. mate ability points its energies. When I contemplate the flocks peaceably spreading themselves over the plains, enjoying the bounties of nature, without terror, without apprehenfion, I conclude that a prudent and watchful Thepherd attends to their wants, and protects their de: fenceless

company; When I see the proud vessel with her fails diftended, pursuing her progress across the pathless deep, combating the tempeft, furmounting the


appearances, with.

billows, and happily arriving at her desired port, I infer that an expert pilot holds her helm in his hand, and points her cleaving keel where to divide the waters." In like manner, when I see the universe balanced like a bubble in the air ; when I watch its progress from day to day, from year to year, find it still turning round its. center; ftill renewing its beautiful out variation and without failure, pouring forth its bles. sings on its happy inhabitants ; can

possibly conclude that aught but infinite goodness produces this effect ? Did atoms, uncontrouled, ever concur in such harmony? The emotions of my breast compel me to scout the idea. If order and regularity imply the agency of a wise fuperintendant in one respect, they imply it in another. In fact, this is a conclufion which (with the exception of determined perversity only) mankind have ever drawn; we all feel, we all act under the impression. ci Where is the atheist,” says the eloquent Latin mo-, ralist, “ but in the moment of danger will call upon and implore the aid of that God whose existence he is accustomed to deny? But why does he turn his imploring eyes towards heaven? Why does he invoke the aisistance of the Omnipotent? Surely because the emotions of his bosom deny the language of his lips.”

There is, then, an intelligence which prefides over the univerle-there is an eye which watches over its every moveient-there is a hand which guides its secret energies ! Nature, in every shape, leads to the same conclusion; from the reptile which creeps along the - surface of the earth, to him who is constituted lord of the creation ; from the hyssop upon the wall to the ce. dar of Lebanon ; from the earth on which we tread, to the skies which are stretched out over us; from the feelings of the bosom to the evidence of reason, every thing concurs to proclaim the operation of the divinity! “ We cannot go where universal love (miles not around ;'? and must be without excuse if we refuse our concurrence to such an host of teftimonies,

! W.H.




Addrefs delivered in the Council House, at Greenville,

July 5th, 1795, before the Officers of the American
Army, and Major General Wayne, Commander in
Chief, and Minister Plenipotentiary from the United
States, to treat with the Indian Tribes North West
of the Ohio,


A ,

Noble example for all generals and commanders erected an ALTAR to the God of Peace *. His object was not devastation and plunder, but to defend the lives, liberty, and property of his brethren; when these objects were obtained, the sword was theathed, and he returned to his occupation, crowned with honour.

Gideon, as a worshipper of God, is worthy of imitation by all men; if there be a first cause, a disposer of events, a distributor of rewards and punishments, he is certainly an object of adoration. Some have supposed man to be a religious animal, that it is religion and not reason which distinguishes him from the beast; but, without the exercise of reason, I am at a loss to know how we are to prove the existence of the Almighty. It is true, in most countries, savage as well as civilized, we meet with the temple and the priest, the altar and the offering ; the mythology of the heathen, the morques of Mahomet, the superstitions of popery, and the circumscribed ceremonies of the Jews ; all have a tendency to prove that there is such a thing as real religion. Let us search for it, not by rejecting wholly every thing that bears the appearance of religion, but

* Judges vi. 24.

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every flower!

by acting the part of the bee, extract the honey froin

Although this Western world be a wilderness, we meet here with abundance of flowers which would adorn the most beautiful garden in Europe. Shall we reject those valuable productions of the earth, because they grow in an uncultivated soil surely not. Shall we then, reje&t the noble precepts of Christ, and de. spise his' institutions, because they have been obscured by the weeds of Popery and Mahometanism? God for. bid! Rather let us cut down the groves of Baal and despise his worship. Let us reject every hypothesis that will not bear the test of examination - let us be. lieve nothing but what is supported by evidence, and may be proved by reason.

That religion is certainly rational which represents the Supreme Being in the most amiable manner, re: wards virtue, punithes vice, publishes peace to the pe. nitent, unites man to man, and all good men to God. Such is the Christian religion in its primitive sîmplicity: although its advocates are engaged in the most important war; a war with ignorance and rice ; yet, after the example of Gideon, they continually pray for peace. The commander in chief has ordered them to publish peace in every house they enter; peace to the Indians, to Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. Their commission is to preach the gospel to every creature, to proclaim glory to God in the highest, on earth peace, good will towards men!

However, if we wilh to enjoy a permanent peace in the world, the private circle, or the conscience, the Bible declares we must cease to do evil and learn to do good; the rule is short, the commandments are easy. All the precepts of Jehovah center in one syllableLOVE. The law and the prophets, like the rays of the sun, collected to a focus, here shine and burn,

The man pvho loves God as the supreme good, and his neighbour as himself, furmounts çyerý obtruction with ease, because he is borne above earth on the wings. of love; the philanthropist is every person's neighbour, the white, the black, and the red, are alike to him; he recognizes in each a brother, a child of the. fame common parent, an heir of immortality, and a fellow traveller to eternity. He knows how to make allowances for the prejudices of nations and individuals ; instead of declaiming and tyrannizing, he endeavours to lead (with the cords of love and the bands of man,) all his fellow men, to think, and judge for themselves, what is right. Having done this, the foundation is laid for a glorious fabric ! The man who dares to think few riously for himself, brings a complete sacrifice to the al. tar of peace ; his ear receives instruction, the memory. retains information, the judgment discerns between truth and error, his eye or principle is fixed on the glory of God and the public good; and his fect or affections persevere in the path which leads to immortal blestedness.

Whilst on his journey the Christian ceases not to offer up the sacrifice of praise for the inn erable mercies which surround his path and his pillow, but especially, for that life and immortality which have been brought to light by the gospel.

Brethren! where we have fallen short in any duty, especially that of gratitude ; let us move on with a firm and steady step in the great work of reformation, and as we are surrounded by temptations, let us combat the powers of darkness and the enemy will flee before us : with the weapons of eternal truth let us fight the foc, and our rallying pointofhall be the Altar of Peace.

Permit me to descend to particulars, and apply the subject to the pending trearyThe Lord give peace. But, firs! in order to establish a durable peace, some facrifices must be made on both sides.

The love of conqueft and enlargement of territory hould be sacrificed-every nation or tribe having an


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