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SEC. State not to own. (Constitution)

82 COUNTIESformation of new. (Constitution)

70 COUNTY GOVERNMENTS and township organization. (Constitution)--

71 COURTSclerks-commissioners. (Constitution)

J7 of this State (Constitution)

53: of record. (Constitution) -

35 of record. (Code of Civil Procedure).

393 the several of this State. (Code of Civil Procedure).

392 DEBATEand decorum. (Senate Rule).

314 calling to order for offensive words in. (Assembly Rule).

324 dispensing with joint rules. (Joint Rule).

527 motions not debatable until seconded and announced. (Senate Rule)

318 not permissible on reading of a paper, if objected to. (Senate Rule) --- 319 not permitted on motion to rise from Committee of Whole. (Assembly Rule)

195 precedence of questions in. (Senate Rule)

317 precedence of motions during. (Assembly Rule)

328 permissible, on motion to reconsider. (Senate Rule)

303 when not allowable. (Assembly Rule)

329 DEBT

no imprisonment for. (Constitution) DIVISIONand count of house. (Assembly Rule)

341 of questions. (Form)

346 of question. (Assembly Rule)

297 DUTIES—. of Secretary and Clerk. (Political Code).

4.39 of Assistant Secretary and Assistant Clerk. (Political Code)

462 of Minute Clerk. (Political Code) -

463 of Sergeant-at-Arms. (Political Code).

164 of Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms. (Political Code)

465 of officers at close of session. (Political Code) -

466 of Superintendent of State Printing. (Political Code)

482 EDUCATIONState board of—free textbooks. (Constitution)

66 Legislature to encourage. (Constitution)--

61 EIGHT-HOURday on public work. (Constitution)


and appointments by the Legislature. (Political Code) by Legislature to be viva voce. (Constitution).

331-190 by House. (Assembly Rule)

337 certificate of election evidence of right to seat. (Political Code).

6 committee on contested. (Assembly Rule)

212 communicating offer to vote for or against a bill. (Penal Code).

363 furnishing money for, except for specific purposes. (Penal Code )

360 of members of Assembly. (Constitution)

352 of Assemblymen. (Political Code) -

353 of Senators. (Political Code)

355 precinct boundaries, change of. (Political Code)

359 returns-transmission and publication of. (Constitution)

355 statement of cause of contesting. (Political Code)

366 soliciting or demanding that a candidate vote for or against any measure or bill. (Penal Code)

362 transmission and publication of. (Constitution)

5 who may contest. (Political Code).



Sec. compelling attendance of witnesses. (Political Code)

369 commission to take testimony. (Political Code).

367 depositions in. (Political Code)

374 fees of officers. (Political Code)

372 further evidence may be taken. (Political Code)-

373 grounds of contest of election of Governor to be stated in petition. (Political Code) -

377 judgment of committee in case of Governor. (Political Code)

383 notice of choice in case of Governor. (Political Code)

381 notice to person interested, by whom served. (Political Code)

368 notice to respondent in case of Governor. (Political Code)

378 notice to the houses in case of Governor. (Political Code).

379 powers of committee in case of Governor. (Political Code)

382 testimony, how taken. (Political Code)

370 testimony to be transmitted to Secretary of State-duties of Secretary. (Political Code)

373 trial committee, how chosen in case of Governor. (Political Code)

380 vacancy in commission, how filled. (Political Code) --

371 who may contest election of Governor. (Political Code).

376 ELECTORSbribing or offering to bribe members of Legislative caucuses, etc. (Penal Code)

364 no property qualification of. (Constitution).

47 unlawful offers to procure offices for. (Penal Code).

361 EMINENT DOMAINharbor frontage subject to. (Constitution)


458 EXACTING CLAUSE(Constitution)

129 ENGROSSINGand enrolling bills, order of. (Senate Rule)

219 and enrolling bills, order of. (Assembly Rule).

221 bills to be examined and reported. (Senate Rule)

220 provision for. (Joint Rule).

218 EXROLLINGbills to receive signature of proper officers. (Joint Rule)

214 committee to compare. (Joint Rule)

215 committee to present bills to Governor. (Joint Rule)

217 EQUALIZATIONState and county boards of. (Constitution)


-187-437 EXECUTIVE SESSIONS(Senate Rule).

295-513 EXISTING LAWSprovisions similar to—how construed. (Political Code, Code of Civil Procedure, Civil Code, Penal Code)

124 EMBEZZLERof public funds, ineligible to office. (Constitution)

3.31 FEDERAL OFFICERSineligible to State office-exceptions. (Constitution)

3.30 FEESfor witnesses. (Assembly Rule)

207 : of judicial officers abolished. (Constitution)




SEC. consideration of daily—third reading of Senate and Assembly bills. (Form) 239 general : its hours-special order of bill on file. (Senate Rule)

225 order of making. (Senate and Assembly Rules)

224 order of making, special. (Assembly Rule)

227 special. (Joint Rule).

226 FISCAL YEAR(Constitution)

111 FISHright to. (Constitution)


ineligible to citizenship, immigration of, to be discouraged. (Constitution) 109 FREE TEXTBOOKS, see TEXTBOOKS. FREE CONFERENCE, see CONFERENCE. GOVERNOR

power of the, to grant reprieves, commutations, and pardons. (Penal Code) 433 power of, in respect to convictions for treason. (Penal Code)

434 to communicate to Legislature reprieves, commutations and pardons. (Penal Code).

435 veto sustained. (Form)

-4101 when to adjourn Legislature. (Constitution).

424 GATEKEEPER(Senate Rule)

480 GENERAL LAWform for new--


as to bank corporations—no bank currency. (Constitution)
as to formation of corporations. (Constitution)

76 as to inspection of merchandise. (Constitution). HEALTH— State board of. (Constitution).

116 HISTORYof bills, resolutions and constitutional amendments. (Joint Rule)

502 HOMESTEADSexemptions of. (Constitution)

104 INCOME TAX, see TAX. INDEBTEDNESSlimitation of State. (Constitution)

103 INFERIOR COURTSjurisdiction of and powers of judges. (Constitution)

56 Legislature to provide. (Constitution)

54 IMPEACHEDwho may be other officers. (Constitution)

391 IMPEACHMENTarticles, how prepared-trial by Senate. (Penal Code).

100 (Constitution)

390 defendant, after appearance, may answer or demur. (Penal Code)

405 delivery of articles of. (Penal Code)

401 effect of judgment of suspension. (Penal Code)

412 if demurrer is overruled, defendant must answer. (Penal Code)

406 jurisdiction of court of. (Code of Civil Procedure)

39.7 judgment on conviction, how pronounced. (Penal Code)

409 judgment on conviction-when final. (Penal Code)

410 members of the court. (Code of Civil Procedure

394 nature of the judgment. (Penal Code)

411 not a bar to indictment. (Penal Code).

115 officer, when impeached, disqualified until acquitted-Governor to temporarily fill vacancy. (Penal Code)

413 officers of the court. (Code of Civil Procedure)



SEC. officers liable to. (Penal Code).

399 proceedings on failure to appear in. (Penal Code)

404 proceedings to impeach or remove officers and others preserved. (Penal Code)

398 presiding officer when Lieutenant Governor is impeached. (Penal Code)- 414 Senate to be sworn. (Penal Code)

407 service in, how made. (Penal Code)

403 trial of, provided for in Penal Code. (Code of Civil Procedure).

397 time of hearing, service on defendant. (Penal Code)

402 two thirds necessary to a conviction. (Penal Code)

408 JOINT ADDRESSto Governor. (Joint Rule)

438 JOINT RESOLUTIONS— distinguished from concurrent. (Joint Rule)

159 form for

161 how distinguished from bills. (Joint Rule).

158 (Senate and Assembly Rules).


approval of. (Form) -
each house to keep. (Constitution )

487 reading of. (Form).

31 second day when there has been a gubernatorial election. (Form).

27 what shall be printed in. (Senate Rule)

489 when not in Committee of Whole, proceedings to be entered. (Senate Rule) 504 LANDSholding of unimproved, against public interest. (Constitution) -

105 LEGISLATURElimitations upon power of, to enact laws. (Constitution)

50 time and place of meeting of. (Political Code) ---

4 LENDINGpublic credit prohibited. (Constitution).

51 LIEUTENANT GOVERNORto have casting vote. (Constitution)

331 or other presiding officer in the chair. (Form).

29 LOBBIESM President may order cleared. (Senate Rule).

452 LOBBYING(Assembly Rule)

509 defined-punishment for. (Constitution and Penal Code).

-539-540 (Senate Rule)

510 LOTTERIESaid to, prohibited. (Constitution).

133 MECHANICS' liens. (Constitution).

117 MEETINGhour of. (Senate and Assembly Rule).

23 MEMBERSabsenting themselves. (Assembly Rule).

523 at Clerk's desk. (Assembly Rule).

339 excused from voting. (Form)

348 explanation of vote by. (Form).

317 number and designation of. (Political Code).

1 personal explanation by. (Assembly Rule)

330 privilege of. (Constitution)

519 protest of. (Assembly Rule) --

291 term of office of. (Political Code)


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Sec. from the Governor. (Form)

439 from Governor to Legislature. (Constitution)

423 from the other House. (Senate and Assembly Rules)

23. from Assembly or Senate. (Form)

-261-282 from Assembly, requesting Senate to recede. (Form)

284 must be announced by the Sergeant-at-Arms. (Joint Rule)


from the Governor, may be introduced. (Senate and Assembly Rules) --- 436 may be introduced. (Senate and Assembly Rules).


(Constitution) MINIMUM WAGEfor women and minors. (Constitution).

120 MISCONDUCTin office--corrupt practices. (Constitution)-

114 MOTIONconfirming appointment of Governor. (Form)

440 (Form)

506--526 not to be debated until seconded and announced. (Senate Rule)

318 notice to reconsider. (Form)

30S notice to adopt resolution. (Form)

309 order of questions to refer. (Senate and Assembly Rules )--

183 to be stated by Speaker, if desired shall be reduced to writing, or may be withdrawn. (Assembly Rule)

-298-119 to lay on the table. (Form)

307 to re-commit. (Form).

190 to reconsider. (Form)

310 to refer. (Form) -

191 to re-refer. (Form) -

189 to refer to special committee of one. (Form).

-277, 278 withdrawn. (Form)

313 MUNICIPALimprovemnts, no delegation to private corporations—exception. (Constitution)

74 MUNICIPALITYonly, can tax for municipal purposes. (Constitution).

73 NAVIGABLE WATERSpeople shall always have access to. (Constitution)

101 NOTICES of motion to adopt resolution. (Form)

309 motion to reconsider. (Form)

30S to be in writing under proper signatures. (Joint Rule).

250 NOTICE OF REMOVALby and to whom given. (Political Code)

38.) NOMINATIONSto Senate must be in writing. (Political Code)

432 OATHSof Governor and Lieutenant Governor. (Political Code)

12 of me ers of Legislature. (Political Code)

13 to be entered on Journals. (Political Code).

11 to be transmitted to Secretary of State. (Political Code).

461 what officers of Legislature may administer. (Political Code).

18 who may administer, to witnesses. (Political Code)-

201 OFFICEoath of. (Constitution).

11 term of, when not fixed by Constitution. (Constitution)


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