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SEC. leave of. (Form)-

32 of members visiting public institutions. (Senate and Assembly Rules) -- 203 ACTIONformer reconsidered. (Form)

-247, 280 former rescinded. (Form )

--248, 280 ADMISSIONto floor. (Assembly Rule).


motion to. (Assembly Rule)--power of Governor to. (Constitution)

424 ADJOURNMENTdaily. (Form)

29 from day to day. (Constitution).

21 for constitutional recess or sine die. (Form)

40 for constitutional recess or sine die. (Joint Rule)

22 ALIENS Power of Legislature to regulate. (Constitution)

108 AMENDATORY ACTwhen void

138 AMENDMENTSconsideration of Assembly. (Form)

283 effect of. (Political Code).

134 from floor. (Form).

275 of bills requiring two-thirds vote. (Assembly and Senate Rules).

268 on third reading, may commit. (Assembly and Senate Rules )

270 revision. (Constitution).

131 substitutes, when in order. (Senate Rule)-

265 substitutes must be germane. (Assembly and Senate Rules )

266 substitute regarded as. (Assembly Rule) -

264 to amended bills must be attached. (Joint Rule)

271 to concur or refuse to concur. (Joint Rule)

272 to original question. (Senate Rule)

269 to title. (Form)

279 APPEALfrom decision of the chair. (Form)

306 APPROPRIATIONbills. (Form)

150 bill, reference of before second reading. (Senate and Assembly Rules) - 184 how made. (Constitution)

141 general bill, what to contain. (Constitution) -

142 proceedings touching money, to be considered in committee of whole. (Assembly Rule)

192 restriction on and grants of aid. (Constitution)

144. special bill, restrictions as to. (Constitution)

143 APPROVALof bills by Governor-passage over veto. (Constitution)

426 ASSEMBLYdistricts. (Constitution)

357 officers of the. (Political Code).

16 organization of. (Political Code).

10 ASSEMBLYMENineligible to certain offices. (Constitution)

3-13 number of. (Constitution)

3.56 ASSEMBLE AND PETITIONright to. (Constitution)


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SEC. assignment of. (Assembly Rule)

474 etc. (Form)

458 AYES AND NOEScalling for vote. (Assembly Rule)

338 demanded. (Form)

346 members must answer-no vote after announcement of result. (Senate Rule)

335 BILLSapproval of. (Political Code).

428 appropriation, case of urgency. (Form).

157 adding new code section. (Form)

152 amending existing code section. (Form)

153 amending a general law. (Form) -

155 after being passed by Senate or Assembly. (Joint Rule)

257 Assembly, disposition of. (Senate Rule)

258 amended, form for printing. (Senate and Assembly Rules) -

496 attainder, ex post facto law, obligation to contract. (Constitution)

43 code sections, how amended. (Senate Rule)

151 companion, withdrawal of. (Form ) --

263 consideration of (out of order). (Form).

15. endorsement of. (Joint Rule)

164 how referred. (Senate and Assembly Rules)

181 introduction of. (Senate Rule)

166 introduction of by committee. (Assembly Rule).

_167-168 introduction of after constitutional recess. (Senate and Assembly Rules) -- 56 introduction and first reading of. (Form)

-171, 188 joint resolutions, treated as. (Joint Rule)

165 origin and passage of. (Constitution)

130 or resolution, from one house, rejected in the other, requires notice. (Joint Rule) -

260 passage before constitutional recess. (Joint Rule)

235 printing, numbering of lines. (Joint Rule)

494 printing extra number of. (Assembly Rule)

498 repealing a code section. (Form).

154 request for introduction of, after constitutional recess. (Form)

173 referred otherwise than by presiding officer. (Senate and Assembly Rules) 181 redrafting of. (Senate Rule).

199 reprinting of amended. (Senate Rule) recall from committee. (Form)

245 recall from print, engrossment, or from Assembly. (Form)

246 re-reference of. (Form)

75 reading of. (Senate Rule)

223 read and reference to committee. (Joint Rule).

256 reference of appropriation, before second reading. (Senate Rule)

230 received by the Governor must be indorsed by his private secretary. (Political Code) --

427 returned without approval. (Political Code)

429 return, when House not in session. (Political Code). remaining with the Governor more than ten days. (Political Code).

431 second reading of. (Form ) -

236 second reading of (out of order). (Form)

237, 274, 276 Senate, disposition of. (Assembly Rule).

259 signature of officers when enrolled. (Joint Rule)

456 second reading of. (Form)

273 taken up out of order. (Assembly Rule)

229 third reading of. (Form).

238 urgency section. (Form).

157 use of word "bill.” (Joint Rule)



430 251


SEC. withdrawal of. (Form)

175 what printed in Journal on first reading. (Senate Rule)

492 when printed to be placed on desk. (Senate Rule)

479 BRIBERYdisqualification for. (Constitution)

113 BUDGET, PREPARATION OF STATEclaims against State to be filed with Controller--

148 Controller to send blanks to heads of departments..

146 Controller to send blanks to Senators and members-elect of the Legislature-- 147 Controller to furnish tabulated statement

119 CALLof Senate or Assembly. (Form).

240 of the house. (Assembly Rule)

343 CALLINGto order. (Senate Rule).

450 CHAMBERuse of Assembly. (Assembly Rule)

515 use of Senate or Assembly, granted. (Form)

518 CHIEF CLERKduties of. (Assembly Rule)

473 duties of. (Political Code)

459 shall endorse bills. (Joint Rule)

470 to carry messages.

(Joint Rule) to keep register. (Joint Rule).

469 CODEShow cited, etc. (Political Code, Civil Code, Code of Civil Procedure, Penal Code)

128 construction of the. (Political Code, Penal Code, Civil Code, Code of Civil Procedure)

123 COMMITTEE REPORTS, see REPORTSCOMMITTEESadditional standing. (Senate and Assembly Rules)

179 amendments, how made. (Senate Rule)

198 appointment of. (Senate and Assembly Rules).

.177, 454 appointment of standing, of Legislature. (Political Code)

412 appointment of free conference. (Form)

289 appointment of special, on joint rules. (Form)

180 duties of Judiciary. (Political Code).

208 introduction of bills by. (Assembly Rule).

200 joint meetings of. (Joint Rule)

201 meetings, notice of. (Assembly Rule)

202 of Legislature, appointment of standing. (Political Code).

176 of one, report of. (Form)

277 of the whole, how formed. (Assembly Rule)

193 on revision and printing. (Joint Rule).

-210, 493 on contested elections. (Assembly Rule)

212 on conference. (Joint Rule)

287 on free conference. (Joint Rule) -

288 on conference, appointment of. (Form)

291 on conference, report of. (Form).

290 other than Judiciary, reporting favorably on a bill, effect..

209 reference of executive communications and nominations. (Senate Rule) -- 187 reports of revision. (Joint Rule) --

211 report of, on Engrossment and Enrollment. (Form) report of standing. (Form).

174 and 200 report on conference. (Ferm).

290 and 292 rules in committee of whole. (Senate and Assembly Rules)

194 special, report of. (Form)


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SEC. standing and joint. (Joint Rule).

178 standing, what constitutes quorum. (Senate Rule).

196 standing, report of. (Form).

206 when shall report. (Senate and Assembly Rules).

197 when conference report is in order. (Joint Rule)

285 ways and means. (Assembly Rule).


(Form) COMPENSATIONextra, and payment of, prohibited without express sanction of law. (Constitution)

145 for services after close of session. (Political Code)

465 of other officers and employees—salaries of officers and attaches of the Senate and Assembly. (Political Code).

467 of officers and jurors. (Constitution) -

72 of members of Legislature-Legislative expenses limited. (Constitution). 520 per diem and mileage of members of Legislature. (Political Code).


SEC. (Assembly and Senate Rules) -

169 distinguished from Joint. (Joint Rules)

159 (Form)

162 how distinguished from bills. (Joint Rule)

158 introduction of. (Form).

172 CONFERENCEappointment of committee. (Form).

289 committee on. (Joint Rule).

289 report of committee. (Form)

290 when report is in order. (Form).

288 when Senate and Assembly refuse to concur. (Joint Rule) -

285 CONFERENCE, FREEappointment of committee. (Form)

291 committee on. (Joint Rule).

287 report of committee on. (Form)

290 CONSTITUTIONhow amended. (Constitution)


160 how distinguished from bills. (Joint Rule) -

158 President and Speaker to appoint committees to prepare arguments on. (Political Code)

4421 (Senate and Assembly Rules)



45 CONTINGENT EXPENSESof Assembly. (Assembly Rule)

18.5 of Senate. (Senate Rule)

186 CONVENINGof Senate and Assembly, daily. (Form)

23 CORPORATIONbank, only under general laws—no bank currency. (Constitution)

77 business limited by charter; term of holding real estate. (Constitution). 80 extension of franchise of—remission of forfeiture. (Constitution ) -

78 foreign. (Constitution).

84 general laws as to formation of. (Constitution)

76 property subject to condemnation-police power not abridged. (Constitution) 79 place of business of-books. (Constitution) transfer of franchise does not relieve from liabilities. (Constitution).



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