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sides, and deliver the same to the Secretary of State for distribution as soon as practicable after the final adjournment of the Legislature, and the receipt of the Secretary of State shall be his voucher therefor. (Political Code, sec. 528.)

SEC. 485.


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Printing must be done as follows: The laws, journals, mes

, , sages, and other documents in book form, must be printed solid, with long primer type, on good white paper; each page, except of the laws, must be thirty-three ems wide and fifty-eight ems long, including title, blank line under it, and foot line; of the laws the same length, and twenty-nine ems wide, exclusive of marginal notes, which notes must be printed in nonpareil type, seven ems wide. Figure work, and rule and figure work in messages, reports, and other documents in book form, must be on pages corresponding in size with the journals, if it can be brought in by using type not smaller than minion; if not, it must be executed in a form to fold and bind with the volume. Blanks must be printed in such form, and on such paper, and with such sized type as the officers ordering them may direct.

Printing the Laws. The laws must be printed without chapter headings, and without blank lines, with the exception of one head line, one foot line, two lines between the last section of an act and the title of the next act. When there is not space enough between the last section of an act to print the title and enacting clause, and one line of the following act upon the same page, such title may be printed upon the following page.

The journals must be printed without blank lines, with the exception of one head line, one foot line, and two lines between the journal of one day and that of the following day. In printing the words ayes and noes, the word “ayes” and the word “noes’’ must be run in with the names. (Political Code, scc. 529.)

SEC. 486.


The duties of the Superintendent of State Printing shall be as follows: He shall have the entire charge and superintendence of the State printing and binding. He shall take charge of and be responsible on his bond for all manuscripts and other matter which may be placed in his hands to be printed, bound, engraved or lithographed, and shall cause the same to be promptly executed. He shall receive from the Senate or Assembly all matter ordered by either house to be printed and bound, or either printed or bound, and shall keep a record of the same, and of the order in which it may be received; and when the work shall have been executed, he shall deliver the finished sheets or volumes to the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate or Assembly, or of any department authorized to receive them, whose receipt therefor shall be a sufficient voucher to the said Superintendent of State Printing for their delivery. He shall receive and promptly execute all orders for printing or binding required to be done for the various State officers.

Discretionary Authority. Provided that the said Superintendent of State Printing shall have discretionary authority to revise, reduce or decline to execute any order, or part of any order, which in his judgment is unnecessary or unwarranted by law, and which will tend to unnecessarily consume the appropriation for support of the State printing office; and provided, further, that in the event that any state officer, board, commission, or state institution shall consider the decision of the said Superintendent of State Printing unfair, he may refer the matter to the State Board of Examiners (succeeded by Board of Control) which board shall determine the matter. He shall employ such compositors, pressmen, and assistants as the exigency of the work from time to time requires, and may at any time discharge such employees. * * * (Political Code, sec. 531.)

SEC. 487.


Each house shall keep a journal of its proceedings, and publish the same, and the yeas and nays of the members of either house, on any question, shall at the desire of any three members present, be entered on the journal. (Constitution, art. IV, sec. 10.)

SEC. 488.

DAILY JOURNAL OF EACH HOUSE TO BE PRINTED. A sufficient number of copies of each day's proceedings of each house of the Legislature shall be printed by the State Printer in book form separately, to supply the members of both houses and chief officers daily during the session with the Journal of the previous day's proceedings; and also a sufficient number of copies, with proper re-paging, to bind at the end of the session of the Legislature, in book form, as the journals of the Senate and Assembly; one copy of which daily journal of each house, upon the approval thereof by the house of which it is such daily journal, shall be authenticated as so approved by the presiding officer and Chief Clerk or Secretary (as the case may be) of the house so approving it; and upon the final adjournment of the Legislature, such copy of the daily journal of each house for the entire session, so authenticated, shall be properly bound in separate volumes and deposited in the office of the Secretary of State as the official journals of both houses of the Legislature. (Political Code, sec. 256.)

SEC. 489.

WHAT SHALL BE PRINTED IN THE JOURNAL. Messages from the Governor (other than biennial messages and inaugural addresses), joint and concurrent resolutions and constitutional amendments, when adopted, and the titles of all bills, joint and concurrent resolutions, and constitutional amendments, when acted upon by the Senate shall be printed in the Journal in full. (Senate Rule No. 24.)

SEC. 490.


In all elections by the Legislature the members thereof shall vote viva voce, and the votes shall be entered on the Journal. (Constitution, art. IV, sec. 28.)

SEC. 491.

RECORD OF VOTES AND PETITIONS. Every vote and a brief statement of the contents of each petition, memorial, or paper presented to the Senate shall be entered in the Journal. (Senate Rule No. 25.)

SEC. 492.


The titles of all bills, joint and concurrent resolutions, and constitutional amendments introduced shall be printed in the Journal. (Senate Rule No. 28.)

SEC. 493.


Unless otherwise ordered by the house in which the bill was introduced, all bills before being printed shall be immediately sent to the Committee on Revision and Printing. The committee, by and with the written assent of the author filed with it, shall have authority to correct any clerical error such as in orthography, adding or correcting the enacting clause, mistakes in numbering sections and references thereto, errors in grammar, phraseology, or in the form of the bill; provided, that no bill which bears the stamp of the Legislative Counsel Bureau showing that before introduction it has been examined as to form, shall be sent to the Committee on Revision and Printing. (Joint Rule No. 30.)

SEC. 494.


The lines of all printed bills shall be numbered by page and not by sections, and amendments shall be identified by reference to title, page and line only. (Joint Rule No. 30.)

SEC. 495.


The Committee on Revision and Printing shall return to the Secretary of the Senate or Clerk of the Assembly all bills in the order in which they were sent to it, but shall not retain any bill for longer than three legislative days, unless otherwise ordered. (Joint Rule No. 32.)

SEC. 496.


All bills amended, either in committee or on the floor of the House, shall be immediately reprinted; the new matter added by any amendments to be printed in italics and any matter proposed to be omitted by such amendments to be included in brackets. (Senate Rule No. 28. Assembly Rule No. 76.)

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One thousand copies of all bills and as many additional copies as the House shall order, shall be printed. The Chief Clerk or Sergeant-atArms shall be required to certify to the receipt by the House of all such printed matter, and the quantity thereof. (Assembly Rule No. 52.)

SEC. 498.

PRINTING EXTRA NUMBER OF BILLS, ETC. A proposition to print an extra number of any document or other matter shall lie on the table one day for consideration, unless otherwise ordered by consent of the House. (Assembly Rule No. 53.)

SEC. 499.

PRINTING OF MAPS. Maps accompanying documents shall not be printed under the general order to print, without the special direction of the House. (Assembly Rule No. 54.)

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Fifteen hundred copies of all bills shall be printed; and the Sergeantat-Arms shall be required to certify to the reception by the Senate of all printed matter, and the quantity. One copy of each bill or paper printed by order of the Senate shall be delivered ea Se ator at his desk, and the balance shall be distributed according to law. (Senate Rule No. 21.)

SEC. 501.

NUMBER OF COPIES TO BE PRINTED. Seven hundred and fifty copies shall be printed of each document or other matter ordered, unless the Senate especially directs a different number. (Senate Rule No. 22.)

SEC. 502.


AMENDMENTS. Each house shall cause to be printed on Monday of each week, during the session, a complete history of all bills, joint or concurrent resolutions and constitutional amendments originating in, or acted upon by the respective houses.

Such history shall show the action taken upon each measure up to and including the legislative day preceding its issuance. For each legislative day intervening there shall be printed a supplementary history showing the action taken upon any measure since the issuance of the complete history. A regular form shall be prescribed and no other form shall be used.

Immediately following the adjournment for the constitutional recess the History shall be compiled and printed to date of recess. (Joint Rule No. 25.)

SEC. 503.

NUMBER OF COPIES TO BE PRINTED OF JOURNAL. The Superintendent of State Printing shall print one thousand copies of the Journal of each day's proceedings of the Senate, and one copy of the same shall be placed upon each Senator's desk, and a sufficient number sent to the Assembly to supply each Assemblyman with one copy; he shall also print a sufficient number of copies properly paged, to bind in book form as the Journal of the Senate, at the end of the session, as required by law. (Senate Rule No. 23.)

SEC. 504.


ENTERED IN THE JOURNAL. The proceedings of the Senate, when not acting as a Committee of the Whole, shall be entered in the Journal as concisely as possible, care being taken to record a true and accurate account of the proceedings. (Senate Rule No. 26.)

SEC. 505.

PRINTING FOR THE SENATE. The Superintendent of State Printing shall not print for the use of the Senate any matter other than provided by law, unless upon a written order signed by the Secretary. The Secretary may, when necessity requires, order from the State Printer such printing as he deems necessary to be printed in advance of the regular order of business, under a specially prepared written order, to be known as a “Rush Order.” (Senate Rule No. 27.)

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moved that the Superintendent of State Printing be directed to print

hundred copies of the report submitted by the

to the Governor 19--, for the use of the Senate?. Motion carried, and such was the order. EXPLANATORY NOTE.

Or Mr.
*Or Assembly.


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