The Complete Works of George Herbert: And The Satires and Psalms of Bishop Hall

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T. Nelson, 1855 - Всего страниц: 498

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Стр. 198 - I the unkind, ungrateful ? Ah, my dear, I cannot look on thee. Love took my hand, and smiling did reply, Who made the eyes but I \ Truth, Lord, but I have marrM them : let my shame Go where it doth deserve.
Стр. 193 - TEACH me, my God and King, In all things thee to see, And what I do in any thing, To do it as for thee...
Стр. 10 - Lie not ; but let thy heart be true to God, Thy mouth to it, thy actions to them both.
Стр. 73 - WHO is the honest man ? He that doth still and strongly good pursue, To God, his neighbour, and himself most true ; Whom neither force nor fawning can Unpin or wrench from giving all their due. Whose honesty is not So loose or easy, that a ruffling wind Can blow away, or glittering look it blind ; Who rides his sure and even trot, While the world now rides by, now lags behind.
Стр. 41 - As larks, harmoniously, And sing this day thy victories : 'Then shall the fall further the flight in me.
Стр. 148 - TRAVELL'D on, seeing the hill, where lay My expectation. A long it was and weary way. The gloomy cave of Desperation I left on th' one, and on the other side The rock of Pride.
Стр. 95 - But Man hath caught and kept it, as his prey. His eyes dismount the highest star ; He is, in little, all the sphere. Herbs gladly cure our flesh, because that they Find their acquaintance there.
Стр. 160 - All wasted? Not so, my heart; but there is fruit, And thou hast hands.
Стр. 98 - I made a posy, while the day ran by: Here will I smell my remnant out, and tie My life within this band.
Стр. 187 - DISCIPLINE. THROW away thy rod. Throw away thy wrath 0 my God, Take the gentle path. For my heart's desire Unto thine is bent : I aspire To a full consent. Not a word or look I affect to own, But by book, And thy book alone.

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