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| Or, strong places.

and they that

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Apocrypha. c. Before nor of the || holds, he hired soldiers, 25 But when he drew near, ll they Before about 164. and nourished war continually with that were with Maccabeus turned about 164. the Jews :

themselves to pray unto God, and ,
15 And therewithal the Idumeans, sprinkled earth upon their heads, and Maccabeus,
having gotten into their hands the girded their loins with sackcloth, were with
most commodious holds, kept the 26 And fell down at the foot of him.
Jews occupied, and receiving those the altar, and besought him to be
that were banished from Jerusalem, merciful to them, and to be a an a Deut. 28. 7.
they went about to nourish war. enemy to their enemies, and an ad-

16 Then they that were with Mac-versary to their adversaries, as the
cabeus made supplication, and be- law declareth.
sought God that he would be their 27 So after the prayer they took
helper; and so they ran with violence their weapons, and went on further
upon the strong holds of the Idu- from the city: and when they drew

near to their enemies, they kept by
17 And assaulting them strongly, i themselves.
they won the holds, and kept off all: 28 Now the sun being newly
that fought upon the wall, and slew risen, they joined both together; the
all that fell into their hands, and one part having together with their
killed no fewer than twenty thou- virtue their refuge also unto the Lord

for a || pledge of their success and l Or,
18 And because certain, who were victory: the other side making their surety.
no less than nine thousand, were fled rage leader of their battle.
together into two very strong castles, 29 But when the battle waxed
having all manner of things conve- strong, there appeared unto the ene-
nient to sustain the siege,

mies from heaven five comely men
19 Maccabeus left Simon and Jo- upon horses, with bridles of gold,
seph, and Zaccheus also, and them and two of them led the Jews,
that were with him, who were enough 30 And took Maccabeus betwixt
to besiege them, and departed him- them, and covered him on every side
self unto those places which more with their weapons, and kept him
needed his help.

safe, but shot arrows and lightnings
20 Now || they that were with against the enemies : so that being
Simon, being led with covetousness, confounded with blindness, and fuli
were persuaded for money through of trouble, they were killed.
certain of those that were in the 31 And there were slain of foot-
castle, and took seventy thousand men twenty thousand and five hun-
drachms, and let some of them dred, and six hundred horsemen.

32 As for Timotheus himself, he
21 But when it was told Mac- fled into a very strong hold, called
cabeus what was done, he called the Gazara, where Chereas was gover-
governors of the people together, nor.
and accused those men, that they had 33 But they that were with Mac-
sold their brethren for money, and cabeus laid siege against the fortress
set their enemies free to fight against courageously four days.

34 And they that were within,
22 So he slew those that were trusting to the strength of the place,
found traitors, and immediately took blasphemed exceedingly, and uttered
the two castles.

wicked words.
23 And having good success with 35 Nevertheless upon the fifth
his weapons in all things he took in day early twenty young men of Mac-
hand, he slew in the two holds more cabeus' company, inflamed with anger
than twenty thousand.

| because of the blasphemies, assaulted
24 Now Timotheus, whom the the wall manly, and with a fierce
Jews had overcome before, when he courage killed all that they met
had gathered a great multitude of withal.
foreign forces, and horses out of Asia 36 Others likewise ascending after
not a few, came as though he would them, whiles they were busied with
take Jewry by force of arms. them that were within, burnt the

1 Or, Simon.



to get Jerusalepsias to the wounded Aed away sh

+ Gr. tutor.


Apocrypha. Beforer towers, and kindling fires burnt the 9 Then they praised the merciful Before about 164. blasphemers alive; and others broke God altogether, and took heart, inso- about 161.

open the gates, and, having received much that they were ready not only
in the rest of the army, took the city, to fight with men, but with most cruel

37 And killed Timotheus, that beasts, and to pierce through walls of
was hid in a certain pit, and Chereas iron.
his brother, with Apollophanes. 10 Thus they marched forward in

38 When this was done, they their armour, having an helper from
praised the Lord with psalms and heaven : for the Lord was merciful
thanksgiving, who had done so great unto them.
things for Israel, and given them the 1 11 And giving a charge upon their

enemies like lions, they slew eleven

thousand footmen, and sixteen hun| CHA P. XI.

dred horsemen, and put all the other 3 Lysias, thinking to get Jerusalem, 8 is put

to flight. to flight. 16 The letters of Lysias to the

the 12 Many of them also being
Jews : 22 of the king unto Lysias, 27 and wounded escaped naked; and Lysias
to the Jews : 34 of the Romans to the himself fed away shamefully, and so

N OT long after this, Lysias the 13 Who, as he was a man of un-

I king's † protector and cousin, derstanding, casting with himself
who also managed the affairs, took what loss he had had, and consider-
sore displeasure for the things that ing that the Hebrews could not be
were done.

overcome, because the Almighty God
2 And when he had gathered helped them, he sent unto them,
about fourscore thousand with all the 14 And persuaded them to agree
horsemen, he came against the Jews, to all reasonable conditions, and pro-
thinking to make the city an habita-mised that he would persuade the
tion of the || Gentiles,

king that he must needs be a friend
3 And to make a gain of the tem- | unto them.
ple, as of the other chapels of the | 15 Then Maccabeus consented to
heathen, and to set the high priest- all that Lysias desired, being careful
hood to sale every year:

| of the common good; and whatsoever
+ Not at all considering the power Maccabeus wrote unto Lysias con-
of God, but puffed up with his ten cerning the Jews, the king granted
thousands of footmen, and his thou-
sands of horsemen, and his fourscore 16 For there were letters written

| unto the Jews from Lysias to this
5 So he came to Judea, and drew effect: Lysias unto the people of the
near to Bethsura, which was a strong Jews sendeth greeting:
town, but distant from Jerusalem 17 John and Absalon, who were
about five furlongs, and he laid sore sent from you, delivered me the pe-
siege unto it.

|tition subscribed, and made request | Maccabeus 6 Now when || they that were with for the performance of the contents

Maccabeus heard that he besieged thereof.
the holds, they and all the people 18 Therefore what things soever about 162
with lamentation and tears besought were meet to be reported to the king,
the Lord that he would send a good I have declared them, and he hath
angel to deliver Israel.

| granted as much as might be.
7 Then Maccabeus himself first of 19 If then ye will keep yourselves
all took weapons, exhorting the other loyal to the state, hereafter also will
that they would jeopard themselves I 'endeavour to be a means of your
together with him to help their breth- good.
ren: so they went forth together with 20 But of the particulars I have
a willing mind.

given order both to these, and the
8 And as they were at Jerusalem, other that came from me, to commune
there appeared before them on horse- with you.
back one in white clothing, shaking 21 Fare ye well. The hundred
his armour of gold.

I and eight and fortieth year, the four

Or, Grecians,

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and his company


Before CHRIST about 163.

1. Or, Dioscorus.


Apocrypha. Before and twentieth day of the month 32 I have sent also Menelaus, that Before about 163. || Dioscorinthius.

| he may comfort you. 22 Now the king's letter contained 33 Fare ye well. In the hundred these words : King Antiochus unto forty and eighth year and the fifteenth his brother Lysias sendeth greeting: day of the month || Xanthicus. . Or, April.

23 Since our father is translated 34 The Romans also sent unto
unto the gods, our will is, that they them a letter containing these words:
that are in our realm live quietly, Quintus Memmius and 'Titus Man-
that every one may attend upon his | lius, || ambassadors of the Romans, || Or, consuls.
own affairs.

send greeting unto the people of the
24 We understand also that the Jews.
Jews would not consent to our father, 35 Whatsoever Lysias the king's
for to be brought unto the custom of cousin hath granted, therewith we
the Gentiles, but had rather keep also are well pleased.
their own manner of living: for the 36 But touching such things as he
which cause they require of us, that judged to be referred to the king,
we should suffer them to live after after ye have advised thereof, send
their own laws.

one forthwith, that we may declare as
25 Wherefore our mind is, that it is convenient for you: for we are
this nation shall be in rest, and we now going to Antioch.
have determined to restore them their 37 Therefore send some with
temple, that they may live according speed, that we may know what is
to the customs of their forefathers. your mind.

26 Thou shalt do well therefore 38 Farewell. This hundred and
to send unto them, and || grant them eight and fortieth year, the fifteenth
peace, that when they are certified of day of the month Xanthicus.
our mind, they may be of good com-

fort, and ever go cheerfully about l, The king's lieutenants vex the Jews. 3
their own affairs.

They of Joppe drown two hundred Jews. 6
27 And the letter of the king unto Judas is avenged upon them. 11 He maketh
the nation of the Jews was after this peace with the Arabians, 16 and taketh
manner : King Antiochus sendeth Caspis. 22 Timotheus' armies overthrown.
greeting unto the council, and the W H EN these covenants were
rest of the Jews:

V made, Lysias went unto the 28 If ye fare well, we have our king, and the Jews were about their desire; we are also in good health. husbandry.

29 Menelaus declared unto us, that 2 But of the governors of several about 164. your desire was to return home, and places, Timotheus, and Apollonius to follow your own business : the son of Genneus, also Hierony

30 Wherefore they that will depart mus, and Demophon, and beside them
shall have safe conduct till the Nicanor the governor of Cyprus,
thirtieth day of Xanthicus with se- would not suffer them to be quiet,

and live in peace.
31 And the Jews shall use their 3 The men of Joppe also did such
own kind of meats and laws, as be- an ungodly deed: they prayed the
fore; and none of them any manner Jews that dwelt among them to go
of ways shall be molested for things with their wives and children into
ignorantly done.

the boats which they had prepared,

| Or, give them assurance.

Chap. XI. ver. 21. Dioscorinthius.] There is no | Syro-Macedonians derived this from the kings of the such name of a month to be found either in the Syro- East. For it was a custom with the Phenicians and Macedonian, or in any other calendar of those times. the neighbouring nations to enrol their kings among Scaliger and Archbishop Usher conjecture, that it was the gods; and this impious and absurd practice was an intercalary month cast in between the months Dys- adopted by the Romans in later times. Grotius. trus and Xanthicus in the Chaldean calendar, in the 29. Menelaus) He had been made high priest by same manner as the month Veadar was cast in between Antiochus Epiphanes, chap. iv. 27, 50. Grotius. Adar and Nisan in the Jewish calendar. Dean Prideaux.

22. his brother Lysias) That is, his relation, ver. 1, Chap. XII. ver. 1. - the Jews were about their hus35. But all governours of provinces also were by the bandry.) Having procured peace, they applied themRoman emperours called “ brothers.Grotius. selves to the culture of their lands, which had been

23. Since our father is translated unto the gods,] The l neglected during their long wars. Badwell.



purpose to return.


Apocrypha. c Reforest as though they had meant them no 14 But they that were within it clearest about 164. hurt.

I put such trust in the strength of the about 164. 4 Who accepted of it according to walls and provision of victuals, that the common decree of the city, as they behaved themselves rudely tobeing desirous to live in peace, and ward them that were with Judas, suspecting nothing: but when they railing and blaspheming, and utterwere gone forth into the deep, they ing such words as were not to be drowned no less than two hundred of spoken. them.

| 15 Wherefore Judas with his com-
5 When Judas heard of this cruelty pany, calling upon the great Lord
done unto his countrymen, he com- of the world, who without any rams
manded those that were with him to or engines of war did cast down Je-
make them ready.

richo in the time of Joshua, gave a
6 And calling upon God the right-fierce assault against the walls,
eous Judge, he came against those 16 And took the city by the will of
murderers of his brethren, and burnt God, and made unspeakable slaugh-
the haven by night, and set the boats ters, insomuch that a lake two fur-
on fire, and those that fled thither he longs broad near adjoining thereunto,

being filled full, was seen running
7 And when the town was shut with blood.
| Or, with a up, he went backward, || as if he would! 17 Then departed they from thence

return to root out all them of the city seven hundred and fifty furlongs, and
of Joppe.

came to Characa unto the Jews that
8 But when he heard that the are called Tubieni.
Jamnites were minded to do in like 18 But as for Timotheus, they
manner unto the Jews that dwelt found him not in the places : for be-
among them,

fore he had dispatched any thing, he
9 He came upon the Jamnites also departed from thence, having left a
by night, and set fire on the haven very strong garrison in a certain hold.
and the navy, so that the light of the 19 Howbeit Dositheus and Sosi-
fire was seen at Jerusalem two hun- pater, who were of Maccabeus' cap-
dred and forty furlongs off.

tains, went forth, and slew those that
10 Now when they were gone Timotheus had left in the fortress,
from thence nine furlongs in their above ten thousand men.
journey toward Timotheus, no fewer / 20 And Maccabeus ranged his
than five thousand men on foot and army by bands, and set || them over 1 Dasilkeus
five hundred horsemen of the Ara- | the bands, and went against Timo- der.
bians set upon him.

theus, who had about him an hundred
11 Whereupon there was a very and twenty thousand men of foot,
sore battle; but Judas' side by the and two thousand and five hundred
help of God got the victory; so that horsemen.
the Nomades of Arabia, being over- 21. Now when Timotheus had
come, besought Judas for peace, pro- knowledge of Judas' coining, he sent
mising both to give him cattle, and the women and children and the
to pleasure him otherwise.

other baggage unto a fortress called
12 Then Judas, thinking indeed Carnion : for the town was hard to
that they would be profitable in many besiege, and uneasy to come unto,
things, granted them peace : where- by reason of the straitness of all the

upon they shook hands, and so they places. || Or, went li departed to their tents.

22 But when Judas his first band 13 He went also about to make a came in sight, the enemies, being and caille.'bridge to a certain strong city, which smitten with fear and terror through

was fenced about with walls, and in the appearing of him that seeth all
habited by people of divers countries; things, fed amain, one running this
and the name of it was Caspis. way, another that way, so as that

and Soap

from place to place toith

11.- the Nomades of Arabia,] So called from their of pasturage. Hence this name was given by the anmanner of living, their custom being not to reside in cients, not only to those Arabians, but also to somne towns or settled habitations, but to remove from place inhabitants of Africa, and of Sarmatia or Scythia, who to place with their cattle, according to the conveniency followed the like roving manner of life. Dr. Wells..




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in the shoulder : or, struck him in the shoulder.

That is, Venus.


Apocrypha. Before they were often hurt of their own 32 And after the feast, called Penabout 164. men, and wounded with the points of tecost, they went forth against Gor- about 164. their own swords.

gias the governor of Idumea,
23 Judas also was very earnest in 33 Who came out with three thou-
pursuing them, killing those wicked sand men of foot and four hundred
wretches, of whom he slew about horsemen.
thirty thousand men.

34 And it happened that in their
24. Moreover Timotheus himself fighting together a few of the Jews
fell into the hands of Dositheus and were slain.
Sosipater, whom he besought with 35 At which time Dositheus, one
much craft to let him go with his life, of Bacenor's company, who was on
because he had many of the Jews' horseback, and a strong man, was
parents, and the brethren of some of still upon Gorgias, and taking hold
them, who, if they put him to death, of his coat drew him by force; and
should not be regarded.

when he would have taken that cursed
25 So when he had assured them man alive, a horseman of Thracia
with many words that he would re coming upon him || smote off his ! Or, put by
store them without hurt, according to shoulder, so that Gorgias fled unto wounded Him
the agreement, they let him go for Marisa.
the saving of their brethren. | 36 Now when they that were with struck him in

26 Then Maccabeus marched forth Gorgias had fought long, and were
to Carnion, and to the temple of weary, Judas called upon the Lord,
|| Atargatis, and there he slew five that he would shew himself to be
and twenty thousand persons. their helper and leader of the battle.

27 And after he had put to flight 37 And with that he began in his
and destroyed them, Judas removed own language, and sung psalms with
the host toward Ephron, a strong a loud voice, and rushing unawares
city, wherein Lysias abode, and a upon Gorgias' men, he put them to
great multitude of divers nations, and fight.
the strong young men kept the walls, 38 So Judas gathered his host, and
and defended them mightily: wherein came into the city of Odollam. And
also was great provision of engines when the seventh day came, they
and darts.

purified themselves, as the custom
28 But when Judas and his com- | was, and kept the sabbath in the
pany had called upon Almighty God, same place.
who with his power breaketh the 39 And upon the day following,
strength of his enemies, they won || as the use had been, Judas and his ! Or, at such
the city, and slew twenty and five company came to take up the bodies
thousand of them that were within. of them that were slain, and to bury

29 From thence they departed to them with their kinsmen in their
Scythopolis, which lieth six hundred fathers' graves.
furlongs from Jerusalem. :

L 40 Now under the coats of every
30 But when the Jews that dwelt one that was slain they found things
there had testified that the Scytho- consecrated to the idols of the Jam-
politans dealt lovingly with them, nites, which is forbidden the Jews by
and entreated them kindly in the a the law. Then every man saw that a Deut. 7. 25,
time of their adversity;

this was the cause wherefore they
31 They gave them thanks, de- were slain.
siring them to be friendly still unto 41 All men therefore praising the
them : and so they came to Jeru- Lord, the righteous Judge, who had
salem, the feast of the weeks ap- opened the things that were hid,

42 Betook themselves unto prayer,



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26. — Carnion, Called Carnaim in the first book of to be the same as Dagon of the Philistines. Dean Prithe Maccabees, chap. v. 43. Strabo and Ptolemy men-deaux. tion it by the name of Carno, a city in Arabia.' Dean 31. - the feast of the weeks] Namely, the feast of Prideaux.

Pentecost, as he presently calls it: concerning which, Atargatis,] A deity, worshipped in different see Exod. xxxiv. 22. Badwell. parts of Syria, under the form of a woman in the upper 40. they found things consecrated to the idols of the part, and of a fish in the lower part : hence conjectured | Jamnites,] Whence it appeared that these Jews had

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