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Apocrypha. Before of the temple with crowns of gold, I 3 Then Judas fought against the Before. about 165. and with shields; and the gates and children of Esau in Idumea at || Ara- about 164.

the chambers they || renewed, and battine, because they besieged Isdedicated. || hanged doors upon them.

rael: and he gave them a great ikaw, or, 58 Thus was there very great overthrow, and abated their courage, of, Abreket gladness among the people, for that and took their spoils. the reproach of the heathen was put 4 Also he remembered the || injury 1 Or, nalice. away.

of the children of || Bean, who had 1 Or, Haten,
59 Moreover Judas and his bre- been a snare and an offence unto the Numb. l.
thren with the whole congregation of people, in that they lay in wait for 51, sz.
Israel ordained, that the days of the them in the ways.
dedication of the altar should be kept 5 He shut them up therefore in
in their season from year to year by the towers, and encamped against
the space of eight days, from the five them, and destroyed them utterly,
and twentieth day of the month Cas- and burned the towers of that place
leu, with mirth and gladness. with fire, and all that were therein.

60 At that time also they builded 6 Afterward he passed over to the
up the mount Sion with high walls children of Ammon, where he found
and strong towers round about, lest a mighty power, and much people,
the Gentiles should come and tread it with Timotheus their captain.
down, as they had done before. I 7 So he fought many battles with

61 And they set there a garrison them, till at length they were discom-
to keep it, and fortified Bethsura to fited before him; and he smote them.
preserve it; that the people might i 8 And when he had taken Jazar,
have a defence against Idumea. with the towns belonging thereto, he

returned into Judea. CHAP. V.

9 Then the heathen that were at

Galaad assembled themselves together
3 Judas smiteth the children of Dan, Bean, I against the Israelites that were in

and Ammon. 17 Simon is sent into Galilee. ||
15 The exploits of Judas in Galaad. 51 He their quarters, to destroy them ; but
destroyeth Ephron, for denying him to pass they fled to the fortress of Dathema,
through it. 56 Divers, that in Judas' ab | 10 And sent letters unto Judas and
sence would fight with their enemies, are his brethren, The heathen that are

round about us are assembled together about 164. N OW when the nations round against us to destroy us :

I about heard that the altar was 11 And they are preparing to come
built, and the sanctuary renewed as and take the fortress whereunto we
before, it displeased them very much. are fled, Timotheus being captain of

2 Wherefore they thought to de- their host.
stroy the generation of Jacob that was 12 Come now therefore, and deliver
among them, and thereupon they be- us from their hands, for many of us
gan to slay and destroy the people. are slain :

that festival days in memorial of public blessings may to worship from all future insults, either from the for piously be instituted by persons in authority without a tress or from any other place. Dean Prideaux, Stei. Divine command, or, it may be added, the example of a house. person divinely directed observing the same. For the 61. - that the people might have a defence again institution of this festival was without either, there being Idumea.] For Bethsura was on that border of Judas neither any Divine precept, nor the example of any which reached to Idumea. Grotius. Prophet for the observance of it. Dean Prideaux.

60. they builded up the mount Sion with high walls Chap. V. ver. 3. – Arabattine,) Or, Akrabatting &c.] Apollonius, in taking Jerusalem, had erected a see the margin. It is a canton of Idumea, bordering a fortress on mount Acra, chap. i. 33–35, which com- Judea, called Akrabbim, Numb. xxxiv. 4; Josh. ar. 3 manding the mountain of the temple, and being still in Judg. i. 36. Drusius, Grotius. the hands of the enemy, gave them the advantage of 4. -- the children of Bean, Some think that Bets annoying all those, who went up to the temple to wor- was the name of an ancient king, whose descendan. ship. To remedy this inconvenience, Judas at first lived in hostility with the children of Israel: but ote? blocked up the fortress, ver. 41 of this chapter ; but with more probability take Bean for the name i finding that he could not conveniently spare the requi- place, on the confines of the Dead sea. Calmet, Steck site number of men, he caused the mountain of the house. temple, as here related, to be fortified with strong walls [ 8. - Jazar,] A town of the Amorites, mentioned and high towers, and placed therein a sufficient garri. Numb. xxxii. 1. Drusius. See the note there. son, both to defend it, and protect those who went up! 9. - Galaad] See Gen. xxxi, 21, 47.



And hovin the land appened to



Apocrypha. Before , 13 Yea, all our brethren that were , lee, and in Arbattis, with their wives Before about 164. in the places of Tobie are put to and their children, and all that they about 164.

death: their wives and their children had, took he away with him, and
also they have carried away captives, brought them into Judea with great
and borne away their stuff; and they joy.
have destroyed there about a thousand 24 Judas Maccabeus also and his

brother Jonathan went over Jordan,
14 While these letters were yet and travelled three days' journey in
reading, behold, there came other the wilderness.
messengers from Galilee with their 25 Where they met with the Na-
clothes rent, who reported on this bathites, who came unto them in a

peaceable manner, and told them
15 And said, They of Ptolemais, every thing that had happened to
and of Tyrus, and Sidon, and all their brethren in the land of Galaad:
Galilee of the Gentiles, are assem 26 And how that many of them
bled together against us to consume | were shut up in || Bosora, and Bosor, 1 Or,Bosorra.

and Alema, || Casphor, Maked, and Or, Chascor. 16 Now when Judas and the peo- | Carnaim; all these cities are strong ple heard these words, there assem- and great: bled a great congregation together, 27 And that they were shut up in to consult what they should do for the rest of the cities of the country of their brethren, that were in trouble, Galaad, and that against to morrow and assaulted of them.

| || they had appointed, to bring their I the heathen.
17 Then said Judas unto Simon host against the forts, and to take
his brother, Choose thee out men, them, and to destroy them all in one
· and go and deliver thy brethren that day.

are in Galilee, for I and Jonathan my 28 Hereupon Judas and his host
brother will go into the country of turned suddenly by the way of the

wilderness unto || Bosora ; and when ii Or, Bosor.
18 So he left Joseph the son of he had won the city, he slew all the
Zacharias, and Azarias, captains of males with the edge of the sword,
the people, with the remnant of the and took all their spoils, and burned
host in Judea to keep it.

the city with fire. 19 Unto whom he gave command- | 29 From whence he removed by ment, saying, Take ye the charge of night, and went till he came to the this people, and see that ye make fortress. not war against the heathen until the | 30 And betimes in the morning time that we come again. they + looked up, and, behold, there . Gr. lift up

their eyes. 20 Now unto Simon were given was an innumerable people bearing three thousand men to go into Gali ladders and other engines of war, to lee, and unto Judas eight thousand take the fortress: for they assaulted I the heathen men for the country of Galaad. them.

21 Then went Simon into Galilee, 31 When Judas therefore saw that
where he fought many battles with the battle was begun, and that the
the heathen, so that the heathen were cry of the city went up to heaven,
discomfited by him.

with trumpets, and a great sound,
22 And he pursued them unto the 32 He said unto his host, Fight
gate of Ptolemais; and there were this day for your brethren.
slain of the heathen about three thou 33 So he went forth behind them

sand men, whose spoils he took. in three companies, who sounded
aptive 23 And || those that were in Gali- their trumpets, and cried with prayer.

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assaulted the Jews.

Le Jeus.

Set 13. — Tobie] Called “the land of Tob,” Judg. xi. of a magnificent church which was built there, dedi

3, 5. The people are called Tubieni, 2 Mac. xii. 17. cated to St. John. Calmet. Grotius.

- Galilee of the Gentiles,] In Galilee there were 15.- Ptolemais,] A city and considerable port of Phe- not only Jews, but a large-assemblage of foreigners : mis nicia, north of Carmel, often mentioned by this name see Matt. iv. 15, and the note there : these had united face in the books of the Maccabees : it was so called after one themselves to the Phenicians against the Jews at this Tout of the Ptolemies : its ancient Hebrew name was Accho, time. Grotius.

Judg. i. 31. The Christians in the time of the crusades 29. — to the fortress.] Namely, the fortress of Dade gave it the name of Acre, or St. John of Acre, because thema, mentioned ver. 9. Grotius.




Apocrypha. Before 34 Then the host of Timotheus, therein. Thus was Carnaim subdued, Before about 164. knowing that it was Maccabeus, fled neither could they stand any longer about 164

from him: wherefore he smote them before Judas.
with a great slaughter; so that there 45 Then Judas gathered together
were killed of them that day about all the Israelites that were in the
eight thousand men.

country of Galaad, from the least
35 This done, Judas turned aside unto the greatest, even their wives,
to Maspha; and after he had assault- and their children, and their stuff, a
ed it, he took it, and slew all the very great host, to the end they
males therein, and received the spoils might come into the land of Judea.
thereof, and burnt it with fire.

46 Now when they came unto 36 From thence went he, and took Ephron, (this was a great city in the Casphon, Maged, Bosor, and the way as they should go, very well forother cities of the country of Galaad. tified) they could not turn from it,

37 After these things gathered either on the right hand or the left,
Timotheus another host, and encamp- but must needs pass through the
ed against Raphon beyond the brook. midst of it.

38 So Judas sent men to espy the 47 Then they of the city shut them
host, who brought him word, saying, out, and stopped up the gates with
All the heathen that be round about stones.
us are assembled unto them, even a 48 Whereupon Judas sent unto
very great host.

them in peaceable manner, saying,
39 He hath also hired the Arabians Let us pass through your land to go
to help them, and they have pitched into our own country, and none shall
their tents beyond the brook, ready do you any hurt; we will only pass
to come and fight against thee. Upon through on foot : howbeit they would
this Judas went to meet them. not open unto him.

40 Then Timotheus said unto the 49° Wherefore Judas commanded a
captains of his host, When Judas and proclamation to be made throughout
his host come near the brook, if he the host, that every man should pitch
pass over first unto us, we shall not his tent in the place where he was.
be able to withstand him ; for he will 50 So the soldiers pitched, and
mightily prevail against us:

assaulted the city all that day and all
41 But if he be afraid, and camp that night, till at length the city was
beyond the river, we shall go over delivered into his hands :
unto him, and prevail against him. I 51 Who then slew all the males

42 Now when Judas came near the with the edge of the sword, and rased
brook, he caused the scribes of the the city, and took the spoils thereof,
people to remain by the brook : unto and passed through the city over them
whom he gave commandment, saying, that were slain.
Suffer no man to remain in the camp, 52 After this went they over
but let all come to the battle. Jordan into the great plain before

43 So he went first over unto them, Bethsan.
and all the people after him : then all 53 And Judas gathered together
the heathen, being discomfited before those that || came behind, and || ex- 10t, een
him, cast away their weapons, and horted the people all the way Numble
fled unto the temple that was at Car- through, till they came into the land i ot,

of Judea. Judas and 44 But || they took the city, and 54 So they went up to mount Sion

burned the temple with all that were with joy and gladness, where they

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his company.

46. Now when they came unto Ephron, &c.] It is not try quietly and inoffensively, was an act contrary to known what was the particular situation of Ephron. just rights of human society. Stackhouse. The author seeins to imply, that the country all about it 49. that every man should pitch his tent in the past was impassable ; that is, very probably so full of water where he was. Should attack the city and assault & G and morasses, that the army of Judas must have been the spot where each was. Badwell. lost, had they been obliged to “turn either on the right' 52. Bethsan.) A town of note in Palestine, les hand or the left.” They were under the necessity there- xvii. 11. Josephus says, that after the irruption of t5 fore of passing through the town: and Grotius asserts, Scythians in the reign of Josiah, it was called Seythoma that the refusal of the inhabitants to let them pass, after lis, which name is given to it, 2 Mac. xii. 29. Dracu the promise of the Israelites to march through the coun- | Grotius.


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1 peace offerings,


acharias, passed At that timtheir valou


them in batlle.


Apocrypha. Before offered || burnt offerings, because not children of Esau in the land toward Before about 161. one of them were slain until they had the south, where he smote Hebron, about 164. returned in peace.

and the † towns thereof, and pulled 55 Now what time as Judas and down the fortress of it, and burned daughters. Jos. Ant. 12.

Jonathan were in the land of Galaad, the towers thereof round about.
and Simon his brother in Galilee be-/ 66 From thence he removed to go
fore Ptolemais,

into the land of + the Philistines, and + Gr.
56 Joseph the son of Zacharias, passed through Samaria.
and Azarias, captains of the garrisons, 67 At that time certain priests,
heard of the valiant acts and warlike desirous to shew their valour, were
deeds which they had done.

slain in battle, for that they went out
57 Wherefore they said, Let us to fight unadvisedly.
also get us a name, and go fight 68 So Judas turned to Azotus in
against the heathen that are round the land of the Philistines, and when
about us.

he had pulled down their altars,
58 So when they had given charge and burned their carved images with
unto the garrison that was with them, fire, and spoiled their cities, he re-
they went toward Jamnia.

turned into the land of Judea.
59 Then came Gorgias and his
Gr. to meet men out of the city + to fight against

60 And so it was, that Joseph and 8 Antiochus dieth, 12 and confesseth that he

is plagued for the wrong done to Jerusalem.
Azarias were put to flight, and pur-

20 Judas besiegeth those in the tower at sued unto the borders of Judea ; and

Jerusalem. 28 They procure Antiochus the there were slain that day of the peo younger to come into Judea. 51 He beple of Israel about two thousand men. siegeth Sion, 60 and maketh peace with 61 Thus was there a great over

Israel; 62 yet overthroweth the wall of

throw among the children of Israel,
because they were not obedient unto ABOUT that time king Antio-
Judas and his brethren, but thought h chus travelling through the high
to do some valiant act.

countries heard say, that Elymais in
62 Moreover these men came not the country of Persia was a city
of the seed of those, by whose hand greatly renowned for riches, silver,
deliverance was given unto Israel. and gold;

63 Howbeit the man Judas and his 2 And that there was in it a very brethren were greatly renowned in rich temple, wherein were || coverings || Or, shields. the sight of all Israel, and of all the of gold, and breastplates, and || shields, |Or, heathen, wheresoever their name was which Alexander, son of Philip, the heard of;

Macedonian king, who reigned first 64 Insomuch as the people assem- among the Grecians, had left there. bled unto them with joyful acclama- 3 Wherefore he came and sought tions.

to take the city, and to spoil it; but 65 Afterward went Judas forth with he was not able, because they of the

his brethren, and fought against the city, having had warning thereof, 54. — because not one of them were slain] This most 62. Moreover these men came not of the seed of those, providential preservation of all the religious Jews in this &c.] They were not of the Asmonean family. Grotius. expedition, which was according to the will of God, is 63. the man Judas] This is meant for a term of disobservable often among God's people, the Jews. Whis- i tinction : "the man ;" as if he had said, that brave ton.

man Judas. Drusius. 57. Wherefore they said, Let us also get us a name, 65. — Hebron,] After the Idumeans had come into They were guilty of acting against the prohibition of Judea, (see the note on chap. iv. 15,) Hebron which had their commander, ver. 17 and 61; as Josephus also has formerly been the metropolis of the tribe of Judah, benot failed to remark. Grotius.

came thenceforth the capital of Idumea. Dean Pri. 61. Thus was there a great overthrow &c.] Here is deaux, Stackhouse. another great instance of Providence, that at the very time when Simon and Judas and Jonathan were so mi- ' Chap. VI. ver. 1. the high countries] Persia and the raculously preserved and blessed in the just defence of neighbouring regions. Drusius. Thus all the parts their laws and religion, these other generals of the Jews, beyond the Euphrates were denominated by the Syrowho went to fight for honour in a vain-glorious way, Macedonians. Grotius. and without any commission from God or the family He - Elymais was a city greatly renowned for had raised up to deliver them, were miserably disap- riches,? Other authors agree with this account, that the pointed and defeated. Whiston.

temple of Elymais was prodigiously rich ; and both

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Apocrypha. Before .n 4 Rose up against him in battle: / wherein now I am ! for I was boun- Before about 164. so he fled, and departed thence with tiful and beloved in my power. about 184

great heaviness, and returned to Ba- 12 But now I remember the evils

that I did at Jerusalem, and that I took
5 Moreover there came one who all the vessels of gold and silver that
brought him tidings into Persia, that were therein, and sent to destroy the
the armies, which went against the inhabitants of Judea without a cause.
land of Judea, were put to fight: 13 I perceive therefore that for

6 And that Lysias, who went forth this cause these troubles are come
first with a great power, was driven upon me, and, behold, I perish through
away of the Jews; and that they great grief in a strange land.
were made strong by the armour, and 14 Then called he for Philip, one
power, and store of spoils, which they of his friends, whom he made ruler
had gotten of the armies, whom they over all his realm,
had destroyed :

| 15 And gave him the crown,
7 Also that they had pulled down and his robe, and his signet, to the
the abomination, which he had set up end || he should bring up his son Or, le
upon the altar in Jerusalem, and that Antiochus, and nourish him up for his worsens
they had compassed about the sanc- the kingdom.
tuary with high walls, as before, and 16 So king Antiochus died there is
his city Bethsura.

in the hundred forty and ninth year. 8 Now when the king heard these 17 Now when Lysias knew that words, he was astonished and sore the king was dead, he set up Antiomoved: whereupon he laid him down chus his son, whom he had brought upon his bed, and fell sick for grief, up being young, to reign in his stead, because it had not befallen him as he and his name he called Eupator. looked for.

L 18 About this time they that were about le 9 And there he continued many in the tower shut up the Israelites days: for his grief was ever more round about the sanctuary, and sought and more, and he made account that always their hurt, and the strengthenhe should die.

| ing of the heathen. 10 Wherefore he called for all his 19 Wherefore Judas, purposing to friends, and said unto them, The destroy them, called all the people sleep is gone from mine eyes, and together to besiege them. my heart faileth for very care. I 20 So they came together, and be- 16

11 And I thought with myself, sieged them in the hundred and fifInto what tribulation am I come, and I tieth year, and he made mounts for how great a flood of misery is it, shot against them, and other engines.


Polybius and Diodorus Siculus mention this attempt of 17.- he set up Antiochus his son,] Lysias assumed w the king of Syria to plunder it. Stackhouse.

himself the tuition of the person of the young Antiochos, 4. — and returned to Babylon.] Rather, into Babylon; and the government of the kingdom, without any rethat is, towards the country of Babylon, as the word sig- gard to the appointment of the late king, ver. 14, li. nifies. The author of the second book of the Maccabees Philip, finding himself too weak to contend about 1, says, that he died, not in the city, but “in the moun- 2 Mac. ix. 29, fled into Egypt, hoping there to procure tains," 2 Mac. ix. 28. Grotius.

assistance so as to depose Lysias from his usurped al5. — into Persia,] Namely, at Ecbatane, 2 Mac. ix. 3. thority. Dean Prideaux. Dean Prideaux. Ecbatane was in old Media, and is of- - Eupator. The name Eupator signifies “ of a ten made a part of Persia. Calmet.

good father” literally. Appian says, that this was done oc 16. So king Antiochus died there] This wicked king of compliment to the virtue of his father. Grotius. is an example of all hardened sinners, and false peni 18. About this time they that were in the torcer &c. tents, whose only motive of turning to God is their fear The fortress of Acra in Jerusalem, which was still be or feeling of punishment. Being at length awakened by the garrison of the Syrians. Dean Prideaur. Fæ by his afflictions, and made fully sensible that all his when Judas, having entered the city, cleansed the tem sufferings were from the band of God upon him for ple, he had not time to besiege the fortress, because is what he had done against His temple and servants at Idumeans, Ammonites, Moabites, and Phenicians, were Jerusalem, he acknowledged all this before his death, rising upon him on all sides. Grotius. with many vows that he would endeavour to repair the - shut up the Israelites round about the sanctuary. evil in case he should recover. But his repentance came That is, made it dangerous for them to approach thi too late : God would not then hear him. Dean Prideaux, temple : as Josephus explains it, who says that mady Stackhouse.

were killed by irruptions from the citadel. Grotius. - in the hundred forty and ninth year.] See chap. 20. - mounts for shot] See the note on Jer. XIII. i. 10; and the note there.


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