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Apocrypha. Before 6 Sure keeping is good, where an of the Lord, and declare the things Before about 200. evil wife is; and shut up, where many that I have seen: In the words of the about 20. hands are.

Lord are his works.
7 Deliver all things in number and 16 The sun that giveth light look-

weight; and put all in writing that eth upon all things, and the work Or, dealest thou || givest out, or receivest in thereof is full of the glory of the 1 Or, rebuke. 8 Be not ashamed to || inform the Lord.

unwise and foolish, and the extreme 17 The Lord hath not given power | Or, that is aged that contendeth with those to the saints to declare all his marfornication. that are young: thus shalt thou be vellous works, which the Almighty

truly learned, and approved of all Lord firmly settled, that whatsoever
men living.

is might be established for his glory.
9 The father waketh for the daugh- 18 He seeketh out the deep, and
ter, when no man knoweth ; and the the heart, and considereth their crafty
care for her taketh away sleep: when devices: for the Lord knoweth all 105, the
she is young, lest she pass away the that may be known, and he beholdeth"
flower of her age; and being married, the signs of the world.
lest she should be hated :

19 He declareth the things that
10 In her virginity, lest she should are past, and for to come, and reveal-
be defiled and gotten with child in eth the steps of hidden things.
her father's house; and having an 20 • No thought escapeth him, e Job 42.2
husband, lest she should misbehave neither any word is hidden from
herself; and when she is married, lest him.
she should be barren.

21 He hath garnished the excel-
11 Keep a sure watch over a lent works of his wisdom, and he is
shameless daughter, lest she make from everlasting to everlasting: unto
thee a laughingstock to thine ene him may nothing be added, neither
mies, and a byword in the city, and can he be diminished, and he hath no
a reproach among the people, and need of any counsellor.
make thee ashamed before the multi- 22 0 how desirable are all his

works! and that a man may see even
12 Behold not every body's a beau- to a spark.
ty, and sit not in the midst of wo- 23 All these things live and re-

| main for ever for all uses, and they
13 For from garments cometh a are all obedient.
b Gen, 3.6. moth, and bfrom women wickedness. / 24 All things are double one

14 Better is the || churlishness of against another: and he hath made
a man than a courteous woman, a nothing imperfect.
woman, I say, which bringeth shame 25 One thing establisheth the good
and reproach.

of another: and who shall be filled
15 I will now remember the works with beholding his glory?

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a Chap. 25, 21.

Or, wickedness.

selling at a fixed price, and not varying the rate, so translators have there rightly rendered in the singula as to get sometimes less and sometimes more. Bad- | number. Arnald. well.

18. --- he beholdeth the signs of the world. The least 13. -- from women wickedness. Not from all, but perceptible point of time is called by the Greek woru from lewd women: from such may be expected to come here rendered “signs.” The meaning is, that Go both “ wickedness” and misery. Badwell, Arnald. knoweth every portion and instant of time, and what

14. than a courteous woman,] One who ensnares passeth in it. Grotius, Arnald. by false fondness and deceitful arts. Arnald.

22. -- that a man may see even to a spark.] The works 15. I will now remember the works of the Lord,] From of God are worthy of being beheld and considered, even this place to the end of the book the author is wholly to the least spark, in which the Divine power can be taken up, either in praising the Lord and enlarging discerned. Badwell. There is nothing so small and upon the excellence of His works, or in publishing the insignificant, not even a spark, which does not declare praises of the Jewish worthies. Arnald.

the wisdom and the power of God. Calmet. - In the words of the Lord are his works.] He be- 24. All things are double one against another :] Eart gins with a fine thought, that the word, or almighty thing has iis contrary in nature, and the one is opposed fiat, of the Lord, was a perfect work, 2 Esdr. vi. 38; | to the other; night to day, evil to good, death to life, which greatly resembles that of Moses, Gen. i. 3, or cold to heat, dry to wet, &c. Arnald. that comprehensive one of the Psalmist, Ps. xxxii. 9. 25. One thing establisheth the good of another :] for There is the like plural expression, and upon the same contraries mutually recommend each other by then occasion, in the next chapter, ver. 5, 10; which our | very vicissitude. Grotius.

Before CHRIST about 200.


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| 13 By his commandment he mak- Before
1 The works of God in heaven, and in earth. | eth the snow to fall apace, and send about 200.

and in the sea, are exceeding glorious and eth swiftly the lightnings of his judg-
wonderful. 29 Yet God himself in his ment.
power and wisdom is above all.

14 Through this the treasures are
T h e pride of the height, the clear opened: and clouds fly forth as fowls.

1 firmament, the beauty of hea- 15 By his great power he maketh ven, with his glorious shew;

the clouds firm, and the hailstones are 2 The sun when it appeareth, de- broken small.

claring at his rising a marvellous 6 At his sight the mountains are Il.Or, vessel. || instrument, the work of the most shaken, and at his will the south wind High:

bloweth. 3 At noon it parcheth the country, 17 The noise of the thunder makand who can abide the burning heat eth the earth || to tremble : so doth | Or, to groan thereof?

the northern storm and the whirl- in her travail. 4 A man blowing a furnace is in wind: as birds flying he scattereth works of heat, but the sun burneth the snow, and the falling down therethe mountains three times more; of is as the lighting of grashopbreathing out fiery vapours, and pers: sending forth bright beams, it dim- 18 The eye marvelleth at the meth the eyes.

beauty of the whiteness thereof, and 5 Great is the Lord that made it; the heart is astonished at the raining gor, he... and at his commandment || it runneth of it. course. hastily.

| 19 The hoarfrost also as salt he a Gen. 1. 16. 6 a He made the moon also to serve poureth on the earth, and being con

in her season for a declaration of gealed, ll it lieth on the top of sharp | Or, it is as

times, and a sign of the world. stakes.
b Exod. 12. 2. 7 b From the moon is the sign of 20 When the cold north wind blow-

feasts, a light that decreaseth in her eth, and the water is congealed into

ice, it abideth upon every gathering
8 The month is called after her together of water, and clotheth the
name, increasing wonderfully in her water as with a breastplate.
changing, being an instrument of the 21 It devoureth the mountains,
armies above, shining in the firma- and burneth the wilderness, and con-
ment of heaven;

sumeth the grass as fire.
9 The beauty of heaven, the glory 22 A present remedy of all is a
of the stars, an ornament giving light mist coming speedily: a dew coming
in the highest places of the Lord. i || after heat refresheth.

10 At the commandment of the 23 By his counsel he appeaseth
Holy One they will stand in their the deep, and planteth islands there-
order, and never faint in their in.

! 24 e They that sail on the sea tell e Ps. 107. 23. c Gen. 9. 13. 11 Look upon the rainbow, and of the danger thereof; and when we

praise him that made it; very beau- hear it with our ears, we marvel
tiful it is in the brightness thereof. thereat.

12 It compasseth the heaven about 25 For therein be strange and d Isai. 40. 12. with a glorious circle, and the d hands wondrous works, variety of all kinds

of the most High have bended it. of beasts and whales created.

the point of sharp stakes.

1. Or, upon the heal,

Chap. XLIII. ver. 1. The pride of the height, &c.] meaning of these words has been variously conjecDr. Grabe thinks that this chapter ought to begin with tured. “An instrument of God in the armies of ver. 15 of the last. The subject and connection seem heaven;" alluding to the stars, as the heavenly host. to require it. The sense is, Who can be satisfied with Junius. contemplating His glory; namely, the immensity of 17. -- as the lighting of grashoppers :7 Rather of height, the vast expanse of clearness, the general face locusts; as the lightning of a flight of locusts. of the heavens, exhibiting to the sight a most glorious! 19. - it lieth on the top of sharp stakes.] The marview ? Arnald.

ginal reading is preferable, meaning, that it has the form 7.- decreaseth in her perfection. In her consum- of sharp points. Arnald. mation ; decreaseth gradually till her final disappearing. ' 21. It devoureth the mountains,] Destroys all the Calmet.

fruits and produce of the mountains. Junius. 8. — being an instrument of the armies above,] The 23. — and planteth] And hath planted. Calmet.




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John l. 18.


Apocrypha. c Beforest 26 By him the end of them hath | 6 Rich men furnished with abi- , before about 200. prosperous success, and by his word lity, living peaceably in their habita- about zu. all things consist.

tions :
27 We may speak much, and yet 7 All these were honoured in their
come short: wherefore in sum he is generations, and were the glory of

their times.
28 How shall we be able to mag. 8 There be of them, that have left
nify him ? for he is great above all a name behind them, that their praises
his works.

might be reported.
29 ? The Lord is terrible and very 9 And some there be, which bave
great, and marvellous is his power. no memorial; a who are perished, as a Gen. 7. 22.

30 When ye glorify the Lord, though they had never been; and are
exalt him as much as ye can; for become as though they had never
even yet will he far exceed: and when been born; and their children after
ye exalt him, put forth all your | them.
strength, and be not weary; for ye 10 But these were merciful men,
can never go far enough.

whose righteousness hath not been & Ps. 106. 2. 31 : Who hath seen him, that he forgotten.

might tell us ? and who can magnify! i1 With their seed shall continu-
him as he is?

ally remain a good inheritance, and
32 There are yet hid greater things their children are within the cove-
than these be, for we have seen but nant.
a few of his works.

12 Their seed standeth fast, and
33 For the Lord hath made all their children || for their sakes. Le
things; and to the godly hath he | 13 Their seed shall remain for
given wisdom.

ever, and their glory shall not be

blotted out. CHAP. XLIV.

14 Their bodies are buried in

peace ; but their name liveth for 1 The praise of certain holy men: 16 of evermore.

Enoch, 17 Noah, 19 Abraham, 22 Isaac, i 15 b The people will tell of their b Chaz. . 23 and Jacob.

wisdom, and the congregation will The praise of T ET us now praise famous men, shew forth their praise.

1 and our fathers that begat us. 16 < Enoch pleased the Lord, and Gen. 3.4.

2 The Lord bath wrought great was translated, being an example of
glory by them through his great repentance to all generations.
power from the beginning.

17 d Noah was found perfect and a Gen. 6. !.
3 Such as did bear rule in their righteous; in the time of wrath he Heb. 11.7.
kingdoms, men renowned for their was taken in exchange (for the world;]
power, giving counsel by their un- therefore was he left as a remnant
derstanding, and declaring prophe- unto the earth, when the flood came.

18 An everlasting covenant was e Gen. 9. II. 4 Leaders of the people by their made with him, that all flesh should counsels, and by their knowledge of perish no more by the flood. learning meet for the people, wise 19 Abraham was a great father of ? Gen. 12 and eloquent in their instructions: many people: in glory was there none 17.4.

5 Such as found out musical tunes, like unto him ; n Or, dilties. and recited || verses in writing : 20 Who kept the law of the most

1 Or, aller

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the fathers.

Heb. 11.5.

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26. By him the end of them hath prosperous success, as “ have lest a name behind them,” ver. 8. Grottes That is, God by his wisdom and power directs all things “Merciful men,” or men compassionate, humane, and to a good end, or to their proper end. Arnald.

disposed to benevolence and beneficence. Baduell.

1 16. Enoch pleased the Lord,] Having hitherto spokea Chap. XLIV. Having completed his precepts, and in general concerning the ancestors of the Jews, the the exposition of the works of God, the author here author now comes to particulars, specifying those inenters upon a new subject. It was customary for dividuals, of whom the Holy Spirit has recorded an commemorations of famous men to be made in the tem- honourable testimony in the sacred Scriptures. Batple, and, after the example of the temple, in the syna- | well. gogues : of these commemorations we have in this

an example of repentance] Exemplifying in his chapter a specimen, abounding in Hebrew eloquence. I person the reward granted to faith, and thus calling a Grotius.

generations to repentance. Ver. 10. But these were merciful men,] Namely, such 17.- he was taken in exchange] Meaning that the


about 200.

Gen. 21. 4.

or, instru

h Gen. 22. 16. 17. 18. Gal. 3. 8.

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& 28. 14,


Apocrypha. Before High, and was in covenant with him: and clothed him with a robe of Before about 200. he established the covenant in 8 his glory. M flesh; and when he was proved, he 8 He put upon him perfect glory; was found faithful.

and strengthened him with trich gar- + Gr, vessels,
21 Therefore he assured him by ments, with breeches, with a long ments.
an hoath, that he would bless the robe, and the ephod.
nations in his seed, and that he would 9 And he compassed him with
multiply him as the dust of the earth, pomegranates, and with many golden
and exalt his seed as the stars, and bells round about, that as he went
cause them to inherit from sea to sea, there might be a f sound, and a noise f Exod. 28.
and from the river unto the utmost made that might be heard in the tem- "
part of the land.

ple, for a memorial to the children of
22 With Isaac did he establish his people;
likewise [for Abraham his father's 10 With an holy garment, with
sake] the blessing of all men, and the gold, and blue silk, and purple, the

work of the embroiderer, with a breast-
23 And made it rest upon the head plate of judgment, and with Urim
i Gen. 27. 28. of i Jacob. He acknowledged him in and Thummim;

his blessing, and gave him an heri- 11 With twisted scarlet, the work
tage, and divided his portions; among of the cunning workman, with pre-
the twelve tribes did he part them. cious stones graven like seals, and

set in gold, the work of the jeweller,

with a writing engraved for a memo

rial, after the number of the tribes of
i The praise of Moses, 6 Of Aaron, 23 and Israel.
of Phinees.

| 12 He set a crown of gold upon
ND he brought out of him a the mitre, wherein was engraved
n merciful man, which found Holiness, an ornament of honour, a

favour in the sight of all flesh, even costly work, the desires of the eyes, a Exod. 11.3. - Moses, beloved of God and men, goodly and beautiful. whose memorial is blessed.

T 13 Before him there were none 2 He made him like to the glo- such, neither did ever any stranger rious saints, and magnified him, so put them on, but only his children that his enemies stood in fear of him. and his children's children perpe

3 By his words he caused the won tually. • Exod. 7. 8, ders to cease, and he made him glo- 14 Their sacrifices shall be wholly chapters: rious in the sight of kings, and gave consumed every day twice continu

him a commandment for his people, ally.

and shewed him part of his glory. I 15 Moses consecrated him, and c Numb. 12. 4 . He sanctified him in his faith- anointed him with holy oil : this was

fulness and meekness, and chose him appointed unto him by an everlasting
out of all men.

covenant, and to his seed, so long as
5 He made him to hear his voice, the heavens should remain, that they

and brought him into the dark cloud, should minister unto him, and exed Exod. 19. and d gave him commandments before cute the office of the priesthood, and

his face, even the law of life and bless the people in his name.
knowledge, that he might teach Jacob 16 He chose him out of all men
his covenants, and Israel his judg- | living to offer sacrifices to the Lord,

incense, and a sweet savour, for a e Exod. 4. 28. 6 He e exalted Aaron, an holy memorial, to make reconciliation for

man like unto him, even his brother,
of the tribe of Levi.

17 He gave unto him his com- . Deut. 17. 7 An everlasting covenant he made mandments, and authority in the sta

with him, and gave him the priest tutes of judgments, that he should Gr.he hood among the people; the beau teach Jacob the testimonies, and in

tified him with comely ornaments, form Israel in his laws.

9, 10,


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whole human race had deserved to perish by the deluge ; Noah was found just, and the whole species was saved in his family. Calmet.

Chap. XLV. ver. 2 - the glorious saints.] The angels. Grotius.

14. Their sacrifices] That is, the sacrifices of the

CHRIST about 200.

CHRIST about 200.

h Numb. 16. 12.

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12, 13, 14,

k Deut. 12.
12. & 18.1, 2.


Apocrypha. Before 18 h Strangers conspired together successor of Moses in prophecies, who Before about 200. against him, and maligned him in the according to his name was made great about 200.

16 wilderness, even the men that were for the saving of the elect of God, and

of Dathan's and Abiron's side, and taking vengeance of the enemies that
the congregation of Core, with fury rose up against them, that he might
and wrath.

set Israel in their inheritance.
19 This the Lord saw, and it dis- 2 How great glory gat he, when
pleased him, and in his wrathful in- he did lift up his hands, and stretched
dignation were they consumed : he out his sword against the cities!
did wonders upon them, to consume 3 Who before him so stood to it?
them with the fiery flame.

| for the Lord himself brought his enei Numb. 17. 20 i But he made Aaron more ho- mies unto him.

nourable, and gave him an heritage, 4• Did not the sun go back by his b Josh. 10.
and divided unto him the firstfruits of means ? and was not one day as long
the increase; especially he prepared as two ?
bread in abundance:

5 He called upon the most high
21 For they eat of the sacrifices of Lord, when the enemies pressed upon
the Lord, which he gave unto him him on every side; and the great Lord
and his seed.

heard him.
22 k Howbeit in the land of the 6 And with hailstones of mighty
people he had no inheritance, neither power he made the battle to fall vio-
had he any portion among the people: lently upon the nations, and in the
for the Lord himself is his portion descent (of Bethoron] he destroyed
and inheritance.

them that resisted, that the nations 1 Numb. 25. 23 1 The third in glory is Phinees might know all their strength, be1 Mac. 2. 54. the son of Eleazar, because he had cause he fought in the sight of the

zeal in the fear of the Lord, and stood Lord, and he followed the Mighty
up with good courage of heart when One.
the people were turned back, and 7 In the time of Moses also he did
made reconciliation for Israel. a work of mercy, he and Caleb the

24 Therefore was there a cove- son of Jephunne, in that they with-
nant of peace made with him, that stood the congregation, and withheld
he should be the chief of the sanc- the people from sin, and appeased
tuary and of his people, and that he the wicked niurmuring.
and his posterity should have the dig- 8 € And of six hundred thousand & Numb. 94
nity of the priesthood for ever: people on foot, they two were pre- Deut. 1. som

25 According to the covenant made served to bring them into the heri-
with David son of Jesse, of the tribe tage, eren unto the land that floweth
of Juda, that the inheritance of the with milk and honey.
king should be to his posterity alone: | | 9 The Lord gave strength also
so the inheritance of Aaron should unto Caleb, which remained with him
also be unto his seed.

unto his old age: so that he entered
26 God give you wisdom in your upon the high places of the land, and
heart to judge his people in right- his seed obtained it for an heritage:
eousness, that their good things be | 10 That all the children of Israel
not abolished, and that their glory might see that it is good to follow the
may endure for ever.


11 And concerning the judges, 1 The praise of Joshua, 9 of Caleb, 13 of every one by name, whose heart went a Numb. 27.


not a whoring, nor departed from the TESUS a the son of Nave was Lord, let their memory be blessed. J valiant in the wars, and was the 12 Let their bones a flourish out 10.

11, 12, 13.

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18. Deut. 34.9. Josh. 1. 2. & 12. 7.

children of Aaron, the priests, who offered them daily.' Chap. XLVI. ver. 1. Jesus the son of Nare) Joshua Calmet.

the son of Nun. The substitution of Nave for. 26. God give you wisdom &c.] The wise man concludes seems to be an ancient errour of the Greek copsis: this chapter with a pious wish or prayer, that God may Calmet. give to all who are the seed and successors of Aaron, - according to his name] See the note on Josi wisdom to instruct and guide His people in righteousness, i. 1. and to preserve them in prosperity and peace. Arnald. 1 12. Let their bones flourish out of their place, &r.

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