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Apocrypha. Before 2 Whoso || regardeth dreams is, defence from heat, and a cover from about 200. like him that catcheth at a shadow, the sun at noon, a preservation from about 26. and followeth after the wind.

stumbling, and an help from falling. || Or, hath his a mind upon. 3 The vision of dreams is the re- 17 He raiseth up the soul, and

semblance of one thing to another, lighteneth the eyes: he giveth health, a Prov. 27. 19. even as the a likeness of a face to a life, and blessing. face.

18 e He that sacrificeth of a thing e Prov. 21. 4. Of an unclean thing what can wrongfully gotten, his offering is be cleansed ? and from that thing ridiculous; and || the gifts of unjust 1 of the which is false what truth can come ? | men are not accepted.

5 Divinations, and soothsayings, | 19 € The most High is not pleased s Prov. 15. . and dreams, are vain: and the heart with the offerings of the wicked; neifancieth, as a woman's heart in tra- ther is he pacified for sin by the mulvail.

titude of sacrifices.
6 If they be not sent from the 20 Whoso bringeth an offering of
I. Or, regard most High in thy visitation, || set not the goods of the poor doeth as one
thy heart upon them.

that killeth the son before his father's
7 For dreams have deceived many, | eyes.
and they have failed that put their 21 The bread of the needy is their
trust in them.

| life: he that defraudeth him thereof
8 The law shall be found perfect is a man of blood.
without lies: and wisdom is perfection 22 He that taketh away his neigh-
to a faithful mouth.

bour's living slayeth him ; and he
9 A man that hath travelled know- that 8 defraudeth the labourer of his g Deut. 21.
eth many things; and he that hath hire is a bloodshedder.
much experience will declare wis- 23 When one buildeth, and another

pulleth down, what profit have they
10 He that hath no experience then but labour ?
knoweth little : but he that hath tra- 24 When one prayeth, and another
velled is full of prudence.

curseth, whose voice will the Lord
11 When I travelled, I saw many | hear?
things; and I understand more than 25 h He that washeth himself after h Numb. 19.
I can express.

the touching of a dead body, if he
12 I was ofttimes in danger of touch it again, what availeth his
death : yet I was delivered because washing ?
of these things.

26 So is it with a man that fasteth
13 The spirit of those that fear the for his sins, and goeth again, and
Lord shall live; for their hope is in doeth the same : who will hear his
him that saveth them.

prayer? or what doth his humbling
14 Whoso feareth the Lord shall | profit him ?
not fear nor be afraid; for he is his

' hope.

| 1 Sacrifices pleasing to God. 14 The prayer 15 Blessed is the soul of him that of the fatherless, of the widow, and of the feareth the Lord: to whom doth he humble in spirit. 20 Acceptable mercy.

look ? and who is his strength? ITE a that keepeth the law bring- a 1 Sam.. c Ps. 33. 18. 16 For the eyes of the Lord are 11 eth offerings enough: he that Jer. 7. 2,1 d Ps.61.2, upon them that love him, a he is their taketh heed to the commandment of3, 4.

mighty protection and strong stay, a fereth a peace offering.

14, 15. ch, i. 30.


6, 7.

3. The vision of dreams is &c.] Meaning, that dreams Father and Protector of the poor; to take away the are only an ideal representation of things real, as the property is in a manner to take away their life; aod : likeness of a natural face in a mirror. Arnald.

offer to God that which has been forcibly taken fre 8. The law shall be found perfect &c.] The law of God the poor, is to shed the blood of the son before the ers will be fulfilled in all its predictions and denunciations, of the father. Calmet. without any equivocation or deceit, with which the heathen oracles abounded. Arnald.

Chap. XXXV. ver. 1. He that keepeth the lau & -- to a faithful mouth.7 Rather, “in a faithful | The author having shewn in the preceding chapter te mouth;" in the mouth of a faithful person. Calmet. vanity and inutility of offering unto God the sacrifices

12. because of these things.) By means of the know- of iniquity and oblations unjustly acquired, now points ledge and experience which I had acquired. Arnald. out what are the true offerings which God requires :

20. - doeth as one that killeth the son &c.] God is the namely, justice, innocence, and obedience to His las.


CHRIST about 200

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Apocrypha. cBefore 2 He that requiteth a good turn against him that causeth them to Before

about 200. offereth fine flour ; and he that giveth | fall? s

alms sacrificeth praise.

16 He that serveth the Lord shall
3 To depart from wickedness is a be accepted with favour, and his
thing pleasing to the Lord; and to prayer shall reach unto the clouds.
forsake unrighteousness is a propiti- 17 The prayer of the humble

pierceth the clouds: and till it come 4 b Thou shalt not appear empty nigh, he will not be comforted; and Deut. 16. 16. before the Lord.

will not depart, till the most High 5 For all these things [are to be shall behold to judge righteously, and done] because of the commandment. execute judgment..

6 The offering of the righteous 18 For the Lord will not be slack, maketh the altar fat, and the sweet neither will the Mighty be patient savour thereof is before the most toward them, till he have smitten in High.

sunder the loins of the unmerciful, 7 The sacrifice of a just man is and repayed vengeance to the heaacceptable, and the memorial thereof then; till he have taken away the shall never be forgotten.

multitude of the || proud, and broken || Or, cruel 8 Give the Lord his honour with a the sceptre of the unrighteous; good eye, and diminish not the first- 19 Till he have rendered to every fruits of thine hands.

man according to his deeds, and to the c 2 Cor. 9. 7. 9In all thy gifts shew a cheerful works of men according to their de

countenance, and || dedicate thy tithes vices; till he have judged the cause
with gladness.

of his people, and made them to re-
10°d Give unto the most High ac- joice in his mercy.
cording as he hath enriched thee; 20 Mercy is + seasonable in the + Gr. fair.
and as thou hast gotten, give with a time of affliction, as clouds of rain in
cheerful eye.

the time of drought.
11 For the Lord recompenseth,
and will give thee seven times as


12 || Do not think to corrupt with | 1 A prayer for the church against the enemies nothing of thy gifts; e for such he will not receive :

thereof. 18 A good heart and a froward.

21 Of a good wife. e Lev. 22. 21, and trust not to unrighteous sacrifices; Deut. 15. 21. for the Lord is judge, and with him TT AVE mercy upon us, O Lord f Deut. 10. is no respect of persons.

IL God of all, and behold us : 2 Chron. 19. 13 He will not accept any person 2 And send thy fear upon all the Job 34. 19. against a poor man, but will hear the nations that seek not after thee. prayer of the oppressed.

3 : Lift up thy hand || against the a Jer. 10. 25. Rom. 2. 11. 14 He will not despise the suppli- strange nations, and let them see thy Ephes. 6. 9. cation of the fatherless ; nor the power. 1 Pet. 1.iz. widow, when she poureth out her | 4 As thou wast sanctified in us becomplaint.

fore them : so be thou magnified
15 Do not the tears run down the among them before us.
widow's cheeks? and is not her cry 1.5 And let them know thee, as we

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1 Or, Diminish



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Wisd. 6. 7.
Acts 10. 34.

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Gal. 2. 6.

Col. 3. 25.

He who is a faithful observer of God's commandments, persed through Egypt, Syria, and different provinces of honours Him in a more perfect manner than he who the East. Those who were in Judea and Jerusalem, offers to Him multitudes of victims. Calmet.

being subject sometimes to the kings of Syria, and 8. — with a good eye,] That is, generously and freely, sometimes to those of Egypt, were alternately the vic. without grudging or covetousness. Arnald.

tims of the ambition of one and the other. The pious 17. - and till it come nigh, he will not be comforted ;] | Israelites, afflicted by these humiliating circumstances, Meaning, that his prayer is so importunate and fervent, earnestly prayed to God that He would restore tranquilas not to return back till it has succeeded in its object. lity to His people, and turn the hearts of their enemies. Arnald.

| Calmet. The first part of this prayer is cited by St.

Austin, as a kind of prophetick prayer for the coming Chap. XXXVI. ver. 1. Have mercy upon us, &c.] The of the Messiah. Pious supplications, such as this, for author, having in the last chapter spoken of offerings to some future blessings indistinctly described, proceeded God, and of the disposition that should accompany from a confidence in the promises of the Prophets; and them, here utters a prayer to God, beseeching Him to the Jews, who in the expectation of their Messiah, had, look with favour on His people afflicted and dispersed. at first, regard only to one advent, looked to the full At the time when this was written, the Jews were dis-, accomplishment of the prophecies in His arrival, and Vol. II.




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1 Or, that it may magnify


Apocrypha. Before, have known thee, that there is no 18 The belly devoureth all meats, Before about 200. God but only thou, O God.

yet is one meat better than another. about 200.
6 Shew new signs, and make other | 19 d As the palate tasteth divers
strange wonders : glorify thy hand kinds of venison : so doth an heart of
and thy right arm, that they may set | understanding false speeches.
forth thy wondrous works.

20 A froward heart causeth heavi-
7 Raise up indignation, and pour ness : but a man of experience will
out wrath : take away the adversary, recompense him.
and destroy the enemy.

L 21 A woman will receive every
8 Make the time short, remember man, yet is one daughter better than
+ Gr. oath. the † covenant, and let them declare another.
thy wonderful works.

22 The beauty of a woman cheer-
9 Let him that escapeth be con- eth the countenance, and a man loveth
sumed by the rage of the fire; and let nothing better.
them perish that oppress the people. 23 If there be kindness, meekness,

10 Smite in sunder the heads of and comfort, in her tongue, then is
the rulers of the heathen, that say, not her husband like || other men. Or,
There is none other but we.

| 24 He that getteth a wife begin- | Or, tə 11 Gather all the tribes of Jacob neth || a possession, a help like unto together, and inherit thou them, as himself, and a pillar of rest. from the beginning.

25 Where no hedge is, there the 12 O Lord, have mercy upon the possession is spoiled : and he that

people that is called by thy name, hath no wife will wander up and down b Exod. 1. 22. and upon Israel, bwhom thou hast mourning. named thy firstborn.

26 Who will trust a thief well ap13 O be merciful unto Jerusalem, pointed, that skippeth from city to thy holy city, the place of thy rest. city ? so (who will believe] a man that

14 Fill Sion || with thine unspeak- hath no house, and lodgeth whereso-
thine oracles. able oracles, and thy people with thy ever the night taketh him?

15 Give testimony unto those that How to know friends and counsellers. 12
thou hast possessed from the begin-

The discretion and wisdom of a godly man
|| Or, ning, and raise up Il prophets that have blesseth him. 27 Learn to refrain thine
been in thy name.

16 Reward them that wait for D VERY friend saith, I am his
thee, and let thy prophets be found 1 friend also : but there is a friend,

which is only a friend in name.
17 O Lord, hear the prayer of thy 2 Is it not a grief unto death, when
1 Or, || servants, according to the blessing a companion and friend is turned to

of Aaron over thy people, that all an enemy?
they which dwell upon the earth may 3 O wicked imagination, whence
know that thou art the Lord, the camest thou in to cover the earth with
eternal God.

deceit? therefore allude in their prayers to the expected conver- 20. — will recompense him.] Will requite him as he sion of the Gentiles, and other matters connected with deserves. Calmet. that event. Dr. Gray.

25. Where no hedge is, &c.] As by the breaking down 8. -- and let them declare) “And let men declare," of the fence the vineyard or garden is spoiled and plun&c. Calmet.

dered; so fares it with the house of that person who is 10. that say, There is none other but we.] The author without a proper helpmate to direct his domestick conseems to mean here, the kings of Syria and Egypt; cerns; all things are in confusion, and his substance is especially perhaps of the former he alludes to Antiochus in danger of being devoured by strangers. Arnald. Epiphanes, whose history, as recorded in the book of 26. — well appointed,] Active, prepared to escape Maccabees, shews, that he was an enemy to all religion, suddenly. and even set God at defiance. Arnald.

- a man that hath no house,] It was usual for all 18. The belly devoureth &c.] This which follows is Jews to marry at a proper age, and it was deemed creimproperly connected with the foregoing prayer; and ditable that they should be settled in that state. On this here ought to have been a division of the chapters. account, persons who had no family or fixed dwelling

19. As the palate &c.] As the palate distinguishes were particularly looked upon as loose and disorderly, venison from ordinary meat, so does an understand- and therefore spoken of in terms of reproach. Arnald. ing heart separate between the expressions of flattery and real friendship, between truth and falsehood. Ars Chap. XXXVII. ver. 3. O wicked imagination, &c.] nald.

This exclamation seems either forced from the writer,

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Apocrypha. Before 4 There is a companion, which re- I wont to tell him more than seven Before about 200. joiceth in the prosperity of a friend, watchmen, that sit above in an high about 200.

but in the time of trouble will be tower.
against him.

15 And above all this pray to the
5 There is a companion, which most High, that he will direct thy

helpeth his friend for the belly, and way in truth.
Or, in pre- taketh up the buckler || against the 16 Let reason go before every en-

terprize, and counsel before every
6 Forget not thy friend in thy action.
mind, and be not unmindful of him 1 17 The countenance is a sign of
in thy riches.

changing of the heart.
7 Every counseller extolleth coun- 18 Four manner of things appear:
sel; but there is some that coun- good and evil, life and death : but
selleth for himself.

the tongue ruleth over them conti-
8 Beware of a counseller, and nually.
| Or, what or know before || what need he hath ; 19 There is one that is wise and

for he will counsel for himself; lest teacheth many, and yet is unprofit-
he cast the lot upon thee,

able to himself.
9 And say unto thee, Thy way is 20 There is one that sheweth wis-
good : and afterward he stand on the dom in words, and is hated: he shall
other side, to see what shall befall be destitute of all || food.

21 For grace is not given him
10 Consult not with one that sus from the Lord; because he is de-
pecteth thee: and hide thy counsel | prived of all wisdom.
from such as envy thee.

22 Another is wise to himself;
Il Neither consult with a woman and the fruits of understanding are
touching her of whom she is jealous ; commendable in bis mouth.
neither with a coward in matters of 23 A wise man instructeth his peo-
war; nor with a merchant concerning ple; and the fruits of his understand-
exchange; nor with a buyer of sell- | ing fail not.
ing; nor with an envious man of 24 A wise man shall be filled with
thankfulness; nor with an unmerciful blessing; and all they that see him
man touching kindness; nor with the shall count him happy.
slothful for any work; nor with an 25 The days of the life of man
hireling for a year of finishing work; may be numbered: but the days of
nor with an idle servant of much bu- | Israel are innumerable.
siness : hearken not unto these in any 26 A wise man shall inherit ll glory || Or, credit.
matter of counsel.

among his people, and his name shall
12 But be continually with a godly be perpetual.
man, whom thou knowest to keep the 27 My son, prove thy soul in thy
commandments of the Lord, whose life, and see what is evil for it, and
mind is according to thy mind, and give not that unto it.
will sorrow with thee, if thou shalt 28 For all things are not profit-

able for all men, neither hath every
13 And let the counsel of thine soul pleasure in every thing.
own heart stand: for there is no man 29 Be not unsatiable in any dainty
more faithful unto thee than it. thing, nor too greedy upon meats:

14 For a man's mind is sometime 30 For || excess of meats bringeth of meats.

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by what he personally suffered from some false friend, 17. The countenance is a sign, &c.] That is, The counor it arises from the general prevalence of the vice of tenance shews whether the heart be gay or sorrowful, hypocrisy in his time. Arnald.

content or afflicted. Arnald. 5. which helpeth his friend for the belly, 7 Which 18. but the tongue ruleth over them] Implying, that helpeth his friend, not from any regard to him, but for the tongue which confers a good or bad reputation, the table which he keeps, and the subsistence he derives commands the greatest good of life. Calmet. from him. Arnald.

25. the days of Israel are innumerable.) The true 8. lest he cast the lot upon thee,] The Latin version | Israelite liveth for evermore, and his name shall not be gives a preferable sense, “Lest he throw some impedi- | blotted out. Arnald. ment or stumblingblock in thy way." Calmet, Arnald. 27. prove thy soul in thy life,] Study and know thy

14. than seven watchmen, that sit above &c.] See own powers, and undertake nothing before thou hast note at 2 Kings ix, 17.

I ascertained thy ability for it. , Calmet.


about 200.

1 Or, as a

of the physiche sight not his Weep bittamentation two,


Apocrypha. Before , sickness, and surfeiting will turn into 11 Give a sweet savour, and a me- klere

morial of fine flour; and make a fat about 200. 31 By surfeiting have many pe- offering, || as not being rished; but he that taketh heed pro-' 12 Then give place to the physi- dead man. longeth his life.

cian, for the Lord hath created him:

| let him not go from thee, for thou
CHAP. XXXVIII. | hast need of him.
1 Honour due to the physician, and why. 16

13 There is a time when in their
How to weep and mourn for the dead. 24 | hands there is good success.
The wisdom of the learned man, and of the 14 For they shall also pray unto
labourer and artificer : with the use of them the Lord, that he would prosper that,

which they give for ease and || re- 1 Os, cering,
ITONOUR a physician with the medy to prolong life.
11 honour due unto him for the 15 He that sinneth before his
uses which ye may have of him: for Maker, let him fall into the hand of
the Lord hath created him.

the physician.
2 For of the most High cometh 16 My son, let tears fall down
| Or, a gift. healing, and he shall receive || honour over the dead, and begin to lament,
of the king.

as if thou hadst suffered great harm
3 The skill of the physician shall thyself; and then cover his body ac-
lift up his head : and in the sight cording to the custom, and neglect
of great men he shall be in admira- not his burial.

17 Weep bitterly, and make great
4 The Lord hath created medi- moan, and use lamentation, as he is
cines out of the earth; and he that is worthy, and that a day or two, lest
wise will not abhor them.

thou be evil spoken of: and then 5 a Was not the water made sweet comfort thyself for thy heaviness. with wood, that the virtue thereof 18 For of heaviness cometh death, might be known?

and the heaviness of the heart break- c Prov. 15.
6 And he hath given men skill, eth strength.
that he might be honoured in his 19 In affliction also sorrow re-
marvellous works.

maineth: and the life of the poor is
7 With such doth he heal [men, ] | the curse of the heart.
and taketh away their pains.

20 Take no heaviness to heart:
8 Of such doth the apothecary drive it away, and remember the last
make a confection; and of his works end.
there is no end; and from him is 21 Forget it not, for there is no
peace over all the earth.

turning again : thou shalt not do him 9 My son, in thy sickness be not good, but hurt thyself. b) 15 zi. 58. 2. negligent: but "pray unto the Lord, 22 Remember || my judgment: for Or, the

and he will make thee whole. | thine also shall be so; yesterday for din.

10 Leave off from sin, and order me, and to day for thee. thine hands aright, and cleanse thy 23 d When the dead is at rest, let d 2 Sam. 12. heart from all wickedness.

This remembrance rest; and be com

a Exod. 15. 25.

Exod. 15.

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30. — will turn into choler.] Will cause bilious dis 15.- let him fall into the hand He will fall into the orders.

hand, &c. Calmet. The sense is, that God will bring

upon him “that sinneth before his Maker” sickness and Chap. XXXVIII. ver. 1. the Lord hath created him. disease, so as to make necessary the help of a physician. Hath blessed him with the power of attaining the know- Arnald. ledge which he possesses.

17.- and that a day or two, &c.) Respecting the cus. 5. Was not the water made sweet &c.] It is thought toms of mourning over the dead in the East, see notes by many, that the author here makes allusion to the at Gen. 1. 10; 2 Sam. xii. 20; Jer. ix. 17. sweetening of the waters at Marah, Exod. xv. 25. Calmet.' 19. — the life of the poor is the curse of the heart.

8.- from him is peace] That is, health and comfort. The sense seems to be, The poor, living in continual Arnald.

abasement and affliction, is ever ready to burst out into 11. Give a sweet savour, &c. - as not being.] That is, I impatience and to curse his hard lot. Calmet. In thy sickness offer freely unto God, as one that is 21.- thou shalt not do him good,] Thou shalt not do leaving the world, and has but little hope of life : but good to one that is dead. Calmet. think not thyself (ver. 12.) in so desperate a condition 22. Remember my judgment : &c.] Thus, as some inas to hinder thee from making use of proper medicines terpret, the dead addresses the living, Remember the for thy recovery. Calmet.

sentence of mortality passed upon me; as my present

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