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s from the south, out from

the to receive ud i with jealousy have be


38 And then shall there come great chastised with wounds, so that the
storms from the south, and from the mighty and lovers shall not be able
north, and another part from the to receive thee.

39 And strong winds shall arise proceeded, against thee, saith the
from the east, and shall open it; and Lord,
the cloud which he raised up in wrath, 53 If thou hadst not always slain
and the star stirred to cause fear to- my chosen, exalting the stroke of
ward the east and west wind, shall be thine hands and saying over their

+ dead, when thou wast drunken, Lat. death.
40 The great and mighty clouds 54 Set forth the beauty of thy
shall be lifted up full of wrath, and countenance ?
the star, that they may make all the 55 The reward of thy whoredom
earth afraid, and them that dwell shall be in thy bosom, therefore shalt
therein; and they shall pour out over thou receive recompence.
every high and eminent place an 56 Like as thou hast done unto my
horrible star,

chosen, saith the Lord, even so shall
41 Fire, and hail, and flying swords, God do unto thee, and shall deliver
and many waters, that all fields may thee into mischief.
be full, and all rivers, with the abun- 57 Thy children shall die of hun-
dance of great waters.

ger, and thou shalt fall through the
42 And they shall break down the sword : thy cities shall be broken
cities and walls, mountains and bills, down, and all thine shall perish with
trees of the wood, and grass of the the sword in the field.
meadows, and their corn.

1 58 They that be in the mountains 43 And they shall go stedfastly shall die of hunger, and eat their own | Or, destroy. unto Babylon, and || make her afraid. Alesh, and drink their own blood, for

44 They shall come to her, and very hunger of bread, and thirst of
besiege her, the star and all wrath water.
shall they pour out upon her: then 59 Thou as unhappy shalt come
shall the dust and smoke go up unto through the sea, and receive plagues
the heaven, and all they that be about again.
her shall bewail her.

1 60 And in the passage they shall
45 And they that remain under rush on the idol city, and shall destroy
her shall do service unto them that some portion of thy land, and consume
have put her in fear.

part of thy glory, and shall return to
into 46 And thou, Asia, that art || par- Babylon that was destroyed.

taker of the hope of Babylon, and art 61 And thou shalt be cast down by
the glory of her person:

them as stubble, and they shall be
47 Woe be unto thee, thou wretch, unto thee as fire;
because thou hast made thyself like 62 And shall consume thee, and
unto her; and hast decked thy daugh- thy cities, thy land, and thy moun-
ters in whoredom, that they might tains; all thy woods and thy fruitful
please and glory in thy lovers, which trees shall they burn up with fire.
have alway desired to commit whore- 63 Thy children shall they carry
dom with thee !

away captive, and, look, what thou
48 Thou hast followed her that is hast, they shall spoil it, and || mar the || Or, blemish.
hated in all her works and inventions: beauty of thy face.
therefore saith God,
49 I will send plagues upon thee;

CHAP. XVI. widowhood, poverty, famine, sword,

| 1 Babylon and other places are threatened and pestilence, to waste thy houses

with plagues that cannot be aroided, 23 with destruction and death.

and with desolation. 40 The servants of 50 And the glory of thy power the Lord must look for troubles : 51 and shall be dried up as a flower, when

not hide their sins, 74 but leave them, and

they shall be delivered.
the heat shall arise that is sent over

W OE be unto thee, Babylon,
51 Thou shalt be weakened as a V and Asia! woe be unto thee,
poor woman with stripes, and as one Egypt, and Syria !

Or, like unto Babylon.


2 Gird up yourselves with cloths / what shall I do when these evils shall
of sack and hair, bewail your chil- come?
dren, and be sorry; for your destruc- 19 Behold, famine and plague, tri-
tion is at hand.

bulation and anguish, are sent as
3 A sword is sent upon you, and scourges for amendment.
who may turn it back?

20 But for all these things they
4 A fire is sent among you, and shall not turn from their wickedness,
who may quench it?

nor be alway mindful of the scourges. 5 Plagues are sent unto you, and 21 Behold, victuals shall be so good what is he that may drive them | cheap upon earth, that they shall away?

think themselves to be in good case, 6 May any man drive away an and even then shall || evils grow upon 10t, plaguer, hungry lion in the wood? or may earth, sword, famine, and great conany one quench the fire in stubble, fusion. when it hath begun to burn ? | 22 For many of them that dwell

7 May one turn again the arrow upon earth shall perish of famine;
that is shot of a strong archer ? and the other, that escape the hunger,

8 The mighty Lord sendeth the shall the sword destroy.
plagues, and who is he that can drive 23 And the dead shall be cast out
them away?

as dung, and there shall be no man
9 A fire shall go forth from his to comfort them: for the earth shall
wrath, and who is he that may quench be wasted, and the cities shall be cast

10 He shall cast lightnings, and 24 There shall be no man left to
who shall not fear ? he shall thunder, till the earth, and to sow it.
and who shall not be afraid ?

25 The trees shall give fruit, and
11 The Lord shall threaten, and who shall gather them?
who shall not be utterly beaten to 26 The grapes shall ripen, and
powder at his presence ?

who shall tread them? for all places
12 The earth quaketh, and the shall be desolate of men :
foundations thereof; the sea ariseth 27 So that one man shall desire to
up with waves from the deep, and see another, and to hear his voice.
the waves of it are troubled, and 28 For of a city there shall be ten
the fishes thereof also, before the left, and two of the field, which shall
Lord, and before the glory of his hide themselves in the thick groves,

J and in the clefts of the rocks.
13 For strong is his right hand 29 As in an orchard of olives upon
that bendeth the bow, his arrows every tree there are left three or four
that he shooteth are sharp, and shall olives;
not miss, when they begin to be shot 30 Or as when a vineyard is ga-
into the ends of the world.

thered, there are left some clusters of
14 Behold, the plagues are sent, them that diligently seek through the
and shall not return again, until they vineyard :
come upon the earth.

| 31 Even so in those days there
15 The fire is kindled, and shall shall be three or four left by them
not be put out, till it consume the that search their houses with the
foundation of the earth.

16 Like as an arrow which is shot | 32 And the earth shall be laid
of a mighty archer returneth not waste, and the fields thereof shall
backward : even so the plagues that wax old, and her ways and all her
shall be sent upon earth shall not paths shall grow full of thorns, be-
return again.

cause no man shall travel there-
17 Woe is me! woe is me! who through.
will deliver me in those days? I 33 The virgins shall mourn, hav-

18 The beginning of sorrows and ing no bridegrooms; the women shall
great mournings; the beginning of mourn, having no husbands; their
famine and great death; the begin- daughters shall mourn, having no
ning of wars, and the powers shall helpers.
stand in fear; the beginning of evils !! 34 In the wars shall their bride-


grooms be destroyed, and their hus- | diligently searcheth out every sin
bands shall perish of famine,

| upon earth.
35 Hear now these things, and 51 And therefore be ye not like
understand them, ye servants of the thereunto, nor to the works thereof.

| 52 For yet a little, and iniquity
36 Behold the word of the Lord, shall be taken away out of the earth,
receive it: believe not the gods of and righteousness shall reign among
whom the Lord spake.

37 Behold, the plagues draw nigh, 53 Let not the sinner say that he
and are not slack.

hath not sinned: for God shall burn
38 As when a woman with child coals of fire upon his head, which
in the ninth month bringeth forth saith before the Lord God and his
her son, within two or three hours of glory, I have not sinned.
her birth great pains compass her 54 Behold, the Lord knoweth all
womb, which pains, when the child the works of men, a their imaginations, a Luke 16. 15.
cometh forth, they slack not a mo- their thoughts, and their hearts :

55 Which spake but the word, Let 39 Even so shall not the plagues the earth be made; band it was made: b Gen. 1. 1. be slack to come upon the earth, and Let the heaven be made ; and it was the world shall mourn, and sorrows created. shall come upon it on every side. 56 In his word were the stars made,

40 O my people, hear my word : and he knoweth the number of them. c Psal. 147. 4.
make you ready to the battle, and in 57 He searcheth the deep, and the
those evils be even as pilgrims upon treasures thereof; he hath measured
the earth.

the sea, and what it containeth.
41 He that selleth, let him be as 58 He hath shut the sea in the
he that fleeth away: and he that midst of the waters, and with his
buyeth, as one that will lose: word hath he hanged the earth upon

42 He that occupieth merchandise, the waters.
as he that hath no profit by it: and 59 He spreadeth out the heavens
he that buildeth, as he that shall not like a vault; upon the waters hath he
dwell therein:

founded it.
43 He that soweth, as if he should 60 In the desert hath he made
not reap: so also he that planteth springs of water, and pools upon the
the vineyard, as he that shall not tops of the mountains, that the floods
gather the grapes :

might pour down from the high rocks
44 They that marry, as they that to water the earth.
shall get no children; and they that 61 He made man, and put his

heart in the midst of the body, and
45 And therefore they that labour gave him breath, life, and under-
labour in vain :

46 For strangers shall reap their 62 Yea, and the Spirit of Almighty
fruits, and spoil their goods, over-God, which made all things, and
throw their houses, and take their searcheth out all hidden things in the
children captives, for in captivity and secrets of the earth,
famine shall they get children.

63 Surely he knoweth your inven-
47 And they that occupy their tions, and what ye think in your
merchandise with robbery, the more hearts, even them that sin, and would
they deck their cities, their houses, | hide their sin.
their possessions, and their own 64 Therefore hath the Lord exactly
persons :

searched out all your works, and he
48 The more will I be angry with will put you all to shame.
them for their sin, saith the Lord. 65 And when your sins are brought

49 Like as a whore envieth a right forth, ye shall be ashamed before men,
honest and virtuous woman : and your own sins shall be your ac-

50 So shall righteousness hate ini- cusers in that day.
quity, when she decketh herself, and 66 What will ye do? or how will
shall accuse her to her face, when he ye hide your sins before God and his
cometh that shall defend him that langels ?

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67 Behold, God himself is the 73 Then shall they be known, who
judge, fear him : leave off from your are my chosen; and they shall be
sins, and forget your iniquities, to tried as the gold in the fire.
meddle no more with them for ever : 74 Hear, ( ye my beloved, saith
so shall God lead you forth, and de- the Lord: behold, the days of trouble
liver you from all trouble.

are at hand, but I will deliver you
68 For, behold, the burning wrath from the same.
of a great multitude is kindled over 75 Be ye not afraid, neither doubt;
you, and they shall take away certain for God is your guide,
of you, and feed you, || being idle, | 76 And the guide of them who
with things offered unto idols. keep my commandments and pre-

69 And they that consent unto cepts, saith the Lord God: let not
them shall be had in derision and in your sins weigh you down, and let
reproach, and trodden under foot. not your iniquities lift up them-

70 For there shall be in every selves.
place, and in the next cities, a great 77 Woe be unto them that are
insurrection upon those that fear the bound with their sins, and covered

with their iniquities, like as a field is
71 They shall be like mad men, covered over with bushes, and the
sparing none, but still spoiling and path thereof covered with thorns, that
destroying those that fear the Lord. no man may travel through !

72 For they shall waste and take 78 It is || left undressed, and is 10T, away their goods, and cast them out cast into the fire to be consumed ***. of their houses.




THIS Book was probably written by, or at least compiled from the memoirs of, Tobit and Tobias : whom Raphael

the angel had commanded to record the events of their lives, chap. xii. 20. The work appears to have been begun by Tobit, who, in the Greek, Hebrew, and Syriack editions, speaks in the first person to the fourth chapter; and by whom other parts of the book, as the prayer in the thirteenth chapter, are said to have been written: what he left unfinished was probably completed by his son; the two last verses of the book being afterwards added by some compilers who digested the materials into their present form.

It is uncertain whether this work were originally written in the Hebrew or in the Chaldaick language, with both

of which Tobit and his family must have been well acquainted. The Hebrew copies published by Munster and Fagius appear to be translations comparatively modern; and as the book was extant in the Chaldaick language in the time of St. Jerome, it is possible that it was originally written in that language, though no Chaldaick copy be now extant. The most ancient copy that is known to exist is a Greek version, which was probably made by some Hellenistical Jew, and before the time of Theodotion, as it is quoted by Polycarp : from this our English translation, and probably the Syriack version, was made, as also the Latin version, which was in use before the time of St. Jerome. The book, if it even existed in the Hebrew language, was certainly never in the Hebrew canon, and has no pretensions to be considered as the production of an inspired writer. But, though it has no canonical authority, it is a book respectable for its antiquity and contents.

With respect to the history contained in this book, there is no reason to question its truth, at least as to the main

particulars; and the Jews do not appear to have entertained any doubts on the subject. It is written with much simplicity, and with an air of verity. The characters are described with great sincerity and effect; and the minute detail of genealogy, of time, place, and personal circumstances, while they heighten the interest, tend to demonstrate the truth and reality of the relation. Tobit then is to be considered as a real character; he was born probably during the reign of Ahaz; he was of the tribe of Naphtali, and the city of Thisbe in Upper Galilee; he was carried captive to Nineveh, after the extinction of the kingdom of Israel by Enemessar or Shalmaneser, about the year of the world 3283. The history of this captive, and of his family, is here related in a very interesting manner; it is enlivened with much variety of incident, and decorated by the display of many virtues. Some of the incidents, as the ministry of the angel, the influence and defeat of the evil spirit, as well as the blindness and recovery of Tobit, have appeared so improbable to many writers, that they have chosen to consider the whole book merely as an instructive fiction designed to illustrate the relative and social charities of life, and to exhibit a pattern of virtue exercised in trials, and recompensed in this world: but there are no physical objections to the causes assigned either for the deprivation or restoration of sight to Tobit; since if they are not naturally capable of producing such effects, they might still be miraculously rendered instruments in the hands of Providence.

With respect to the agency of the angels, there is nothing inconsistent with reason, received opinions, or Scrip

ture, in supposing a limited superintendence of superiour beings. We know indeed, that under the peculiar circumstances of the Jewish economy, the ministry of angels was manifestly employed in subserviency to God's

wise unquestionable, that before the power and malevolence of evil spirits were checked and restricted by the control of our Saviour, their open influence was experienced ; and though in the accounts of this book, invicible beings be represented as endued with corporeal affections, and described under traditionary names of Chaldean extraction; and though the whole history of their proceedings, as here furnished, be in some measure accommodated to vulgar conceptions ; yet it would be a violation of all rules of just criticism, to consider the agency of these beings as a mere allegorical machinery. Indeed the events recorded are so dependent on their supposed interference, and the miraculous circumstances are so incorporated with the history, that the truth of the whole account rests on the same foundation, and the particular parts cannot be separately removed. Dr.



niel, the son of Aduel, the son of
i Tobit his stock, and devotion in his youth.

Gabael, of the seed of Asael, of the
9 His marriage, 10 and captivity. 13 His
preferment, 16 alms, and churity in burying

tribe of Nephthali;
the dead; 19 for which he is accused, and 2 Who in the time of Enemessar

fleeth, 22 and after returneth to Nineve. king of the Assyrians was led captive 1 Or, acts. M H E book of the || words of Tobit, out of a Thisbe, which is at the right a 2 Kings 17.

1 son of Tobiel, the son of Ana- hand of that city, which is called "

Chap. I. ver. 1. The book of the words of Tobit,] 2. - of Enemessar king of the Assyrians] Enemessar, Meaning the history of Tobit, the book of events re- otherwise Shalmaneser. This invasion by the Assylating to Tobit.

rians must have been subsequent to that mentioned at Vol. II.

3 F

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