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The Platonic Trinity

384 Gregory Thaumaturgus. His miracles ill attested 385 Said to have received a creed from the hands of St John 386 Stories of the like kind An account of Manes and of the Manichæani heresy 383—411 Ancient heresies from which it was borrowed 389-397 Corruptions of Christianity in the fourth and fifth centuries

399; 400 The Valdenses and Albigenses accused of Manichæism 400 Ancient heretics misrepresented

400 Miracles pretended to have been wrought by the monks 401 Eastern Christians great fasters

401 Propagation of heresies no objection to the argument

drawn from the propagation of Christianity 403 Strange notions of some old heretics

404 Eunomians not Manichæans; misrepresented by some of the fathers

405-407 Athanasius rejected Arian baptism

407 A remark of Lord Shaftsbury

407 The Persian God Mithras

407 Zoroastrian oracles impostures

408 Manichæism conformable in some points to the stoical doctrine

408 The destruction of Arimanius and Hades Wine held in abomination by the Manichæans, and by

others before them Milton makes Satan talk like a Manichæan

411 . Weakness and inconsistency of the Manichæan hypothesis

410 Bayle confuted by Le Clerc

411 Dionysius of Alexandria. His character

412, 413 An instance of a particular providence related by him 412 The visions and revelations, which he had

413 Cyprian. His character and sentiments

414-421 Improbable miracles related by Cyprian, Macarius, and Sozomen

416 A wonderful stone mentioned and described in Thuanus 417 VOL. I.






Felix of Nola. False reports concerning his miracles 421 Piety and charity of the Christians in the third century, and in times of distress

421 Goths converted to Christianity

421 Paul of Samosata deposed for heresies and immoralities

422 Arnobius. His conversion. A passage in him cor

rected Antony the monk. His romantic life by Athanasius 423-426 Melchior Canus and Ludovicus Vives, their remarks on the lives of the saints

426 Modern monks. Their character

427 Hypsistarii, or Cælicole, a sect of deists

427 Dioclesian's persecution, and the constancy of the martyrs

428 Depravation of manners amongst the Christians 428 Extraordinary events and miracles, which are said to

have attended the sufferings of the Martyrs 430 Martyrdom of Romanus. False miracles relating to

431 Eusebius not the forger of them

432 Rufinus and Jerom unfaithful translators

432 Martyrdom of a Marcionite. Conversion of two Pantomimes

433 The Romance of the Thebean Legion

434 A divine judgment on the patriarch of Seleucia 434 Milles, a Persian bishop and martyr

434, 436 State of the church after Constantine

437 Appendix to Book Second

439 The Sadducees did not reject the prophets

439—447 And oracle in Herodotus explained

447-451 Some remarks on Pindar A prophetic dream related by Grotius and others 451 Conjecture on a passage in Josephus

453 Van Dale. His notions concerning dæmoniacs 453 Children at Amsterdam supposed to have been possessed with dæmons

454 Miracles




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