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Relief of Mary

J. Carscallen.


and the said mortgage being a cloud upon the title
of the said Mary J. Carscallen. Therefore:
Be it Enacted by the Legislature of the State of

SECTION 1. That the said mortgage executed by the said Mary J. Carscallen upon the said South East quarter () of section number twenty-one (21) Township number twenty four (24) North Range number five (5) west of the sixth (6) principal meridian in the county of Antelope and State of Nebraska, be considered and treated in all respects as having, been, by her, fully complied with, paid off, fulfilled and discharged, and that immediately upon taking effect of this act, the governor, and secretary of state, make, execute and deliver to the said Mary J. Carscallen a deed of release for said land and appurtenances in all respects as though the term of said contract had been fully performed and complied with by her.

SEC. 2. Whereas, an emergency exists therefor this act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage and approval.

Approved April 8, A. D. 1893.

[House Roll No. 112.]


AN ACT to recount the ballots cast for and against the amendment to the Constitution relating to executive officers and the amendment to the constitution relative to permanent school fund on the 8th day of November 1892 and to declare the result.

Be it Enacted by the Legislature of Nebraska:

Recount of bal


ballots and poll

Secretary of

SECTION 1. The county clerks of each county lots on constiwithin this state are hereby required to forward to amendments; the Secretary of State, on or before the 15th day books sent to of February 1893, all the ballots and poll books State. returned to said clerks by the judges and clerks of the election held on the 8th day of November 1892.

Board to count

SEC. 2. The Secretary and Auditor of State, Bordt together with two Senators, to be appointed by the Senate, and three members of the House of Representatives, to be appointed by the House, shall constitute a board to inspect, count and compare and they shall open, count and compare said ballots and poll books so returned by the clerks of the several counties, so far as said ballots relate to the amendments to the Constitution of the State of Nebraska, submitted at said election, relating to the executive officers and relating to the permanent school fund, and transmit to the Governor their finding thereon, and declare the result,' on or before the 1st day of March 1893.


SEC. 3. If upon the return of the report of Governor's said committee it shall appear that either or both of said amendments to the Constitution was adopted

Return of ballots and poll books.

Penalty for failing to comply with act.


according to law, the Governor shall issue his proclamation to that effect.

SEC. 4. Immediately upon the completion of said canvass the Secretary of State shall return said ballots and poll books to the several county clerks.

SEC. 5. Any county clerk failing to transmit the ballots and poll books as required by this act, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and be fined not less than one hundred dollars and not more than five hundred dollars.

SEC. 6. Whereas, an emergency exists, therefore this act shall be in force and effect from and after its passage.

Approved February 9, A. D. 1893.

[Senate File No. 182.]



Proposing con. vention of

states to amend

sec. 3, art. 1, U. S. const.

MEMORIAL AND JOINT RESOLUTION to Congress by the Senate of the State of Nebraska, the House concurring.

WHEREAS, It is the desire of a large majority of the people of the United States that Section Three (3) of Article one (1) of the Constitution of the United States, relating to the election of United States Senators be amended, so that United States Senators may be elected by a direct vote of the people, and

WHEREAS, The Congress of the United States, has failed neglected and refused to submit such an amendment to the several States for their ratification or rejection, Therefore be it

Resolved by the Legislature of the State of Nebraska in its 23rd Session assembled, do make this their application to the Congress of the United

States, to call a convention of the several States of the United States, for the purpose of proposing an amendment to Section three (3) of Article one (1) of the Constitution of the United States as follows: Section 3. 1st. The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two (2) Senators from each State chosen by the people of the several states, at the general election, for the period of six (6) years, and each senator shall have one vote.

2nd. That the Governor of Nebraska be and he is hereby instructed to forthwith notify the Governors of the several states of the passage of this Resolution by forwarding to the Governors of the several States a printed copy thereof, and ask the co-operation of the Legislatures of the several states to join the State of Nebraska in this its application to Congress to call a convention of the several states to propose such amendment.

3rd. That the Governor of this state send a copy of these Resolutions to the members of the Congress of Nebraska.

This bill having remained with the Governor five (5) days, Sundays excepted, (the legislature having adjourned sine die on the date of the presentation of this bill to the Governor), and having failed to file it in my office with his objections within five (5) days after adjournment of the legislature, it has thereby become a law.

Witness my hand this 14th day of April, A. D, 1893.


Deputy and Acting Secretary of State,

All of the foregoing laws, except Chapters 23 and 69, are signed and attested as follows, to-wit:

(Signed) J. N. GAFFIN,


Speaker of House of Representatives.


Chief Clerk of House of Representatives. (Signed) T. J. MAJORS,

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