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sioners an estimate of the amount of funds required for the support of the schools during the fiscal year next ensuing, the amount of funds required for the purchase of school sites, the erection of school buildings, the payment of interest upon all bonds issued for school purposes, and the creation of a sinking fund for the payment of such indebtedness; and the county commissioners are hereby Levy of taxes. authorized and required to levy and collect the necessary amounts the same as other taxes; a duplicate of said certificate shall be filed by the board with the city council.

Amending sec.

Stats., 1891;

14, chap. 79,


Maximum tax

SEC. 3. That Section 3722 be and the same 3722, Consol. hereby is amended to read as follows: "3722. sec. 24, subdiv. That the aggregate school tax shall in no one year Comp. Stats, exceed two per cent, and in cities of the first class M having over twenty-five thousand (25,000) population the school tax shall not exceed fifteen (15) mills, upon all the taxable property of the district, but Bonds. the board of education may borrow money upon the bonds, which they are hereby authorized and empowered to issue, bearing a rate of interest not exceeding six (6) per centum per annum, payable annually or semi-annually, at such place as may be mentioned upon the face of such bonds; which loan shall be paid and reimbursed in a period not exceeding thirty (30) years from the date of said bonds; Provided, That no bonds shall be issued Election. nor question of issue be submitted to the electors without the consent of two-thirds (3) of the members of the board of education, and be offered in open market and sold to the highest bidder for not less than par value on each dollar; And provided, further, That no bond shall be issued by the

Repealing clause.


board of education without first submitting the proposition of issuing said bonds, at an election called for that purpose, or at any regular election, notice whereof shall be given for at least twenty (20) days in one or more daily papers published within the district, to the qualified voters of the district, and if a majority of the ballots cast at such an election shall be for issuing bonds, said board may issue bonds in such an amount as shall be named in their election notice:

Provided, That in cities of the first-class having over twenty-five thousand (25,000) inhabitants, if said question is submitted at a special election, it shall require to carry the same a two-thirds () majority of the votes cast at said election.

SEC. 4. Sections 3706, 3721, and 3722, of Subdivision XIV, Chapter 44 of Consolidated Statutes of Nebraska as now existing be and the same hereby are repealed.

SEC. 5. Whereas an emergency exists, this act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved April 5, A. D. 1893.

[House Roll No. 146.]


Amending sec.

4247, Consol.
Stats., 1891;
sec. 20, subdiv.
15, chap 79,
Comp. Stats.,

AN ACT entitled an act to amend section 4247 of the consolidated
statutes of Nebraska, and to repeal said original section.

Be it Enacted by the Legislature of the State of

SECTION 1. That Section Four thousand two hundred forty-seven (4247) of the consolidated Statutes of Nebraska be amended to read as follows,

school district bonds.

that any School districts in the State of Nebraska Refunding which has heretofore voted and issued bonds to build or furnish a school house or for any other purpose, and which bonds or any part thereof still remain unpaid and remain and are a legal liability against such districts and bearing interest is hereby authorized to issue coupon bonds at a rate of interest not exceeding seven per centum per annum. to be substituted in place of and exchanged for such bonds heretofore issued whenever such school districts can effect such substitution and exchange at a rate not to exceed dollar for dollar.

SEC. 2. Whereas an emergency exists this act Emergency. shall be in effect from and after its passage.

Approved April 8, A. D. 1893.

[House Roll No. 378.]


AN ACT to amend sections 3432 and 3433 of the Consolidated Statutes of Nebraska of 1891, so as to provide for the appointment, duties and compensation of a commandant of the Nebraska Soldier's and Sailor's Home; to provide for reports from and quarterly meetings of the visiting and examining board of said institution to dispense with the office of quartermaster and to repeal said original sections 3432 and 3433 of the Consolidated Statutes of Nebraska of 1891.

Be it Enacted by the Legislature of the State of

3432, Consol. Stats., 1891;

SECTION 1. That Section 3432 of the Consoli- Amending sec. dated Statutes of Nebraska of 1891 be amended to read as follows:

"Section 3432: The management of the home

sec. 5, chap.

82a, Comp. Stats., 1891. Soldiers' and

Sailors' Home;

visiting and

shall be vested in the visiting and examining board, examining

who shall visit said home at least once every three months from April 1st, 1893, and inquire into the conduct and management of the affairs of the same, and the treatment of the members thereof, define the duties of the officers, fix their compensation, and to make all necessary by-laws, rules and regulations for the government of the institution and its inmates. They shall prescribe rules of admission to said home, in accordance with the provision and object of this act. They shall from time to time, as they may deem necessary or advisable, cause such lands as may not be necessary in connection with the central building to be surveyed and platted into suitable tracts of two and one-half (2 and ) acres or more, with regularly laid out streets and alleys, and shall cause neat and comfortable cottages and out-buildings to be erected thereon as may be found necessary, and shall assign tracts of land and cottages to such of the inmates as may be able to partially support themselves by manual labor. Such land shall be cultivated under such rules as may be adopted for the government of such home. They shall appoint one of their number to be President and one as Secretary. They shall hold their stated meetings at the institution, at least as often as once each three months at such times as they may appoint, and called meetings at the call of the President, or at request of three members of the board. A majority of the board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. At each regular meeting they shall inspect the institution under their charge, and they, or any one of them, may visit and inspect at any time. They shall from time to time recommend to the Board of

Public Lands and Buildings such expenditures, either for permanent improvement or otherwise as in their judgment they may deem necessary or beneficial. They shall audit all bills and vouchers for expenditure for the institution before the same shall be paid.

The position of quartermaster which has heretofore been one of the offices of the institution, is hereby declared vacant and the duties required of said officer and performed by him shall be hereafter performed by the adjutant and be a part of the duties required of said adjutant.

Office of quartermaster.

3433, Consol.

Stats, 1891;

SEC. 2. That Section 3433 of the Consolidated Amending sec. Statutes of Nebraska of 1891 be amended to read as follows:

sec. 6, chap. 82a, Comp. Stats., 1891.


salary; bond;

Section 3433. The Governor shall appoint, by appointment; and with the advice and consent of the senate, a duties. Commandant of said home who shall be an exunion soldier of the war of the rebellion and who shall receive such salary, not exceeding Fifteen Hundred ($1,500) Dollars per annum, as may be prescribed by the rules of the government of said home. The commandant before entering upon the duties of his office, shall give a bond payable to the State of Nebraska in such amount and such sureties, not less than two, as shall be approved by the visiting and examining board and by the Governor, conditioned upon the faithful performance of the duties of his office, which shall be filed in the office of the Secretary of State. He shall have charge of the premises, property and inmates subject to their direction. He shall, with the consent of the visiting and examining board, appoint all subordinate officers and employees and assign them their re

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