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Being the 24th Year of Publication. With Texts for every Day in the Year.

On a Sheet, price 2d., or ls. 6d. per dozen.

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ing. 1d.

per dozen,

BY AUTHOR OF "OLD PETER PIOUS." TRACTS AND SMALL BOOKS. old Peter Pious; or. Go to Church Regu


Jesus in the House of Mourning.. By larly, and you won't like to Miss. 20.

E. H. 40, The Kind God. A New Year's Address for Mrs. High-Spirit; or, “My Mother said I 1869. By Rev. P. B, POWER. 2d. Also, They would not Come; or, A Word of was boru with a Témper." 2d.

Warning to 5 million Souls. ld., or 25 for 1/4 Mr. Clipstick's Clock. What it made him "What shall I Wear?” A Word to Young Think about the Old Year, and what it made Present Perils, and Words of Urgent WarnWomen. 20.

him Do in the New One. 10.

The Coming Troubles, and consequently We are all Good-tempered till we are Thy Future, Thoughts for the New Year. tried. 20.

approaching Glorious Second Advent of the By H. J. W. ld.

Lord Jesus Christ. 30th Thousand. ld., Solomon Sobermind; or Look before you Is your Soul worth Saving? By H. J. W. or 25 for ls. 60. Leap, 3d.

12th Thousand, la.

Thoughts on the Second Coming of our Grumblers, Look at your Mercies. 20. It is Time to Seek the Lord! A New

Lord Jesus Christ. By Zeta. 60. per doz. Sam Selfish; or, Charity begins at Home. 20.

Year's Appeal. 10. Also,

Bible Texts on the Second Coming of

of our Lord Jesus Christ. 6d. per dozen. Mrs, Snap; or, “Is any Mother so plagued Never Give Up. A New Year's Motto. 6d. 2d. per dozen,

The Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Meddlers, Mind your own Business. 20.

I will Help Thee. A New Year's Promise. Christ, and Millennial Reign of the Saints. 13th Thousand, ld.

By Rev. PHILIP GELL, of Derby. 6d.
Flowers, Flounces, & Followers. More
Words to Young Women. 20.

We Spend our Years as a Tale that is The Lord ai Hand. By Rev. Dr. Seiss. 20.
Told. By the Author of "Is it nothing to

The Prince of the Power of the Air;
The above in a Packet, 18. 6d.
You all Ye that Pass by?” ld.

being Thoughts concerning His Past, Present,
By the same Author.
Will you Refuse this Year also ? 60.

and Future. 6. The Great Exhibition of 1862, and the

The Great Light, A Little Allegory. By Village Holiday. ld. Only Believe, 6d. per dozen.

PILGRIM HUMBLE. 20. The Golden Eagle," and some Talk of We are the Lord's. Thoughts for the New The Life of Jesus. Written for the Young, what Happened there. 20. Year. id.

31st Thousand. d. Mrs. Ruffile: Worry, Worry, from Morning Guidance and Rest; or, a New Year's Pro- Questions for Home Study, on Several till Night ; or, the Blind Boy his Mother's mise. ld., or 25 for 1s. 40.

Branches of School Knowledge. Ву Comfort. 20. The Thing that never Stands Still, ld.,

CHARLES BAKER. 60. Money, and how to Spend it. 20.

or, 25 for 1s: 4d.

Our Father's Message, A Series of Twenty

Short Tracts on the Person and Work of Jesus Our First Baby, and some Talk about it. 21. Numbering our Days; or, Thoughts for the

Old and New Year. ld.

Christ. By Rev. A. C. KINGDON. In a A Few Words for Christmas and the

Packet, 60.
New Year. 4s. per 100.

Go Forward, A Command for the New
Year, 10.

A Few Plain Words on some of our The Sufferer Cheered; or, the Feelile

Lord's Quotations from the Old Testament Members Necessary. Ja! A Happy New Year. By Rev. A. OXEN

Scriptures. By A. O. M. 20.

DEN. The Poor Widow and her Christmas

10., or 25 for ls. 40.

Tracts on the Bible. By Rev. C. II. FFR. Blessing. ld.

Am I my Brother's Keeper? A Thought RALL, A.M., Curate of Thorpe Arnold, Leices. P's and Q's Ellen Swift's going to Service,

for the New Year. ld.

tersbire. 20. each. No. 1.- Introductory. her Uncle's Letter, and her Grandmother's Thoughts for the New Year. By ZETA. 2.-On Authority & Inspiration of Scripture. Last Words, “Mind your P.'s and Q's." ld. d., or 4s. per 100.

Ecce Homo, its Character and Teaching. By Scripture Texts for the New Year. Id.,

E, Ash, Esq., M.D. 3d. Tracts by ZETA. 60. per dozen. or 4s. per 100.

The Divinity of Christ, demonstrated by Thoughts on the Love of God.


Proofs drawn from the Book of Revelation. Thoughts for the New Year.

By JAMES GRANT. 2d. Thoughts on our Lord's Passion.

Honey and the Honeycomb. With Wood. A Mother's Hymns for her Children, 21. Thoughts on Redeeming Love.

cuts. By H. J. W. 1d. Also,

Some Little Tales. 32mo., cloth, 3d. Thoughts for Easter-Day.

Hide It. With Woodcut, ld., or 93. per doz. Two of My Teachers, and what They Taught Thoughts on God's Providence.

God Loves You. With Engraving. 12th Me. By Rev. C. P. LOND LAND. Sq. 16mo., 40. Thoughts on Mystery.

Thousand. ld. Thoughts on Prayer.

Hugh Stanton's Mission. By ITMARY Thoughts on the Fountain of Living Water. Whom will you Serve? With Engraving.

WRIGHT. 30. Bible Texts on the Second Coming of our Lord

9th Thousand. d., or 90. per dozen. Lame Sam; or, Walter Castle's Work. Ey Jesus Christ.

A Happy New Year. By SELINA BUN- C. H. Second Edition, 60, Bible Texts for the New Year.

With Woodcut, ld.

Little Beppo, The History of a Monkey. By Scripture Texts for the New Year. Letter from a Father to his Children,

Author of "The Conceited Mouse." 32mo. 20 Bible Texts on Redeeming Love.

on the New Year. ld.

Riches or Poverty: which is your Portion? 20 Bible Texts on God's Providence.

Thou Shalt call His Name Jesus. On The Value of the Soul. "What shall a man Bible Texts on Prayer.

thie Circumcision. (Jan. 1.) ld., or 25 for 1/6 gire in exchange for his soul?” 2d. London: WILLIAM MACINTOSH, 24, Paternoster Row.




A LOOK AT THE PAST. HE last day of another year has heard no more ; Christmas congratulations, gone, its days are past - its that were so sweet, will be felt no more in waters that have run so tem- this world ; plans that were laid are left

pestuously in many a channel, unfinished-enterprises are left stifled in hand over buried wrecks and their birth. Buds, that gave promise of

hearts' hopes buried with them, bright flowers, are blasted ; flowers, that

lie still and calm over all the gave promise of rich fruit, are withered. memorial of the past--and things that were Our earth, our country, our homes, are seem as if they never had been. The past disenchanted of half their beauty, because year

has rolled its waters over graves we did some who were near and dear, have passed not think would have opened so soon; over away like shadows from the dial-plate of wrecks we did not expect would be shattered time; and the place that knew them once so quickly; over scenes and sorrows, trials shall know them no more for ever. Faces, and bereavements, and hidden griefs too big on whom other days opened with all the for tears and too solemn for expression. brightness of manhood, begin now to be for

Who would have thought that its waves rowed with years—tresses that were ravenwould have covered the young wife, looking black begin to be thinned and silvered. We forward with joy to the prospect of a new are, every one, growing older-may we all love in connection with a new life, yet they be nearing eternal joy! had rolled but half their allotted number

The more we live, more brief appear ere she had found a grave, and left her Our life's succeeding stages; babe to another's care. To some it was a

A day to childhood seems a ycar,

A year like passing ages. year of anxious thoughts, terrible uncer

When joys have lost their early charm, tainty, painful losses—to others a year of

And life itself is vapid; sore separations-of wounds that a life

Why as we near the falls of life, time will not heal, sorrows that the reme

Feel we its tide more rapid ? dial hand of time will not be able to Heaven gives our years of fading strength

Indemnifying fleetness ; mitigate. Footfalls, that were heard like

And to those of youth'a seeming length, glad music in domestic thresholds, will be Proportioned to their sweetness.

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