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ib. Galileo,




A Story of Human Nature,
A Blush,
An old one,
Anecdote of Miss Lind,
A Mother's Love,
Anecdote of Lord Clive,
Anecdote of Dr. Emmons,
A Sensible Proposal,
An enlightened Flock,
A Capital Anecdote,
Anecdote of a Singer,
Anecdote of an Arab,
A beautifully expressed Thought,
A perfect Joke,
A Dutchman's Story,
A Persian Fable,
Aichibald Alison,
A droll Genius,
A duelling Anecdote,
A sensible Speech from a sensible Darkey,
A young Japhet,
A Standard of Wisdom,
A Man's Weakness for Dogs,
Aneventful Life,
A Peep into Futurity,
A Yankee's Pocket Picked,
A Story of the Rapping,
A Tale of the la Platte,
A Horse Spirių
A very good Husband,
A Scene in a Justice Court,
An interesting Story,
Almost a dead Head,
An Allegory,
A Lesson in Arithmetic,
A Birrister Posed,
A loud Certificate,
A Lady Law jer,
A Precocious Youth,
A Word to our Patrons,
A Kiss for Charity's sake,
A Financial Operation,
A Philadelphia Quaker,
A cool Operation,
Anecdote of Washington,
A Bargain by Arithmetical Progression,
A Model Husband,
A true story;
A good Trick,
A Buyer of Breeches,
A Gentleman,
A Mistake,

Benefits of Mineral Water,
Beautiful Extract,
Beauty and Love,
Bridal Quarrels,
Bear this in Mind,
Be wide awake,
Be Gentle,
Broke of bis rest,
Bad Temper,

Cowper and his Localities,
Chinese Proposals of Marriage,
Conversations of Literary Men,
Clever Roguery,
Cunning Fox,
Concerning Mourning Apparel,
Catharine Hayes:-Success in London,
Count Pulaski,

Don't Fret,
Dunhain's Voyages,
Diamond Dust,
Dog Training in Munich,
Did you ever think of it,
Do ii well,
Did you ever,
Did you ever,
Dutch Candor,
Dying Peacefully,



6 | Examination,
63 Napoleon Bonaparte,

21 15 Extreme Unction; or, tħe Horse Jockey's Nicholas Wiseman, D.D., LL.D., Cardia 22 Spiritual Adviser,

78 nal Archbishop of Westminster, 46 23 | Eli Whitney,

129 Negro Banking,
ib. Edgar A. Poe,
161 Napoleon's Coal of Mail,

29 Evils of Exaggeration,
167 Now and Then,

154 ib.

Nothing lost by Civility,

174 31

Never give up,

* 183

Facis are brief,

79 Ohio Mineral Fire-Proof Paint,

Fashion and Piety,
87 On the Conduct of the Understanding,

70 ib. For the Fun of its 89 Our Life Time,

173 Fukir of Ava, ib.

Men, 103 Opposition to Young

ib. 47 Flowers in the Sick Room, 134 | Oliver Evans,

193 ib. Flushed with Wine,


Fame and Notoriety,

Popular Errors,


31 ib. Good Advice to Young Women, 7 Policy for Young Ladies,

70 ib. Golden Rules for Brides, 63 Poor Relations,

74 ib. Getting into Society, 65 Prompi,

119 110 Paddy and the Lovers,

125 71 | Gambling, 111 Paying the Doctor,

141 ib. Gentle Hint, 143 Puuline.- A Historical Sketch,

169 83 ) Geographical Enigma, 152 Pat at the Post Office,

174 102 Good Rules and good Management, 159 Poor Genevieve,

177 103 Golden Rules of Life, 182 | Public Schools,

288 117 Good Manners, 183 Puzzling a Yankee,

190 119 Good Breeding, 203 ) Private Charucter of a Locomotive,


ib. | How de' Accident Come,
65 Queen Anne,

23 127 | How to destroy an Enemy,

62 Queen Anne Boleyn,

: : 71 ib. Hanvah Barnard,


ib. How Ike dropped the Cat,
ib. Honorable Employment,

Remnants of Popular Errors in England, 22

151 135 Hard of Hearing,

Rather too Literal,

55 182


Raising the Dust,
159 Happy Suck.-His story,

Rhode Island,

73 ib. How to increase beauty,

Red Coul vs, Red Shirt

86 ib. Home,

202 ib. } Horrid Depravity,

Rare Epigram,

127 203 Rejected Suitors,

135 166

Reminiscences of a Lawyer,

137 174 Irish Dramatists, 23 Rural Life,

143 ib. Innocence and Crime, 37 Real and Ideal,

151 ib. Instinct of the Ani,

71 Rambles about Albany,

155, 172, 189 175

85 Receipt for Potato Pudding, If we only had a Piano,

156 161

87 Rules of Health, Idolatry,

175 ib. lufluence of a smile, 94 Reader !-Your Dury,

183 198 I got a-going and could n't stop, 126 Rather a strong Adjective,

199 199 Irish Landlord and French Fare,


Influence of Genius

lucident of Yankee Character,

Stoddard's Diary &c. for 1851,

7 ib.

Sears' Pictorial Family Publications,

15 J.

Sketch of Lord Byron and Wordsworth, 22 Judicial Dignity, 46 Specimen of Yankee Courtship,

30 30 John Keats, 61 Scorning the Ilea,

31 62 Jemmy Frazer, 68 ) Self-made Men,

39 87 Jefferson's and Jackson's Letters, 179 Saran in the Grocery Business,

47 167 Jenny Lind and the little Bird, 181 Seth's Last,

ib. 173

Story of Sheridan,

54 174

Scene in an Arkansas Court,

ib. 182 Kissing a Yankee 'Tailor's Wife,

Speak English,

62 ib. Kossuth,

Signor Blitz in Markel,

Sad Scene in a Telegraph Office,

79 14 Smart Boy,

ib. Law, 15 Swapping Horses,

87 Leaves from my Note-book, 6,20 School Examination,

119 1 Lost his Lucality, '31 Sketch by a Physician,

123 15 Life's Changes, 39 seeing a Light,

127 22 Logical,

63 Sylvan Pencilings,

133, 140, 155, 196 63 Lucky Jack, 171 Sir John Franklin,

137 78 Letters from the West,

i72, 179, 188 Simplicity, aud vastness mark the works of God, 142 174 Light from dark Places, 191 Signs of Character,

143 180 Life's Value,

156 · 194 Spring, 186

Silver-Voice and her sister Zoe,

185 197

Maria Edgeworth,


12 Making auger holes with a gimlet,

38 The Dancing Feather, 2, 9, 17, 25, 33, 41, 49, 57 14 Mohammed's Definition of Charity, 63 | Tobacco,

7 23 Mrs. Newbery, 69 To our Friends and Pations,

7 86 Mrs. Swisshelm on Marriage, 94 Thomas Moore,

13 111 Memoir of Anna Bailey Groton, 117 The Female Temper,

14 135 Madame de Maintenon, 140 Think,

ib. 166 Mary Stuart, 145 Taking it coolly,

15 167 Maxims of Order and Neatness, 159 The American Merchant,

22 183

Touching him on the raw,"

ib. ib.

The Cambridge Leather Dresser,

30 199

Truths and Trifles,


199 Love,


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“ Take Time by the Forelock,"
The Prompter,
The Strength of a Kind Wori,
The Duty of Parents,
The Police Pedlar,
The Yankee Outwitted,
Trials of a Physician's Wife,
The Printing Press,
The last Trump,
The Clubs,
Tit for Tat,
The Height of Impudence,
The Young Countess,
The Doctors,
The last Dog Story,
Toasts and Sentiments,
The two great Men of Élville,
The Seasons and Life,
The Fandango.-a Curious Story,
The Benefit of a Sounding Board,
The Backwoodsman on a Steamboat,
Toasts and Sentiments,
The " Extraordinary's Number Seven,
Two Scenes from Real Life,
Treatment of Monomaniacs,
The Deaf Pedlar,
The Clock of Strasburg,
The Bachelor's Vow,


38 ) The Recording Angels,
ib. The Pirates,
39 The Child to the Tomb,
46 ) The Poor Painter,
47 Taking the Census,
55 Tooth Pulling Illustrated.
69 The Man who had no Enemies,
70 Teaching by Analogies,
ib. To the Girls,
77 The Aim of Existence,
79 The July No. of “Godey,"
ib. The Child Praying for Jenny Lind,
81 The Swearer and his Boy,
84 Twilight,
86 The Streamlet and the Flowers,
87 The Deaf Wives,
91 The Beggar Mother,
93 The strength of a kind word,
ib The Great Metropolis for 1851,
94 The Lent Paper,
ib. The Wife's Nightcap,
ib. The Country,
95 The Fate of Genius,
101 | The Sister's Influence,
103 The good Wife,
105 The right kind of a man,
110 | The True Struggle,
113 The Apple Pedlar,


Page:121 The Breakfast,

202 124 To our Pations,

203 126 130 134 Uneasy Joe,

29 135 ib. / Valuable Recipe,

23 ih. Victims to Science,

101 ib. Very Lucid,

127 140 > Visit of Lafayette io the Capital of the United 143 States,

1811 151

156 " Whom the Gods love die young,"
158 Woman's Devotion,

31 ib. Williain Pith

383 161 > Well turned,

55 167 What sent one Husband to California,

91 175 Willis Gaylord Clark,

124 189 Who is the Greatest,

142: 190 Wilson's Hudson River Guide,

175 196 What became of a Husband who was missing 197 twenty years,

18G 198 Witty Retort,

191 199 ib. ib. Young Lawyers, 201 Yankee Forethought,



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Page. Jenny Lind 8 My Mother 96 Friends

160 Lazarus, ib. An Evening Thought ib. The Scenes of Childhood

ib. To my Cousins 16 The Lament of the Old Farmer ib. Memory

ib. Song of Evaudale, in Angelina's Bower ib. To Rev. Mrs. M. P. Williams

104 Suinmer

ib. Whist ib. The Emigrant's Farewell ib. Valedictory Lines to my sister

163 Reflections on visiting i Bash Bish' 24 The Hours ib. Life is Sweet

ib. My Early Home ib. / The Blind Mother ib. The Mother's Heart

ib. Oh! do u't reject me now ib, Human Frailty ib. Polyanthus

ib To an absent friend 32 Sabbath Morning

1120 why should we

176 On the Death of a Sister ib. On the Death of Cyrus and Edgar Surfleet ib. | Address to a Dove

ıb. Spectres ib. I thank thee, God! for weal and woe ib. Monuments

ib, Think of the Grave ib. The Burial of Love ib. The Homes of England

ib. An Epitaph ib. Epigram on the Copyright Question

1 ib. A Prayer in Sicknees The Mental Era 40 | To Lizzie 120 The Widowed Inebriate's Lainent

184 Lines suggested by reading “ Reflections on They come ! the merry Summer Months ib. The Dying Rosebud

ib. visiting Bash Bish" ib. Dash aside the Cup of Sorrow ib. I would if I could

ib. Description of Wyoming ib. To a Lady

ib. Tribute to the Memory of a Young Lady 192 Evening ib. To Marcia 128 New England and Italy

ib. Charity 49 Friends ib, The Hours

ib. Indian Names ib. A Man's Requirements ib. Forbidden Love

ib. The Close of the Year ib. The Marriner's Hymn ib. / I turn to Thee in time of need

ib. Onward 56 Action

ib. Thoughts suggested on returning from the Stanzas ib. Lines designed for an Epitaph. To the Memory

Funeral of my Father

200 Our Country

of Miss E. L. Woodman, of Boston 136 Napoleon Bonaparte at Moscow

ib. Hester ib. Angel Love ib. Lines to a bouquet

204 O agony! keen agony !

ib. The World
of Beauty
ib. The last leaf

ib. To Lielia 64 ( May ib. Written at my mother's grave

ib. Napoleon's Grave ib. Sympathy

ib. Song The old " Pod Auger Daysvi ib. The 'Throng of the Gay 144 The moon of flowers

ib. The careful old lady ib. Let us love one another

ib. The Lament of the old Year 72 Why do I love her so

ib. EMBELLISHMENTS. The Dumb Child ib. Steady pursuit of heaven ib. Cowper

1 The Angel of the Waters ib. Lises to my Daisy ib. Chuich of St. Gudule

12 Stanzas suggested on a Visit to Brady's Portrait The Grave

ib. The Landing of Roger Williams

72 Gallery 80 War 152 Eli Whitney

129 Childhood ib. Qureen Mary's Return to Scotland ib. Sir John Franklin

137 The careless Word ib. Isle of Beauiy, Fare thee well ib. Mary Stuart

145 Birthday Verses 88 Love's Philosophy, ib. Kossuth

153 Prospect Hill ib. ) Epitaph on a Child ib. Edgar A. Poe

161 The Village Blacksmith ib. Complaint of Cain 160 Oliver Evans

• 193



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At the upper right hand corner, a vícw of the Poet's | Market-place, Olney, At the bottom, the "* Sam. The Engraving represents Cowper, from a Por- Birth-place, Berkhamstead ; and above it, Ruins mer-house” and the three Leverets." trait engrayed in Knight's “Gallery of Portraits.” of Olney Church, and Cowper's House in the WILLIAM Cowper, a celebrated Englieh poet wag

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