London Magazine: Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer..., Том 49

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C. Ackers, 1780

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Стр. 237 - A good sherris-sack hath a two-fold operation in it. It ascends me into the brain ; dries me there all the foolish and dull and crudy vapours which environ it ; makes it apprehensive, quick, forgetive, full of nimble fiery and delectable shapes ; which, delivered o'er to the voice, the tongue, which is the birth, becomes excellent wit.
Стр. 198 - Those instructions are contained in my book of Offices ; a book which has ever been cited by the world as a proof to what a height the morality of the heathens was advanced without the light of revelation. I own I feel a conscious pride in it; not on account of the ability which it may display, but for the principles it teaches, and the good, I flatter myself, it has diffused. You did not indeed intend your instructions for the world ; but as you gave them to a son...
Стр. 472 - The Fire-Side. DEAR Chloe, while the busy crowd, The vain, the wealthy, and the proud, In folly's maze advance ; ^ Tho' singularity and pride Be call'd our choice, we'll step aside, Nor join the giddy dance. From the gay world, we'll oft retire To our own family and fire, Where love our hours employs ; No noisy neighbour enters here, No intermeddling stranger near, To spoil our heart-felt joys. If...
Стр. 111 - I want to know you, Mr. Sterne; but it is fit you should know, also, who it is that wishes this pleasure. You have heard, continued he, of an old Lord Bathurst, of whom your Popes and Swifts have sung and spoken so much: I have lived my life with geniuses of that cast; but have survived them; and, despairing ever to find their equals, it is some years...
Стр. 468 - ... huts, which had been erected for the watchmen of the grapes, all of which were burnt. A great magazine of wood in the heart of the town was all in a blaze, and, had there been much...
Стр. 160 - ... not provoked and forced to break the bounds of moderation and perfect impartiality. It will be only in this extremity that her fleet have orders to go wherever honor, interest, and need may require.
Стр. 222 - ... views of the condition and the duty of man. It is native feeling, heightened and improved by principle. It is the heart which easily relents ; which feels for every thing that is human, and is backward and slow to inflict the least wound.
Стр. 105 - This accident happened a little time before the army had passed the Hudson's River. It neither altered the resolution nor the cheerfulness of Lady Harriet, and she continued her progress, a partaker of the fatigues of the advanced corps. The next call upon her fortitude was of a different nature, and more distressful as of longer suspense.
Стр. 253 - It may be prefumed, not the leaft irregularity will happen ; but in cafe any infringements, contrary to thefe repeated orders, take place, the courts of admiralty, which in this, like all other countries, are...
Стр. 201 - Committee, (he made' no fcruple to difguife her beautiful countenance, by drawing on it the lines of deformity and the wrinkles of old age, and to put on the tawdry habiliments and vulgar manners of an old hypocritical city vixen.

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