Contemporary Consultant Casebook : Educating Today's Consultants

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Larry Greiner, Thomas Olson, Flemming Poulfelt
Thomson/South-Western, 2005 - Всего страниц: 418
This book complements The handbook of Management Consulting: The Contemporary Consultant: Insights from Leading Experts, 1e but can also be studied separately. The book consists of 20 cases including Harvard and Stanford cases. The cases present the broad range of topics that are pertinent to current management consulting. Each of the four parts of the text presents a cogent introduction by the editors, delineating topics that are critical for todayÂ's consultants to understand. The cases represent major practice areas of consulting and afford new insights into change processes and other current management issues facing consulting firms. These cases, together with the handbook, will prepare consultants and other business managers for a successful future in a highly competitive consulting environment.

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Major Practice Areas
Data Gathering Analysis
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Flemming Poulfelt, is Professor of Management at the Department of Management, Politics & Philosophy and Director of the LOK Research Center at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark. His degrees include a PhD. in management and a Master from Copenhagen Business School. Flemming Poulfelt has served at the faculties at University of Southern Denmark, Lund University, Sweden and Cranfield School of Management, UK. He has been a visiting senior researcher at the University of Southern California and Stanford University. He is a former chair of the Department of Management at CBS. Flemming Poulfelt has been actively involved in the Academy of Management. He has been Division Chair of the Management Consulting Division and is now Program Chair of the International Theme Committee.
Flemming Poulfelt is the author of numerous articles and books on the subjects of professional service firms, knowledge management, management consulting, service management, and strategy. He has published in Scandinavian Journal of Management, Journal of Management Consulting, Consultation, Business Ethics: A European Review, Journal of Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations, The Finnish Journal of Business Economics, Nordiske Organisasjons-Studier, and Ledelse & ErhvervsA, konomi (Journal of Management & Business). He has published several books on consulting (KonsulentlA]re - om den professionelle konsulent, 1982 published by NNF) and the use of consultants (Ledelsen og konsulenten - om brug af konsulenter, 1989 with JA, rgen Brask published by NNF and Brug af konsulenter - nA r samarbejdet skal lykkes, 1999 with JA, rgen Brask and Per Thygesen Poulsen published by Copenhagen Business School Press).

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