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engages to procure a treaty from the Nabob Azoph ul Dowlah after his arrival, and that he will also sign it, as follows:

“ First, that whenever the Begum shall choose “ to go to Mecca, she shall be permitted “ to go."

« Second, that when the Nabob shall arrive, “ I (Mr. Middleton) will procure suitable al“ lowances to be made to the ladies of the “ Zenana and the children of the late Nabob

Sujah' ul Dowlah, and take care that they are paid."

“ Third, that the festivals, (Shaddee) and “ marriages of the children of the late Nabob

Sujah ul Dowlah, shall be at the disposal of “ the Begum ; whenever she thinks proper

she “ shall marry them; and whatever

them ; and whatever money shall “ be necessary for these expences, shall be paid

by the Nabob."
“ Fourth, that the Syer of Coda Gunge and

Ally Gunge shall be retained by the Begum “ as heretofore.”

Fifth, that I (Mr. Middleton) will, upon the “ arrival of the Nabob, procure Vizier Gunge " and the garden of Sepoy dand Khan, or their equivalent, for the Begum."

Sixth, that. I (Mr. Middleton) will en“deavour to obtain from the Nabob the sum of “ 1,150,000 rupees on account of the purchase

“ of Metchee Bohaun, and the house of Sa

hebjee and the fort of the Gossim, with the “ land and garden and the barraderry on “ the banks of Goomply, and bazar and “ garden of the house of Mahnarain and the “ house of Beng Peofand at Lucknow, all of “ which the Nabob Azoph ul Dowlah has as“ sumed possession of.”

Seventh, that I will settle with the Nabob " the allowances to be made in ready money to " the ladies of Zenana and others specified, in " the following amount:”—Total 17 lacks 250 rupees per month.

“ Eighth, upon the arrival of the Nabob

Azoph ul Dowlah Bahadre, I will endeavour “ with all my influence to settle the monthly " allowances of Mohrum Ally Khan and Mah" mud Eltifant Khan, &c. the attendants of the Begums."

Ninth, that if the Begum shall go to Mecca, “ she shall leave her mahals and jaghires to “ the Begum, the mother of Azoph ul Dowlah, “ who shall remit the revenues thereof to the “ Burree Begum; no one shall prevent her en

joying her jaghires."

Now, my Lords, we will read the copy of an Engagement under the seal of the Nabob Azoph


н 3

ul Dowlah, and under the seal and signature in English, of Mr. Middleton, as follows :

“ First, I, who am the Nabob Azoph ul “ Dowlah Bahadre, do agree, that the jaghires “ and the ginges and monthly allowance of the “ officers and servants, and of the ladies of the Zenana and of those specified in the accounts “ annexed, shall be at the disposal and under " the management and authority of the Begum, “ and no one shall oppose or prevent it; this “ I will punctually observe. In this agreement “ Mr. Middleton and the English are engaged.'

“ Second, whenever the Begum may choose “ to go to Mecca I will not oppose it.”

“ Third, whenever the Begum should go to “ Mecca, she shall leave her lands, jaghires, &c. “ either in the care of my mother or of me; and “ I will procure bills for the amount of their revenues, and send them to her; no one shall

" “ Fourth, the Begum shall have authority “ over all the ladies of her Zenana, she shall “ let them remain with me and not let them go any

where without my permission, or keep " them with her."

“ Fifth, the jaghires Coda Gung and Ally “ Gunge, &c. with the mahal and syer belong“ ing to the Begum and made over, shall remain


oppose this.”


“ as heretofore in her possession.—Total 11,460 rupees per month."

“ Eighth, the Begum has authority over the “ ladies and attendants of the Zenana ; neither “ myself nor any one else will oppose it."

Ninth, the Begum (my grandmother) shall “ have the authority in all festivals, and in the "! marriage of the children of the late Nabob

Sujah ul Dowlah, and with the consent of my “ mother and myself, shall regulate them; ex

cepting in the festivals (Shadee,) the authority " is mine.'

“ The English are guarantees to the above engagements, so long as the Begum shall « exist."

Your Lordships will observe something here worthy of your notice. You will first perceive, that the very treaty in which Mr. Hastings, by his representative Mr. Middleton, was a party concerned, supposes that the Nabob Sujah ul Dowlah had other children besides the reigning prince by his sole legitimate wife; and yet Mr. Hastings in his defence has thought proper, with a full knowledge of that circumstance, to doubt whether there were any other children. You next see, that these women have Mr. Middleton's (that is, Mr. Hastings's) guarantee for the allowances which are made and settled upon н4


them, and for the maintenance of their attendants, for the security and enjoyment of theirown possessions, for their having a law officer of high rank, a moulavre of their own. In short there is a regular establishment formed for all these women ; they are not separated as a part distinct from the Begums; but they are put, by this very guarantee, entirely under their management; the maintenance of the children is secured, the whole order and economy of their establishment is delivered entirely to the Begum the grandmother, and the Begum the mother of the Nabob.

My Lords, you see that all these arrangements have the solemn guarantee of the Company, and that these women form a very considerable part of that guarantee; and therefore ships will not treat their sufferings, inflicted in violation of the Company's own settlement and guarantee, as a matter of no consideration for you.

But to proceedWe have proved to your Lordships, that the Nabob was reduced to a state of the greatest possible misery and distress; that his whole revenue was. sequestered into the hands of Mr. Hastings's agents; that by the Treaty of Chunar he was to be relieved from the expence of a body of troops, with which he had been burdened without his own voluntary consent; nay more,


your Lord

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